Monster Rancher 2 PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Monster Rancher 2 PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Monster Rancher 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Monster Rancher 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Get Ducken

You must get five diamond marks on the lid of a cup of jelly. Then you will get a fun can. Assemble the doll inside and then sell it. Next, go to the Torble Mountain expedition and find the strong glue. Then get another 5 diamond marks and another fun can. Assemble the doll using the strong glue and then use it as a secret seasoning when combining at the lab. You can use any two monsters to combine with the doll and it will say Ducken 100%.

Get Mock

The item shop keeper will sometime give you some seeds. Colt will plant them and after some time they will grow into a tree. Then another one blooms after some yars and then it dies the next week. Then a Mock will appear to Holly and she will most likely name it Gonzalez.

Get Salamander

First you have to have the limp bizkit cd Chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water then you put that cd in and get Dracomocchi then freeze him then get a Zuum from the market mix them and you will get Salamander (note:this dus not always work the first time.)

Liquid Cube

You can get Liquid cube ant time in the game. It is a worm mixed with a jell. All you need is Small Soldiers and you are ready to have a new breed.

Get Dragon

After you get the stable to it's maximum size, you should get a monster to class B. On the 1st week of August, you will recieve an invitation to a fight on the 2nd week of August. Win the fight to get the Dragon Tusk. Use it at the Lab when combining to get a Dragon.

Rare Monsters

(ST) - Sound Track  /  (PS) - Playstation    ___  Ape    Monster    CD    Gold Dust  Velvet Underground's             "Andy Warhol"  __________    Arrow Head    Monster   CD    Sumopion  Fat Boy Slim            "We've Come a Long way baby"    ______  Bajarl    Monster       CD    Boxer Bajarl  Knockout Kings (PS)    Ultrarl       X-Files:Songs in Key of X    ____   Baku    Monster  CD    Shishi  Bjork "Homogenic"    _______  Beaclon    Monster      CD    Eggplantern  Austin Powers:               "The Spy who Shagged Me" (ST)    _______  Centaur    Monster       CD    Blue Thunder  Dave Mathews Band                "Under the Table and Dreaming"    Trotter       Carol King's                 "Thoroughbred"    ____________  ColorPandora    Monster  CD    Dice     Devil Dice (PS)    Tram     Rod Stewart's           "Downtown Train"    ______  Dragon    Monster  CD    Moo      Beck's "Mellow Gold"    ______  Ducken    Monster      CD    Watermelony  Bobby Charle's               "The Bearville Connection"    Cawken       Crow: City of Angels (ST)    _______  Durahan    Monster       CD    Kokushi Muso  Disney's Mulan (ST)    Ruby Knight   3rd Eye Blind's                "3rd Eye Blind"    Shogun        Brave Fencer Musashi (PS)    _____   Gaboo    Monster       CD    GabooSoilder  Metal Gear Solid [Disk 1] (PS)    ____   Gali    Monster     CD    Happy Mask  Backstreet Boys "Millineum"    _____   Ghost    Monster  CD    Chef     Blink 182           "Enema of the State"    _____  Golem    Monster       CD    ForwardGolem  Tecmo Super Bowl (PS)    ____  Hare    Monster       CD    Kung Fu Hare  Rush Hour (ST)    ______  Henger    Monster   CD    Skeleton  Marilyn Manson's            "Mechanical Animals"    ______   Hopper    Monster      CD    Frog Hopper  Gex3 (PS)    ____  Jell    Monster     CD    Metal Jell  Terminator 2 (ST)    ____  Jill    Monster   CD    Pithecan  The Flintstones (ST)    _____  Joker    Monster    CD    Bloodshed  Quiet Riot's             "Metal Health"    ____  Kato    Monster     CD    Ninja Kato  Tenchu Stealth Assasin (PS)    ________  Metalner    Monster  CD    Chinois  Men In Black (ST)    ___  Mew    Monster  CD    Swimmer  Nirvana "Nevermind"    ______  Mocchi    Monster    CD    Caloriena  Tecmo Stackers (PS)    Mocchini   Tecmo's Deception (PS)    ____  Mock    Monster      CD    Pole Mock    T.Rex's               "Electric Warrior"    White Birch  Deep Forest's               "Comparasa"    _____  Monol    Monster   CD    Dominos   No one can stop Mr. Domino (PS)    Galaxy    Star Wars: Episode 1 (ST)    Scribble  Slate Doodle From MR1    ____  Naga    Monster     CD    Time Noise  Tecmo's Deception 2 (PS)    _____  Niton    Monster   CD    Dribbler  FIFA 99 (PS)    _______  Phoenix    Monster      CD    Cinder Bird  Backdraft (ST)    _____  Pixie    Monster  CD    Kasumi   Dead or Alive (PS)    Mai      Shania Twain "Woman in Me"    Poison   The Matrix [Vocal] (ST)    _____  Plant    Monster       CD    Raggae Plant  Bob Marley's "Legends"    _____  Suezo    Monster       CD    Birdie        Tiger Woods 99 (PS)    Bronze Suezo  Tool "Aenima"    Silver Suezo  TLC's "Fan Mail"    Sueki Suezo   Monster Rancher (PS)    _____  Tiger    Monster      CD    White Hound  Dances with Wolves (ST)    ______  Undine    Monster  CD    Mermaid  Little Mermaid (ST)    ____  Worm    Monster       CD    Express Worm  Beastie Boys "Licence to ill"    ______  Wracky    Monster       CD    Santa Clause  Mariah Carey's                "Merry Christmas"    _____  Zilla    Monster       CD    Deluxe Liner  Titanic (ST)    ____  Zuum    Monster       CD    ZebraSaurian  Zebrahead's                "Waste of Mind"      

