Summoner 2 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Summoner 2 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Secrets/Sidequests Outline FAQ

@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@ @ @@ @ @ @ @ @@ @ @ @@ @@ @@@ @@ @@ @@@ @@@ @ @@@ @@@ @ @@@ @@ @ @@ @@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@ @@@@ @ @@@ @@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@ @ @@ @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@ @@@@ @@@ @ @@ @@ @@@ @@ @@@@@ @ @@ @@@ @@ @ @@@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @ @@ @@ @@@@@ @ @@ @@@ @@ @ @@@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @ @ @ @@ @ @ @@ @@ @ @e @ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @ @ @ @@ @ @ @@@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @ @ @ @@ @ @@@@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @ @@ @ @@@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @ @@ @ @@ @@ @@ @ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@ @ @ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @ @@ @@@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@@@@ @@ @@ @@@@@@ @@ @@@@@@ @@@@@ @@ @ @@ @@ @ @@ @@@@ @@ @@ @@@@@ @@ @@@@ @@@@@ @ @ @@ @ @ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ ____________ /____________/ / / / / / / / / __/ /_/ /___ /___________/ Game : Summoner 2 Genre : RPG Developer : Volition Publisher : THQ Platform : Playstation 2 Release Date : 9/20/2002 NA; 10/25/2002 EU FAQ Author : Isaac Velando (BlackKnightVirgil) Version : 1.4 First Begun: 9-27-2002 Version Completed: 10-18-2002 Summoner 2 Secrets/Sidequests Outline FAQ V1.4 Copyright 2002 Isaac Velando Legal: This document is protected by US Copyright Law. It is for private and personal use only and cannot be reproduced in any way shape or form unless specifically privileged by the author of this FAQ. This is a public document that cannot be used for personal gain such as selling or giving it away. Without my permission, this FAQ cannot be altered or published by anybody or anything. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Isaac Velando and may be found at all listed sites below. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein. Remember, plagiarism is a crime and is punishable by law. If you would like to place this guide on your website, contact me and please ask before you post it, thanks. The following sites have A) My permission to post my FAQ related to Summoner 2 (summoner_2_secrets.txt) and all future updates of it on their site, B) The requirment to give me appropriate credit by any means related to me (i.e. user name, full name, e-mail adress, or under any form that I do not forbid), and C) The requirment to not violate any of the above legal terms. The following sites... A) Do not have my permission to post my FAQ related to Summoner 2 (summoner_2_secrets.txt) and all future updates of it on their site currently, and B) Have the ability to discuss terms upon which I might allow them permission to post the FAQ (summoner_2_secrets.txt) on their site. The Summoner series is (c) Volition, (c) THQ and (c) SCEA This guide is a basic outline of the various secrets and sidequests of Summoner 2. For the most part I skimmed the information down to the basics of what will be the required knowledge to solve each quest mentioned here. As I continue to replay and take down notes, this FAQ will be updated with more and more sidequests and quest solutions. I will organize this FAQ into categories depending on what information I can provide. Please note that there will be various spoilers here and those of you who wish to avoid that should leave this FAQ right now, however I must assure you it would be required to create this FAQ well. I have given credit to all members of the message board who have helped me by generously presenting me with new and helpful information. Please continue to check back here for updates and newer