Ratchet And Clank PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Ratchet And Clank PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Cheat Mode

Defeat Drek, then execute one of the following combos at the "Goodies" menu to unlock the corresponding cheat option:

Temporary invincibility whenever health is full   Press Comet-Strike(4), Flip Back, Full Second Crouch, Flip Back, Full Second   Crouch, Comet-Strike(4).    Mirrored levels   Press Flip Left(4), 3-Hit Wrench Combo, Hyper Strike, Double Flip Right, Flip   Right(2), Double Jump, Full Second Crouch.    Trippy trails   Press Wall Jump(10), Double Jump, Hyper-Strike.    Big head mode for Ratchet   Press Flip Back(3), Full Second Crouch, Stretch Jump, Full Second Glide.    Big head mode for Clank   Press Flip Back, Hyper-Strike, Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Hyper-Strike, Flip   Left, Flip Right, Full Second Crouch.    Big head mode for enemies   Press Stretch Jump, Flip Back(3), Stretch Jump, Flip Back(3), Stretch Jump, Flip   Back(3), Full Second Crouch.    Big head mode for NPCs   Press Flip Left, Flip Right, Flip Back(3), Comet-Strike, Double Jump, Comet-  Strike, Hyper-Strike.  


We have no unlockables for Ratchet And Clank yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Cross By Boat

When you go to resort, when you cross the river to the other island jump out of the boat and hang on the edge the fish things won't attack.

Easy Bolts

First you need to get the hologuise from the Gadgetron site and then travel to Blackwater City and equip the hologuise and then get on the hoverboard track and you will be walking on the track. After this go to the big stack of crates and then equip the taunter and tape the circle button and then leave it this way and when you wake up you will have a ton of bolts.

Lots Of Money!

To get more bolts (money) you have to have the "Hologuise". After you get it, go back to Blackwater city and become a robot. Enter the race, and you will be on your feet instead of on your board. Go to the big pile of boxs stacked on top of each other and wipp out your Taunter. Then stand under the pile and tape down the "O" button and bolts will start falling from the sky. I know, I was scared at first, but then I found out that it didn't affect your health. So don't be scared try it!

Suck The Fish

During the resort when you cross on the boat use the sucker cannon to suck the fish.

Easy Bolts

Go to planet Kerwan. When you get there hover below the platform (you need either the HILIPACK or the JETPACK) your ship is on and go in where the ships are flying. There you will find a gold bolt. To get easy bolts, hold L2, aim at the ships flying above you, rapidly tap square, and whaammy! Your in bolt city! (there are infinite ships:) ).

How To Get More Nanotech On Orxon

Hate those birds and armored beasts that kill you on Orxon in four hits? Also hate Drek pwning you so easily? Not anymore with a new upgrade from Gadgetron Industries! When exploring as Clank on Orxon, you'll pass a soda machine with an 'N' on it. Remember the location because it'll come in handy. Now when you're playing as Ratchet and get to the second Gadgetron vendor, go to the left instead of the right (use your map to lead the way). Go right and jump into a room. Keep going forward. You will soon find the machine. It'll say 'Buy Premium Nanotech for 4, 000 Bolts'. Do it. You'll receive a can which Ratchet drinks from, burps, then crushes the an with his hands. After it, you'll have FIVE Nanotech health balls instead of four. Then It'll say 'Buy Ultra Nanotech for 30, 000 Bolts'. Do it when you have 30, 000. Ratchet will drink a can, burp louder and longer, then crush the can with his head. Now you have EIGHT Nanotech balls instead of five. Happy killing!

How To Defeat Drek

You may think that the R. Y . N . O . Is the easiest way to kill Drek. YOU'RE WRONG! I defeated Drek, R. Y . N . O . Free! Here's the instructions for Defeated Drek Soup: Ingredients: Tesla Claw, Swingshot, Devastator, Drek, Ratchet, Clank, and Blaster. Directions: 1. Go to the first thing where Drek is with the Swingshot (this will be every time you go after him). 2 . Use the Tesla Claw and you'll be done in a jiffy. 3 . Use Tesla Claw on the secod thing, or if you're out of ammo, use Blaster. 4 . Finally go to the third (don't worry, you'll get ammo for Blaster and T-Claw). Use Devastator if you're out/low on ammo with Blaster and T-Claw. 5 . PWN DREK WITH T-CLAW, BLASTER, AND DEVASTATOR BABY! 6 . Enjoy.

