Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Mercedes CLK-GTR

Type "merc" in lower case letters to unlock this very cool car.

Jaguar XJR-15 And All Other Bonus Cars

Type "new cars" at the car screen to unlock the Jaguar XJR -15 and other cars like El Nino.

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the following codes at any menu before starting a race to activate   the corresponding cheat function:    RESULT			CHEAT CODE    Race with more traffic on the road	rushhour  Police yell comments during chase	bullhorn  Fast car in single race mode	gofast  All cars are fast in single race mode	madland  Use manual transmission as if   it were an automatic		monkey  Empire City track		empire  El Ni?o bonus car		elnino  CLK GTR bonus car		merc  Jaguar XJR-15 bonus car		jag  El Ni?o pursuit car		ecop  Diablo pursuit car		dcop  Enable all cars		allcars  Jaguar XJR-15 and all secret   police pursuit cars		newcars  Mazda Miata			go01  Toyota Landcruiser 		go02  Cargo Truck			go03  BMW 5 Series		go04  71 Plymouth Cuda		go05  Ford Pickup with Camper Shell	go06  Jeep Cherokee		go07  Ford Fullsize Van		go08  65 Mustang			go09  66 Chevy Pickup		go10  Range Rover 		go11  School bus			go12  Caprice Classic Taxi		go13  Chevy Cargo Van		go14  Volvo Station Wagon		go15  Sedan 			go16  Crown Victoria Cop Car		go17  Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car	go18  Grand Am Cop Car		go19  Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle	go20  Knock Out Loser Truck		go21  

Empire City Track

Type "empire" at the location screen to unlock a track you would usually have to beat the knockout stage to unlock.


We have no unlockables for Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.



Go to the Atlantica track, in any mode, and start the race. As you near the left-hand curve right before the dock, go clear to the right and there should be a open tunnel with wooden planks on the bottom, go through it, and it eliminates the whole curve!

Double Caught Cars

When you are the pursuit vehicle (Police), get way ahead of the opponents, and set the spike strip. Now heres the kick, when you set down the spike strip, keep your horn off, the reason why you should do that is if there is two, three, or even four or more, you can get them all that hit the spike strip. The reason(s) why I know this works is: First, it has happen to me before, the maximmum that I have gotten is 4 And, 2nd, now what would happen if there was three cars right next to each other and you turn on your horn, you would only target the closest one, right, so if you left your horn off, when they all hit the spike strip all at once, then they would all be targeted, even though that it would seem that when you are arresting one that they would get away right..., WRONG, the reason why is, when they get there tires are striped from the car, the car could NOT reset, like you would when you are the target of the police. They only get one chance to not get caught, once caught, there caught.

Sky High

At the Country Woods track, after you finish 1 lap, wait before you cross the finish line. Have the Navigator Assist on. About 15ft. from the finish line, there is a little lot on the right. Merge into it, aiming for the corner, ram it at a speed higher than 100mph, and you will play with the birds.(That means fly high.) It also works without the navigator, but if the navigator is on it will say "Medium Left." ***El Nino is recommended***

Spike Strip Power

When you are a pursuit vehicle, if you're really far ahead of everyone, use spike strips on either side, turn around, and stay next to them. When the cars try to pass you, they'll go on the strip.

High Enough

To activate the cheat you MUST be in SINGLRACE mode. At the MAINMENU screen type GOFAST and pick the Mercedes CLK GTR and choose Hometown. Turn the opponents off and the traffic off so you can gain speed to fly right over the Cover Bridges. The cheat will allow you to fly over the second Cover Bridge. Have fun!

More Distance Between The Police

After the police are on your tail, flip a U-turn by pressing [Space] (E-Brake) so you are heading right for them. Once you pass them, they will also turn around. Flip another U-turn and quickly accelerate. Flipping the U-turn takes the police more time, and will give you a couple more seconds to get ahead of them.

Empire City Shortcut

Close to the start of the Empire City track is gap in the wall. Drive through it and end up on the other side. Straight across the road is a roadblock. Drive through it and the other roadblock on the other side.

Atlantica Shortcut

When you are at the split roads, stay to the right. A wooden passage will be visiable at the second split. Use the hand brake and turn into it. Then drive straight. You then have to go left and then straight. After that, turn right.

Country Woods Shortcut

There is a shortcut in the Country Woods track that can save 18 seconds on your time. It is located where the fence ends near a lot of trees.

Pursuit Opponents

When you are pursuiting opponent cars, wait a little while for the cars to settle out. When you move in very close to the Schigera's, then turn on your siren. It will be much easier to catch them when you are closer than if you are far away. I also know of a shortcut in another circuit. I forget the name, but it looks like Aquatica. Anyway, at one end, there is a rather sharp U-turn. before that, there is a path. Turn in and use it. It takes you to the other side of the U-Turn. Also useful to evade cops for a minute.

Jump Over Bridge

At the opening screen, type in go fast, then select the Mercedes, (The special one, not the street version. You can get it by typing "merc" at least I think you can.) Select Hometown for the track, then run the course backwords (so the covered bridges are one of the last things you see) make sure your speed is 200+, and you will jump BOTH bridges. It is pretty cool.

Enlight Your Menu Screen!

At the main menu screen press and hold the "X" button for a while to see a lightning on your screen. Try it, is very cool.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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