Morrowind PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Morrowind PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Artifact Codes

  • Wraithguard left wraithguard_jury_rig
  • Wraithguard right wraithguard
  • Sunder sunder
  • Keening keening
  • Shadow Shield shadow_shield
  • Moon-and-Star moon_and_star
  • Stalhrim Longsword of Flame BM ice longsword_FG_Unique
  • Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer BM_Mace_Aevar_UNI
  • Spear of the Hunter BM_hunterspear_unique
  • Hunter's Amulet of Strength bm_amulstr1
  • Hunter's Amulet of Speed bm_amulspd1
  • Hircine's Ring BM_ring_hircine
  • Trueflame (without flame) nerevarblade_01
  • Trueflame(with flame) nerevarblade_01_flame
  • Hopesfire Sword of Almalexia
  • Barilzar's Mazed Band mazed_band_end

  • Secret Master's Equipment

  • Player->AddItem "pick_secretmaster" 1 Secret Master's Lockpick
  • Player->AddItem "probe_secretmaster" 1 Secret Master's Probe
  • Player->AddItem "repair_secretmaster_01" 1 Sirollus Saccus' Hammer
  • Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_mortar_01" 1 SecretMaster's Mortar and Pestle
  • Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_alembic_01" 1 SecretMaster's Alembic
  • Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_calcinator_01" 1 SecretMaster's Calcinator
  • Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_retort_01" 1 SecretMaster's Retort

  • Vampire Cheats

  • StartScript "vampire_quarra_PC" Turns your character into a Quarra Clan vampire
  • StartScript "vampire_berne_PC" Turns your character into a Berne Clan vampire
  • StartScript "vampire_aundae_PC" Turns you character into a Aundae Clan vampire
  • startscript "vampire_cure_pc" Cures vampirism

  • Disposition Cheats

  • setdisposition 100 Makes the targeted NPC love you.
  • setdisposition 0 Makes the targeted NPC hate you.
  • player->setreputation 255 Makes you really famous.
  • player->setreputation 0 Makes you not famous.
  • setpccrimelevel 0 remove bounty on your head (no longer breaking the law)

  • Disease Immunity Cheats

  • player->addspell "Common Disease Immunity" Gives you immunity from all common diseases (also gives immunity from vampire bites)
  • player->addspell "Blight Disease Immunity" Gives you immunity from the Blight Disease
  • player->addspell "Corprus Immunity" Gives you immunity from Corprus

  • Guild/faction Cheats

    replace "factionname" with the faction name you want to affect:

  • pcjoinfaction "factionname" Forces player into faction
  • pcraiserank "factionname" Raises player's rank in faction
  • pclowerrank "factionname" Lowers player's rank in faction
  • PCClearExpelled "factionname" Clears expulsion status from faction

  • Ability And Power Cheats

  • player->addspell "Vivec_Abilities" Fortify Strength 100, Attack 50.
  • player->addspell "Royal_Blood" Fortify Heavy Armor, Block, Long Blade, etc.(Tribunal only)
  • player->addspell "Royal_Resistance" Resist magic, fire, ice, paralysis, etc. (Tribunal only)
  • player->addspell "regen_imperfect" Regenerate Magicka and Health (Tribunal only)
  • player->addspell "magicka mult bonus_15" Fortify Maximum Magicka 1.5x INT
  • player->addspell "immune to normal weapons" 100% Immune to normal weapons
  • player->addspell "Her_mirror" A series of reflect and shield effects; *very* powerful (Tribunal only)
  • player->addspell "Her_mirror_2" A series of reflect and shield effects; almost as powerful as the first Her_mirror ability. (Tribunal only)
  • player->addspell "Chameleon_100_unique" Chameleon 100%.
  • player->addspell "ghost ability" Chameleon 50%

  • Spells

    To use these spells, open the console window and type: Player->addspell "SPELLNAME". You must use the quotes if there is a space in the spell name. These are the spell names and what they do:

