Pokemon Diamond Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Pokemon Diamond Nintendo DS - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



My Favorite Action Replay Codes

Max Cash (Press L+R)    94000130 FCFF0000  B21C4D28 00000000  B0000004 00000000  000002E4 000F423F  D2000000 00000000    Steal Other Trainer's Pokemon    9223B5FA 00002101  1223b4fa 00002100  D2000000 00000000    Repels Last 999 Steps    94000130     1 Hit Kill (Press Select Before Attack)    94000130 000003fb  62106fc0 00000000  b2106fc0 00000000  1004868c 00000001  d2000000 00000000    999 Rare Candies     94000130 FCFF0000  B21C4D28 00000000  B0000004 00000000  00000DAC 03E70032  D2000000 00000000    999 Master Balls     94000130 fcff0000  b21c4d28 00000000  b0000004 00000000  00000f4c 03e70001  d2000000 00000000    HAPPY CHEATING! RATE PLEASE!  

In-game Reset

Press L+R+start+select.

Some Of My Most Favorite AR Cheats

Here are some of my favorite AR cheats!

All Poketch apps:94000130 fcff0000  b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000  200013b8 00000003 200013b9 00000019  e00013bb 00000018 01010101 01010101  01010101 01010101 01010101 01010101  200013d3 00000001 d2000000 00000000  -------------------------------------  Shiny Pokemon (all pokemon are shiny):  12068ac6 000046c0  --------------------------------------  1 hit kill in battle (press select before  attack):94000130 000003fb 62106fc0 00000000  b2106fc0 00000000 1004868c 00000001 d2000000 00000000  -----------------------------------------------------  

