Metroid Prime: Hunters Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Metroid Prime: Hunters Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



New Body Buttlet Proof Vest With Human Samous

At main title on the screen press Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Down, Start and you will hear a sound.

Infintie Lives

At the main title of the game press X, X, Y, Y, R, L, R, L, Start a screen will appear on the screen saying you have infinite lives.

Infinitie Ammo

At the main title of the game press R, R, L, L, X, X, Y, Y.


Unlock Human Samous

Beat the game 50 times.

Do A Spinning Fireball

Beat the game 30 times on easy and use the spinning and it will turn into fire.

How To Beat Red Samous

Keep using the red chip you will unlock this after you beat the game on medium ten times.

Unlock Samous Human Outfit

Beat the game 10 times.



To beat the very first boss you must shoot all the blue spheres, then shoot the cube and then repeat these same tricks until the boss dies.

Gorea Phase 2

If you want to go battle gorea phase 2 first battle gorea phase 1 BUT DONT KILL HIM! You will see around the arena colored circles. You will need all the weapons for this. Fire the circles with the same colored weapon and when you shoot them all you will hear a little song and then your ship will send you a message that you probably wont understand but it tells you that you can battle gorea phase 2. And don't forget to kill gorea.

Get The Imperialist

After you get the Magmaul from Alinos, go to Arcterra. Go to the Sic Transit in Arcterra of course and you may have to fight a hunter. (Trace, Sylux, Noxus, or even a guardian) After you destroy hunter; guardian, whatever. From the entrance you came from, go up, then left, and you'll see an orange door. Use Magmaul on it and you should end up at Fault Line. Destroy all the Quatroids and the wall will get out of your way. Pass the wall and you'll end up in a medium- sized arena(Sort of...)and you'll have to fight an Ice Beast thing.(I think it was called Ice Spawn or something)You can use any weapon on this monster except Judicator because the Judicator is Ice type hence the monster; the monster is invulnerable to Judicator. The best weapon to use on this monster is Magmaul because it takes more damage on it better than your other weapons. When you destroy the monster, the Imperialist will show up near the door on the left from where you came to fight the monster. Get it and you have it.

Shadow Freeze

To do the Shadow Freeze, point downward with a charged Judicator. With an aim downward but POINTING AT YOUR BATTLE OPPONENT, fire. From any range you will freeze your opponent. This "glitch" is only done with Noxus and with a UA ammunition higher than 5.

Advantage Of Lower Screen

If you are constantly ambushed by trace's alt form, Triskelion, Just look at the bottom screen for a red dot when taking corners. Most players ignore the radar fact then complain when They get killed by a cloaked alt form.

Advantage Of Sylux

Sylux's weapon, the Shock Coil can take away energy from your opponents using little aim and long distance. Sylux's alt form, lockjaw can create a wire of electricity and if an opponent trips over it, they'll lose energy.

Advantage Of Trace

Trace's weapon, the Imperialist is very powerful and can go very long distance. You can use Trace's scope for better aim. When Trace stands still he will become invisible and can attack without being seen like a sniper. Trace's alt form, Triskelion charges at an opponent and can take out around 50 energy.

Advantage Of Noxus

Noxus's weapon, the Judicator if charged enough, it can freeze your opponent solid and you can attack them without getting attacked back for a few seconds. Noxus's alt form, Vhoscythe can slice an opponent with one kick.

Advantage Of Weavel

Weavel's alt form, Halfturret will separate Weavel in two parts. The lower half will automatically attack other opponents with Weavel's weapon, the Battlehammer. The upper half will be controlled by you and can walk around and kick opponents.

Advantage Of Spire

Spire's weapon, Magmaul if charged enough, it can set opponents on fire and will constantly take energy for seconds. Spire's alt form, Dilanche can climb up walls. Spire is the only hunter that is not damaged when in lava.

Advantage Of Kanden

Kanden's weapon, the Volt Driver if charged enough, it can distort the vision of your opponents and will make it hard for them to attack or get away. Kanden's alt form, the Stinglarva can move fast and its detatchable tail will track an opponent and attack.

Advantage Of Samus

Samus's alt form, the Morph Ball can move fast and can lay bombs three at a time.


