Pokemon Sapphire GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Pokemon Sapphire GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



In-game Reset

Hold select +start + A + B during game play.

Delete Saved Game Data

Hold select + up + B. Then, answer yes to the prompt to clear all game data areas? .


We have no unlockables for Pokemon Sapphire yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Getting To Rayquaza

First, make sure you have the mach bike (swap in mauville city if needed). Fly to pacifidlog, then surf to the right a short distance till you see the opening in the rocks on top. Go into them, turn right and go forward at the next opening to reach the sky pillar. I recommend having a fast pokemon at the front of your party to run, as having all of your pokemon to rack up turns will be needed. The sky pillar is filled with lvl 40+ ghost pokemon. Go up the stairs on the other side and there will be cracks in the ground. In order to get to the top, you will need good handling with the mach bike because the cracks make up little puzzles. At the second crack ground area, once you get to the end there will be one crack, two cracks in the center, and one crack on the end. STOP ON ONE OF THE CENTER CRACKS! You will fall down and enter the stairway. Once you go through the hallways, you will get to the top and see Rayquaza coiled up in the center. Rayquaza is LVL. 70 and knows Outrage, rest, fly, and extreme speed. Have lots of timer balls and ultra balls and Hopefully have Kyogre. IT IS SUGGESTED YOU PARALYZE IT.

To Capture Latius

To capture latius you must roam around the tall grasses of route number 113.

Get Registeel

To get Registeel go to the cave by Safari Zone. Go in the middle and use fly. The door should open. Save! Have a lot of timer balls and ultra balls.

Get Chimecho!

Chimecho is one of the rarer pokemon in the game. You can find Chimecho at Mt. Pyre. Most of them will know confusion, take down, uproar, and yawn.

How To Catch Rayquaza

To catch Rayquaza it'll take some time, but here's how, get ultra & timer balls during the battle it will get into better effect.

How To Get Lileep

Go to the desert in the to the top right their is 2 fossils. The Devon Corportion 1 of the science will make the fossil into Lileep.


Found on Route 119.


Found in Petalburg Woods.

Clear Out Sale

After you become the champion of The Elite Four, go to Lilycove City. Enter the huge market on the roof. On certain days, there will be a Clear Out Sale with good items for a Secret Hideout.

Catch Seviper

Catch Seviper on route 114. (only Sapphire)


Once you are able to track down Sharpedo in your Pokedex, do whatever is necessary to capture it. It is an excellent Water/Dark Pokemon that already knows Crunch, Dark's most powerful attack. His speed is incredible and will be of great use later in the game.

All The Gym Leaders And Tribes

Your 1st Gym leader you will take on is Roxanne in Rustboro City and her Pokemon are lv. 14 Geodude and lv. 15 Nosepass. If you take her tribe on with Grass or Water type Pokemon the battle will be so easy. Your 2nd Gym leader you will take on is Brawly in Dewford Town and his Pokemon are lv. 17 Machop and lv. 18 Makuhita. If you bring a good flying or psychic pokemon you will zip through the battle, but you will need Flash to get to Brawly. Your 3rd Gym leader you will battle is Wattson in Mauville City and his Pokemon are lv. 22 Magnemite, lv. 20 Voltorb and lv. 23 Magneton. Get a ground type Pokemon and just count yourself worthy of Dynamo Badge. Your 4th Gym leader is Flannery in Lavaridge Town and her pokemon are 2x lv. 26 Slugma and a lv. 28. Torkoal. Put out her Fire Type with Ground, Rock, and/or a water to beat her lineup. Your 5th Gym leader is your own dad, Norman, in Petalburg City and his Pokemon are 2x Slaking on lv. 28 and lv. 31 and a Vigoroth on lv. 30. Knock out your dad's Pokemon with a good fighting Pokemon. Your 6th Gym leader is Winona in Fortree City and her Pokemon are lv. 31 Swellow, lv. 30 Pelipper, lv. 32 Skarmory and lv.33 Altaria. Demolish her Pokemon with an electric, ice and/or a rock, but use ice on Altaria because of its Earthquake. Your 7th Gym leader is in Mossdeep and this time there are two Gym leaders,Liza and Tate, and their Pokemon are Lv. 42 Solrock and Lunatone. Defeat her Pokemon with either a dark or water type Pokemon. You Last Gym Battle is in Sootopolis and the gym leader is Wallace and her Pokemon are lv. 40 luvdisc, lv. 40 Sealeo, Lv. 42 Whiscash, lv. 42 Seaking, and lv. 43 Milotic. Stomp by her Pokemon with either grass or electric. You next challenge is the Elite Four In Ever Grande City. That you find out yourself.

Get Metagross

To get Metagross, Stevens pokemon from elite four, beat Steven and elite four, then go to Steven's house, He will give you the first form of metagross.