Awesome Working Pokesav

(tested just copy paste onto ar code manager sorry its so long)94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 E0000304 000000EC A9B4FAF3 5831206C 0EE0C0D9 FC992254 2E3718F6 7505BA87 0BE5FFC3 2058FD4F 7B2EA1C8 0AA9FE9B 09E05AD5 196D3C2E DD1C8F74 BFEE08F8 837A0A0E 5DB08ABA 278608FA 50B4FE0E 17F606E6 3A71B68C 644A9400 752C0B0E E76680F7 097ADE78 5D31E037 EB3A8D7E 29C68A09 0C1A2356 627AA557 150B8CCB A15E04F8 871DF408 5CAC1C97 05A41ABC CA971177 0BBE403C 67AFC991 0F23C331 841B83BD C547B584 1A1744B7 523CA197 D9B46CB0 3616EC3E 3EBD0C2F 64A42692 AF8BA6B4 29A49602 A1A76ABD 6DD2B573 6914D1B7 0664FF85 53E73D7B 1AA42A00 0E856320 273120F3 23E4CED0 AC75A6AE 4353D7AA 00000000 E00003F0 000000EC E802E801 C3D10000 AB3EC041 772AFF34 B051C616 E30A0469 C15880D0 3A45AD70 0A1AC4E1 78FC1117 2EAC4CD6 64E9BAE1 FFB5483E 500FE168 B5240817 FA9B0C39 5A751EC4 D7666582 0C3D9CF4 9506B38A 571032DA 979AB4B9 43761603 4EA59D71 9CA1408B 9B827DD7 62D34EE4 C3F54336 EF3F50D9 8926722E AEAF4E63 586891FD E2B19D72 60D6CC88 64E25DB3 68684738 BF717ABC F13CCCBE 780A8ED6 BF071A5D AEB40F09 ADA828CE 9D19B616 02E15E6B 0110D4AC D75A714C 0EDD6242 780BBA8F 9BC7418C 7BEE0259 4CE95622 80F6081B DF49505F C43E4B16 DD29538B 0985D720 549DDA3B 85DA19A7 635D7CF8 00000000 E00004DC 000000EC 6BF66BF5 946D0000 C91CA624 4B08B9F1 7A981F53 D1AD999A 24E85A5F A06D895F E164E04F CB903194 F1FBBCB4 0BE173FE D34B924F 6A449DBA 9FD4832B 3E36ABA7 D2D68400 03A20C33 6EE33BB2 4E68A4ED FFBE564C D0AADD9F 754298C9 9D01007A 68584DE4 F96D6C3A 77DBD6EC C5FDA44F FB7EE5C7 05C766F4 B005136E B03C1A5D 5F193767 35668ED3 698CC14E EB36D5F0 59576307 48EC60F9 BAF3B0B5 92FD2110 17894885 2E0E83E1 34A5B663 A5779B0A 0007380B 809E9DD7 A6E5B1E3 C7EFE59E B54A7432 31CBA600 4E2CB702 2ABFE56E D0BDF04D 2CF879EE 7F006857 1AF60E1F F9A0B059 9180727A A4FCDF5F 00000000 E00005C8 000000EC 29C429C5 CE3F0000 A777C368 FF891F3C 54C341C4 1B28D3B7 64C5DD26 BFD9D9D1 1A39ACFE 0A23D787 7709C3BB 72A71517 1615E473 2DCD316A FBCB81C9 D1C13DCE 34D82492 7200034B F67269F8 88B9289E 84C3063A D3343CE2 30BD8EF6 FFC6DFA4 26755968 54D470C1 D4D9BF24 7349D3DD CB78D8E1 05294194 AC7A6431 D2E346F0 5280A6CF 191D4E36 C4BEE09E 689ACE01 701AC830 05B307A6 CC22EFD6 CB65D265 48F97FA8 0BEF6D7E D9B3C5E9 345B07A3 F5C13570 41EE3752 13FF37B9 B3BEF720 7F6F5AB5 F4AC6F01 9449C5AA 70900DC5 BA561856 C8B6B6E5 B07E185A DB890880 FD9ED0D6 938EFD9F 9A9F0850 00000000 E00006B4 000000EC D8FCD8FD ABBE0000 FB514791 3163ACD0 4F192B36 E1917CCE 669F2027 91F4AF90 196A4625 7721A50B 09614A1A 85A46750 2AB6FD25 DA17997B B15D8E68 39046A40 7284DC5D 310FCE10 0072E574 B7684FCC 30C4E009 13DB6E47 D2B6D6C0 CC0B6F8D B6006B64 EDA3C71A 1B10DECE 274A6312 BEFE191A 1F0F68C8 3EBC8455 0FAA3E08 D658D963 94F61503 0DD57E73 5756E07D DFBB14FE 861A029F D43A8A9A 9E411618 B9818E9E 7FAED90C BB25EBCB 3B08E82E 713414DE 8F86658E 5A673902 A9ECBEEB 2817192B 91FC5879 6ACFFA7E FB2D1FE4 741D5AEF 6C9A4B94 81A84C2B F43CCA32 858798B8 D95C266B 1FCF175B 00000000 E00007A0 000000EC 1BF51BF1 95740000 BE513919 D51FBB85 21D83262 B8400E42 F4F23BBB 4D04DD45 A6961E65 DC41E431 ACF10921 45AC4918 EF6F76F3 9BDD3404 C73E4D50 559C99A9 BC8605E6 FFFAFA47 12434345 27809179 7EC840FD 9DBA34D6 9AD56EC6 FF557CD5 BF3523BF D819E4CD 97FCB8D0 47B29894 B00A5C8D 424E3ABE 1B4239E4 4948E3CC 3CE322ED 6FD2095C 24576346 5A303B8B 07FEF45C 830966A4 F2262DB5 F2F0A7E1 720F6C41 754792A0 22CD6F4A ACF919C5 BB7177FE F3ED8642 191777A5 2D4A96C0 F04B94F6 3A29C69D F2E2B4BB 058B0138 7F07E8B4 5B8D456B 2B93E8BC FFD9FD58 C5A2FA2A B7600E68 9362E979 00000000 20000300 00000000 E000154C 00000124 FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 00001FFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF 00001FFF 70000000 00000000 00000000 08050000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00032000 00000000 02000000 00000000 08000000 80000000 00800000 20000000 00000080 7FFFFFFF FFFFFFFC FFFFFFFF 7FFFF9FF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FFFFE7FF FFFFFFFF FEFFFFFF FFFFFFFF EFFFFFFF DFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF FBFFFFFF 00FFFFFF 00000000 00000000 03020100 07060504 0B0A0908 0F0E0D0C 13121110 17161514 1B1A1918 00000000 D2000000 00000000.

Ho-oh Slot 6 (Action Replay Code)

94000130 FCFF0000  B21C4D28 00000000  B0000004 00000000  E00007A0 000000EC  00000001 507D0000  C3CE16AC 72925ACE  30F21045 3CEB3BC0  8D91EE00 8AD3D750  F0C917D4 D03F5DD1  F98261D9 3D3E97CB  8D55675F B7DA623E  89C7B877 94753229  CC613CBA 7912194A  15DF435D 26273198  6063CB2B 1B2FAD7C  8864F980 32342DCE  4B0AD8C0 F1EEEF20  F4DEBDB8 AA9E0500  DB8309A5 37FFC8C5  ED061D0C C3760A1B  FD31A5DC 7988C3BE  AC2141C6 1D0BD28A  B4147B5F 35054846  DCF50E91 92F95736  223B7937 2B1BA63E  7DBEC167 006E4E6B  C32A2FD8 FD182D54  1445EF82 D793BB96  8BD4CE98 A85758D7  EC74D431 26D85409  68A98C29 C1B333EB  D8372D49 062303D5  EEB0FDA5 0AB9A8B3  474E9945 00000000  20000300 00000006  D2000000 00000000  


Bellossom And Vileplume

If you use a SunStone or a LeafStone on a Gloom it will evolve into a Bellossom or a Vileplume.


To get Giratina (the ghost and dragon legendary) you need a national dex. Then go to return cave.


Attach a Razor Fang to Sneasel level it up to 70 and then it evolves.