  • Spirit Knife Adds Spirit Knife
  • Soul Trap Adds Soul Trap (useless without soul gems)
  • Water Breathing Adds Water Breathing
  • Levitate Adds Levitate
  • Mark Adds Mark (Useless without Recall)
  • Recall Adds Recall (useless without Mark)
  • Summon Scamp Adds Summon Scamp
  • Summon Winged Twilight Adds Summon Winged Twilight
  • Summon Frost Atronach Adds Summon Frost Atronach
  • Summon Daedroth Adds Summon Daedroth
  • Summon Bonelord Adds Summon Bonelord
  • Summon Flame Atronach Adds Summon Flame Atronach
  • Detect Creature Adds Detect Creature
  • Restore Strength Adds Restore Strength
  • Restore Intelligence Adds Restore Intelligence
  • Restore Willpower Adds Restore Willpower
  • Restore Agility Adds Retore Agility
  • Restore Speed Adds Restore Speed
  • Restore Personality Adds Restore Personality
  • Restore Luck Adds Restore Luck
  • Quicksilver Adds Quicksilver
  • Bound Boots Adds Bound Boots
  • Bound helm Adds Bound Helm
  • Bound Shortsword Adds Bound Shortsword
  • Bound Longsword Adds Bound Longsword
  • Bound Longbow Adds Bound Longbow
  • Bound Axe Adds Bound Axe
  • Bound Spear Adds Bound Spear
  • Bound Dagger Adds Bound Dagger
  • Bound Club Adds Bound Club
  • Fire Bite Adds Fire Bite
  • Fireball Adds Fireball
  • Flamebolt Adds Flamebolt
  • God's Fire Adds God's Fire
  • Frostbite Adds Frostbite
  • Frost Adds Frost
  • God's Frost Adds God's Frost
  • Spark Adds Spark
  • Shockball adds Shockball
  • God's Spark Adds God's Spark
  • Hearth Heal Add;s Hearth Heal
  • Water Walking Adds Water Walking
  • Buoyancy adds Buoyancy
  • Chills adds Chills
  • Vivec's Feast adds Vivec's Feast
  • Vivec's Fury adds Vivec's Fury
  • Vivec's Humility adds Vivec's Humility
  • Vivec's Kiss adds Vivec's Kiss
  • Vivec's Mercy adds Vivec's Mercy
  • Vivec's Mystery adds Vivec's Mystery
  • Vivec's Tears adds Vivec's Tears
  • Vivec's_wrath adds Vivec's_Wrath
  • Vampire's Kiss adds Vampire's Kiss
  • Summon Clanfear adds Summon Clanfear
  • Summon Golden Saint adds Summon Golden Saint
  • Summon Least Bonewalker adds Summon Least Bonewalker
  • summon_centurion_unique adds Dwemer Animunculi
  • Summon Dremora adds Summon Dremora
  • suicide_test adds Suicide (if you have less than 30 health, don't bother casting)
  • Slowfall adds Slowfall
  • Shockbite adds Shockbite
  • Shrine *skill* skill adds Shrine *skill* skill (put a skill in the *skill* part like Shine Axe Skill)
  • Shard adds shard

  • Commands For The Console Window

  • BC Beta Comment
  • PT Purges' Textures
  • RA Resets Actors
  • SA Show Animation
  • SG Shows Group
  • ST Shows Target
  • SV Shows Variables
  • TB Toggles Borders
  • TG Toggles Grid
  • TL Toggles Lights
  • TM Toggles Menus
  • TS Toggles Sky
  • TW Toggles WOrld
  • ORI Output Reference Info
  • SCT Stop Cell Test
  • SSG Show Scene Graph
  • T3D Test Models
  • TAI Toggles AI
  • TCB Toggles Collision Boxes
  • TCG Toggles Collision Grid
  • TCL Toggles Collision
  • TCS Toggles Combat Stats
  • TFH Toggles Full Help
  • TDS Toggles Dialog Stats
  • TGM Toggles God Mode
  • TKS Toggles Kill Stats
  • TLF Toggles Load Fade
  • TMS Toggles Magic Stats
  • TPG Toggles Path Grid Display
  • TSO Toggles Script Output
  • TST Toggles Stats
  • TTS Toggles Texture String
  • TVM Toggles Vanity Mode
  • TWA Toggles Water
  • TWF Toggles Wireframe
  • MOTO Moves one to one
  • TFOW Toggles God of War
  • FixMe Fixes Me (No idea what for though)
  • TestCells Starts Exterior Cell Test
  • TestInteriorCells Starts Interior Cell Test
  • ToggleScripts Toggles Scripts

  • Unique Item Passwords

    Open the console and type Player->additem "ITEMNAME".

