Parasite Eve PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Parasite Eve PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Parasite Eve yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Parasite Eve yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Chrysler Building

Once you beat the game the first time you will be able to enter the Chrysler Building. Once in it you will find a storage room and an elevator on every floor. DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT COMPLEATING MOST OF THE GAME FIRST, after you defeat the T- Rex Boss go to the precinct and save. It also helps to have about 400 rounds in your ammo case and to have a revive potion in your inventory at all times. You cannot save in the Chrysler Building. Every 10 floors you will have to beat a different boss from the game. Each boss will give an Elevator Card up to that floor. Once you defeat a boss you cannot get into battles below the floor the boss was on. It is time consuming and gets confusing at times. Trust me; I thought I was going to go crazy for a while. If you do try to complete the building it will take at least 10 hours. It also helps to use the weapon Club 4 to save on bullets. You will get this weapon in the building between the 1st and 30th floors.

Soho Graffiti

On Day 3, take a walk around Soho and look closely at the graffiti on the buildings. If you look close enough, you'll see names. These people are partly responsible for the maps in Parasite Eve. Look for the names: Charles Bela Peter Yongki Cecil

Ex Game Warning

In the Ex Game, before you go into the Chrysler Building, you should complete most of the game to raise Aya's level and HP amount. Otherwise, you could end up dead on like the 3rd floor.

The Lockers

The first thing ya gotta do is go in the room with the clown. After he is dead go to the lockers and open each one. You should find 6+ ammo. Then go to the room with the phone and get near the icky dead guy and press the X button. After you get the key, go into the room across the room with the clown and open the lockers there and TALK to the dead guy he'll give you some info, when you open all the locker doors you will get medicine, and that is it!

Treasure Boxes

During the Ex-Game, you'll notice that every floor of the Chrysler Building has an elevator and a storage room. When on floors 11-20, if you open a treasure box, you may encounter a monster known as the Treasure Box. These things are annoying and they always get the first attack. When encountering one of these, you'll want to make sure that Aya's HP is at its max. These creatures can cause up to 400 points of damage (MAYBE EVEN MORE!!) so make sure that Aya is in good health when fighting these.

Unavoidable Attack

During the 1st stage of the Ultimate Being, you'll notice that this li'l dude has an attack that takes away 99% of Aya's life away! If you have the guide, if mentions that this attac is UNAVOIDABLE, however I have dodged it and you can, too! You never know when the being is going to do this attack so I recommend that you stay directly across from the being. If you do this and the being does his 'Take-all-of-Aya's-HP- except-for-one-point-attack' you'll have nothing to worry about and you'll stay good! Also, I recommend that you use PE Liberate to cause about 1500 HP Damage!!

Steal From The King Bacterium

On Day 4 at the Hospital, you're supossed to shut off the valve so the sperm in the Sperm Bank can go bad so Eve can't use it to create the Ultimate Being. So Eve comes up with a plan to send a King Bacterium to distract you so she can get her hands on the sperm before you can even do anything. Well, the point of this code is to let you know you can get a cool prize if you use the Club 2 against the King Bacterium. At the end of the battle, you'll get a Defense +1 or +2. Note that if you use this weapon against the King Bacterium, your odds are of dying are fairly high.

T-Rex Battle

While your in the museum on Day 5, you'll encounter a tough boss called the T-Rex! After the FMV of Eve turning the T-Rex display into a living nightmare, go to the 3rd floor. You'll have to fight a Sub-Boss, but he's not tough at all! When you're done with the sub-boss, go to the south and the sub-boss will come back to life! But don't worry, however, he'll knock you into the T-Rex display and then he'll die for good. But don't get too excited, because the T-Rex will see you and try to kill you! The point of this hint is that when the T-Rex is about to sweep fire at you, stand BEHIND the T-Rex. After shooting the T-Rex a little bit, he'll start a beam attack. To avoid this, run around the area and keep distance between you and the t-Rex. After a few more hits, the T-Rex will be history! If you don't want to face him again, then go to the main lobby (there's a door to the lobby just to the south of the T-Rex display.) and save at the flashing phone.

