Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Wii - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Wii - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Computer Code

The username and password for the computer are john (username) ada (password) then to get the denied access code type in cell.


Unlock Samurai Edge Gun

Beat the game on normal difficulty within 5 hours or less with either Chris or Jill, you will have access to the Samurai Edge during the next game.

Alternate Costumes

Chris: Beat the game once as Chris
Chris from RE:Code Veronica: Beat the game twice as Chris
Jill: Beat the game once as Jill
Jill from RE 3: Nemesis: Beat the game twice as Jill

Unlock The Rocket Launcher

To unlock the Rocket Launcher, beat the game in less than 3 hours on Normal or Hard modes.

Unlock Invisible Enemy Mode

To unlock this mode beat Real Survival mode once.

Real Survival Mode

Beat the game on normal or hard difficulty on the Once Again mode to unlock the Real Survival Mode.

Unlock One Special Zombie Mode

Complete the game as both Chris and Jill once to unlock the ''One Dangerous Zombie'' option. It makes a zombie follow you around for the first part of the game. Don't shoot it, or the game will end.

Rocket Launcher

Beat the game on Normal or Hard in under 3 hours.

Unlock Director Message

Beat the game in less than 5 hours in Invisible Enemy Mode, and a message from the director and a slide show of unused costume designs is available.


Alternate Intro

To get the alternate intro with the zombie that ate kennith you enter the dining hall playing as jill go out the double doors 2x then go o where barry is examining blood, and then you try to talk to him again. Finally you head towards the clock and the alternate intro begins.

How To Kill The Snake When Your Facing Him The Second Time

Mostly when you're going to face the snake the second time, be sure to have a grenade launcher and a first aid spray or two. Save your grenades for your grenade launcher because once you shoot the snake with a few rounds, he will die. Also once your facing him, you probably gonna get bit once so have healing items. But just in case you miss some of the rounds and you run out of gernades, be sure you have a second weapon (like the assault shotgun), or more ammo for your launcher. Hope this helped, good luck!

The Huge Snake On The 2nd Floor

The huge snake on the second floor where one of the death masks is, you don't have to kill it. All you have to do is run and get the mask from across the room and run back to the door where you came in at. Now listen very carefully, YOU ARE GOING TO GET A SNAKE BITE! There is no way around this to my knowledge. I have tried to run fast, and yes run fast because the snake will still kill you if you stay around too long, but I still have gotten bitten. When the girl goes to get the serum and gives it to you go explore the mansion for awhile. I went and killed the coffin zombie. Come back and it is gone. The snake. There is some shotgun shells to the left up on a shelf as you walk towards the back. Level of Difficulty:Easy.

The First Zombie

I read that if you go back to the dining hall your buddy Barry will kill the Zombie for you. Not true. I had to kill the zombie myself. So when you encounter the first zombie munching on Kenneth run back to the lobby where you started and then everyone will be gone. Pick up the gun on the floor and go to the door to the right. The doors will be double doors. Go to the back and get a dagger. There you will find another zombie on your way back. Give him a head shot. Then when you are back in the room with the big woman statue, move the table over to her and pick up the first floor map.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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