Planescape: Torment PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Planescape: Torment PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



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Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "torment.ini" file in the game directory. Add the following lines under the "[Movies]" heading: BISLOGO=1 TSRLOGO=1 OPENING=1 SS_MSLAB=1 SIGIL=1 TIME=1 SS_PHARD=1 SS_ADETH=1 ALYBIRTH=1 DEATH=1 MAZE1=1 CURSTD=1 OUTLANDS=1 BAATOR=1 CARCERI=1 CRETURN=1 FORTRESS=1 FORTDOOR=1 ARRV_IGN=1 T1ENTER=1 METEOR=1 DRAGON=1 T1ABSORB=1 FINALE=1 CONFLAG=1 T1DEATH=1 RUNE=1 DRAGON=1 MAZE2=1 ARRV_VHA=1


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When you are fighting strong creatures who fight instead of cast spells, the best strategy is to focus on one at a time with all your fighters. If there is more than one opponent, have your mages stand back and cast spells like Cloudkill or Abysmal Fury. If there is only one, hit it with spells like Force Missiles or Power Word, Kill. Also when fighting powerful creatures (like the end boss) or large groups, you should try to cast Balance-In-All-Things or spells like it on as many people as possible. Now when fighting magic-casting creatures, you should rush them with all fighters and have your mages as close as you can get without being within fighting range. When the creature starts to cast a spell you should have one of your mages cast a quick spell like Magic Arrow, Tongues of Flame, or Reign of Anger. The spell will flash out and interrupt his casting process, and he won't complete the spell.


This is essential for fighters, as they will take the most damage, but it should be taken into consideration even for mages. It gives you a bonus to HP gained when you go up a level and increases your rate of regeneration.


This is a fun characteristic but is not very important unless you want to be a thief. It lowers your chances of being hit and raises your chances to hit.


Another must-have. This is very similar to intelligence, only instead of enhanced spellbook abilities, it gives you a boost to experience gained. NOTE: If you don't have the Blade Of The Immortal by the end of the game, one of the alternative endings to the game will not be possible unless you have a wisdom of 23 or higher.


This is not as important as most of the characteristics but can get you out of trouble or provide more peaceful solutions to some quests.


This is a must-have. It results in quest solutions that give more experience. And if your Nameless One's main focus is as a mage (my recommendation for main class), it is needed so that the best spells can be copied.


If the main focus of your character is going to be the fighter class, then this is a sure bet. It increases the damage done per attack.

How To Become A Dustman

After you get out of the Mortuary go to the Gathering Dust Bar south and west of the front gate of the Mortuary. As you walk in, go all the way to the back of the bar. Turn left and you should see a Dustman. His name is Emoric. Tell him you want to become a Dustman. He should then tell you to go to Norochj which is one of the dustmen near the entrance. Tell Norochj that you want become a Dustman. The both of you should talk for a while until Norochj will ask you to sign a contract. You should then say "Yes, I want to become a Dustman". You will be then on considered a Dustman.**OPTIONAL**: After you sign the contract he'll ask you to go on a quest for him. He wants you to find a person that is disqiused as a Dustman. Then come back and tell Norochj. He should then give you an award.


Infinite money Go to the Smoldering Corpse bar, then go to Moachi inside the eastern part of the bar. Keep on telling her about how she is not a dustie and ask for some money. Repeat this as many times as needed to get 50 gold with each request. Get good spells for free early in the game Go to the inn (Dorm) at the Sensate place in the clerks ward. Save your game and try to steal from the lady who gives you a room until you get a key. Go into the eastern room and search the cabinets on the north wall. There are also several charms that may come in handy later in the game. Fell If you are stuck, need an extra boost of strength, dexterity, constitution or other attribute, or want something but do not know how to get it, see Fell the tattoo man. Become a Godsman and get the best axe Talk to the Auctioneer outside the market in the lower ward. Perform the tasks he will ask you to do. The second task will be to deliver a message to a Godsman, therefore granting you passage to the northern gate (in the lower ward). You will eventually meet a man in a room surrounded by other people. Ask him about becoming a Godsman. He will tell you to forge a weapon in the foundry, the first room you saw when you entered the place. Get the items you need from the clerk in the southwest part of the room. Ask Thildin, the muscular man, for some ore. Then, find the only empty barrel and make the weapon of your choice. Report back to the man that told you how to forge the weapon. Next, there will be a murder. You only need to know where the people are -- you already know where Thildon is; the man whose name starts with "S" is in the same room as man that told you how to forge the weapon, and the other is on the balcony just above him. Talk to Thildon one more time and report back to the man that told you how to forge the weapon. Just convince the man in the locked quarters to live. Be nice to him. You will now become a Godsman and have access to the best axe in the game for 5000 GP.

Easter eggs

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