versions as they are created, and I hope that everybody can benefit from this FAQ. Thanks. ++++++++++ Table of Contents ++++++++++ A) Optional Quests/Main Quests 1. =Wyrm Offerings of Teomura 2. =Wyrmlord's Treasure 3. =Wyrmlord Quiz Answers 4. =Munari God Offerings 5. =Captain Heoma's Beacon 6. =Gadjama's Bordril 7. =Ghost Monkeys 8. =Giving Money To Halassar 9. =Petitioners 10. =Tangul/Palujl 11. =Osoke the Guinea Pig Experimental Vial Locations 12. =Mugolo's Shop 13. =Laboratory Codes 14. =Adytum of Unseen Gem 15. =Seed Planting Locations 16. =Fertilizer Locations 17. =Paper Circles 18. =Poison Ingredient Locations 19. =Marlak's Arrowheads 20. =Gladiator Valareth 21. =King of Talas 22. =Spirit Vellium 23. =White Lady Gong Puzzle 24. =Crown of Isaris 25. =Vandal Mask 26. =Pieces of Iari 27. =Freeing Taurgis 28. =Paludal's Foundary 29. =Paludal's Lemurs 30. =Dream of Eleh 31. =The 4 lvl 1 Summoning Stones 32. =The 4 lvl 2 Summoning Stones 33. =The 4 lvl 3 Summoning Stones 34. =13th Guardian B) Tricks and Informational Tidbits 1. ="INVUL" Trick 2. =Miridan's Pass Creature 3. =Battle of Miridan's Pass Tactics 4. =Magic Circles 5. =Magic Circle/Flaming Cutlass Easter Eggs 6. =Extreme Leveling 7. =All You Need to Know About Gems 8. =Double Soul Consume 9. =Arena Money Glitch 10. =Getting Through the Tower of Ancient Ones 11. =Free Money! 12. =M. Iari's Skills 13. =Monster List C) Bosses 1. =Defeating Pirate Captain 2. =Defeating Krobelus (First Time) 3. =Defeating Azraman 4. =Defeating Xaoset 5. =Defeating Ezuran 6. =Defeating Vandal and Nepenthes 7. =Defeating Ushandul 8. =Defeating Paludal 9. =Defeating Sharangir 10. =Defeating Kargathalon S P O I L E R S - S P O I L E R S (BEGIN) 11. =Defeating Imarbeth IX 12. =Defeating Krobelus (Final Time) 13. =Defeating Sudama Kir 14. =Defeating Rosalind 15. =Defeating Tempest S P O I L E R S - S P O I L E R S (END) D) Frequently Asked Questions E) Bugs 1. =Neru's Tiger Stance 2. =Constant Crashing Of Game 3. =Healers Bug 4. =Arena Cash Bug 5. =Summoning Color Glitch 6. =Bordril Glitch 7. =Imarbeth Glitch F) Words of Advice for Playing G) Weird Statistics H) Thanks Note: If you are having difficulty finding something try to hit ctrl+f in order to activate the find option. Then type the title of the section from the above list (including the =; i.e. if you see in the Table of Contents: 10. =Defeating Kargathalon then type in ctrl+f and =Defeating Kargathalon), otherwise you can just type in a random keyword such as Ohmedilosi or Grand Senschal. ++++++++++ Revision History ++++++++++ 10/02/2002 v.1.0: -Initial release completed and sent in 10/05/2002 v.1.1: -Added Introductions to Sections A, B, and C -Added "D) Frequently Asked Questions" Section to FAQ -Added "F) Words of Advice for Playing" Section to FAQ -Added "G) Weird Statistics" Section to FAQ -Added "Freeing Taurgis" -Added "Adytum of Unseen Gem" -Added "Captain Heoma's Beacon" -Added "Gadjama's Bordril" -Added "Ghost Monkeys" -Added "Marlak's Arrowheads" -Added "Gladiator Valareth" -Added "King of Talas", Modified "Munari God Offerings" accordingly -Added "Poison Ingredient Locations" -Added "Dream of Eleh" -Added "Extreme Leveling" -Added "All You Need to Know About Gems" -Modified "Giving Money To Hallasar" 10/05/2002 v1.2: -Fixed Section Marking Problem 10/11/2002 v1.3: -Added "Double Soul Consume" -Added "Defeating Xaoset" -Added Some Spoiler Warnings -Added "Arena Money Glitch" -Added "Getting Through the Tower of Ancient Ones" -Added "M. Iari's Skills" and added same info to "Defeating Tempest" -Added "Miridan's Pass Creature" -Added "The 4 lvl 2 Summoning Stones" -Added "The 4 lvl 1 Summoning Stones" -Added "Bordril Glitch" (Added in two sections) -Renamed "A) Optional Quests" to "A) Optional Quests/Main Quests" -Modified "Pieces of Iari" -Modified Legal section, added approved site list -Modified "Extreme Leveling" -Modified "E) Bugs" Section -Modified "G) Weird