Pokemon League

You need to get all the badges to get into the Pokemon League.


Drifloon evolves into Drifblim at level 28

Get Cranidos

To get Cranidos, revive it from the Skull Fossil.


Get a gastly and envolve it at level 29.

How To Get Arceus

To get Arceus you have to get an Azure Flute in mystery event and take it up to Spear Pillar step on the block that has a triangle in it and play then stairs will appear and there you go Arceus is lv. 80 be careful

Unlock PalPark

To unlock pal park all you have to do is finish your pokedex.

Get Uxie, Mesprit, And Azelf

After you free the 3 legendaries from team galactic, you must catch Dialga (or Palkia) and battle him. Once he is saved you can revisit the lakes where they are found and they will be there. They are all level 50 and somewhat a tough catch so bring lots of pokeballs (I don't know if this is true but the way I caught them) I recommend bringing 20 great balls for Uxie, 10 Dusk balls for Azelf, and 1 Master Ball for Mesprit because Mesprit floats away and you have to chase him down. Once you see Mesprit you only get 1 turn before he flees. Uxie and Azelf stay in the caves on the lakes, Mesprit is the only one that doesn't.

Dread Plate

To obtain the Dread Plate go into one of the rooms in the Old Chateau.

GTS - Global Trading Station

To get into the GTS, you must first get a badge. The GTS is west of Joylife City (city where you get the Poketch). You go through the little tunnel where you get the old rod.


After battling or capture Dialga, go to Lake Valor Azelf will be there. He is at Lv.50. He is PSYCHIC type. Bring lots of balls. Be sure to save.


After battling or capture Dialga, go to Lake Verity he will appear. Once, you battle him, he runs off. His location appears on your PokeTech in the map. He will appear random in the grass. He is at Lv.50. He is PSYCHIC Type. Bring lots of balls. Be sure to save.


After battling or capture Dialga. Go to Lake Acuity, where Uxie is. You can battle him. First save, if you defeat him. His level is Lv.50. Bring lots of balls.


Go to Mt. Coronet. You have to battle with Team Galaxy grunts then you battle Admins and then you battle the boss. Dialga will be awakened. Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit will be around Dialga. Then you can battle Dialga. His level is Lv.47. This is a straight battle after the Team Galaxys and you don't have time to heal.



First off, before I start, you need Oak's Letter before you can do any of this. I'm not sure how to get it, so that's up to you to figure it out. You can only catch Shaymin after you have beaten the Elite Four and the Champion. Once you have Oak's Letter, go to the Pokemon League and enter the cave of Victory road. Make your way to the hole on the right of the first area. Navigate your way through the path and climb up the stairs and it will eventually lead you outside on Route 224. Go all the way north and you will find Professor Oak in front of a large rock. He will talk to you and ask you a question. Say his name, and he will say some more things. Then something similar to an earthquake happens and there will be a flash. Then you will see Shaymin and a new path that is covered with flowers that wasnt there before. Plus, the area you were standing becomes covered in flowers as well. Shaymin will run down that path. It is named Spring Path, and it is extremely long, but it is just a straight line, so I suggest you use your bike to get to the end quicker. Once you get to the end, which is known as flower paradise, you will see Shaymin. You should probably want to save your game. If you don't have a Master Ball, stock up on Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls (for the night). Note: Shaymin will be at Level 30, so don't bring all pokemon that are over level 60. Shaymin is a Grass pokemon, so try not to use really strong Ice or Fire attacks on it. It will not evolve, but it can change forms, but I think that's only for in Platinum Version. Shaymin will be an awesome addition to your team.


To get Arceus, you first need to recieve an Azure Flute in a gift from the man with the green hair in any poke mart. Then, go up to Spear Pillar, walk one step forward, then play the Azure Flute. It will play a song, and then a secret staircase will appear in front of you. Save the game. Make sure that you have a LOT of ultra balls/ Dusk balls (if at night), because Arceus is the strongest pokemon that you can catch in ANY of the pokemon games, at a staggering level 80. One of its moves is Recover, which can be really annoying, so you will need good pokemon to keep weakening it without letting it die. At level 100, Areus learns a move called Judgment, which is an EXTREMELY powerful move. Also, Arceus' Type can change depending on which plate you give it. For example: If you put a toxic plate or splash plate on Arceus, its type will change into poison or water type. This will work for any plate. Arceus will be a very strong asset to your team if you catch it.

Jirachi In Diamond

Here's how to get jirachi, first requirement get the nt pokedex then beat elite 4 ten times then go to canalve city ride the boat to iron island defeat one hundred pokemon, then go to the right hand side look around and you will find jirachi bring lots of ultraballs and stuff.