  • ring_khajiit_unique ring of khajiit
  • ring_mentor_unique mentor's ring
  • ring_wind_unique ring of the wind
  • ring_surrounding_unique ring of surroundings
  • ring_vampiric_unique vampiric ring
  • ring_warlock_unique warlock's ring
  • ring_denstagmer_unique denstagmer's ring
  • ring_phynaster_unique ring of phynaster
  • staff_hasedoki_unique staff of hasedoki
  • staff_magnus_unique staff of magnus
  • daedric_scourge_unique scourge
  • daedric_crescent_unique crescent
  • katana_goldbrand_unique goldbrand
  • katana_bluebrand_unique eltonbrand
  • spear_mercy_unique spear of bitter mercy
  • dagger_fang_unique fang of heynekutnawhatever
  • cuirass_savior_unique cuirass of the savior's hide
  • boots_apostle_unique boots of the apostle
  • helm_bearclaw_unique helm of oyren bearclaw
  • spell_breaker_unique spell breaker

  • Daedric Weapons Cheat Codes

  • player -> AddItem ''daedric club'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric arrow'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric_crescent_unique'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric battle axe'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric dagger'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric claymore'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric dagger_mtas'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric dagger_soultrap'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric dai-katana'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric long bow'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric staff'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric warhammer'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric war axe'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric mace'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric longsword'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric tanto'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric warhammer_ttgd'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric katana'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric dart'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric spear'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric_scourge_unique'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric shortsword'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric wakizashi'' 1
  • player -> AddItem ''daedric wakizashi_ttgd'' 1

  • Weapon Cheat Codes

    While playing, open the console window by pressing the '' ~ '' key. For cheats that affect your character, type: "player->" followed by any of the codes from the list below. To alter the amount you gain, enter a number after the code.

  • additem katana_bluebrand_unique Katana Bluebrand
  • additem katana_goldbrand_unique Katana Goldbrand
  • additem glass_dagger_enamor Glass Dagger Enamor
  • additem misc_soulgem_azura Misc. Soulgem Azura
  • additem dwe_jinksword_curse_unique DWE Jinksword Curse
  • additem banhammer_unique Banhammer
  • additem Azura_star_unique Azura Star
  • additem bonebiter_bow_unique Bonebiter Bow
  • additem longsword_umbra_unique Longsword Umbra
  • additem dagger_fang_unique Dagger Fang
  • additem daedric_scourge_unique Daedric Scource
  • additem daedric_club_tgdc Daedric Club
  • additem ebony_bow_auriel Ebony Bow
  • additem ebony_staff_tges Ebony Staff
  • additem ebony_dagger_mehrunes Ebony Dagger
  • additem magic_bolt Magic Bolt
  • additem spark_bolt Spark Bolt
  • additem shard_bolt Shard Bolt
  • additem flame_bolt Flame Bolt

  • Unlock Anything!

    Go into first person mode and click on your guy then open the console by pressing ~. Type additem skeleton_key 1

    Console Codes

    To open up the console, press ~, or whatever key is next to your 1 key. Open up the console while in third person mode, and click on your guy. Here is a list of many codes (note: codes not case sensetive):

    Level: setlevel [number]  Max Health: sethealth [number]  Max Magicka: setmagicka [number]  Max Fatigue: setfatigue  Teleporting: coc, "cellname" (note: only for interiors)  Gold: additem "Gold_100" [#] (get #x100 for gold)  All Journal Entries: filljournal  Full Map: fillmap  Move Fwd 128 Units (for if you are stuck): fixme  Edit Name: EnableNameMenu  Edit Race: EnableRaceMenu  Edit Birth Sign: EnableBirthMenu  Edit Class: EnableClassMenu  Show Sleep Menu: ShowRestMenu  God Mode: tgm    To affect other objects: While in the console, click on the item you wish to affect.  Open  Lock [locklvl]    There are many more codes. just learn the scripting for the construction set. Note: scripts must be one line.  


    We have no unlockables for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    Get Ultimate Weapons

    There is a way to make an ultimate weapon real easy. Just go find someone that enchants and get a soul gem with a soul in it and some spells you would like to be as a weapon effect. Then just fill in the slots at the enchanting screen and viola! You got an ultimate weapon. (if you made it that way.)

    Easy Way Around Solstheim

    If you are not an Argardion and are tring to get to the other end of Solstheim and don't want to worry about wolves, bears, or worst of all werewolves than you should start a new game and choose an Argardion as you player and you can go around the island using your Argardion's abilety to breath water. The only thing in the waters around that island are these things that looks like a wolres or a seal just uglier, but they don't attack you.

    Easter eggs

    We have no easter eggs for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    We have no glitches for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


    We have no achievements or trophies for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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