Paper Mario Nintendo 64 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Paper Mario Nintendo 64 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg




When you are in a battle and somebody is attacking you press A + B at the exactly same time the guy hits you.


We have no unlockables for Paper Mario yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Get To Bowser With All Upgrades And Invincibility

First you have to Toad Town and go to the first Toad house that reheals you and fall asleep twice run out save turn it off and you will get to bowser.

Badges In Flower Fields

When you enter flower fields go right of the big tree then you'll see three trees then hit the middle one then the right then the left one and a badge will fall out of the tree. Another badge you could get a badge by throwing a blue berry in a well that has dead trees around it.

Easy Way To Defeat Goomba King

In the battle there is a tree and it will be helpful. When it is Mario's turn to attack use the hammer to hit the tree and three Goomnuts will fall out and hit the boss.

Pass The Vulture

To pass the vulture on Mt. Rugged without a fight, all you have to do is tell him that you are Luigi and he will let you by.

Hints And Tips

In the Shy Guys Toy Box there is a fat shy guy who wants you to give him food, give him a cake that you get for giving the frying pan to the rightful owner.


As you go on you can upgrade your shoes(jumping abuilty) and hammer. Also you can upgrade your star beam at the end of the game. AS long as you upgrade you will be able to beat the game.

Character Partners

Here is a list of all the partners you will have in the game:

Non-Battle Characters:  Grandpa Goomba    Battle Characters:  Goomba  Koopa  Bo-bomb  Bow (a ghost)  Sushi (a fish)  Lakelester (Spike)  Watt  
P.S. Try each character's moves. And if you don't get to try all the moves in one game, start a new one.


When in battle, just before the opponent hits u press A

Three Keys To Tutankoopa

After you've gotten all three stones you are ready to use them. Go to where are 5 statues of chomps. First go to the first slot and put the pyramid stone in it. Put the diamond stone in the middle slot. Put the lunar stone in the last slot. The floor will rumble and break. Go down the stairs where you will find Tutankoopa.

Dizzy Spin Trick

The first time you go to the Badge Shop in Toad Town, there is a badge that makes you spindash faster. Put the badge on. When you get to Enemies, press Z, hit the enemy and it will make it dizzy for one full turn, so you get extra time to attack. This will not work on flying enemies.

Shyguy`s Toybox

In toad town there is a house with nothing in it. Well, geuss again! Use Bow`s down C and a shy guy will come in. The shy guy will go through a secret door. Now go through the secret door and jump on the spring. Now you will be in Shyguy`s Toybox! Good luck!

Weird Toad

Go to Koopa Village and enter the house with the palm trees on top of it. Press "A" on the radio until you get to a station that says something about a eccentric toad near the entrance of Toad Town. Get a Koopa leaf (from one of the bushes nearby) and take it to the entrance of Toad Town. A toad will look different from the others (trust me you'll notice him). Talk to him and he will give you something special!

Chet Rippo And Rip Cheato

These are two characters that you run into during your travels. If their names don't tell you enough about them, I will. Chet Rippo is in South Toad Town somewhere. He offers to upgrade your HP, FP, or BP for 39 coins. He will upgrade whatever one you choose to the equivilent of two level ups. What he doesn't tell you is that he takes away one upgrade from your other stats (ex. BP goes up by six, but HP and FP both go down by 5). Only use him to rearrange your stats. Rip Cheato sells items. Who would really buy stuff from someone with both "rip" and "cheat" in their name?!? Anyway, he charges 64 coins for an item you don't know. I believe that there is a chance you may get a starpiece from him, I'm not sure. An example of an item is a life shroom. It's a great item, but can be purchased in Shiver City (the snowy town) for about half the price that Rip sells it to you.

The Hidden Star Piece

Go to Shy Guy toy box. Go in front of the blue toad, then use the hammer a piece of the floor will pop up, and you will get a star piece.

Get Better Items With The 1 Cent Mystery!

Get better Items with the 1 cent Mystery!: If you have Tayce T. cook with a Mystery item, you'll get one of these several things: Apple Pie, Big Cookie, Bland Meal, Egg Missile, Fire Flower, Fried Egg, Fried Shroom, Honey Shroom, Kooky Cookie, Koopa Tea, Life Shroom, Potato Salad, Sleepy Sheep, Spagetti, Special Shake, Spicy Soup, Super Soda, Tasty Tonic, Thunder Rage, Volt Shroom. Since you can buy mysteries for 1 coin at Boo's Mansion, this is a cheap way to get some good items. Watch out though, because sometimes you'll get a mistake.

