Megaman X6 PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Megaman X6 PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Ultimate Armor For Megaman X

On main screen place curson on game start and press left 3 times, right 1 time, L1, 3 times and R1, 1 time.

Zero's Highly Effective Slash Combo

Get near your enemy. Press square three times rather quickly. If controls have been changed, use whatever key triggers Slash.

Alternate Armor Zero

Note: You do both of the codes for the Ultimate Armor X and Black Zero at the same time. To get Zero's Alternate Black Armor at the title screen press L1 three time then press R2 once once you get Zero as a playable character he will be in his Black armor.

Ultimate Armor For MegaMan X

To get the Ultimate armor for MegaMan X, at the title screen press Beft 3 times then right once. If done correctly you should hear a noise.

Weapons For Maverick Bosses

Here are the weapons for those Maverick investigators of Dr. Gate, as follows:

Weapon			Boss    Ray Arrow		Commander Yammark  Yammark Option	Ground Scaravich  Ground Dash	Blaze Heatnix  Magma Blade	Blizzard Wolfang  Ice Burst		Rainy Turtloid  Meteor Rain		Metal Shark Player  Metal Anchor	Shield Shelldon  Guard Shell		Infinity Mijinion  


We have no unlockables for Megaman X6 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


How To Get Across Spiny Area At Recycle Lab

You will know when Alia contacts you. First wait for the compressor 2 come down then start wall jumping on it. When the compressor is at the top use the dash performance to make it across.

Defeating High Max Using X & Zero

If you are using X, be sure to use the blade armor equipped with the ultimate buster parts, stand in front of his front shield do the mach dash upward then slash him with your charged blade. After he is stunned, use either the Metal anchor or Ray Arrow weapons. Do the same technique when he fires his lightning ball attack. If you're using Zero, again stand in front of his shield, do the high jump then use the "Sentsuizan". You will land in front of him but you won't get damaged.

Easiest Way To Defeat High Max (Ultimate Armor Required)

First, use charged X-Buster. Then use Giga Crush.

X's Charged Blade

Complete the Blade Armor first. When it's completed, use the armor. To use the charged blade, you must charge your X-buster to the maximum. When you're completely charged, press the Up button & release the Shot button to execute the move. It is also advisable to use the Ultimate buster parts for X so that you can do the charged blade more easily, without holding the Shot button.

Play As Zero

Find Zero with the teleporters and fight him. He will join you after he is defeated.

Easy Attack With Zero

Press Attack + Dash continuously with Zero.

Defeating High Max

After getting Zero, go through the teleporters and find High Max with Zero. Make sure to have both Sub-tanks full before facing him. Use the Sharks weapon with Zero. Take your time facing him -- it takes awhile to figure out his attacks and how to get close to him.

Get Blade Armor

Helmet: At Ground Scaravich,during warp in the level,you will see the capsule.  Body: At Shield Shelldon,at the end of the stage, you choose down. There are fake walls, go through it,and there's the capsule.  Legs: At Commander yammark.It's very easy to find. I think you don't need my guide.  Hands: At Infinity Mijinion. After beat the second miniboss,enter the teleporter and go left.  

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Megaman X6 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Megaman X6 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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