Shiny Elecktrike

Roam the grasses of route 110. You have a 5% chance of finding it. It is blue.

Smoke Ball

Other than receiving it as a prize from the Trick Master, you can get a Smoke Ball by challenging Ninja Boy Lao on Route 113. Beat him five times, and on the sixth time you challenge him, use the attacks Thief or Covet on one of his Pokemon and you will steal a Smoke Ball. It's usually on his Weezing. This item is useful if you need to run from any wild Pokemon battle.

How To Get Luvdisc

In order to get luvdisc you need to beat the game, have a superod (found somewhere in Mosdeep city)the HM's Surf and fly when you have all these things. Use fly to go to the bottom of Ever Grand City. Go over near the water by the waterfall don't go down it. Fish around until you can find the pokemon known as Luvdisc. Note: most of the Luvdisc have the item Heartscale.

Find Garodose

Go south till you hit the water go in the water go do north and when you hit the rocks. Garodose will pop up. Use a master ball to catch him.


To get Jirachi, you need Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, a GBA/Gamecube link cable, and Pokemon Colleseum Bonus Disc. You can download Jirachi onto the GBA game. It's a Steel/Psychic type and you get it at level 5. It says it's original trainer is Wshmkr, but you don't actually trade for it. It can help against Brawly because it will know Confusion. It will eventually learn Doom Desire, a powerful Steel attack that hits 2 turns later and isn't affected by types. Mine is at level 64 and knows Psychic, Doom Desire, Hidden Power, and Shock Wave.

Battle Tower

To get to the battle tower you have to beat the pokemon leauge and then you can go on the S.S. Tidal and go to battle tower. (after you get there you can fly to battle tower)

Catch Absol

You can find Absol on route 120.


Other than by evolution, it can be found on Safari Zone

Dive Balls

Dive Ball,the ball that better against Pokemon on the floor,and you can find Dive Ball at Mossdeep City for 1,000$ and at Abandoned Ship.

Silver Powder

The Silver Powder is a hold item that increases the power of Bug type attacks. There are two ways to get the Silver Powder. The first way is to win it at the Battle Tower. The second way is to go to Route 120. There should be a Bug Maniac named Brandon. You have to beat him in a battle five times. On the sixth time have a Pokemon that knows the move Trick. Use trick on all of Brandon's Pokemon and one will have the Silver Powder!

Get The Blackbelt And The Dragon Fang

To get the Blackbelt, go to Route 115. There will be a trainer called Blackbelt Nob. Beat him in a fight five times. On the sixth time, have a Pokemon that knows the move Trick. Use Trick on all of his Pokemon. One will have the Blackbelt! Getting the Dragon Fang is the same way. Go to Meteor Falls. There will be a trainer called Dragon Tamer Nicholas. After fighting him five times, use the move Trick on one of his Pokemon. One will have the Dragon Fang!

Bike Bunny Hops

Get the Acro Bike and hold B without moving the D-pad to bunny hop.

Watch Television

After you become league champion. watch television for rare Pokemon sightings and special deals at shops in Slateport.

Trick Master's House

You can find Trick Master's house above Slateport City. Sometimes you have to get a HM move to complete the level. There are tasks to complete and trainers to battle. You have to find a scroll and memorize it, then go to the door in the back. You will see Trick Master. Talk to him and he will give you a prize. If you want to see him again, you will have to wait for him.


Treecko is a Grass type Pokemon. You can get it as a starter. Treecko evolves at level 16 and turns in to Grovyle, a Grass type. After that, it evolves again at level 36 to Sceptile, a Grass type.


Torchic is a Fire type Pokemon and you get it as a starter. Torchic evolves at level 16 and turns in to Combusken, a Fire/Fighting type. After that, it evolves at level 36 into Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting type.


Found on Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, and 120.

TM 02

In order to do this, you must Have waterfall, Surf Pokemon at least level 35. Aqua/Maga will steal the meteorite. However, there is more for the Meteor Falls. Go deep into the cave. Use Waterfall on the fall. Go through the cave and find TM 02.

Secret Bases

You can only have sixteen items stored in your Secret Base. When you are trying to find a good base for yourself, look inside every different base you find. The interior of the rooms differ from place to place, though some are the same. If you already have a base and want to see inside others, save your game, enter it, and make it your base if it suits you.

Mach Bike/Acro Bike Abilities

Once you reach Mauville City, there is a building called Rydel's Cycles. Go inside and talk to Rydel. Once he learns that you have walked from Littleroot Town to Mauville City, he will give you a bike to ride. There are two bikes that you can have -- the Mach Bike and the Acro Bike. The Mach Bike can go fast, but has very bad handling. It is used for riding up sandy slopes and for speeding past crumbling floors in some caves. The Acro Bike is the one you can do tricks on. It does not go as fast as the Mach Bike, but has very good handling. You can hold B while riding to do wheelies, or stop and hold B to do little bunny hops. You can also tap B + D-pad in any direction to take little jumps. This bike is used for getting across narrow, white rails that span some rivers.

