Roller Coaster Tycoon Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Roller Coaster Tycoon Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Photographer Guest

Enter Chris Sawyer as a guest name.

Artist Guest

Enter Simon Foster as a guest name.

Increase Guest Happiness

Enter Melanie Warn as a guest name. You can rename the guest to another name and repeat this on another guest as needed. Keep doing this to also increase your park's rating.

Unlimited Money

Enter Big Bucks as a guest name.

Waving Guests

Enter Katie Brayshaw as a guest name.

Hungry Guest

Enter Tony Day as a guest name. This guest will usually be hungry or very hungry.

"Wow!" thinking

Enter John Wardley as a guest name.

Guest Pays Double Entrance Fee

Enter John Mace as a guest name.

Faster Go-Karts

Enter Damon Hill as a guest name. Enter Michael Schumacher as a guest name to race even faster.

Slower Go-Karts

Enter Mr Bean as a guest name.

Rich Guests

Enter Richard Branson as a guest name.

Pick Pocket

Enter Richard Tan as a guest name.


We have no unlockables for Roller Coaster Tycoon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Keep Ride's Popularity

To keep a scary ride's popularity, delete a segment of track and replace it with the same item. The guests will be fooled into thinking that the ride has been improved and will continue going to it. If you change the color of any ride, guests will think it is a new ride and go on it more. When choosing a color for your roller coaster, do not pick green and orange. Guests will complain about it.

Better Shuttleloop

Click on construction, delete everything until the end of the first loop, and make a flat piece. Then, add an on-ride photo section. Make it go up and add another loop. Next, make it go at the highest angle and click on the short turn at the top. Build about four to six of these and set the launch speed at 50 to 58 mph. This should make you over $2000 an hour and barely costs any money or time.

Better Shop And Stall Placement

Put shops and stalls near the rear of the park, not at the entrance. Once tired and hungry guests have walked all the way to the back, they will be more than willing to pay higher prices for snacks. To get more people to buy from stalls, build a waiting line to the stand instead of a path. People will be mistake it for a ride. Note: Only use one stand per line.

Balloon Display

If you accomplish the mission on the level that you are on, and if you have a balloon stall, when your guests clap they will all drop their balloons and have to buy another one.

Cleaning Paths

Simply place a new pathway over a dirty path to quickly clean it. To quickly clean your park without using more money to replace the path that is dirty, select one of your handymen. Even though it might not be as fast as just replacing the path, drop them wherever there are empty cans and vomit piles. This also works for emptying the garbage.

Cleaner Park

Place handymen outside roller coaster exits. Click on the handymen and the press the small blue footprints. Click the area you want them to stay in. This makes for a much cleaner park.

Increase Park Rating

Set your research to just roller coasters until you receive a steel or inverted steel coaster. Build a lot of power launched mode rolle rcoasters (such as the Shuttle Loop). This should increase your park rating and guest numbers.     If you set the advertisements all at four weeks your money, park rating, and guests will all increase.     Add five to seven additional handymen to your staff. Your park rating will increase   dramatically by the next week.  

Killing Guests

Build a roller coaster or a whoa belly tower. With the roller coaster, make it a power launch mode and make it fly off the track. Do not test it, just open. With the tower, build it up approximately three times and put it on full speed. Do not test it and people will fly off as they are on it.     Make a shuttle loop roller coaster, have it power launched, with a speed of 60 mph.     Create a large square of road. When guests walk on it, they will become stuck. When nobody is on a smaller square, delete it. When you have one or two of three squares remaining, build water on them to drown all the guests.     To score a fast kill on a guest, click on desired victim, then select the pick up tool (resembles tweezers). Move and drop the guest in water.     Put some water in front of an exit to a ride. All people that get on the ride will drown.     Put water or a pit directly under the exit so people fall straight it and die or get trapped. It is an easy way to keep people in your park.     Dig a large hole and place a large amount of guests in it. Raise the water level to watch a mass drowning of guests.     Build a path that leads to an elevated platform or bridge. The platform or bridge should be several squares all around. Once you have lured a group of guests onto the platform, delete the path(s) that led them there to trap them. Underneath the platform, create a massive body of water (or you can create the large body of water first, then build a platform over it.). Delete the platform and everyone will fall into the water.     Make a water slide. At any point that you can, have a sheer drop, normal drop, sheer drop, and normal drop again. Make sure it is an open track, and not a tube track. After the first drop, it will fly off the track and crash.     Build the shuttle loop roller coaster and change the speed to 60 mph to send the people on the ride soaring through the air and then crashing to the ground.     Build the shuttle loop roller coaster and increase the speed to 60 mph. The coaster will launch off the track.     Research until you get the Steel Coaster or Corkscrew Coaster. Build a station, and then behind it, build a sheer incline with a chain. Put a sheer incline at the other end of the station to make the coaster appear to come back down. Set the mode to reverse-incline and open it. The coaster will go backwards up, and when it gets to the last track it will continue to be pushed by the chain and be forced over the edge of the last track.     To kill guests on any roller coaster, make it go high up, drop down, then up again. When it goes up again, do not build a crank. End the roller coaster. Make it so there are as many trains as possible, but with only one car. When the roller coaster goes down, it will not make it up the hill, and will slam into the next car. It will then explode, killing the guests.     Make a shuttle launch ride, and for one part do not add any track. Make about four stations and ten track, and they will fly off leading them to their deaths.    To kill a guest, make a path and put in one hedge maze. Make it so hedges, etc. cover the exit. When there are a lot of people on it, delete the ride. Then, make water where guests are standing and they will drown.  

