PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Celebration: Free login rewards, events and free title revealed

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Celebration: Free login rewards, events and free title revealed


PUBG Mobile's 3rd Anniversary is near, and the developers have lots of in-store events for their users. This event will keep players engaged and offer them the chance to get a variety of permanent exclusive items for free, including some sets and more.

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This article discusses the 3rd Anniversary event at PUBG Mobile, login rewards, free titles, and more.

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Celebrations

Log In reward

3rd Anniversary Celebration: Log In

3rd Anniversary Celebration: Log In

Here is a list of items that players can claim as login rewards.

  • Login 1 day – Thrill Ride BP Crate
  • Login 2 day – Supply Crate Coupon Scrap
  • Login 3 day – 20 AG
  • Login 4 day – Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • Login 5 day – 30 AG
  • Login 6 day – Classic Coupon Crate
  • Login 7 day – Red Menace Outfit


The title was most likely called '3 Years Together,' and was teased in a Tweet. It may be awarded to players who complete certain tasks between March 18 and March 25. Further details about obtaining them have not been announced.


Events in Free Fire

Events in PUBG Mobile

Players can obtain Permanent Pretty in Pink Headpiece and Permanent Pretty in Pink Set during the 3rd Anniversary celebrations. They will have to play the game and complete specific event missions, which can be used to draw prizes based on their luck at the Redemption Center. They will require three tokens to draw one reward, while a set of 10 will cost them '30 Music Notes'.

Rhythms fortune event

Rhythms fortune event

Players will also obtain certain rewards for drawing the prizes a certain number of times

  • 100 times – Off-road Buggy (10D)
  • 250 times – Pretty in Pink Headpiece
  • 500 times – Battle for Glory
  • 1000 times – Reaper– M416
  • 1600 times – Pretty in Pink Set

The exact details of the events given below are yet to be revealed by the developers:

  • 3rd Anniversary (March 21)
  • Pan Jam (March 15)
  • Beat It (March 15)
  • Tap Joy (March 15)

PUBG's 3rd-anniversary celebrations seem to have a lot in store for the players if the leaks and rumors are true. With so many items to win this time, the 3rd birthday event is going to get really heated.

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