Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Restore Health

Go to your inventory screen showing stats. Highlight Health and press black, white, black, black, black, hold A until health rises to full.

Refill Health

While playing, press B then go to the status screen and highlight Health. Then press Black, White, Black, Black, Black then hold A to refill health.

Invincibility & Time Saving Technique

Do the "Restore health, magicka or fatigue" codes listed below, but before your meter completely fills up press and hold the the B button. The meter will continue to rise while you play the actual game, saving time. You are invincible until such time as you go back into your Inventory screen.

Refill Fatigue

While playing, press B then go to the status screen and highlight Fatigue. Then press Black, Black, White, White, Black then hold A to refill Fatigue.

Refill Magic

While playing, press B then go to the status screen and highlight Magic. Then press Black, White, White, Black, White then hold A to refill Magic.

Restore Fatigue And Magicka

Restore Magicka:  Go to your inventory screen showing stats.  Highlight Magicka   and press black, white, white, black, white, hold A until Magicka rises to full.    Restore Fatigue:  Go to your inventory screen showing stats.  Highlight Fatigue   and press black, white, white, black, hold A until Fatigue rises to full.  


We have no unlockables for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Better Bartering

Want gold fast? Okay, here's what you do. First you take a really expensive item, say an ebony claymore -worth 80, 000- and go to an armory. You persuade the person behind the counter to around 80 or 90 -100 if possible- then you sell it to them, You're probably thinking but I'll only get about a thousand for it because they don't have very much gold! Here's the good part; you trade the item for their maximum amount of money plus as much merchandise as possible, then rest for 24 hours and their gold will replenish. Sell their items back to them in increments equaling their maximum gold. Rest and repeat until you have sold all their items. I made 200, 000 gold this way!

Best Cheat Ever!

In the beginning of the game, (it doesn't need to be but it sure does help) at balmora, go to the temple and at the lower levels of the temple buy a fortify attribute spell and soul trap spell. Then go to the spellmaking lady on the other side of the lower level of the temple and go to her spellmaking option and make an attribute spell (i would suggest luck 20 points to start) and chose an attribute then set it on self for 2 seconds and also soul trap on target for 2 seconds, name it a number so it is easier to find if you have a lot of spells and then create the spell. Walk over to the corner and look at the floor, cast the spell. If you succeed at casting the spell your attribute will permanently stay high (this can be used with all attributes AND skills)

Azura's Star

Azura's star is a very powerful soulgem in deed, to get it you must do a mission for Azura herself (look on your Vardenfell map on south east you'll see a statue that's her shrine). She will tell you to go to an island on top of Dagon Fel, when you get there (you can use a flying spell or a waterwalking spell) you'll see a Golden Saint called Staada beside the cottage, kill him and get the ring he has (Sheogorath's Signet Ring) report back to Azura she will give you Azura's Star.You now have a soulgem that won't get destroyed when you use it now go out there and start ballin'!!

Get The Umbra Sword

First go to BAl Urand then go by the Inanius Egg Mine then go forward and talk to Umbra he will start talking and if you are good at a short or long blade or throwing stuss or bows get on the closest rock and start beating him up. After you kill him steal all of his armor and his sword, the Umbra sword.

Rare Items

If you are a collector of fine items (a.k.a.stuff with names) I suggest reading Yagrum Bargum's book "Tamriellic Lore". The only copy is next to Yagrum in the Corprusarium Bowles in Tell Fryr. The book doesnt have the locations of all the items, but it gives you an idea of some great stuff. I also suggest doing the daedric quests. Happy Hunting!

Raise Your Skills

This code doesnt require much skill Follow these steps:

1.) Buy a bound longsword spell from the mages guild in balmora.    (You can buy bound longbow, mace, or anyother weapon spell you want depending on the skill you want to raise)    2.) equip the bound longsword spell to be used    3.) Drop all weapons in your inventory except for 1 weapon    4.) Cast bound longsword (if it doesnt cast just go rest and try again)    5.) Once it is casted press and hold right trigger, left trigger and x it will make some funny sound over and over and your longsword skill will go up the longer you hold it.  
*** Not tested: I was told you could also raise your strength and other atributes if you have a weapon in your inventory that gives you str when you equip it when you do this.

