Microsoft is hiding the Xbox Series S in plain sight and no one notices

Microsoft is hiding the Xbox Series S in plain sight and no one notices


The Xbox Series S may have leaked earlier this week before it officially launched, but Microsoft hid it in plain sight a few months ago. Xbox chief Phil Spencer appeared in several interviews in July, before Microsoft's Xbox games show, and he's been hiding the Xbox Series S on a shelf behind him.

The official Xbox account revealed the day's complicated joke, and Spencer added that the Xbox Series S appeared in at least three YouTube video interviews during July. While it may sound surprising that unannounced consoles are hidden in the video, Microsoft has a habit of hiding secrets and code for teasers before its console announcements.

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Microsoft teased its Xbox One X console with lots of videos hinting at the performance of the GPU 6 teraflop ahead of E3 in 2017. The company also teased the Xbox Series X, codenamed Scarlett, in last year's E3 teaser.

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Microsoft was forced to announce the Xbox Series S a little earlier than planned this week, after the console and its price tag of $299 leaked. The Xbox Series S will share the same CPU as the bigger and more powerful Xbox Series X and a dedicated 512 GB SSD. Microsoft is targeting the Xbox Series S, with 4 teraflop GPU performance, on 1080p TVs, and 1440p gaming on gaming monitors, not 4K. The Xbox Series S will launch on November 10 for $299.

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