New Leaks of PUBG’s ‘Vostok’ Tournament Style Mode Similar to CS: GO

New Leaks of PUBG’s ‘Vostok’ Tournament Style Mode Similar to CS: GO


Recently, a new mode at PUBG entitled 'Vostok' has been leaked. Reportedly, the leaked game mode is a tournament-style battle royale mode with a combination of elements from popular titles like 'Teamfight Tactics' and 'CS: GO'. However, it sticks to traditional PUBG gameplay.

Although the latest patch notes don't mention Vostok, PUBG leak expert PlayerIGN believes that the new game mode will be revealed in the middle of patch 8.3 or at the start of Season 9.

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PUBG: What's In tournament-style Battle Royale Mode?

In this mode, players will duel 'one on one' with each other. This is somewhat similar to 'Auto Chess' and 'Teamfight Tactics' where multiple duels occur at one time.

According to PlayerIGN, it's all based on chance. Each player will have three lives, and if you lose the duel, the player will also lose his life. After that, all players will take turns fighting other players one by one. When they lose all three lives, the players will be knocked out, and the last one to survive will be the winner.

Similarities With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The new game mode will have a lot in common with CS: GO. For example, Vostok will have systems for currency, load-outs, and multiple battle rounds.

At the end of each round, both players will be awarded a certain amount of in-game currency which they can use to buy or upgrade weapons. Players will also get bonuses based on their performance in that round. After that, players can set their loadout before the next round. They will have the option of upgrading their loadout with the currency they earned from previous battles or saving the funds for later.

What's even more interesting is that there will be a separate currency and weapons shop in Vostok.

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