Get Novalis Gold Bolt Faster

When you first get to Novalis (the 2nd planet, that has a river in the middle), you can't get the gold bolt because it is upriver and you need the hydro-pack that you get later in the game to get it. But if you beat Novalis and head straight to Kerwan and get the heli-pack from Al, then you can get the bolt. Simply head back to Novalis and jump off the cliff down below. Head towards the bridge entrance. Go up the steps but don't go in the doorway. Turn around and face the other wall. There is a little red mushroom there in the corner. Stand on it and look up. On the rocky, earthen wall, there are big rocks jutting out. Crouch and jump up high and one of the rocks that is right above the mushroom is able to be stood on in the right spot. Keep trying until you get it. Then do a crouch jump again until you are standing in the air on top of an "invisible wall", designed to keep you from cheating. Get on top of the building that leads to the bridge, and jump to the next one over. The rest of the buildings in that area will not work because you go right through them and fall to the ground. Crouch jump to the wall and fly down through the wall. You will find yourself in a tunnel with water in it. This is where the Bolt is. Keep trying until you get to the ledge and don't get pushed back downstream. Look around until you find the bolt in the caves. If you don't have the pryorcitor or the blaster yet, then avoid the green slime blobs, or ameboids, at all costs. The bolt is up some steps that are in a big room full of ameboids. After you find the bolt just head back to the water and it will take you out and back to familiar territory (the canyon below your ship).

How To Unlock Goodies Menu And All The Options

To get the goodies menu you have to beat the game. Then there are four secret options in it. To unlock them do this: unlock 15 skill points, unlock all skill points, and the bottom two you have to buy all the gold weapons. Gold weapons place can be found at the first planet through a teleporter at the beginning and another secret one can be found after you beat quark by one of the towers and you have to jump wall to wall up to it.

Glide On The Ground Without The Rocket Pack

To glide on the ground first you have to put on the rocket pack then hit R1 twice very fast. Now you are gliding. To make it so you can't see the rocket pack hit Start go to gadgets and select the Heli-Pack then hit start. You will be gliding on the ground without the rocket pack. To stop gliding press "X" or use a weapon.

Infinate Bolts

Go to planet Kewan. Once you get off the ship turn around and jump off the ledge. Only do this if you have the Heli-pack. Using its Glide feature glide down facing the wall. you will see a tunnle. go into it. Once there not only will you see a bunch of boxes but you'll find a Gold bolt. But the real point is this. Once in the tunnle use your wrench's comet-strike on the flying ships, they'll explode and give you bolts. This will give you infinate bolts because the ships will never stop coming.

Glich In Metropalice

When you enter the level head towards the training course. Once there go to the second part and find the gold bolt location. DO NOT FLY YET. If you look just above that spot you will se a room. It may be hard but it is possable to go to the upper part. Than walk into the chamber and you will see what happens.

Tesla Claw Discount

When you see the Tesla Claw in the Gagetron window, wait until you you get the gadget from the scientist then instead of having to pay the 40,000, you get a discount on the Tesla Claw so you only have to pay 30,000 bolts.

End Of The Game Secrets

After you beat the game, a lot of things happen. The first thing is when you restart the game, whatever weapon you used to beat Drek you get a lot of that weapons ammo, the second thng that happens is you get more bolts per box. The third thing is when you restart the game you get all the bolts you previously had when you beat the game. The final thing is the Gold Weapons Room, don't worry about the prices of the weapons, you easily aquire the bolts as there are more now that you bea the game.

Novalis Secret Gold Bolt

NOTE: Hydro-pack needed. On the Planet Novalis, jump into the stream and go underwater and whip out the Hydro-pack, keep swimming until you reach a dead end and jump out, and there you will find another Gold Bolt.

Planet Gaser Gold Bolts

The first Gold Bolt in Planet Gasper is aquired by going to the platform where the pilot's Helm was. Go to the top right corner of the platform and you should see a volcano looking thing, glide into the center and destroy all the enemy's to get the Gold Bolt. The second Gold bolt is aquired by following the swingshot path that starts by your ship, at the end awaits a Gold Bolt, and a Skill point if you destroy all the ships.

