Populous: The Beginning PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Populous: The Beginning PC - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Cheat Codes

Press [Tab] + [F11], then type "byrne" and press [Enter] at the window that   appears to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate   the corresponding cheat function:    RESULT	CHEAT CODE     Spells	[Tab] + [F3]  Buildings	[Tab] + [F4]  Mana	[Tab] + [F5]  


We have no unlockables for Populous: The Beginning yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Level 15: Incinerated

Maybe not the easiest way to beat this level, but it usually works. Right when the level begins put someone in the Boat Hut to make a boat. Then while they're working on the boat. Take 5 Braves and put them in the Spy Hut. When all the spies are trained and the boat is made, change the spy's color to yellow. Bring the boat ashore in the enemy territory. Take three spies to burn down the guard towers. Take the rest and try to break down the prison (Try to stay away from the enemies followers in case they realize that you are an enemy) When the Shaman is free, forget about the spies send the Shaman to go pray to the Oblisk and wipe out the enemy village with a Volcano spell. Finish of any enemies with random spells.

Gatting The Lightning Spell Easily

The Lightning spell is located in level 4: Combined Forces. The Matak tribe insists on guarding the vault of knowledge in which it is held. Later in the level it is guarded very heavily, but when you start out there is no one there. Right when the level starts skip the flyby (space bar) and head straight to the vault of knowledge and have your shaman worship it. Charge only the blast spell so you can deal with any enemies that might come your way. With the Lightning spell the level becomes much easier.

Level 5: Death From Above

There is a specific way you have to do this level. First you put your Shaman in the Guard Tower and send your four warriors to pray to the Stone Head to get the Convert spell. Convert as many Wildmen (there are ten in all) as you can into braves and have them pray to the Totem Pole thats on their island to get a Boat. Bring the braves back to the island you started on. Then send all you of your followers to pray to the totem pole on that island. When you finnish send all your Warriors to pray to the Stone Head and train all your braves to be Warriors or Priests. Pray to the Totem Pole when you have two land bridge spells and all your Braves have been trained. Kill the Dakinis on the hill and then send everybody except your Shaman to guard the entrance to your village (guard post). Quikly cast Landbridge on the second hill in the Dakinmi territory. Bring your Shaman there and cast Landbridge again right in front of the Obelisk. Move your Shaman to pray there. If done correctly all you have to do now is sit back and relax. Don't worry when you finish praying (which takes about five seconds) your Shaman will be teleported saftley away.

Spy Secrets

Spies appear useless. The are the worst fighters in the game (other than Wildmen) and their hut takes a ton of wood. The two things that you probably don't know is that spies can disguise themselves as another tribe's brave. To do this select the spy. Then left click one of the colored icons that represent the tribes now on the planet. Poof! Your spy is a perfect replica of another tribe's brave (but only to that tribe, you can stil him apart from other enemy braves). The other thing is that spies can set fire to buildings. All you do is select the spy and click on the building you want burned. Now, thats a nasty combo.

The Many Uses Of The Tornado Spell

As you probably know the tornado spell is a devestating assualt that destroys any building and wood in its path. It also does a good deal of damage to people. Most people don't know that when the Tornado spell is cast on water that it desstroys boats as well. Coinidently killing everybody in the boat. The tornado spell is also one of the only things that can kill people in balloons. Its one of those things you'd want to unleash on your enemies, then run away.

Level 22: Solo

The easiest way to get the balloon is to pray to the obelisk at the beginning of the level. You now have max mana. Fight the Dakinis guarding the boat. Steal their boat and sail to the island near the one where the Chumara tribe is. Cast the Landbridge spell on the mountain top underneath the balloon. Climb the bridge and steal the Chumara's balloon. While in the balloon the Shaman is invincible to every thing, but: Firewarriors, Tornados, multiple Blasts, Firestorms, and Angels of Death.

Shaman Tower

Put your shaman in a watch tower. Now her spell range is dramatically increased. Also works well with the fire warriors.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Populous: The Beginning yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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