Gym Tactics

First, try using Kyamome or a Water/Grass starter. Then, try Water/Fire starter Grass at level 20 to 25. Finally, try Sandshrew with lots of Ground attack. If you chose Torchick as your first Pokemon, you will soon find out that the first Gym Leader will be difficult without the proper Pokemon. When you reach the first beach area (next to the forest entrance), try to catch a Wingull. Then while in the forest, spend some time to level it up and your Torchick. Get the Wingull to at least level 10, and the Combuskin to about level 16 to 18. You can now take out the three Geodudes the Leader has with the Wingull's Water- Gun, and use the Combuskin as backup.

TM 43

Go through the tunnel by the cable cars that lead to Mt. Chimney. Then, go right until you can go up. You will find a person looking at a sort of "pine tree". Talk to him to receive TM43 or Secret Power. You can now make Secret Bases.

The Two Pokemon Of The Elements

When going after the legendary representing the team of your game (Team Aqua or Team Magma), bring about 30 Ultra Balls, quite a few Revives, and at least a level 50 Pokemon. The Pokemon will be at level 45, and will be extremely difficult to catch. The only sure way to catch it is if you bring a Pokemon with a move that will freeze or paralyze it. Try as hard as you can not to kill it, but get it down to a red zone so far down that you can barely see it. Then, go mad throwing Ultra Balls at it. Do not use other Pokeballs. The will help greatly against the Elite Four and the final Gym leader.


Other than trading for Pikachu, it can be found on Route 116.


When you first use the Itemfinder, it may seem as if it only gives generalized hints about surrounding items. However, upon closer inspection, each use turns your character in the direction of the buried item. By moving in that direction and using the Itemfinder again, you can effectively track down any item.

Experience Share

After you deliver the letter to Steven, go to the Devon Corp. and talk to the president. He should give you an Experience Share for impressing him, and for his thanks.

Tips On Starters

Torchic proves to be the best as you get farther in the game, but proves to be difficult in the beginning. Mudkip is strong in the beginning, but weaker against the Elite Four. Mudkip is a good choice if playing Pokemon Ruby. Treeko is somewhat neutral, but is best to choose if playing Pokemon Sapphire because of Team Aqua.


Found on Route 113.

Safari Ball

Use against Pokemon in Safari Zone (quantity:30), if you pay 500$ in Safari Zone on route 121 they will give you 30 Safari Ball and you can enjoy catching pokemon in Safari Zone.

Rare Stones

On Route 24, there is a treasure hunter. Give him a shard and he will give you a stone that represents the color of the shard. For example, Red Shard for a Fire Stone, Blue Shard for a Water Stone, and a Green Shard for a Leaf Stone.

Move On

Right after you you talk to profser birch at the beggining of the game you have to move on. You can't battle over there. you have to go to the next city. You will have to evolve your pokemon. the pokemon gym leader has a very strong pokemon.

Strong Pokemon

After catching Groudon, it should know Fire Blast, Slash, and Earthquake. Do the side quest where you have to go to New Mauvile and get Thunderbolt. Teach Thunderbolt to it, making it forget Slash. Then, go to the Safari Zone and get Solarbeam. Make it forget the move that is not Earthquake, Fire Blast and Thunderbolt, and teach it Solarbeam. Your Groudon now knows four of the most powerful moves in the game and they are all of different types. Get it up to level 70 and it will almost never lose.

Leveling Up

Whatever the experience points needed for the Pokemon you left in the Daycare Center to reach the next level, is how many steps you need to take when walking around. For example, if your Pikachu was on level 3 when you left him at the Daycare Center and he needs 57 experience points to reach level 4, you must take 57 steps for him to reach that level. To make your Pokemon levels up faster, go to the Daycare Center and drop off a Pokemon. Go outside and walk forwards then backwards (or vice versa). Put your Pokemon in the Daycare Center and leave it. Go down and to the left. There should be a line of trees. Go directly up against the trees and get on your bike (Acro recommended, as it is the fastest). Ride all the way to the left as far as you can go. Keep going back and forth as far as possible and eventually your Pokemon will gain levels fairly quickly. This is also useful if you want eggs. Note: If you leave your Pokemon in the Daycare Center for too long, it will not evolve into its next form (if it has one).

Get A Ludicolo

To get the Ludicolo you have to give a Lombre a water stone.