When you pass the force curtain inside Council Chamber a Fire Spawn will appear. Circle to the other side of the lava pool and then fight the enemy with the Judicator. After you defeat the Fire Spawn claim the Magmaul in the center of the room.


Complete the indicated task to unlock new arenas

Compression Chamber: Play 4 local games              Council Chamber: Play 16 local games                 Elder Passage: Play 18 local games                   Fault Line: Play 22 local games                      Fuel Stack: Play 20 local games                      Harvester: Play 12 local games                       Head Shot: Complete a 4 player match                 Incubation Vault: Play 6 local games                 Dubliette: Defeat Gorea 2 in adventure mode          Outer Reach: Play 10 local games                     Sanctorus: Play 2 local games                        Statis Bunker: Play 40 local games or 1 WiFi game    Subterranean: Play 8 local games                     Weapons Complex: Play 14 local games  

Hunter Lincense Ranks

Get the indicated number of points by winning WiFi matches to reach the the indicated rank.

Bounty Hunter: 0-39 points                         Super Hunter: 40-139 points                        Elite Hunter: 140-389 points                       Master Hunter: 390-750 points                        Legendary Hunter: Over 750 points  

Get All Hunters In A Snap

This way easier then getting them from 1P. Go on Wi-Fi and choose Match My Ranking on Worldwide. Get 1 or 2 people then if they have a hunter you dont have, kill them and win. Don't camp, or else they will quit, or you'll get disconnected.


To unlock Oubliette in multiplayer mode defeat Gorea Phase 2.

Suitless Samus

Get a 100% game completion in each file.

Sound Test Option

Defeat Gorea phase 2.

Record Table Option

Suscessfully comlete the game to unlock record table option.

Getting All The Bounty Hunters

If you dont have all the bounty hunters, they are easy to get. You just have to beat the guy and you will get him.

Getting The Volt Driver

First, go to Celestial Archives. Then to Data Shrine 2. (use the battlehammer to open the green doors) This one is very easy to get, all you have to do is go up to one of the ledges with the yellow force feild the sise of your morph ball. I'm sure you know what to do here. The Volt Driver is on of my favorite weapons, next to the Shock Coil. It can fire as fast as the power beam, if you can tap the L button that fast. It's charge attack moves slow, but does lots of damage. The Volt driver can break yellow force feilds, and open yellow doors.

Getting The Judicator

First, go to Arcterra. Now, go to the Ice Hive. Go up the icy slope, accross the bridge, where the zoomer is, and to the half moon looking thing, and scan it. Your objective is clear, turn into the morph ball, and navigate the path. this is harder than it looks, so it might take a while. The Judicator fires shots of super-cooled plasma, and it fires 3 shots simutainiously when you charge this weapon.

Getting The Battlehammer

First, go to Vespe Defence Outpost. Then, Go to the Cortex CPU. Follow the path until you get to the elevator thing. Ride it up, then go to the left, until you find the jump pad. Go on it, you will be shot up to another hole by a series of jump pads. After that, it is pretty much straight-forward. Follow the tube to another room where you find the battlehammer. This wepon has no charge attack, but it's rapid fire attack makes up for it. The battlehammer can break green force feilds, and can open green doors.

How To Beat The Green Samus Easily

This took me a week so this is how to do it: You need the whole square line full (it can be like no 3 or 2 spaces not full) and use Power Beam first. Shoot her with power beam 11 times, then use missles, she will die in a matter of seconds.


When playing this game make sure if you are challenging people wirelessly that you are within the recommended distace. Since metriod prime hunters is such a big game the frequency cannot exceed large distances so its best to remain stationary when playing otherwise you could experience time lapses and you DS could freeze up.

How To Turn Around

This took me a while to figure out. You have to use the touchscreen. First touch where you are and then circle the stylis around.

How To Jump

To jump, just tap the touch screen a couple of times.

Video (Demo Version)

Successfully complete all of the training courses and get at least fifth place on the leader board on all the training courses. Once you complete the last one, the "Play Video" option will be unlocked on the touch screen. Touch it to se a short video of Samus discovering some enemies followed by a URL, After you watch it once, you can watch it again by touching a small red dot at the bottom right of the main screen.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Metroid Prime: Hunters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Metroid Prime: Hunters yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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