Pokemon: LeafGreen GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Pokemon: LeafGreen GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Reset Game

Press A + B + Select + Start while playing


We have no unlockables for Pokemon: LeafGreen yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Catch A Mewtwo

How to catch a mewtwo, all you have to do is go to cerullian cave go a little deeper underground where the pokemon are stronger and keep searching though battles to find a mewtwo when you do if you have a masterball use it. If you don't just keep hiting mewtwo till his health is orange or red. Note:if I where you I would stock up on potions and medicine.

Finding Selphy

In the Lost Cave, on Five Island, start from the beginning and go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right and up. When she sees you, she will fight with two level 49 Persians. Afterwards you will go to her house and ask to see a Pokemon(random). At my game she wanted to see a Ledyba and gave me a Luxury Ball.


To get a togepi go to five island, then go to the water labryinth and keep going till you find an island. Then make sure you have room in your pokemon belt and talk to the man near the edge and he will give you an egg. If you want a girl put it in the end of the list, if you want a boy put it first. It will take a while to hatch because it hatches after a certain amount of steps. Once it hatches you will have a togepi.


Sneasel can be found in Icefall Cave on Four Island (only LeafGreen)

Master Ball

You get this after you beat the guy on the last floor then talk to the president of silph co. Then he will give you a Master Ball (this ball will catch any wild pokemon with out fail)


Mewtwo can be found in cerulean cave once you gain access, if you want to catch mewtwo easily then don't use your masterbal on the bird pokemon, save it for mewtwo for an easy catch, Mewtwo is level 70 so a masterbal is the wise choice if you don't like to waste time.

How To Have A Metopod That Can Attack

What you have to do is catch a caterpie in Viridian forest and then train caterpie until it evolves into metopod when it reaches level 6.

National Pokedex

To get the National Pokedex collect 70 pokemon and go to professor Oak and he will give you the national pokedex.

Easier Way To Catch Pokemon In The Safari Zone

If you know where fusia city is, and you know where the safari game is when you enter, go into the grass and when you find a wild pokemon, throw bait at it and if they don't run, keep throwing a safari ball at it, if you see something that says the pokemon is watching carefully throw more bait at it. WARNING:if you find a nidorina she will often run alot.

How To Use The Mystery Gift

If you put in "link together with all" on the questionany, submit your questionary. Then the shop owner will say something, after that just save and restart the gameboy advanced, then when it shows your profile, under new game it says mystery gift. WARNING:you need a wireless adapter to access the mystery gift!

How To Level Up Your Pokemon Fast.

When you get to ember island take a pokemon that knows surf and to where the hotsprings are then before you enter the cave there should be two karate kids walking then there will be two people standing side by side who will want to have a two pokemon battle use your versus seeker and look out because there are pretty high level pokemon so use an exp share if you need to.

Level Up Your Grass Pokemon Faster

Go to digletts cave with grass type pokemon (bulbasur, bellsprout, etc. ) . Razor leaf and vine whip work really well against the digletts so use that. Stay in the cave until you level your pokemon up to where you want it.

Get A Hitmontop

First get a tyroge and use protien and iron to make sure its attack and defense are equal and it will evolve into a hitmontop note: if its attack/defense is higher it will evolve into hitmonchan/hitmonlee.


One way to get a lapras is to get in sliph Co. By beating Gary then talk to the person below him on the left. Congrats you got a lapras.

Get An Aerodactyl

To get a lvl 5 aerodactyl you have to go to pewter city and go to the house by the museum and cut down the tree go in the house and talk to the guy standing next to the shelf with the orange thing on it get the amber piece then go to cinnabar island when you get there go in the pokemon lab next to the pokemon center (hospital) go in the lab and in the third door to the right then talk to the guy in the white coat and give him the amber peice go out of the room and go then go back in and talk to him and he will give you an AERODACTYL! (i named mine chomp).

Hitmonlee And Hitmonchan

First go to Saffron City and go to the fighting dojo. Once you beat Dojo Master Kevin he will tell you to pick ONE of the pokemon behind him. Hitmonlee is on the right and Hitmonchan is on the left. Remember you can only pick ONE of them.

Legendary Pokemon

MewTwo:Cerulean Cave
Lugia:Naval Rock (Down)
HO-OH:Naval Rock (Up)
Deoxys:Birth Island
Areodactyl:Cinnabar Island
Moltres:Mount. Ember
Zapdos:Power Plant.

How To Get Vamporeon,Jolteon,and Flareon

As you no you can only get Eevee once so you have to put a Diddo and the Eevee in the day care center on four island. Eventually the old man will find an egg and it will be an Eevee not a Diddo. And then you will keep getting eggs so you can have Vamporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. ( Will still work even if you already evolved the Eevee).

Getting to the Final Cave

To get into the Final Cave you have to beat the islands mission.

Easy Legendary Bird Catching

Once you find a legendary bird, use thunder wave or similar technique to paralyze it. Then slowly weaken it, and when there is little health left, have a strong pokemon (marowak,scyther) use false swipe, which will only leave 1HP. After that, it shouldn't take more than 15 ultra balls to catch it.

