PUBG Mobile Presents Classic Match and Secret Event in Erangel

PUBG Mobile Presents Classic Match and Secret Event in Erangel

666 - The PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update is in progress and game developers are aiming to develop new content at this time. The update will be released on July 7 along with a new exclusive Livik map. And now, the latest update in the PUBG Mobile beta is tempting fans with the 'Unranked Classic' event at PUBG Mobile.

Besides, the 'Ancient Secret' event, which was previously only available for Miramar, is now also available at Erangel.

At the Unranked Classic event, players will be able to play classic battle royale matches without affecting their ranking. Unfortunately, players cannot select maps in this event. Furthermore, the Unranked Classic event will assign a random map to PUBG Mobile players, such as the 'Quick Match' feature on PUBG PC.

pubg mobile unranked

PUBG Mobile Event 'Unranked Classic'

However, it is very special if players can play classic matches with their noob friends without worrying about their ranking.

When we talk about new content, PUBG Mobile Beta includes an 'Ancient Secret' event on Erangel.

pubg mobile ancient secret

'Ancient Secret' event in Erangel

This event is already available for Miramar with features such as Sky Temples, Snakes, and Mummy Boss in PUBG Mobile Beta. These features are also available in Erangel.

However, the possibility of the 'Ancient Secret' event available on the two maps above is very small.

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