Multiple Names

You can have more than one person with the same name (which works well when using the cheats) by changing the capitalization of various letters. For example Chris Sawyer can be used on another person by making all letters lower or upper case (chris sawyer and CHRIS SAWYER).

Mega Park

Successfully complete all levels to unlock the Mega Park.

Prevent Guests From Getting Lost

In big levels such as Diamond Heights and Evergreen Gardens, build two to three Observation Towers. Less guests will become lost.

Helping Sick Guests

Place plenty of benches near the roller coaster exit paths. Sick guests will sit there after the ride, allowing them to eventually feel better. Also place benches by snack bars. Pick up sick guests and let them sit like that for a while.

Clapping Guests

Before you complete a mission go to a location that has a lot of guests. When the mission is over they will all start to clap.

Torture Guests

Create an incredibly long path that leads to nowhere. When you have lots of guests walking on the path, delete a square at the beginning so that if they try to go back they will find themselves trapped. They will be forced to do nothing but walk back and forth endlessly. Wait until they are exhausted and have to go to the bathroom. When they cannot stand it anymore, add a couple of benches, one bathroom, and one restaurant. Watch how desperate they are to eat, sit, and use the bathroom. When they have used the bathroom and eaten and rested, delete the benches, restaurant, and bathroom. Watch them suffer all over again. Repeat every so often. For added fun, have paths lead to each other haphazardly, so they do not know where they are going. Make the paths cover the entire park area. The guests will be thoroughly confused, tired, and miserable. Open up a single bathroom at the end of a long, winding, zigzag path after several guests are running around holding their stomachs. Wait until they are all hunched over with misery and fatigue, then suddenly put up a cotton candy or popcorn stand (but do not wait so long that you no longer have any funds remaining). Suddenly, you will see all the guests walking around with cotton candy and popcorn. During the game you may encounter objectives that require you to have a certain amount of guests. Use the following trick to have fun during the process and torture your guests. To keep your guests, make a hole at the "Exit" station. All of your guests will fall into the hole and have no other option but to stay in your park. However, this will make your guests unhappy, hungry, etc. Raise a small area of land and put water all around it. Find the sickest guest in your park put them, on the land, and fill it up with entertainers. Build at least a 5x5 island with or without restaurants, bathrooms, stalls, etc. And after you do that, go through your guests, find some really mad ones, and put them there.

Trap Guests

Buy construction rights outside of your land and immediately adjacent. Build a path in the air over that piece of land, and then lead it downwards to a main path in your park. Leave the path building window up. When lots of people are on the path outside your park limits, delete the path that they are walking on. They will fall onto the ground outside your park and will be stuck on one square of land. Note: Do not pick them up if you wish them to stay there.

Angry Guests

Click on a guest and leave it on for a long time. He will get very angry.

Luring Guests

Put a "No Entry" sign where you want guests. All your guests will rush into that location.

Get Rid Of Guests Without Dropping Park Rating

Build an underground path, let guests go on it, then delete it. The guests fall down into the ground.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Roller Coaster Tycoon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Roller Coaster Tycoon yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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