Easy Money In Balmora

Go to the fine alchemists house (whatever her name is), Go to her shop and buy the potion making equipment then buy ten trama root and ten racer plumes then barter with her again. She'll have ten more, so you buy ten of each again. I'd do this about ten times. Now you start making potions then you sell them to her.

Good Start In Morrowind

First, make your created chracter how ever you please (for the next part you should have short blade skill as major) when you go through to the old guy give all the info and cont. On then go to the backroom and take EVERYTHING you can grab same for the main room (when you find the lockpick use it on the chest to get 31 gold) then go outside and search both urns in 1 there should be an engraved ring of healing when you go outside there is an elf named fargoth pick the subject ring and give him the ring after this you will recieve gold and he will fully like you and the tradehouse guy arille will like you as well go to jis shop and sell everything except the package to Cauis (it is VERY important) then if you have enough gold and one of the skills buy a weapon and armor after that head up the trail not towards the stilt strider then you will find a book on the ground and a guy will scream and land on the ground then die take his stuff and dispose of corpse go back and sell some stuff (dont use the icarin scrolls of flight) then either travel or pay a guy to go to balmora when you get there go across the bridge then up both sets of stairs and go to the house straight in front of you deliver the package then find ra' virr's shop kill him (if you need to use health cheat) then pick up all his stuff and sell at meldors armor shop do the blades quests and the travel to caldera go to ghorak manor and find creeper then sell the fiend tanto for 3000 gold (youll be rich-ish) after that join some factions and you'll make a great profit.

How To Get Good Starting Gold

When you just leave the building at the begining of the game go pick the mushrooms that you need for one of Ajira's quest at Balmora mage guild then once you get done with Seyda neen and hed to the mages guild in balmora sign up for the guild and go talk to ajira and complete the mushroom quest then do her next quest which is to put the fake soulgem in Gabriels desk after gabriel gos downstairs grab all the gems sitting on her desk and the limeware thing and complete the quest (put the fake soulgem in the desk) then go to caldera and go to the mansion with creeper and sell the gems to him and any other things you have that you want to sell (he doesnt buy ingrediants) and at the end of selling your stuff you will have at least 14k-17k in gold (creep buys stuff at full price remember that) the only gem you can't sell is the grand soulgem with the winged twilight in it (to sell the greater gem just buy 1k worth of things from him when you sell the gem then sell back the 1k of things).

Easy Knight Templar Armour

First when you start out make your name Umbra and choose your race as nord, continue on with game like normally when talk to the guy that takes you papers go back to the old guy and attack him make sure you are skilled in short and long blade, lead him outside of the room and close the door, then kill him take his short blade then attack the guard guy then press white button keep attacking until it says You can't rest here enemy are near by when you press white button then go to the guy that took you papers he will attack you use the health cheat, kill him, drop everything you have, go to guard guy and talk he will say you can't do that here go back and get your stuff and take the dead guys armor and you have Templar Armour enjoy.

More Gold For Weapons & Armor

If you have the Tribunal expansion and have traveled to Mournhold you have probably seen that the armory in the great Bazaar has 10, 000 gold. Use the better bartering method -her gold replenishes, too! - I posted and you can get almost-full to full price for ANY weapon or armor. I made 45,000 gold off of one sword!

Awsome Armor And Weapons

Go to Peligiad go past the castle and follow a path to a small farm there is a path leading from it going to the dren plantaion you can kill everyone in the farm if you are ready but check inside each house ( in some of the houses the are members of the theives guild, so just a heads up)there will be some houses that have draedric weapons and armor, orchish armor, and ebony armor. Plus the is over 10000g in one house.

