New Heatmap Showing The Deadliest Places In Fortnite

New Heatmap Showing The Deadliest Places In Fortnite


Fortnite's data crunchers have discovered where the most dangerous and least dangerous places in Fortnite are.

Death Heatmap in Fortnite Twitter 1

The new heatmap identifies where most of the eliminations occur, and it's no surprise that each of the biggest points of interest on the map carries its own increased risk. The risk-reward structure in Fortnite is a major part of how the game encourages players to meet each other.

The high-risk area in Fortnite

There is a clear central point on the map which is the most dangerous location in Fortnite: Salty Towers. This location is likely to be represented in part because of its central location. As the storm approaches, the Salty Towers have a higher chance of being put into a shrinking circle that forces the players together.

As a result, unlike locations on the periphery, Salty Towers received several eliminations from the middle and later stages of the game. When the circle closes, the player is forced to move to the center of the Salty Towers to find cover and get some loot.

Other locations on the Fortnite heat map get their hotspots in part due to high loot concentrations. Players swarm into these points of interest to get a good start to their games and go from there.

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Outliers and points of interest to note

Death Heatmap in Fortnite Twitter 2

While there isn't too much unpredictability from the data, it is sometimes useful to have hard numbers to back up what players mostly assume. No one will be surprised to learn that a point of interest with a high concentration of loot is riskier than an empty field.

Even so, there are a few outliers to this Fortnite heat map. In particular, the location at the far end seemed downright peaceful in comparison to a more central location. Dirty Docks, Steamy Stacks, and Coral Castle have very little activity and maybe good landing locations for players interested in slower games.

Another place to note is the anomaly in the center of the map. While there isn't much loot compared to other points of interest, Zero Point attracts players for other reasons and carries a similar increase in risk.

Overall, this map will be useful for players who want to find new places to stop by or want to know where to find the most action.

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