Old Chateau

There is 5 things creepy about the old chateau, go there to see them (bring a pokemon with the move cut with you). If I where you, get some repels to help you get around. Let me start with the least creepiest. 1 . When you enter go straight, you should see a statue like the ones in gyms, click on it, it should say it is glaring. 2 . Got to the room upstairs in the door just above the statue, go to the first door to you left, there is a tv and when you click on it, it should say it it is staring ( beat the game and go to the tv at night, there's a surprise, and brings some pokeballs too). 3 . Now from the room with the tv go out and go left twice, go in that room and there is a painting that is purple and blue, go near it, it is just colors, but if you walk away, there is red dot just like eyes. 4 . Ready to see ghosts? In the same rome with the painting go out and in and there might me a little girl from the rome to the right, she walk out and into the hallway, go out and she is not there, is she is not there, go in and out, in and out until she is there. 5 . Go to the room closest to the statue. There might be an old man that go towards the left and when you go to the left, he is not there. If he is not there, do the same as the little girl, in and out (there is a better chance you will see the girl then the man I heard). How you can tell there a ghost is if you look at there feet, they're not moving. That all I found in there.


Gloom can be found on Routes 224, 229, and 230.

Catching VERY RARE Pokemon

Their is some pokemon that you wouldn't believe there in the game of Diamond/Pearl. The 3 regis-after you beat the game and catch Regigigas, the 3 regis will appear randomly in the wild. The 3 birds-can be found randomly in the wild. Shaymin-Can only be given by going to TOYS-R-US for the special event. Can also be caught by using Action replay. Darkrai-can only be caught by getting the special WI-FI event which allows you to get the to unlock the vent, then going to the hotels at route 213. the lady will ask you to sleep. You will fall a sleep. You will wake up at Fullmoon island. Their, you find Darkrai. Darkrai can also be found using action replay. The Origin Pokemon, Arceus-first of all, I would like to say that I adore Arceus for being the strongest legendary and being able to switch to any kind of pokemon type. But, sad;y, the only known way to catch Arceus is to use Acton Replay. Giratina-Giratina can be found in Turnback Cave, in the Spring Path. Palkia-Palkia can be acquired from Pearl Manaphy-can be acquired from Pokemon Ranger. Phione-can be acquired from Pokemon Ranger. Heatran-Heatran can be found at Stark Mountain. Dialga-Can be found during the stary line of Pokemon Diamond Raqyuaza, Groudon, and Kyogre-Can e acquired from Migrating pokemon from Ruby, Saphire, And Emerald. The 3 dogs-can be acquired from Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald though the game Pokemon Colliseum. Lugia-can be acquired from Fire red, Leaf green, Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald through the game of Pokemon:XD Gale Of Darkness. Mewtwo-can be acquired from Fire Red and Leaf Green. These are all the known Pokemon that are very rare that you can get from the game Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Rby, Saphire, Fire red, and Leef green. The pokemons Mew and Deoxys. These are also all the Known pokemon that are rare.

Origin Giratina

You first need to catch Giratina in the Spring Path's cave. Go back to the place where you caught Giratina (keep going forward until you get to the third pillar, then the place should be in the room behind that third pillar) There will be a dark portal. Click A in front of it and it will warp you into some place that I think is called Torn World. Walk along the path (which by the way makes you jump onto different angles of land) and keep going until you see a poke ball. That pokeball will have an item in it. This item will be called the Platinum Orb, I don't know why though, because it isn't shaped like an orb. Go back the way you came and warp back to the cave. If you go down 2 times from inside the rooms, it should lead you back to outside where you entered. Then, give the Platinum Orb to Giratina, and it will change into Origin Giratina. Origin Giratina is different from the regular Giratina because the Attack and Defense are switched as well as the Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, and It's ability will be changed from Pressure to Levitate. It's Speed and HP do not change, though.

Get Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop

To get Hitmonlee your Trougue's attack has to be stronger than its defense. To get Hitmonchan your Trougue's defense has to be stronger than its attack. To get Hitmontop your Trougue's attack and defense have to be equal.

Find Drapion And Toxicroak

After you beat the elite four, you can catch Drapion and Toxicroak in the Great Marsh.


Note: You do not need Action Replay for this. To get to Darkrai, you need a lot of skill for this. First, go to Canalave and rapidly left and right alternately while holding up and your game will get a void that you can walk through, so go to Fullmoon Island and head east for a while and you will get to New Moon Island. Darkrai will be there waiting for you. Good luck, because Darkrai loves to put you to sleep.


Togepi can be found on route 230 using the pokeradar.


Elekid can be found on route 204, and Valley Windworks.

How To Find Giratrina The Legendary Pokemon

To find Giratrina you have to get the Nat. Pokedex. After that go to spring path south of Veilstone. Climb up the rocks and go to the other side then climb down the to the water. there should be a cave entrance go in. After that go up the stairs and go to the door to the south. Just keep going through the south doors until you get to Giratrina.

How To Get Dilga Twice

If you want to battle Dilga, even if you killed it already, you can come back to the spear pillar and try again. Then save. Then gets lots of poke balls or make him sleep to make it easier to catch him.

Moving While Watering The Plants

When you pour water on the plant just move the other way and you did it but you have to move to the other soile but it really makes it take longer.