Telvanni Valut Raid

This can only be done by a awesome sneaker. First go to Vivic and find the Telvanni Compound. Next go to the Telvanni plaza and go into the tower. After that go to the vaults and venture in till you find two doors, the one on the left has two storm atchronachs while the door on the right has the vault and two ordinators. Go to the door on the right and lock yourself into sneak mode and bring out a lock pick. Wait for the ordinators outside the door to leave and you are unoticeable. Then try and pick the lock if you get it, disarm the trip and enter. You will magically go into the other room. Kill both atchronachs and then pick the door lock. Arter picking the lock you will then go into the door on the right. Take as much stuff as possible without being seen. If you are seen drop all and pay up.

Keeping Shield Armor Bonus With 2-handed Weapon

To keep a shield armor bonus, just equip any shield, then equip a 2-handed weapon so you've got the armor rating of the shield and you've got a strong, all-purpose claymore or war axe at the same time. It's good all the time, with any shield and any 2-handed weapon!

Spell Casters

The three most useful spells I believe anyone can have are jump, open and chameleon. I have all three of these spells at magnitude 100, but I have a low chance of casting my chameleon 100% 18 seconds (VERY useful for main quests and theives) so I often fail to cast as the effect wears off. To compensate for this, my alchemy skill is at 100 and I have a full grandmasters set of equipment (master trainer and grand equipment is at Valenvaryon) and I then go to the Altmer in the Ald'Ruhn mages guild and buy 100 Bloat (it regenerates every time you buy it). I then buy Ash Yams (or Netch Leather) from the Khajit healer in the Foriegn Quarter Canalworks. These make fortify intelligence, make one, take one, make another, take another. This makes each one stronger than the last and you can easily get your intelligence to 30,000. Now get some Guar Hide, Corprus Weepings or Corkbulb Root and make fortify luck and any other potions you want. With your fortify luck over 1500 and lsts 10 minutes, the chance of a successful cast is pretty much 100%! Please note the effect wears off if you sleep.

Lords Mail (Ultimate Armor)

In ebonheart's council room there is an imperial place. In the Downstairs of the imperial place there are locked doors. In one of the doors there is an alter like thing with imperial armor. (not the entire set)In that room there is a door, but you cant see it. It looks like a wall. Just walk around the room looking at the wall and when you reach the right spot it will say lock lvl 100, i think. It might be 90, but the lock is high so get a good spell or the skeleton key or high security. behind the door is a visible door that leads into a cave. In the cave is a crazed man. Talk to him. He will attack you and he i wearing lords mail. Dont join the imperials or if you belong quit, because if you beat there missions they will take it from you.

Exploiting Those Boots

If you are not a Kha-jit or an Argonian, you can wear the boots of Blinding Speed. These blind you 100% but fortify speed 200 pts, and can be obained by escorting a trader east(?) of Caldera. Im not here to tell you how to get them, look below in the hints page. However if you go to Tel Fyr with the ability to unlock 100pts (spell, scroll or pick)and levitate, you can obtain a light cuirass with massive armour even at low levels that resists magic 60%. By wearing your Boots of Blinding Speed and the cuirass, you have all the advantages and only 40% blindness.

Pilgrimage For Vivec

The temple guild's first mission is to complete the seven graces. One of the pilgramage sites is in the temple of Vivec. First go to Vivec. After, along the side of the big stairs, there will be some grates with water coming out. Go to the top then look at the grate it will look like a door. Go to the third level grate and oren it. Once inside look to the middle. There should be a tunnle. Go in there should be another grate labled 'loose grate to center'. Once inside drown yourself and go to the plateau in the center. Go along the bridge and climb the stairs. You will see a daedra. He will ask for a silver longsword give it to him. Talk to the shrine beside him you will be blessed with water breathing plus swift swim and you pilgrimage will be conplete.

Free Daedric Armour

Here's a great way to get daedric armour. Go to some daedric shrines and find some daedra. It looks it looks like there wearing it already but when you kill them you can't pick it up. If you press A before they turn into ash you can take it.