Planet Orxon Gold Bolts

The first Gold Bolt on Plaet Orxon is aquired by using your self control missles in the mine field, the first wall reveals the Gold Bolt, but in order to aquire the Bolt you have t blow up all the walls. The second Gold Bolt is aquired by wall kicking in the lab that clank previuosly walked through.

Aridia's Four

There are four Gold Bolts on Planet Aridia, the first one is by a sandshark maker. You will see a bomb away wall, behind it is the Bolt. The second is on the center island, you have to be by Skid's agent to get it, and you need the Heli-pack to long jump across the mud to get it, it's in a dump truck. For the third Bolt you need the Magneboots, and once again you need to be by Skid's agent, walk up the pillars to the side of his ship to get the Bolt. Finally the last Bolt you need the Swingshot for. Follow the Swingshot path to the Trespasser's Platform. Look down and there will be some moving platforms, glide down to them and the Bolt is at the other end of the platform.

Going Commando

There is in fact a Skill point called Going Commando and it is in the last level. On Planet Veldin, destroy ten of the guys with jet packs and those laser guns using only your wrench.

Drek's Fleet Gold Bolt

On board the ship, before going to Veldin there are two Gold Bolts. The first is at the end of the electric water tunnel, but instead of going to the right side of the fork at the end, go to the left for a Gold Bolt and a timer to start the electric current over once you jump out. The second is tricky, when you are in the room that is upsidedown and filled with barking dogs and lasers, get off the platform and go through the door to the right, the Bolt is in that room.

Last Gold Of The Game

The last thre Gold Bolts in the game are in Veldin, Ratchets home planet. The first one is on the platform that has about 15 Elite Gaurds, it's behind the laser door, it's easy to get, just whip out the Taunter and lure the frog in there to step on the switch and the laser will die. The second Bolt is above that platform, when you get to the first Swingshot Ball in the level, look to the right for platforms, follow them to the Gold Bolt. The last one is just before the sewer tunnel, just before you get the swingshot out, look to the right for a Grind Rail path, use it and it will take you to the last Gold Bolt in the game.

1 Level Gold Room

You must beat the game once then go to the first level. There you will find a warping thing (the white thing that you stand on to go somewherels). When you warp you will be in a place with gold weapons.

Second Gold Weapon Room

At the area you fought Quark in his ship, return after beating the game once and go past the runway you saw him at. Look for the platform and use it. You will be taken to another gold weapon room, same gold weapons, but different location! Cool, huh?

Defeat DREK Without Blinking

At the end of the game when you take on Mecha Drek. First make sure your R.Y.N.O. is at full ammo. After he pushes the button and starts the timer for the planet destruct. Go to the button. Hop onto the butten as soon as possible, stopping the timer. Then unload on him with the R.Y.N.O., and jumping on the button everytime the timer restarts. DREK will be vanquished in less than 30 seconds.

Trick Drek

When you fight Drek the final time, at the big platform, when he activates his shield and charges you, grind on the rail along the edge and hop from rail to rail. This strategy also comes in handy when he releases his jumbo agents of doom.

Bomb Factory Gold Bolt

If you have the hydropack then you should know where you acquired it. Go back to the tunnel that leads to Edwina. Once you get back to the room that you must fill with water, fill it up to the point before the last amount is needed. Swim down to the first cave in the wall with the water tube and swim to the back of the cave. Rise up and you should come out of the water and see a gold bolt. Jump and get it.

Metropolis Gold Bolt

As soon as you get off your ship do not go through the tunnel. Walk to the exact middle of the balcony and clime carefully over the rail. Now turn the camera so that it is looking at the tunnel. WALK not run off the edge and hover down slowly. You will reach and opening in the wall. It is a tunnel with traffic racing through it. There is a gold bolt in the center. Also if you are good enough you can hit the cars with your wrench to blow them up and get bolts.

Fort Krontos Gold Bolt

After exiting your ship walk across the bridge and down to where the robot enemys are hovering. Take these guys out right quick and walk to the door with the lock on it. Stand where the green lock pad is and wall jump in the doorway. Jump to the top to collect your gold bolt.


On the planet with a turret available (to break through a door) there will be a small thing that produces dog-like robots. Shoot them all in the turret but not the producing thing. Run out get the bolts and hop back in. This works until they only produce one bolt per robot, but still will produce bolts.