Answers To Bowser's Questions

The answers are 3, Red, Red, 24 in that order.

Be The Original Mario

Enter Bow's Mansion and go through the first- floor, right-hand door. In that room there should be a large vase and a chair next to it in the center of the room. Jump on to the chair and then into the vase. You will popout as the original NES version of Mario! (Exiting this room or rentering the vase will return you to your original state, though).

Read Luigi's Diary

Read Luigi's Diary: You have to have the Second boots (forget what they're called) and you stomp in the part of the floor, in Mario's bedroom, that sticks up. Luigi has built a secret basement! What a carpenter! In the basement, you can read his diary which changes throughout the game.

Find Dry, Dry, Ruins

Go to the oasis in Dry, Dry, Desert. Get a lemon and give it to Seek, or whatever, he'll tell you to go to the market in Dry, Dry, Outpost and buy a dried scroon, then the dusty hammer in that order. The onwer will tell you how to find to the guy who knows where the ruins are. Go to the door Seek was standing infront of and go out the side door. Jump on the crates onto roof and go left. You'll find a door. Seek is in there, but HE'S really the guy you're looking for. He'll give you a pulse stone. Then go to the desert. A cloud showing the stone will flash. The near you get to the area where Dry, Dry, Ruins is, the faster the stone flashes. When it is flashing rapidly, go up to a stone with a hole in it. Put the stone in it, and BAM! The ruins pop out of the ground!

Infinite Hearts

Find the split on Pleasant Path where one direction leads to the Koopa Bros. Fortress and the other leads to Koopa Village. Keep running around the striped pole next to the sign to get hearts.

Infinite Items from Trees

Once you have received a hammer, use it to hit trees. The tree by where you begin gives you an endless supply of acorns that revive your FP by 3. You must go somewhere else to get another acorn, though. You can also get coins, star pieces, and a weird doll as well.

Hidden Oasis

First when your in the Dry Dry desert town, exit it and keep on going south until you see that the sand is turning into grass. You'll finally find the secret oasis. The oasis contains lemons which are very help-full. The oasis also contains a special power up that allowes your team mate to power up and learn a new move!

Letters, Letters!

After you get Parakarry, a lot of people(?) will ask you to send letters to friends. You'll also have to send the three that you picked up for Parakarry. You have to start by delivering the three you already have. But don't think this is easy! You will have to travel twice to Dry Dry Outpost. (by the way, you know that vulture that stops you at the bridge? Just tell him you're Luigi and he won't bother you).

Battle Tactics

When you are in a battle and somebody is attacking you press A just before the guy hits you. This will keep you from getting hurt. When you are attacking push B right before you hit them. This makes the hit hurt a lot more. When using the hammer push the joystick to the left until the last light lights up. Immediately let the joystick go to the center. This will also make the hit hurt a lot more.

Lots of Special Power Ups

First you must go to Mt. Rugged. The path is pretty straight forward until the path branches up or down. Go down. You will eventually come across a blue thing that pops out of the ground. Hit it with your hammer (he/she is not an enemy) and it's bump will fall off. Pick it up, as it can recover 25HP & 25FP.! Now keep re-entering the screen and it will reappear. It does eventually run out though.

Beat Tutankoopa

Buy 9 thounderbolts and use them all on Tunankoopa. Then use Parakarry's Shell Shot.

Free Hearts

Ok First I was walking down a path a I saw these three blue things, one looking at me so I went up to it an ran around it and the invincible music played and then hearts came out!!!!!!Directions to get there: go right from toad town until you reach the path where you can go down dirt steps, or across the bridge and the blue tall things are in the back. The one on th left has no eyes or there following you. Run around him and you no what happens. (I think I was the first person to find this because I got it the day it came out and I found this the next day!)

Classic Mario Music

Go to the third house in Koopa Village (a Koopa is sunning himself inside). Stand in front of the radio and press A to switch between stations. Listen to the Golden Oldies station to hear classic Mario theme music.

Hidden Playroom

Go south in Toad Town until you get to the area with the Li'l Oink Farm. Go left immediately after you enter this area (there is a narrow passageway that's not fenced off). Hit the tree with your hammer and a pipe will appear on the right. You can now enter the playroom, but need either a Silver and/or Gold card to play the games.

Special Spells

Go to the alley right next to Toad's house in Dry Dry Outpost. Jump forward over the left box and the camera will swing around to reveal a hidden area. Talk to Merlee to learn about her special spells. Depending on how much money you spend, she will help you during and after battles. The spells do wear off after a certain amount of time, but until then, it provides you with additional attack power during some battles and more coins after battles.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Paper Mario yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Paper Mario yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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