Free 300 Gold With Ring Of Healing

In the beginning town, Seyda Neen, after taking the ring of healing from the barrel, talk to a Wood Elf named Fargoth. It's his ring, give it to him and you have a new friend. Later, go to Arille's Tradehouse. Go upstairs and talk that fisrt guy up the stairs. Next, tell him that you'll get the gold back for him. Go to the top of the lighthouse and watch for Fargoth(he will be carrying a torch near the lighthouse). He will go to the hiding place and stash 300 gold and his ring of healing along with a Journyman's lockpick. Go to the little samp where he was and take it all. If you want, you can return 200 gold to that guy and make another friend or keep it all to yourself.

Get Lots Of Money Really Easily

This hint can work at any point in the game. OK, You know how there are lots of crates and barrels around? Check them, there are usually a lot of stuff in there. Then, go to the trader and sell the stuff you don't want. {Sometimes you can find rare items and weapons. I found a Silver Flameslayer in Belvora!}

Free Strong Weapons

If you have a summon Dremora spell or summon golden saint spell you can get glass ebony dwemer weapons if you summon the creature then kill it if its name seen then quickly press A and if you did it right then the body's inventory and the weapon should be in it.

Get To Dagoth Ur

Go to Vivec, Temple. On the top there will be a lady, who sells potions. There will be a potion called Bargain Rising Force Potion. But a lot of them, because there 5gp. If you buy enough, you can fly there, slow but it's worth it. You aren't supposed to get passed Ghostgate, but I levvitated over it!


When you leave the first town you may hear some screaming. Look up when you hear it. There is some guy in green clothes falling!!! You can take his clothes and choose to leave or dump his corpse somewhere. It is really cool.

Tons Of Gold!

Ok if you want lots of gold all you have to do is sell your gold to a shopkeeper and then when he has al your money, kill him. He will drop all of your money including his/hers money as well. You can do this to any shopkeeper, and it's fun to do.

Increase Sneak Skill Easily

First be sure to have some fortify luck potions. The Imperial Shrine 1 floor down from the Mages Guild in Sadrith Mora sells both ingredients needed to make them, in infinite amounts. You'll need them when you are ready to do this, so you are CERTAIN your sneak will work. You will want to to be able to increase your luck by about 500 points, so you can be certain your sneak will work. Next, find an NPC that does not move, and that you can get behind an object near to be completely out of their line of sight (Eydis Fire- eyes in Balmora Fighters Guild is perfect - I'll use her as an example). Get Eydis to greet you and then jump on the table in the corner so she is facing away from the column at the top of the stairs. After she stops following you in direction, go around behind her and behind the column. Turn on sneak so it stays on, and then just leave it (great for leaving it on when watching TV or going to bed). It's best to do this with a LOW level in sneak to begin with. When you come back, you'll notice that your sneak skill has NOT increased. However, now is when you fortify luck over 500 and come out from behind the column. Stay sneaking, and against the back wall as far from her as you can. When you can completely see her body, you'll know you are far enough. Just stop and sit still a moment. Your sneak skill will rapidly go up, and depending on how long you waited, the higher it goes. The reason it's better to start with a low level of sneak is because it increases faster then. While you are hiding behind the column sneaking, a counter IS actually adding to your sneak. But points are not added to the SKILL itself until the game must perform a check as to whether anyone can see you sneaking or not. The luck potions ensure your chances of being seen are super slim, so when the game is checking if Eydis can see you (she can't) it adds the points it's been counting to your skill. ALL of them.

My House!

Need a house? Do what I did go and pick your self a nice house, hut, or wat ever you want to live in, and murder the owner and every body in it, and the place is yours! You may place stuff on shelfs(to lower your weight) or go to sleep(heal) and have a place to escape in case of emergency, you no longer have to go to the miles out of town to rest. My suggestion is, The out fitters house in Balmora, big and its convinently placed next to the Fighters guild and the Mages guild, but you may do as you wish! Have fun!(Dont pick a place that guards reside in as after you kill them they will reapear a few days later, also after you run out of places to put your stolen stuff an overflow loot bag will appear wich can hold upto or over 5000 lbs).

Easy Three Hundred Or One Hundred If You Want.

