Microsoft’s “Can’t Uninstall Microsoft Edge” Support Page Was Hilarious

Microsoft’s “Can’t Uninstall Microsoft Edge” Support Page Was Hilarious


Look, I believe the new Microsoft Edge is an excellent web browser. I hope to try it one day.

But Microsoft, I have a suggestion for you: if so many Windows users are googling "Can't remove Microsoft Edge" that you feel the need to have that search result completely by making it your FAQ title ... maybe it just doesn't force it on Windows users to get started?

Below is a screenshot of the new support page, for posterity:

can't uninstall microsoft edge

To clarify, I'm not saying Microsoft shouldn't update users to the new version of Edge, especially after today's announcement that the old Internet Explorer and Edge will be completely discontinued exactly one year from now. Continuous security updates are important!


But instead of telling users what effectively boils down to “You can't uninstall it because we decided not to allow you,” maybe Microsoft can provide a hint and give users what it looks like they want. Here's how Google's search volume for “uninstall Microsoft Edge” has grown in recent months:

google trends

By the way, you still seem to be able to get rid of the new Edge. (It's odd how Microsoft's page gets rid of it.) You just need to be familiar with a few shell commands.

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