To catch Shadinja (which has wonder guard) you have to go to eterna forest (after getting the national pokedex) and use the poke-radar. When you find a Nincada in a grass patch, catch it. Buy 1 poke-ball and leave a spot in your party open. Level Nincada up to level 20 and let it evolve into Ninjask. If you left a spot open in your party and had a pokeball, Shedinja is all yours! (It is a Ghost-bug type) Wonder Guard: Shields the pokemon from any attack except for super-effective moves.

H.M. Locations

H . m . Rock smash:is received from a hiker in a tunnel.
h. m . Cut:is received from cynthia in the second CITY.
h. m . Fly:is dropped by a galactic grunt AFTER you beat him.
h. m . D-fog:is in the great marsh.
h. m . Surf:is in celestic town with an old hag. (beat the grunt FIRST).
h. m . Strength:is at the TOP of the lost tower with an old lady. (talk to both, it will help you get out).
h. m . Rock climb:is by a house on route 216. (it snows here).
h. m . Waterfall is given to you by a johto lady on sunnyshore beach AFTER you beat the gym leader. Do this right and you should have EVERY h. m . In the game! Good luck.


Clefairy can be found on Mt. Coronet.


When you look on your pokedex to see where Gible is, it says it is in Wayward cave. Well, it is, but just not at the entrance that you would normally go through. There is actually a secret passage under cycling road. Go under cycling road and go up as far as you can. Make your way to every possible place at the edges to the cave there is under the road. There will be an opening and it will go to a secret passage to Wayward cave. It might take a while, but you can be able to catch a Gible. The Gible in Wayward cave are usually around Level 15, and can knock themselves out with a move that has recoil damage. Gible will be great to your team, as it evolves into Gabite and then into Garchomp, a powerful Dragon pokemon. You can also find useful items in the secret passage like Earthquake, which you can use on Gible to make it an even stronger addition to your team.


Meowth can be found in the Prized Garden using the pokeradar.


Oddish can be found on Routes 229 and 230.


Golbat can be found on Mt Coronet, Victory Road, Stark Mountain, Iron Island, the Lost tower, Snowpoint Temple, Spring Path, Route 203 and 204, and Route 227 (Night).


Zubat can be found on Mt. Coronet, Iron Island, Wayward Cave, Oreburgh Coal Mine, Routes 203 and 204, and at the Lost Tower.


Rattata can be found on routes 225 and 226.


Fearow can be found on Routes 225, 226, and 227.


Spearow can be found on Routes 225 and 226.


Dugtrio can be found on Route 228.


Exeggcute can be found in the Safari Zone.

Dark Portal

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl said that there is a "Dark Portal" you need to go through to change Giratina. You need to have Giratina with you, I think, and the place where the portal is at this writing where it says (I'll CAP the place where I got the idea that the portal is here), "This is. That where life sparkles. That where life has faded. A PLACE where TWO WORLDS OVERLAP."

Dusknoir And Mismagius

You can only get these pokemon by trade. First, you need to give a reaper cloth to either Dusclops or Misdreavus. Trade it, and they will evolve into new pokemon.

Evolutions Of Kirlia

Kirlia can evolve into two different forms. You can level Kirlia up the regular way and evolve it into a Gardevoir. However, if you have a male Kirlia, you have the option to evolve it into Gardevoir or give it a Dawn Stone and evolve it into a Gallade. Gallade is a Psychic and Fighting Type, which makes it a great addition to your team.


You can get a Lickilicky by evolving a Lickitung.

New Pokemon

There are many new pokemon that you can get after recieving the national pokedex. Here are most of them:
Lickilicky - Evolves from Lickitung
Magmortar - Evolves from Magmar
Gliscor - Evolves from Gligar (holding Razor Fang. Lvl up at night)
Probopass - Evolves from Nosepass at Mt. Coronet
Mamoswine - Evolves from Poliswine
Porygon-Z - Evolves from Porygon2 (i think)
Dusknoir - Evolves from Dusclops (i think)
Leafeon - Evolves in Eterna forest from Eevee near the moss covered rock
Glaceon - Evolves from Eevee at the icy rock somewhere south of Snowpoint City
Tangworth - Evolves from Tangela after you teach it Ancient Power and Lvl. 33, then lvls. Up one more time
Yanmega - same evolution as Tangela except it evolves from Yanma
Frosslass - Evolves from a FEMALE Snorunt after you use a DAWN stone on it.
Togekiss - Evolves from Togetic (first form of evolution is Togepi)
Magnezone - Evolves from Magneton.


You can get a Magmortar by evolving a Magmar.