In the begging of the game go to the watchtower and go to the top after yo go to the top wait till dark. (sleep if you want) After awhile a person will go towards the lighthouse your on turn around go to the tree then in the swamp. After he goes out of the little swamp go down there the'll be three hundred gold there. A man in the trade house will talk about a man named fargo and how he's hidding money, if you want you tell him you found his hidding place and he'll take two hundred of the three hundred and he doesent give you anything for finding it.(I would just keep the three hundred and not talk to the guy at the top of the stairs.)

Easy Money And Alchemy Points

For this, you on;t need about Two Thousand Gold. Go to Caldera via Mges Guild. Go downstairs. Listen to the guy there, he should tlk about plates and stuff. Open the tower and go to the top. Take all the Master Equipment. Then, go to Sadrith Mora using the Mages Guild and talk The Atlmer next to the Guild Guide. He should sell raw materials in bulk. Buy 10 Racer Plumes and Trama Roots, and repeat 10 times until you have 100 of each. (Use these materials, not other ones because 1. Bulk costs less 2. He will never run out if you buy, click Barter and buy again and 3. You will need these potions.) Start Making Levitation Potions. Your Alchemy skill should increase 3 or 4 points for every 100 potions. Go back to Caldera. Go to Ghorak Manor, and find Creeper, the talking Scamp. Sell the potions but keep a few. At first, they will be inexpensive, and the bulk materials costly, but after your Alchemy skill increases a little, you r potions will more than make up for the cost of the bulk materials. You can do this as many times as desired, but keep in mind that in Creeper runs out of money, don't panic. Turn off Autosave when Rest and rest for 24 hours for him to have more money. Also, do not use the Talking Mudcrab Merchant, as it will take too much time; Creeper and the Altmer with the Raw Materials are both next to Mages Guilds.

2 Great Houses For The Price Of One!

In the begining of the game, after doing a few Blades quests, immmediatly head to Ald'Ruhn. Go to Under-Skar, or the huge building at the North- East part of town. go straight to the Redoran Council Hall, and talk to Neminda. Join House Redoran. Now, Continue with the Blades Quests, Become the Hortator of the Great Houses and Nerevarine of the Ashlander Tribes. After meeting with Vivec, fight Dagoth Odros at Odrosal and get the Keening. Fight Dagoth Vemyn at Vemynal. Now go destroy Dagoth Ur. After the last FMV sequence with Azura, immediatly heal to Ebonhart. Talk to Duke Vedam Dren. Talk to him about Hlaalu Hortator, and he will say you shouldn't have killed him, but you know you didn't kill him. Now go to the stats menu and look ate factions, You will have Great House Redoran and Great House Hlaalu. Now you have more missions and can have two Strongholds. There also has to be a way to join House Telvanni and have alll of the Great Houses and Strongholds.

400 Gold Easy

IN the fishing village Hla Oad, under the three legged place (or like a tavern) there is a slave and her owner. If you talk to the owner, he will say he has to deliver the slave to someone in balmora. take her to balmora, and get her to someone named Volar something. his house is next to Caius Cladius. you will have to pick the lock to his house, but you won't get in trouble for it. talke to him and he will give you 400 gold and the medusa ring

Telvanni Vault

Go to the telvanni canton in vivec, head up to the plaza and find the telvanni treasury. Once inside go downward until you come upon a door for the telvanni vault, go through door and go to the door on your left, two storm atranochs await you on the other side, slay them then take whatever is in the two chests(varies), then go back through the door you came and you will be inside a room full of good stuff, the two guards will get stuck, stay in sneak mode and you should be able to pilfer the whole room. Once done either recall, intervention, or you can walk out the same door you entered and you will reappear in the vault room(the room BEFORE you fought the two atranochs. I have done this on two separate characters and has worked both times, have only gone through the left side door first, do not know what will happen if you choose to go to the right side door first. Anyway a lot of free swag from this run.

