PUBG Mobile Will Place ‘Suspected Cheaters’ Under ‘Safety Observation Period’

PUBG Mobile Will Place ‘Suspected Cheaters’ Under ‘Safety Observation Period’


PUBG Mobile is a giant battle royale game for mobile that is loved by millions of players. In general, players become very competitive and serious when playing PUBG Mobile. However, several times, the experience while playing became corrupted because of the countless cheaters in the game.

To deal with cheaters, PUBG Mobile has taken many steps in the past, and now, they are ready to take one more step. Recently, the developer of PUBG Mobile introduced a new Safety Observation Period to maintain a fair gaming environment for all players.

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This new system at PUBG Mobile uses Artificial Intelligence to identify players who carry out suspicious activities to profit by cheating. If a player is detected for violating policy, they will not be allowed to play matches with other players. Interestingly, the PUBG Mobile team will place such players in the 'Safety Observation Period' to monitor them closely.

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“By taking a closer look at players who don’t respect the rules of the game and play fair, we’re continuing to show our commitment to providing a fair gaming environment for all,” said PUBG Mobile.

In the Safety Observation Period, people suspected of cheating on PUBG Mobile will only be able to access limited game modes. Also, no statistics or earnings will be recorded as long as the player is monitored. Finally, if the player uses any cheat under surveillance, they will be blocked.

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To be honest, this is a big step for PUBG Mobile to ensure a fair playing experience for the players. However, we can only hope that this new anti-cheat system delivers what has been promised.

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