Sonic Heroes PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Sonic Heroes PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg




Press Left, Up, Up, Left.

Metal Paint

Hold down X & Triangle buttons at the same time after you select the level, until you see the teams talk to each other. This is only avalible in 2 player mode.


We have no unlockables for Sonic Heroes yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Charmy's Wall Climb

When flying near a wall as Team Chaotix in any level, rapidy press the X and square buttons repeatedly and move toward the wall. This should make you use thunder shoot as you quickly fly upward. If you do this enough times, Charmy should do the attack that he does when he's alone, and you should start over on your flying, starting at the point you used the atack. Do that enough times, and you should start to climb up the wall. This mostly leads to a glitch area and/or a trap. For example, on Egg Fleet, I tried this to go past the goal ring. It took a long time and I had to go very high, but when I made it, I found that restarting or quitting are the only 2 ways out!

How To Get The 7 Chaos Emralds Quick

It's easy 1st choose team chaotix and beat the mission w/ An emerald. Next at the stage with the emerald as you are chasing it hold down the square button and you'd get the emerald quicker.

Tornado Jump Blitz

Here is another way to do the Tornado Jump. Change into speed formation when in front of a pole. If your speed character is Level 3 do a homing attack at the pole and it will have the same affect as the tornadoes.

High Flying Team Rose

I'm sure you probably already know this, but when playing with Team Rose in speed formation, hold down the Jump button(X) and Amy will momentarily sustain flight by spinning around with her hammer like a helicopter. The reason only Team Rose can do this is because Amy cannot do a Triangle Jump.

Laser Invincible

Team Chaotix has the advantage when it comes to lasers. Have Espio turn invisible and just simply walk through it without a care.

Knuckles Move

Hit square as knuckles. Then jump and hit square in the air.

Espio Invisible

To turn espio invisible, jump and hit square in the air.

Espio's Magic Trick

When playing with team Chaotix, push A+B to make Espio invisible.

Two-player Expert Race

Collect 120 emblems in the story or challenge modes to unlock the two-player expert race.

Two-player Quick Race

Collect 100 emblems in the story or challenge modes to unlock the two-player quick race.

Two-player Bobsled Race

Collect 80 emblems in the story or challenge modes to unlock the two-player bobsled race.

Two-player Ring Race

Collect 60 emblems in the story or challenge modes to unlock the two-player ring race.

Two-player Special Stage

Collect 40 emblems in the story or challenge modes to unlock the two-player special stage.

Two-player Team Battle

Collect 20 emblems in the story or challenge modes to unlock the two-player team battle.

Robot Storm - Boss Battle 6

This is another long boss battle with 13 waves of enemies.

    Wave 1- Air bots. Once again, use Sonic Bounce or Tail's thundershoot. Sonic   seems to have this strange tendency to jump right off to his death in this   battle, so bounce around slowly and with caution.      Wave 2- Easy peasy Ground bots. Knuckles is your man.        Wave 3- Stand on the box and while using Knuckles, throw either Sonic or Tails at   the formation.        Wave 4- Flip the Turtle Bots like before.        Wave 5- Ground bots that use gunfire. Stand on the box as Knuckles and attack   from there.        Wave 6- This is like a rest stop. Easy enemies that die fast.        Wave 7- Destroy the gunners quickly first and then go nutzoid with Knuckles.        Wave 8 - Stay close to the Hammer bot so you won't get hit by it's spinning   attack and punch, punch, punch through everything he throws at you.         Wave 9- 3 Big but unprotected Hammer Bots. Stay close and hit them before they   can properly attack.         Wave 10- Troublesome air formation. Use Tails to fly above their gun fire and use   Thundershoot to take them out quickly.        Wave 11- Team Blast is a good thing to use to get rid of the trains.        Wave 12- Red bots aren't much trouble. But some can fire at you.        Wave 13- Quickly target the Big Hammer bot and punch away. This is  the last battle, so use Team Blast as soon as you get it.  

Team Dark - Boss Battle 5

Use Sonic's tornado spin to deal with the air formation once again. Use the tornado spin in the middle of the platform until it's all over. If this doesn't work (it won't, all of the time) simply use Knuckles to attack them. If you aren't fast enough, they will use Chaos Control. Use the Team Blast trick if you are down to one character (if other characters are knocked off the edge) to bring them back to life.

Robot Carnival - Boss Battle 3

This gets a little rough. This boss battle features 12, count em, 12 different waves.

1st Wave- Have Sonic bounce on them or use Knuckles Thundershoot against the   Airbots  2nd Wave- Same as Wave 1.  3rd Wave- Groundbots are added to the mix and easily destroyed with Knuckles. You   can use the springs at the bottom if som bots are too high.  4th Wave- Use Tails to destroy the air formation.   5th Wave- 4 Airbots. Same method as Wave 1, but Thundershoot works best.  6th Wave- Use Tails first to detroy the air units and then switch to Knuckle s to   detroy shielded robots.  7th Wave- Same as Wave 1.   8th Wave- Same as Wave 1 with easily destroyed air units, but watch out for the   grapplers.  9th Wave- Team Blast is effective against the Turtle Bots  10th Wave- Same as Wave 1.  11th Wave- The Turtle Bots are tougher, so flip and destroy them before using   Knuckles to destroy the shield carriers. Homing isn't effective so use   Thundershoot.  12th Wave- Use Team Blast. If you don't have it, just jump up the spring with   Tails and grab the one at the top.  

Team Rose - Boss Battle 2

When Team Rose goes into formation, select Sonic and use the Tornado spin. You can finish them off within 20 seconds if you continue using this attack.

Bring Fallen Characters Back To Life

If characters are lost during battle, use Team Blast (once you earn it) to bring them back from the dead.

Easter eggs

Egg Albatross - Boss Battle 4

Immediately dash to the albatross, ignoring the 3 sentry robots and attack the left wing with the homing attack to destroy the cannons. Once the cannons are destroyed, the wings life bar will be revealed. Keep attacking the wing with the homing atacks until the wing is taken down. After the cutscene, select Sonic and dash towards the Albatross, using the homing attack on the Fan and repeatedly bounce on it. This way you won't lose your target or have the need to keep chasing it After the fan is destroyed , you must work your way up to the many cockpits. Bounce until you reach the one at the front which is of course, Eggman's. Destroy it to defeat the stage.

Beating Egg Hawk - Boss Battle 1

Start by dashing towards the Egg Hawk, collecting rings on your way. Wait until it stops at the open ground area and starts it's rotary attacks. Select Knuckles and attack the square button next to it until the Egg Hawk blows up.


We have no glitches for Sonic Heroes yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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