Money For Cheap

First go to the Redoran part of Vivic. Once you are there go the the plaza at the top. In the plaza there is a Treasury and someones manor go into the manor. Search the manor there should be a person standing next to a chest of drawers. Check the drawers but don't take anything. Once you check the drawers and they have the key save it. The key is called the Redoran vault key. After you find it jump on top of the chest. On top of the chest jump again at the peak of the jump click on the chest of drawers you should be able to take the key without getting caught. If you get caught load the game. After you get the key without getting caught go to the treasury. In the treasury go right there are stairs down leading to a door. The door is the Redoran Vault. Go in the vault and go all the way down.There is a guy in red with a cage door in the room. Click on the door if you have the key it should open. If there is a Ordinort in the cage door point at the cage door and wait after you wait if there is no one in the way or in the cage room shut the door and drop every thing you have than take every thing. After you take every thing go to the A armerer repair every thing. Then Go to the MUD CRAB MERCHANT sell him somthing for 10000.(don't worry you'll get it back) Wait 24 hours Buy it back a sell somthings to equal 10000 sold. Keep repeating that untill you have your disired amount of money. Drop every item you want to sell to him unless you hant to use it. Lastly Make a mark in front of him and whenever you need money use recall.

Full Processus Vitellius

First of all, you've probably have noticed tax collector Processus Vitellius is missing. With that in mind, go across the bridge in Seyda Neen (to the west of the lighthouse) across the water to another spot and search until you find a corpse. The corpse of Processus Vitellius. Head back to Seyda Neen and talk to Socucious Ergalla. Tell him about Vitellius. He'll ask you to find Vitellius's murderer. Who you should go talk to, to find the murderer, is Vitellius's girlfriend, Thavere, in the lighthouse. She'll tell you that the only time Vitellius got angry was in an argument with Foryn Gilnith, and she also asks you to return Vitellius's ring to her if you find it. Go to his shack and before you talk to him, read Vitellius's tax record. Now go in and see Foryn Gilnith. Take a look around at his shack. Does this look like he should have to pay that much? Well, talk to him and he'll confess to Vitellius's murder. Now, the question is: do you believe him? Or are you going to punish him. I punished him. If you do the same, take all his stuff, return the key to Thavere, and go back to Ergalla for a reward of 500 gold!

Increase Weapon Skills

To increase any one of your weapon skills, bind that type of weapon and hold X + L +R at the same time. The game will make a switching sound, but it will not actually switch.

Increase Mercantile Skill

To increase Mercantile, buy something cheap (10 to 20 gp) and always go down on the price slightly. Then, sell it back for a little more than they desire.

Increase Magicka Skill

To increase various Magicka skills (Alteration, Destruction, etc.), go to one of the Mages Guilds and look for a person that has the option of Spellmaking. For example, if you want to increase Destruction, go to a spell that is under the Destruction school, such as Fire Bite. Put the spell Firebite under Effects and set all of the things such as duration and magnitude to 1. Go around casting the spell at objects (not at people). Every time you cast it, it will go up about 3/100 points.

Increase Block Skill

To increase Block, hold Chop while using a shield and get hit by enemies.

Increase Athletics Skill

To increase Athletics, run (not walk) around until your fatigue bar hits 0. Then, wait for your fatigue bar to raise to full and repeat.

Increase Armor Skill

To increase Armor, find some enemies that do not do much damage and get hit by them. The Slaughterfish is a good choice.

Scamp = 5,000

In Caldera in the house of Orcs there is a scamp called Creepers. He will bartar and has 5,000 GP. He has one of the highest amounts of money.

Mud Crab = 10,000GP

Look on your Vvardenfell map. Find Mzahnch in the south to the right of Vivec and above Bal Fell. The last "h" in the name lays on an island. Go to that island and you shall see a mud crab. DO NOT KILL THE MUD CRAB. Talk to him and Bartar. He has 10,000 GP and will buy things at FULL price. He will only buy Armor and Weapons, but you can sell stuff for more than its worth and then buy it back for less.

Ring Of First Barrier

Go to Suran and walk across the bridge to the east. Follow the road until you find a group of slaves. Talk to all of them until you find a Khajitt that looks out of place but says he is a slave. Let him follow you to the Redoran along the path farther east. You should see a fork and in between the two paths is a small farm. Talk to the man outside and you will have the choice of letting the Khajitt kill the man or you stand in the way. Interfere and kill the Khajitt the man will say that the Khajitt was a bounty hunter and he gives you the Ring of First Barrier.