How To Trade With Ruby/Sapphire

First, complete the cinnaber island gym and Bill will be outside. Talk to him and say yes. Then you'll go to one island. Go into the big pokemon center and you will see a machine. Talk to the man and he'll tell you find the ruby gem. Go to fire place and battle team rocket. It might take a bit of time for team rocket to battle you so take your chances. After you beat them go inside the cave and explore and you will eventually find the ruby gem. Go back to the pokemon center and give it to the guy by the machine and he lets you go back to Kanto. Defeat the last gym leader (in Viridian city) and defeat the pokemon league. Go back to one island and I think you talk to the guy by the machine. Then go to six island and run to the ruin valley and the dotted hole. The braille reads cut so use cut on the entrance. Then get the instruction booklet you got when you got this game and go to page 61 and translate the braille. Then you find the other gem but a scientist steals it and go to the meadow on five island and go around all the islands until you find the two passwords and then open the door of the lab in the meadow. Battle team rocket and eventually you'll find the gem. Go back to the pokemon center and give the gem to the guy. Then you will be able to trade with ruby/sapphire.

Pokemon Voices

As in Ruby and Sapphire, if you listen closely, then you can hear the growls of pokemon in the area you're standing in.


When trying to catch Moltres, I suggest using a fire type pokemon and using only fire attacks to lower Moltres' hp slowly to a small amount. After that, just use regular pokeballs to catch it.

Mystery Gift

Go to the pokemon mart and go to the paper near the store owner and put in "link together with all".


Zaptos can be found in the power plant on route 10. Buy all the ultra balls it is the hardest to catch out of all the birds.

Blue Nidoran Boy

There is a blue Nidoran boy in the Safari Zone. All you have to do is keep looking.

Low Level Electrode

First, you have to obtain a Pikachu from Viridian Forest (low level) or the abandoned Power Plant and buy a Thunderstone from the Celadon Dept. Store. Then, use the Thunderstone on the Pikachu and evolve it into a Raichu. Go to Cinnabar Island and go to the Pokemon Lab and go to the 1st room and trade the old man for the Electrode and when you get it, it should be at a low level.


Ditto can be found on Routes 13, 14, 15, Pokemon Mansion and Cerulean Cave.


First go to one island if you've beaten Blain (7th gym leader)and go to Mt.Ember and go to the very end of the moutain and you will find it.Hint:you will need srength.

Link With Ruby And Saphire

To be able to link with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Saphire, you must first beat the Elite 4. You must also complete the first quest on the three islands. Then, go to One Island and talk to Celio (Bill's friend). He will ask you to retrieve a gem. Go on the path to get Moltres, but Once you get to Mt. Ember, go left and up. 2 guys will be outside a cave. Go twoards them and they will start talking and say a password to the Team Rocket Warehouse (you don't need to remember this). They will find you and challenge you to a battle. After you beat them, they will run away. Go through the cave to get the Ruby. Bring it back to Celio and he will give you a Rainbow Pass to let you go to islands 4-7. He will also ask you to get another gem. The Rocket Warehouse is on 5 island, but go to 4 island first and beat the people in the ice cave. I think you need the other password to get the gem, but I'm not sure. This is as far as I've gotten.


To get to Zapdos, you must go to Cerulean City and go to the area where the people were robbed. You must have HMs 1 & 3(Cut & surf). Now go through the house and come out the other end. Then go the only way you can and cut the tree down. Then find your way through the "maze" of trainers. Then once you get to water, Surf down to the Power Plant and enter. Once you've done that, go and find your way through and you should end up in front of it. Then save before you battle it, because if you mess up, you can just turn it off and back on.

The 4 Link Evlolve Pokemon

If you can't get Hounter, Graveler, Kadabra, or Machoke to evolve it is because the will only evolve when you trade it to someone. For example, you would trade a Kadabra with a friend and once it got to your friend it would evolve. Have you friend trade it back and now you have yourself an Alakazam.

All 3 Starter Pokemon!

To use this, you must have 2 gameboy Advances(Or GBA player/ GBA SP) And 2 copies of Leaf Green, or a Leaf Green and a Fire Red. 1st, catch a pokemon(you can release it later if you want) Get to a part in the games where you can trade, and trade your starter pokemon into the other game. Keep erasing and restarting your game until you have 2 Charmander, 2 Bulbasaur, and 2 Squirtle on 1 of the games. Then, trade 1 of each back. (you can also use Ruby/Sapphire as a storage unit. This is way cooler, but the Pokemon will NOT show up on the Pokedex this way))


Go to Fushia city and go down to the bottom of the city where you will see walls to jump over. Go over them, and skip the trainers by going around them. Then surf and avoid the trainers by going all the way to the right. Go down until ou cant,then go left all the way through route 20,then you will reach a small island. It is the second seafoam cave. Push all the boulders throught he holes, and then drop into the very last one(there is two holes when you are at the deepest point with quite a bit of boulders)then the water way should be blocked. Then you will see a bird pokemon. It is Articuno. I used masterball to catch it, i will regret using it though.

National Dex

Have at least 60 Pokemon in your pokedex when you beat the Elite Four. If you do, after you beat them go to Professor Oak and he will give you and your Rival the National Dex. This allows you to go to the remaining rainbow islands and to be able to catch newer pokemon (gold/silver, and I think some saphire/ruby) there.

Starting Pokemon

Bulbasaur is quick to grow and can easaly take out the first 2 gyms. Squirtle can take out Brock and can use Misty's TM. Charmander is much more hard to raise but can be used to FLY later and can take out the later gyms and use Blain's TM. The choise is up to you but you should take these hints to mind. I persomaly chose the hard route, Charmander.

Free Status Power Ups

In the Silph Co. building check all of the plants for any Protiens. The items will usualy be in the middle plant of a group.

Easter eggs

How To Hatch An Egg

When you get an egg keep it party and once you walked enough steps it will hatch. And if you keep it as your first pokemon it will be a boy and if you put it as your last pokemon it will be a girl.


We have no glitches for Pokemon: LeafGreen yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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