Evolutions (After Elite Four)

After you have beaten the Elite Four, new pokemon will show up in Sinnoh, in grass, etc. or from new trainers. Here are the evolutions:
Pidgey - Pidgeotto - Pidgeot
Rattata - Raticate
Spearow - Fearow
Sandshrew - Sandslash
Nidoran (Female) - Nidorina - Nidoqueen
Nidoran (Male) - Nidorino - Nidoking
Vulpix - Ninetales
Oddish - Gloom - Vileplume/Bellossom
Mankey - Pimeape
Growlithe - Arcanine
Poliwag - Poliwhirl - Poliwrath
Bellsprout - Weepinbell - Victreebel
Slowpoke - Slowbro - Slowking
Magnemite - Magneton
Doduo - Dodrio
Seel - Dewgong
Grimer - Muk
Voltorb - Electrode
Exeggcute - Exeggutor
Cubone - Marowak
Drowzee - Hypno
Koffing - Weezing
Rhyhorn - Rhydon
Horsea - Seadra - Kingdra
Staryu - Starmie
Scyther - Scizzor
Tyrogue - Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee/Hitmontop
Eevee - Vaporeon/Jolteon/Flareon/
Umbreon/Espeon/ Glaceon/Leaveon
Dratini - Dragonair - Dragonite
Chinchou - Lanturn
Natu - Xatu
Mareep - Flaafy - Ampharos
Yanma - Yanmega
Wynaut - Wobbuffet
Snubbul - Granbull
Teddiursa - Ursurang
Slugma - Magcargo
Phanpy - Donphan
Swinub - Poliswine
Larvitar - Pupitar - Tyrannitar
Diglet - Dugtrio
Treecko - Grovyle - Sceptile
Torchic - Combusken - Blaziken
Mudkip - Marshtomp - Swampert
Venonat - Venomoth
Poochyena - Mightyena
Zigzagoon - Linoone
Lotad - Lombre - Ludicolo
Seedot - Nuzleaf - Shiftry
Taillow - Swellow
Ralts - Kirlia - Gardevoir
Togepi - Togetic
Shroomiah - Breloom
Surskit - Masquerain
Slakoth - Vigoroth - Slaking
Nincada - Ninjask - Shedinja
Whismur - Loudred - Exploud
Makuhita - Hariyama
Nosepass - Probopass
Gligar - Gliscar
Skitty - Delcattyv Aron - Lairon - Aggron
Gulpin - Swalot
Wailmer - Wailord
Numel - Camerupt
Spoink - Grumpig
Trapich - Vibrava - Flygon
Cacnea - Cacturne
Swablu - Altaria
Corpish - Crawdaunt
Baltoy - Claydol
Shuppet - Banette
Tangela - Tangworth
Snorunt - Glalie/Frosslass
Igglybuff - Jigglypuff - Wigglytuff
Duskull - Dusclops
Spheal - Sealeo - Walrein
Clamperl - Huntail/Gorebyss
Bagon - Shelgon - Salamence
Beldum - Metang - Metagross
Also, the new pokemon that don't evolve:
Heatran - Fire/Steel Type
Cresselia - Psychic Type
Giratina - Dragon/Ghost Type
Rotom - Electric/Ghost Type
Luvdisc - Water Type
Absol - Dark Type
Tropius - Grass/Flying Type
Keckleon - Normal type
Lunatone - Rock/Psychic Type
Solrock - Rock/Psychic Type
Seviper - Poison Type
Spinda - Normal type
Torkoal - Fire Type
Farfetch'd - Normal/Flying Type
Volbeat - Bug Type
Illumise - Bug Type
Minun - Electric type
Plusle - Electric Type
Mawile - Steel Type
Sableye - Ghost/Dark Type
Miltank - Normal Type
Stantler - Normal Type
Skarmory - Steel/Flying Type
Corsola - Rock/Water Type
Dunsparce - Normal Type
Girafarig - Normal/Psychic Type
Tauros - Normal Type
Pinsir - Bug Type
Kangaskhan - Normal Type
Lickitung - Normal Type


The evolution of pokemon varies when it happens with different species. Here are the evolutions of the pokemon you see in Sinnoh before you've beaten the Elite Four: Chimchar - Monferno - Infernape
Turtwig - Grotle - Torterra
Piplup - Prinplup - Empoleon
Starly - Staravia - Staraptor
Bidoof - Bibarel
Kricketot - Kricketune
Shinx - Luxio - Luxray
Abra - Kadabra - Alakazam
Magikarp - Gyrados
Budew - Roselia - Roserade
Zubat - Golbat - Crobat
Geodude - Graveler - Golem
Onix - Steelix
Cranidos - Rampardos
Shieldon - Bastiodon
Machop - Machoke - Machamp
Psyduck - Golduck
Burmy - Wormadam - Mothim
Wurmple - Silcoon/Cascoon - Beautifly/Dustox
Combee - Vespiqueen
Buizel - Floatzel
Cherubi - Cherrim
Shellos - Gastrodon
Aipom - Abipom
Drifloon - Drifblim
Buneary - Lopunny
Gastly - Haunter - Gengar
Misdreavus - Mismagius
Murkrow - Honchkrow
Glameow - Purugly
Goldeen - Seaking
Barboach - Whiscash
Stunky - Skuntank
Meditite - Medicham
Bronzor - Bronzong
Ponyta - Rapidash
Bonsly - Sudowoodo
Mime Jr. - Mr. Mime
Happiny - Chansey - Blissey
Cleffa - Clefairy - Clefable
Pichu - Pikachu - Raichu
Hoothoot - Noctowl
Gible - Gabite - Garchomp
Munchlax - Snorlax
Riolu - Lucario
Wooper - Quagsire
Wingull - Pelipper
Hippopotas - Hippowdon
Azurill - Marill - Azumarill
Skorupi - Drapion
Croagunk - Toxicroak
Remoraid - Octillery
Finneon - Lumineon
Tentacool - Tentacruel
Feebas - Milotic
Mantyke - Mantine
Snover - Abomasnow
Sneasel - Weavile
There are also some pokemon that don't evolve at all. These pokemon are:
Pachirisu - Electric Type
Heracross - Bug/Flying Type
Chingling - Psychic Type
Chimecho - Psychic Type
Spiritomb - Ghost Type
Unown - Psychic Type
Carnivine - Grass Type
Uxie - Psychic Type
Mesprit - Psychic Type
Azelf - Psychic Type
Dialga - Dragon/Steel Type
Palkia - Dragon/Water Type