A Few Helpful Items

Blinding Boots of Speed: Go to Caldera walk along the road northward until you find a man in only his underwear. He should talk about Cloudcleaver. Tell him he can follow you to destroy a witch. Find the witch by going on the path as far north and west as possible (she should be in a purple robe). Finsih up that quest and choose what you like. Follow the path back south until you reach a fork. Go on the road you haven't taken North - Eastern and you shall find Permime let her follow you to Gnaar Mok and you get the Blinding Boots of Speed.

For The Sake Of Love?

When you go to Pelagiad, start taking the route to Balmora. Eventually, you'll find a very well- dressed woman standing at the side of the road. Talk to her. She'll tell you about a bandit. She'll say she was robbed. She'll also say that the bandit talked to her for hours. She'll ask you to find him. He's in Pelagiad, in the tavern...I think the tavern is the second building on the left, going into Pelagiad. (not from the back road.) Talk to the bandit (the lady will tell you his name.) He'll give you a note to take back to the lady. Do so. I don't remember whether she gives you anything. (I don't think she does, but you've done a good thing...remember that...)

Free Stuff

West (i think) of the lighthouse in seyda neen, just past fargoth's house, thers a small bridge, cross it and follow its path until you find a book lying on the ground. Wait for about 20 seconds and then you will hear a scream and see a guy falling out of the sky, when he hits the ground you can take his stuff (expensive robe/fur helm/scrolls of icarion flight/silver sparksword/...)and then,keep following the path around for a bit antil you fight 2 or 3 small creatures on the ground,then proceed on a little and you will find a dead tax collector, he has 100 drakes, and a tax record,you can take these as well.

Easy G's And Awesome Enchantments!!!

So you're ready to enchant some of your items...You decide to go out and soultrap an enemy, let's say a rat. The only problem with a rat is that it doesn't have very much charge, and that it's not worth anything. So are those the only problems with rat's souls??? Nope. In fact, every soul has this problem...except for two. The Golden Saint and the Ascended Sleeper souls have an option when enchanting items to have a "constant effect". That's right, always on. So what you need to do is simple. You first need to find some Grand Soul Gems, one great place to look is Yasamasi just south of Hla Oad. You'll have to kill some guys, but hey, you're a baller after all, right? If you're not then don't even try this, because you have to be. Not necessarily a baller, but you have to be good enough to take down a Golden Saint. So anyway, after you kill all the guys in Yasamasi (forgive me if it's spelled wrong), look in the crates and barrels everywhere, you'll find like four of the Grand Soul Gems. So, now you have to find a Golden Saint or Ascended Sleeper. Here's the good part. Go somewhere, particularly in a mages' guild and either buy a Summon Golden Saint Scroll, or a spell for Summon Golden Saint. Also, you'll need a soultrap spell or scroll. Make sure you go outside of the city to do this. I repeat: MAKE SURE YOU ARE OUT OF THE CITY WHEN DOING THIS!!! If you're not, you're likely to be attacked by a guard...which is not cool (though if you're a baller it doesn't matter, but you still have to put up with paying off fines...). Summon the Golden Saint, then soultrap him and kill him. Easy as that. Now you have a soul gem worth 80 G's and an awesome enchantment soul gem. But you're thinking to yourself right about now, there aren't that many grand soul gems in morrowind, and this is cool to an extent. Wrong. Go out and buy a regular soul gem, catch a rat, or something that has more charge. Then when enchanting your item, first choose the grand soul gem with the Golden Saint or Ascended Sleeper. Make sure you turn on "constant effect". Then change soul gems to the rat or whatever, and constant effect will still be on!!! Have fun with this, make money, enchant some awesome stuff. It's not that hard, and it sure does pay off...a lot!

More Gold

Go to Caldera, in Ghorak Manor, and go upstairs. You will find a guy named Scamp and has the most gold in the game, 5000 gp. If you have more than one valuable thing, go out the door and rest, then go back in, he will have 5000 gold again.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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