Coin Case

In mauville there is a game corner. In mauville go to the mart, stop. Don't go in. go to the house on the left of the mart. go in. Talk to the lady. She says she wants harbor mail. Go to slateport mart and buy harbor mail. go back to mauville. Go to her, she will say the same thing. Then poof. She notices you have harbor mail and trades you a coin case for it. Have some money and buy coins. And play all day.

Catch Spoink

To catch Spoink search grass in the jagged pass.

Pokemon Contest

In Pokemon Contest houses, you may enter your Pokemon into a contest for a chance to win a medal. However if you enter without any Porok level ups, you will have a very low chance of winning. The way to raise this is to go out and find the trees with berries on them, then press A. You will then receive 1 to 4 berries. If you now go to a Pokemon House, you will see small gray machines on the right. The empty one on the top is for multi-player. For now, find a house in a city that only has a man at the bottom. Go to the other side of the machine and press A. You will then be asked to pick a Porok (berry) and throw it in. The spinner will come down and start moving. The objective is to press A just when the spinner hits your arrow: Circle Within A Circle: Direct hit (much faster) Circle: Near hit (slightly faster) X: Miss (slower: The faster you (and your opponent) get the spinner moving, the better. Once the meter at the top hits the end, it is over and the results and the fastest RPM the spinner was moving will appear. You will then receive a Blended Porok. The level of it depends on how fast you got the machine going. The average appears to be 11. Next, open your Special Items Pocket and go to your "Pez dispenser" type item (which you must have to play the game -- it is obtained from the girl in the first contest house). You will then pick a Blended Porok and feed it to a pet, making one of his Pokemon Contest stats (viewable in the Poke-Navi) go up. Some can even raise multiple stats. The more you do this, the better chance you have of winning.

Game Freak

After defeating the Elite Four, go to Lilycove. Go into the inn and talk to the man there. He talks about some people who call themselves Game Freak. If you go upstairs you will find them, just like in Celedon City in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Also, go in front of the inn keeper watching television. He will get mad and yell, "Hey you, down in front! Move I can't see the television!".

Catching Pokemon Easier

You need a Pokemon that knows the Endeavor move. Have the Pokemon get hurt so that it only has about 1 HP remaining. Go into battle with the pokemon that you want to catch. Use Endeavor. The move will take the opponent down to 1 HP also, and make it a lot easier to catch. Go to the Safari Zone with a Pokmeon that knows Sweet Scent. Instead of walking and wasting steps, stand in one spot and use Sweet Scent. The wild Pokemon will come to you.

Acro Bike Bridges

You knowthose thin bridges that you can't walk across? Well, you use the Acro Bike to jump from the end of one to the beginning of another. (This can be useful in the Safari Zone and on route 121.)


Catch Zangoose on route 114.(only ruby)

Defeating Your Rival

When facing your rival at the start that has Treecko, use a level 6 Wurmple; Mudkip use a level 7 Silccoon or Cascoon; Torchic use a level 5 to 6 Wingull. Wingull can be found in Route 103. Wurmple can be found in Route103. To get Cascoon or Silccoon, evolve Wurmple at level 7.


When you go on the Abandoned Ship and end up talking to a man who needs a Scanner, find a room with water in it. Have a Pokemon that knows Dive and can use it with you. Dive at the end of the pool, and come back up slightly away. You will be in a room with six doors. In each will be a key to the next room. It will shine on the ground, but it may just be a shiny piece of trash. The key is in door two. Go back and talk to the man again. He will say to deliver it to Captain Stern for him, and that he wants to further explore the ship. Fly back to Slateport and go into the ferry ride. Captain Stern is there. Talk to him and he will offer a trade for the Scanner; the Deepseascale, and the Deepseatooth. The Deepseascale raises the Special Defense of a Clamperl, and the Deepseatooth raises its Special Attack.

Premier Ball

Buy at least ten Pokeballs and you will get a free Premier Ball.

Hidden Message

After you unlock the three rare Pokemon, the Pokemon in the cave on the road after the town with the tree houses, the hidden messages is "With new time Hope and love Aim to the sky in the middle".


To catch Ralts, a Psychic type Pokemon, early in the game, go into the grass directly outside of Petelsburg. You must have a positive disposition to encounter this Pokemon, which means your Pokemon must be attracted to you. This early in the game, it is almost impossible for them to really like you. It is weak at first, but a powerful Psychic type Pokemon can be very useful later in the game. Found in Route 102


Must hatch from an egg you receive at the pokemon day care, but only of Male or female Marill visit the Day Care while one of them is holding Sea Incense.

Secret Base

To get a secert base you need secert powder.You can get secert powder on route 111 and after you get it you should be able to get it in slateport city.

Bike Wheelie

Press B on a bike to pop a wheelie. Without a bike you will run.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Pokemon Sapphire yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Pokemon Sapphire yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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