To Get Some More Bolts!!!

If you want to get a couple more bolts all you have to do is hit a light with your weapon (but not any of the guns or bombs). Also, this only works with certain lights.


When you use the Suck Cannon on a chicken you made with the Morph-o-Ray, it spews out a spray of feathers.

Weapon And Gadget Locatations

BOMBGLOVE-------Starting Weapon.    PYROCITOR-------Purchase from Vending machine in Torbuk Crater.(2,500)    HOVERBOARD------Get it from Skid McMarx after you help him get to his ship on Planet Aridia.    BLASTER---------Purchase from Vending machine in Metropolis.(2,500)    SWINGSHOT-------Purchase from head fitness trainer in Metropolis after completing obstacle course.(1,000)    HELI-PACK-------Purchase from AL in his Roboshack in Metropolis.(1,000)    TRESPASSER------Find on Planet Aridia.            (Use your"SWINGSHOT")    GLOVE-OF-DOOM---Purchase from Vending machine on Planet Eudora.(7,500)    SUCK-CANNON-----Find on Planet Eudora.  (At far end of level)    TAUNTER---------Purchase from Vending machine on The Blarg Station.(2,500)    HYDRO-DISPLACER---Find while exploring with Clank outside of The Blarg Station.    GRINDBOOTS------Purchase from Inventor on The Blarg Station.(2,000)    MINE-GLOVE------Purchase from Vending machine in Blackwater City.(7,500)    R.Y.N.O.--------Purchase from Blackmarketer in Blackwater City.(150,000)    PLATINUM-ZOOMERATOR---Win first place in the Hoverboard Races("Hoverboard" required)    DEVASTATER------Purchase from Vending machine on Planet Batalia.(10,000)    METAL-DETECTOR--Recieve from The Plumber after shooting down ship's with turret on Planet Batalia.    WALLOPER--------Purchase from Vending machine on Planet Gaspar.(7,500)    VISIBOMB-GUN----Purchase from Vending machine on Planet Gaspar.(15,000)    PILOT'S-HELMET--Find on Planet Gaspar.(At end of Level)    MAGNEBOOTS------Find while exploring with Clank on Planet Orxon.(Half way through level)    DECOY-GLOVE-----Purchase from Vending machine on Planet Pokitaru.(7,500)    THRUSTER-PACK---Purchase from Bob in his Robo Shack on Planet Pokitaru.(2,000)    02-MASK---------Recive from "The Dude That Follows You Around" on Planet Pokitaru after   shooting down Blarg Ships.("PILOT'S HELMET" required)    PURSUADER-------Bring back "Raritanium" from Planet Hoven and give it to the Scintist.    HYDRO-PACK------Purchase from Edwina in her Robo Shack on Planet Hoven.(2,000)    RARITANIUM------Recive from Consruction Worker on Planet Hoven.    DRONE-DEVICE----Purchase from Vending machine on Gemlik Moon Base.(7,500)    TESLA-CLAW------Purchase from Vending machine in The Gorda City Ruins.(40,000)    MORPH-O-RAY-----Find in The Gorda City Ruins.(At the end of the Upper City)    P.D.A.----------Purchase from "STEVE" in The Gorda City Ruins.       BOLT-GRABBER----Find on the outside of the Robot Plant.(At the end of water tunnel near beginning of level)    MAPOMATIC-------Recieve from Helpdesk Girl after grinding the rails.    HOLOGUISE-------Recieve from Race Manager after winning Race.    CODEBOT---------At the end of the water tunnel near the beginning of Drek's Fleet.  

Save 150,000 Bolts & Buy The R.Y.N.O.

Do not waste your hard earned bolts on GOLD weapons even if you can find them. PURCHASE the R.Y.N.O. on Planet Rilgar from an alien looking dude in the downtown square as soon as you can. It is a most expensive weapon and does take EXTRA time and disipline to save the bolts. The R.Y.N.O kicks butt and the ammo is cheap!! The R.Y.N.O fires a bunch of guided missiles with each pull of the trigger. To kill Drek without it I think may be possible, but very difficult and frustrating. I came close but I was not able to do it without the R.Y.N.O. It is a lot more fun to kill Drek with the R.Y.N.O. This is a great game, lots of fun. Gadgetron Rules!! I liked the hint to watch the ending completely past the credits to see the special commercial from Captain Quark.

