Monster Hunter Tri Wii - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Monster Hunter Tri Wii - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Monster Hunter Tri yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Monster Hunter Tri yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


How To Make An Ancient Potion

To make an Ancient Potion, you only need two things. An Ancient Potion restores all health and stamina and extends the bars to the maximum limit.
1. A normal keilbi horn. To get this, you simply knock the animal unconcious (you will see stars circling its head) and harvest its horn. You may somtimes not get this while its unconcious but keep trying if you don't. Use a weak weapon, if you don't you will end up killing it and unable to get its horn. Hammers work best.
2. Immunizer. To get this, you must simply kill a sharq. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE FISHING HARPOON TO KILL IT OR YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO HARVEST THIS ITEM. Again, you will not always get this item on the first attempt but keep trying. NOTE: You will only be able to carry one Ancient Potion in your pouch at a time. Once you have these items, deposit them into the Item Box and combine them.

Wandering Man

In close to all the areas of the games there is a wandering man who gives you items if you talk to him. (He only gives you two items the he will tell you to stop asking and somtimes he requires you to trade for the item)
Deserted Island: not found here
Flooded Forest: Located in area 6, take area 5's entrance. On the top ledge walking up and down.
Sandy Plains: Found in the base camp, walks around in the back of camp.
Tundra: Found in base camp, jump of the ledge to the fight and he is on the small platform.
Volcano: Found in area 9, towards the top, walking back and forth.

Fishy Pig

If you take the pig from the farm to the fish mat in Moga village and put him down he will lie down on his back in the middle of the fish.

Sleeping Pig

When in the farm, in Moga Village, pick up the pig and take it to the cave behind the waterfall and put it down next to the statue and it will fall asleep.

Sandy Plains (Section 7 Shortcut)

When in the camp turn to your left and walk towards the cave, enter the cave and you end up in section 7.

D. Island (section 9 Shortcut)

When in D. Island's camp turn to you right and you will see a large pool of water. Go to it and go down the dock, get to the edge of the dock and you will jump into the water (there is also a fishing spot here). There you will see a large cave, swim into it and you will end up in section 9.

Dancing Pig

When in Moga Village, in the offline version of the game, go to the farm and find the pig. Select it then pick the choice of "Pick up", after the pig is in your hands take it back to the village center. Once there bring the pig to the blacksmith and set it down near the large sheet of metal. Then the pig will start to dance around on it's hind legs.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Monster Hunter Tri yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Moga Glitch

Online get 4 friends tell one friend to bring a bowgun then pick a quest that is in Moga village after that tell the person with the bowgun to stay in area 5 then tell the person with the bowgun to look up to area 8 where they can see a black cave. Then when you tell the person with a bowgun that you are jump off from area 8 to area 5 one person at a time. Also tell the bowgun person that you and the other people that you are going to count to 3 finally you jump of then the person with the bowgun is going to shout you in the air to the cave if you miss try again then when you are in the cave you can go all around the island.

Trading Glitch

Go online, go to a trusted friend ask he or she to do a trading glitch, then give them your item to them, then you quit the bout 15 sec, go back ask them to give it back and you got twice the item.

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