Getting The Keys

After you go down the hall from defeating the mutated rat there is a double door at the end of the hallway. Go to the door on the left of it. There is a burned policeman go near him and press A. When he falls to the ground go near him and press A again. Then you should find a key to open the other doors. To get the other key to open the door at the end of the hallway go in the room where Eve's diary or journal is. Read the journal al the way through to the end and when you are done you should find the key to get to the room at the end of the hallway and the door should open.

Put Your Name On Your Gun

On the boat right before you fight the ultimate being. You go inside the boat and talk to kyle and he'll ask you if you want to store any items and after that he'll ask you if you want to inscribe your name in any one of your guns.

Fight Your Sister Mya

In order to fight your sister you must first beat the game once. After beating the game you will be able to enter a new building. The building is the empire state building. Now what you do is you find your way to the top of the empire state building (note: this will not be easy each floor is like a maze and you must find the key to each floor so in case you die you can start at the floor you left off at.) When you do finally get to the top you will meet you sister Mya and you talk for a while then you will get the chance to fight her.

Hidden Tcards

When in the hospital go to the room at the top of the screen go in. Inside that room at the top is a piece of hospital equipment behind it thier are several cards.

Extra Ammo

When returning to the NYPD Station on day 3, you can get extra ammo by searching dead cops twice.


After battle you may get a item that says 'JUNK'. This is a broken item but don't discard it, because you can get a really cool and neat gun if you give Wayne 300 pieces of junk. I know that 300 pieces is a lot but its worth it, trust me. Every once in a while, go back to the station and go down to the weapon department and go up to Wayne and choose the 'DISCARD JUNK' option. Then Wayne will put it in storage. After you've given him 300 pieces, he will let you choose what type of gun you want and he'll make it. I suggest that you get either a Rocket Launcher, Rifle, or a Shotgun. You can also add slots to your weapons by giving Wayne a Mod Permit or a T-Card. You'll find T-Cards thoughout the game. You can get Mod Permits from Captain Baker.

Infinite Tools And Super Tools

Once you start an EX game you will have access to the Chrysler Building. Through out the various floors there are rare trading cards that you can give Wayne. If you collect twelve of them he will give you a tool kit (Which gives you infinite tools). If you give him all fourteen he will give you a Super Tool kit (Infinite Super tools).

Ammo From Cop

After you battle the actress (A.K.A Eve) then go backstage and examine the large hole Eve left. Then choose the FORGET IT option and head back outside. When your out there, you'll see 2 cops and a Paramedic. If you've gotten attacked during the actress fight, than the Paramedic can heal you only one time. But if you want extra ammo, then go the the last cop on the right and speak with him 10 times. He should give Aya 6 rounds of ammo every time you speat with him. When he stops giving ammo, you shouldn't run out of ammuntion for a long time because the cop just gave you 60 rounds of ammo!

Hidden Box

If you have the Walkthrough Book, you'll know what I'm talking about. At the beginning of the game, when you go into the heart of the sewers with the ghost 'girl' running through a door to the left of the screen, if you go near the top of the screen and turn right, you'll run into a secret room. That was already mentioned, but here's the secret in the secret room. That room has 3 or 4 boxes in the water, and to the far right is a water valve. If you turn the valve, the water will 'lower', and a box in the far left bottom corner will appear. It should give you an Offense+2 or a Defense+2. I suggest you 'fiddle' with everything in the game, that's how I found out this 'cheat code'.

Extra Ammunition

Return to the police station and open the box inside the weapon storage room to collect thirty bullets. This may be done a total of ten times during the game.


If your Parasite Energy bar is filling up slowly, then you can hurry things up by switching armor during battle.

Track The Helicopter

At the city map screen, press Select to track the helicopter as it flies around the city.

Extra Points

Complete one day without saving the game to receive extra points when the following day begins.

EX Game Mode

Beat the game once to enable an option that allows the game to be played in a new mode.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Parasite Eve yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Parasite Eve yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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