PlayStation Store Accidentally leaked Fortnite's Upcoming Terminator Skin

PlayStation Store Accidentally leaked Fortnite's Upcoming Terminator Skin


Celebrate Fortnite players! It seems that the Playstation store has leaked an upcoming Terminator skin for Fortnite before its release.

It had also confirmed some suspicions about who the female Terminator's skin would be.

Coming soon will be the T-800 Terminator skeleton and Sarah Connor - a longtime freedom fighter against the future cybernetic overlords.

Playstation Store leaked the Fortnite Terminator skin

@ParallaxLeaks posted this a moment ago:

Fortnite Terminator Playstation Store Leaks

While players knew the Terminator was coming, they did not know what version of the historic movie series Fortnite would see. Today's previous teaser, containing audio of female characters from the series, sparked wild speculation about which name will accompany the Terminator. Now, it seems that the veteran Sarah Connor is the lady of the hour.

Sarah Connor

Unfortunately, the leak does not confirm whether Arnold Schwarzenegger's face, young or old, will appear in the game. It would be great if the frame variant of the T-800, using its face, could be an option.

There is also no confirmation whether Fortnite players will get the chance to play the older version of Sarah, as seen in Terminator: Dark Fate.

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Still, this is exciting news. With all the rumors and anticipation developing lately, it's great to have a solid confirmation of what's finally coming. This leak is something Fortnite players hope will happen for quite some time. Surprisingly, this is from the Playstation Store and not from any other source.

With this announcement comes more speculation about who will release the next skin. Will the next release be Lara Croft, or are there other hunters on the horizon for Fortnite?

If it's Lara, does that mean players can expect more SQUARE-ENIX characters to join Fortnite in the future? The One-Winged Angel will also be a fantastic addition to the game.

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