Peter Parker looks like Tom Holland in Spider-Man Remastered on PS5

Peter Parker looks like Tom Holland in Spider-Man Remastered on PS5


Sony has revealed that Spider-Man Remastered will have one big change from the original: the character model for Peter Parker looks completely different. He now looks a lot like Tom Holland, who is currently playing the Spider-Man movies.

Insomniac Games says that the change is because the new face model, Ben Jordan, is a “better match” for Peter Parker/Spider-Man voice actor Yuri Lowenthal’s facial capture. But given the huge popularity of Holland’s portrayal of the spidey superhero, the change sure does seem like a suspicious coincidence.

I’d also just like to state for no particular reason that Sony, which owns Insomniac Games, also owns the film rights to Spider-Man.

If your memory of the PS4 version of the game is a bit fuzzy, this tweet shows just how drastically the character models in each game differ:

Old Peter vs New Peter PS5 Remastered

And if you aren’t familiar with Tom Holland, here’s what he looks like:

Tom Holland

That’s quite the resemblance! And just for comparison, here a picture of Yuri Lowenthal — I’ll let you decide which in-game Spidey looks more like him.

Yuri Lowenthal 2018

Lowenthal himself has weighed in on why there’s a change if you were curious:

Yuri Lowenthal Twitter

And Wednesday afternoon, Bryan Intihar, Creative Director at Insomniac, shared a little more about the decision to change Peter Parker’s look:

Bryan Intihar PS5

Sony’s blog post also revealed that Spider-Man Remastered will have a “performance mode” that will let you play the game in 60fps. You can see it in action in this trailer, and I think it looks pretty impressive:

The blog also says the game will have “near-instant loading” (though you’ll be able to turn on the charming fast-travel animations of Spider-Man taking the subway if you want to), 3D audio on certain headphones, and support for the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, though Insomniac didn’t say exactly how.

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Spider-Man Remastered is included with the $69.99 Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, and will launch on November 12th alongside the PS5. Spider-Man Remastered will only be available on PS5, though, and only as part of the Ultimate Edition bundle — you can’t buy it standalone. And if you’ve already played through Spider-Man on PS4, your saves won’t transfer to the remastered version.

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