Get Metalner

If your monster is at a level higher than B in the year 1010 and you said you believed in UFO's in the beginning of the game (if you didn't get asked, don't worry) on the 1st week of September, a UFO will leave a circular pattern on your ranch. It will return on the 2nd and 3rd of September. On the 3rd week, the UFO will turn into a Metalner and give you a crystal. Take it to Chaille in the shrine. You will then be able to unlock Metalners from the "disk stones."

Get Undine

You need a Hopper-type monster in order to get Undine (sub-type does not matter). Every once in a while, the Hopper-type monster will dig up things and give them to you. At some point after you get it to b rank or above, it will dig up the hot springs. When that happens, you will get the Undine Slate. Take it to the lab an use it for combining to get Undine.

Get Bajarl

Getting this monster requires a lot of money and patience. Colt will ask you to rebuild your house and stable every 4th week of May (onlt if you have the money to do so.) She alternates between the house and the stable each time, starting and ending with the house. The final time you rebuild your house, (3rd time), the old man will give you a pot to use for combining at the lab. Use it to get Bajarl.

How To Get The Durahan Monster

First your monster must be in A class, then you must go to the Parepare expedition. Go to the place with a big pumpkin in front of a building. Destroy the pumpkin and go into the building. Find an item called 'Old Sheath'. Then go to the shop and the auntie will tell you a legend about a sword. Wait for an invatation match to fight with Durahan. Win him and you will get a special double-edge sword. Bring the sword to the lab and combine it with another monster and you will get a durahan.


First, obtain the Jill monster. Use Jill in the Pappas errantry at least ten times in a row, without resting for a single week. Next, rest your monster for 10 months in a row. Go to the Pappas errantry ten more times in a row. Save the game at this point. Approximately one year later, it will die. Hold Start + Select to reset the game. Then, bring your Jill to the village and combine it with a Golem using the "Big Footstep" as a seasoning. This should result in a Sasquatch. Note: This may take several attempts.

Get Phoenix Again

Use the following steps to get a Phoenix again after it is retired or flies away. Take the disc from the PC game Dune 2000 from Westwood Studios to the shrine and you will receive a Phoenix with higher stats than the original one obtained from the Fire Feather. Other CDs that will unlock a Phoenix at higher stats than the original are Frente-Marvin and Saviour Machine-Legend Part 1. Note: An original Phoenix has to be obtained before receiving one from the disc. To get an original Phoenix, go on an adventure to Kawrea volcano (pre or post-eruption). Search the volcano. One of the items that can be found is a Fire Feather. Take it to the lab and use it as a secret ingredient combining any two monsters to get the Phoenix.

Money With A Sueki Suezo

If you need money, first go to the shrine and use the first Monster Rancher CD. This should result in a Sueki Suezo, a monster with excellent stats, except for speed. Use this monster when battling in a free-for-all. If it wins, you will get money and perhaps an item. Note: This monster lives only for one week. If you need more money, unlock it and battle again.

Secret Monsters

Use the following CDs to create secret monsters:

  "And Justice For All" from Metallica (Ferious)  "Black Album" from Metallica (Monol)  "Enema Of The State" from Blink 182 (Chef)  "Greatest Hits" from Bob Marley (Plant/??? monster)  "Hello Nasty" from The Beastie Boys (Unknown)  "Licensed to Ill" from The Beastie Boys (Express Worm)   "Macarena" from Los Del Rio (Unknown)  "Merry Christmas" from Mariah Carey (Satan Clause)  "Millenium" from The Backstreet Boys (Happy Mask)  "Running With Scissors" from Weird Al Yankovich (Unknown); needs to be class   E or D  "The Bridge" from Ace of Base (Gelatine - Mocchi/Gel combination)  "The Sign" from Ace of Base or the Lion King Original Soundtrack (Bossy -   Galli/Ape combination)  Disney's The Little Mermaid Original Soundtrack (Mermaid)  Men In Black Soundtrack (Chinosis - Metalner/??? monster)  Star Wars: Episode 1 Soundtrack (Galaxy)  Brave Fencer Musashi PlayStation game (Shogun)  Bust-A-Move 4 PlayStation game (Cinder Bird)  Devil Dice PlayStation game (Dice)  Digimon World (Japanese) PlayStation game (Unknown)  March Madness '99 PlayStation game (Ninja Kato)  Metal Gear Solid - Disk 2 PlayStation game (Soldier Gaboo)  Syphon Filter PlayStation game (Unknown)  Resident Evil 3 PlayStation game (Unknown)  Diablo PC game (Unknown); needs to be class E or D   

In-game Reset

Hold Start + Select until the game returns to the opening screen.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Monster Rancher 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Monster Rancher 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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