New Tesla “Short Shorts” Breaks the Tesla Website

New Tesla “Short Shorts” Breaks the Tesla Website

162 - The world's largest electric car manufacturer ‘Tesla’ once again broke the internet booking record. However, this time not with an upcoming electric vehicle like Model 3 or Cybertruck, instead, with a Tesla outfit.

Recently, Tesla introduced a pair of shorts called ‘Tesla Short Shorts’ on its Tesla Shop website, where the company sells after-sale products and accessories. Guess what? The stocks disappeared in no time.

Tesla is accustomed to the extraordinary response from his fans. Earlier this year, we reported that Tesla Cybertruck's pre-ordering passed the 500,000 unit mark in only 90 days.

Back in 2017, Model 3 also received a similar pre-order amount. However, this time it was very different because Tesla received a response that was greater in intensity for something unknown. By the way, here's a brief description of the latest Tesla product.

More About Tesla Short Shorts

Tesla Short

These shorts are bright red in color with Tesla Logo on the front and ‘S3XY’ written across the back. The S3XY represents the model names of Tesla’s electric cars. Tesla describes on its website that the shorts are made up of red satin and embraced with gold trim. Additionally, the automaker mentions “Celebrate summer with Tesla Short Shorts” along with the description of the product.

Despite introducing these shorts at a very high price of $69.420, they went out of stock pretty quickly. Soon after these shorts were launched, Tesla’s website broke due to the huge traffic. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla tweeted, “Dang, we broke the website.”

Not long ago, Elon also mentioned in one of his tweets that Tesla is going to launch shorts. At that time most of us took it lightly but now Elon has actually done what he said. However, the number of orders Tesla received is not revealed by the automaker.

Nonetheless, the response to every Tesla product is always higher than the previous one. We saw it with Model 3 and Cybertruck, and now with an overpriced pair of shorts. It represents the kind of brand value Tesla has made for itself.

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