Fast Racing Bolts

When in the "Hoverboard Races" on gadgetron, Wait till you are on the third lap. Right before the first gate(One of 3 that opens a door up ahead)Look for a part of the track that is covered from side-to-side with booster marks, run on them to get a charge. Then jump off the side of the track to the left and do some tricks, you will go kind of far out to sea but be teleported instantly back to the track right in front of the booster marks and will still get the points for the tricks you did off the track! (Repeat this trick to get a higher score each time for quick BOLTS!)

Get Gold Bolt In Kabelo 3

To get the gold bolt you have to grind the grind rail, you have to go to the very end, then when you see the help desk, as soon as you get off the rail, turn around, youll see nothing at first, then walk towards the wall and go to your left, then fall off the edge, not too fast or you'll die, the go straight and you'll see a transporter. Press triangle in the transporter and you'll teleport to a room full of chickens and you'll see the gold bolt.

More Golden Weapons

Another place to get gold weapons is at the Gemlik Base. After you beat Quack in that big space battle, go down the runway until you get to a tall tower. See the jump slot inbetween the walls? Just jump up and get on an elevator that takes you way, way up until you get to the secret room. Here, the weapons that are in golden form are: Bomb Glove, Pyrocitor, Mine Glove, Blaster, Morph-o-ray, Glove of Doom, Decoy Glove, and the Suck cannon. Each weapon costs 4 gold bolts and different amounts of regular bolts.


If you swing your OmniWrench at various plants they will fall apart and give you bolts. The same applys for some machines.

How To Get The 2 Gold Bolts In Blackwater City

The first gold bolt is past the secret passage that starts to flood with water. You will not be able to get past untill you get the O2 Mask. The second gold bolt is in the laser maze in the corner. It seems impossible to get it because the switch to open the lasers is broken. So,you need to go to the man hole at the end of the maze. Jump on it and wait till it goes up. Jump on top of the maze and work your way into the square with the bolt.

More Bolts

After completing Gemlik Base leave and go back. First break the boxes to your right, then walk back to the transporter and go to the fighter hanger. Turn right and break the boxes there. Now go in the closest door and down all the steps to the elevator. Go down at the bottom the door will not open use your wrench and keep hitting the door you will keep getting bolts.

Gold Weapons

After you defeat Drek, go to planet Novalis and you will see a transporter right when you get off the ship. Press triangle on the transporter and it will tansport you to a room with gold weapons. Each gold weapon is 4 gold bolts and a certain number of regular bolts. Each gold weapon is basicly an upgrade of the regular one.

Walking Exploration Of Hoverboard Track

When in Blackwater City (Planet Rilgar) use the Hologuise when your near the girl that puts you into the hoverboard race. But turn into a robot before pressing triangle. You should start on the hoverboard race on your feet without the other racers!

Easier Money

Once you get the hoverboard & win the races go back & drive into the boxes. Keep doing this again and again as they will most of the time replenish after each race.

Magnetic Wrench

Note: This also works with the Vacuum Gun. Perform a Comet Strike at far away Bolts. If the wrench passes near them, it will attract the Bolts to you. This is especially useful around water or Bolts that are across chasms.

Easy Money

After receiving the metal detector, go back to previous planets and search for hidden Bolts. Not only does the metal detector help you find more, but the planets' items also respawn after you leave it.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Ratchet And Clank yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Infinity Bolt Glitch

On planet Rilger (hoverboards and the ryno) go to the hover board races. You will need the taunter and the hologuise. Turn on the hologuise and enter the race. Then press square and you can walk around the track. Next go to the area by the big jump where the big stack of boxes are in the sky. Pull out your taunter and hold circle under the stack. Then the boxes will break and you will get bolts. You can use the taunter as long as you want and bolts will rain from the sky and give you infinate bolts. Then buy the ryno if you don't have it.

Secret Gliding Glitch

Here is how you can glide on the ground with the rocket pack insted of running. Equip the rocket pack, then press R1+L1 together, then R2+L2 together,then R1+L1 together again real fast. It looks like your gliding but on the ground,and if you have the magnet boots, you can glide up a vent quickly insted of slowly walking. This might work with the heli-pack too but I havent tried it. Good Luck!

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