Poliwhirl can be found on routes 225, 226, and 228.

Bellsprout And Weepinbell

Bellsprout and Weepinbell can be found on routes 229 and 230. Weepinbell can also be found on route 224.


Use a Dusk Stone on Murkrow and it will evolve.


Go to Canalave City after you have beaten the Elite Four and After you use the ferry to go to the Battle Zone. Go to the house with the little boy that is always 'hyper' near the boat that leads to iron island. You will see that he has a fever. Either the mom or dad will ask you to go to FullMoon Island and get the item that will heal their boy's nightmares. After you go there, you will meet Cresselia, who will flee right away and drop the item needed for the little boy. Like Mesprit, Cresselia will move all around Sinnoh like a hide and seek game. When you enocunter it again, its your chance to catch it. I suggest you transfer a pokemon holding a master ball from pokemon emerald, etc. For you to catch in the pal park so you can use that master ball to ctach Cresselia. Without the Master Ball, it will be extremely difficult to catch Cresselia. If you catch it, it will be a great asset to your team.

Get Eevee

After you finish the game and you get the National Pokedex, go to Bebe's house in Hearthome City next to the Poffin House and she will give you an Eevee.

Find Pineco

Pineco can be found at route 204 and Eterna Forest using pokemon radar.

Find Tyrogue

Tyrouge can be found at route 208.


Wobbuffet can be found at Vrity lakefront using pokemon radar.


Venomoth can be found at route 229 using pokemon radar.


Mightyena can be found at route 214.


Jigglypuff can be found at trophy garden.


Chimchar evolves into Monferno at lv.14

Gym Statue

To get the Gym statue you must beat all 8 gyms. Then go to hearthome city and go to the guy next to the church. He will give you the item, then it will go to your PC underground.


Use a dawn stone on a female Snrount and it will evolve into Frosslass.


Teach Yanma ancient power on lv 33 (If it's past lv 33 and does not know ancient power, go to the man in Pastoria City and give him a heart scale for it to learn the move). Level it up one more time and it will evolve.


Teach Tangela Ancient Power at lv 33 (If it's past lv 33 and does not know ancient power, give the move tutor in Pastoria City a heart scale). Level it up one more time and it will evolve.


Attach a magmarizer to Magmar (Evolves from Magby at lv 30). Trade it and it will evolve immediately after the trade.


Attach an electrilizer to Electabuzz (Evolves from Elekid at lv 30). Trade it and it will evolve immediately after the trade.


Attach a protector to a Rhydon (can be found on Stark Mountain). Trade it and it will evolve immediately after the trade.


To get Crobat you need to evolve Golbat by friendship between the hours of 4am-6pm. Mine evolved at level 75 so it might take a while

Amity Square Items (Hearthome City)

Every 200 steps you take your Pokemon walking with you will be holding an item. All pokemon get different items. (NOTE: Cute Pokemon you need- Clefairy, Drifloon, Pachirisu, Psyduck, Pikachu, Buneary, and Happiny.


Starly can be found on routes 201, 202, 203, 204, 209, 212, and Lake Verity.


Bidoof can be found on routes 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 208, 211, Lake Verity, and in the Safari Game.


Kricketot can be found on routes 202, 203, 204, and 207 (morning and night only).


Shinx can be found on routes 202, 203, 204, and the Fuego Ironworks.


Budew can be found on routes 204, 212, the Eterna Forest, and the Safari Game.


Shieldon can be revived from the Armor Fossil.


Burmy can be found from sweet honey trees.


Combee can be found from sweet honey trees.


Pachirusu can be found on route 205, the Fuego Ironworks, and the Valley Windworks.


Buizel can be found on routes 205, 213, 214, and the Valley Windworks.


Cherubi can be found from sweet honey trees.


Shellos can be found on routes 205, 213, 218, 221, 224, the Fuego Ironworks, and the Valley Windworks. Also, in the west of Sinnoh it's pink and the east of Sinnoh has blue.


Drifloon can be found at the Valley Windworks (Friday during the daytime only).


Buneary can be found in the Eterna Forest.


Misdreavus can be found in the Eterna Forest and the Lost Tower at night.


Glameow can be found on routes 218 and 212.


Chingling can be found on route 211, Lake Valor, Mt. Coronet, and Lake Acuity.


Bronzor can be found on route 206, Wayward Cave, Turnback Cave, and Mt. Coronet.


Bonsly can be found on routes 209 and 210, and the Pokemon Mansion.

Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. Can be found in the pokemon mansion.


Chatot can be found on routes 222 and 224 (morning and day only).


Yanma can be found in the Safari Zone.


Eevee can be found at The Pokemon Mansion or receive one from Mizuki in Hearthome City.


Gligar can be found on routes 206, 207, 214, 215, and 227, and Stark Mountain.


Swinub can be found in a swarm on route 217.


Porygon can be found in the pokemon mansion.


Ralts can be found on routes 203 and 204 using the pokeradar.


Nosepass can be found in a swarm on route 206.


Duskull can be found on route 224 using the pokeradar.


Snorunt can be found on routes 216 and 217 and Lake Aucity Surroundings using the pokeradar.


Rotom can be found in the Old Chateau Tv (at night) There is only 1, so save the game first.


Spiritomb can be found in the Sprit Tower (You must have the odd keystone and talking to 32 people in Sinnoh underground).


Gible can be found in the Wayward cave.


Munchlax can be found from sweet honey trees.


To catch Riolu, you must hatch the egg given to you on Iron Mountain.


Hippopotas can be found in The Ruin Maniac's cave.


Skorupi can be found in the Safari Zone.


Croagunk can be found in the Safari Zone.


Carnivine can be found in the Safari Zone.


Finneon can be found on routes 205, 218, 219, 220, and 221, the Fuego Ironworks, Iron Mountain, Canalave City, and Valley Windworks (you must have the good rod).


Mantyke can be found on route 223 and Sunshine City (You must have surf).


Snover can be found on routes 216 and 217, at Lake Aucity Surroundings, and Mt. Coronet's top.


Sneasel can be found on routes 216 and 217, the Snowpoint Temple, and Lake Aucity.


Magnemite can be found in a swarm at the Fuego Ironworks.


Lickitung can be found in a swarm at Lake Valor.


Rhyhorn can be found on route 227 and at Stark Mountain.


Tangela can be found in a swarm at Mt. Coronet's Top.


Magby can be found on route 227 and Stark Mountain.

The Best Starter

The best starter is probably Turtwig. Why, you ask? Well, when he evolves into Torterra, he is a Grass/Ground Type, making it double super effective against Empoleon (grass kill water, ground kill steel) and super effective against Infernape (ground kill fire).

Starter Breeding

You can breed your starters by placing them in the day-care (in Soleceon Town) with a Ditto. This process also works with Lucario.

Getting The Event

To get the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl Event to catch rare Pokemon like Arseus, Shaymin, and Darkrai, you'll need to have three people to connect Mystery gift with you. Then, it should say that you have been given a gift. Next, go to a PokeMart and find the PokeMart with a man in green clothes. Then, once you find him, talk to him and he should give you the Azure Flute, and all the other Events to catch certain Pokemon. Also, at Hearthome city, the route under it where the garden is, they'll let you in the special door.

How To Shine Your Bages

First you hit the X button. The go to your trainer card. Then click the light blue button on the bottom screen. Now you should see your badges. Now use your stylis by rubbing the badges until they are all shinny and sparkly.

Extra Damage

For extra damage when you attack just press L rapidly.

Riolu Evolution

Riolu evolves into Lucario.


Heatran can be found by going to the place in Stark mountain where the treasure is found. Once there, a person will steal it. Then go to the survival area and talk to the person who stole it. After that, go back to the place where you found the treasure and Heatran will be there.

Easy Large Spheres

If you bury several of the same color sphere in the exact same spot you will get a bigger sphere of that color. I've done this and have several blue, green, and red spheres that are 99!

Turtwig Evolution

Turtwig turns into Grotle at level 18.

Riolu's Evolution

You can evolve Riolu with a friendship evolution between 4am to 6pm.

How To Get HM-Rock Smash

Go to the cave that takes you to Orenburg, talk to the hiker (not a trainer) and he will give you the HM rock smash.

Capture The Flag

At a one point of the story line you will come to a house with a man inside saying he dug up a tunnel. Then he will ask you to link with a friend to play capture the flag.

Easter eggs

Eggs In Half The Time

Eggs take a long time to hatch, right? You just want them to hatch. Well, try having a pokemon like Slugma, or Macargo in your party. Any egg you have in your party should hatch in half the time.


We have no glitches for Pokemon Diamond yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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