Statistics" Section -Modified "The 4 lvl 3 Summoning Stones" -Modified "13th Guardian" -Corrected "All You Need to Know About Gems" 10/14/2002 v1.31: -Modified Legal section, added disapproved site list -Modified Legal section, added several approved sites -Modified "E) Bugs" Section 10/16/2002 v1.32: -Corrected "Wyrmlord's Treasure" 10/18/2002 v1.4: -Added "Monster List" -Mofified Table of Contents -Corrected Title of "Defeating Ezuran" ++++++++++ Contact Information ++++++++++ E-mail: [email protected] Message Board Name: BlackKnightVirgil AIM Screename: Malitionist0090 AIM Hours: Generally 3:00-9:00 PM (GTM-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) though some days I may not be on at some point during this time period If you would like to submit to me by any means of contact corrections, information, or anything that you see fit, you may do so. If I post something in this FAQ, all credit will be entered and if I decline information, I will reply to you the specific reason why. Any questions may be asked and if you would like the question and answer to be posted here, then please specify so. By the way I do in fact appreciate any spelling mistakes, but because of the format of this FAQ don't comment on grammar unless such mistakes make the FAQ unreadable. ++++++++++ A) Optional Quests/Main Quests ++++++++++ Please note that I did not cover every single optional quest in the game, however I have covered the ones I found to be the most important and complicated and the ones I found difficult myself, as well as others on the message board. If you need further information on certain quests or think more quests should be added, then please see the contact information section for information on how to contact me; remember that all information submitted will be credited. ==========Wyrm Offerings of Teomura -Wyrm of Vengance needs Wyrm?s Claw (Use mask gotten from Sharangir at Temple of Archons) -Wyrm of Songs needs Wyrm?s Tongue (In House of Azure in Munari City, there is a bartender who needs a worshipper, and at the Goddess of Ice Shrine, there is someone who needs a god to talk to, talk to both of them and talk to them at the House of Azure. Go back to the Goddess of Ice Shrine and a new person will be there saying to they will kill the new god. Go warn the Bartender and she will leave and give you the Wyrm?s Tongue) -Wyrm of Luck needs Wyrm?s Tooth (Find all the ghost monkeys in Munari city(see Ghost Monkeys section), go to Miridan?s Pass and chase the poachers to another Monkey Cage while killing the poachers, and release both monkey cages to get the Wyrm?s Tooth) -Wyrm of Vigilance needs Wyrm?s Eye (In a crate beneath the pirate?s cabin on Teomura on the wooden bridge) -Wyrm of Wisdon needs Wyrm?s Egg (Mas Raldo gives it to you in Munari City) CREDIT TO: empressshiua and Motoki ==========Wyrmlord's Treasure -4 Sacrifices -City of Archons for Ivory Case (Wear certain mask, talk to Archons) -Teomora for Gold Case (Search Neru?s Lair) -Ruins of Hopiris for Wooden Case (Kill Xaoset; see defeating Xaoset section) -Indanbul for Iron Case (Pick lock on locked door past rooftop sentries; take a right from the start and run up the side of the mountain, fight past all rooftop sentries and find a locked door) ==========Wyrmlord Quiz Answers -2 questions per sacrifice -Correct on both gets you sacrificed item -Ivory case use answers 3 and 4 -Iron case use answers 1 and 3 -Gold case use answers 4 and 1 -Wooden case use answers 2 and 4 CREDIT TO: Crimson Phantom ==========Munari God Offerings -Darkness: Hood of Insight -Silence: Thought Collector -Sun: Perfect Orange -Walls: Cannon Shell -Ice: Tusk Wolf Pelt, Wolf Sagas -Whirlpools: Tiny Aquarium (Yields +20 Strength) -Floods: Ohmedilosi -Waterspouts: Magic Dictionary -Lightning: Lightning Shard (Yields Nuntara's Spear) ==========Captain Heoma's Beacon -Go to top of long spiraling path on Teomura Island wear you may have lit beacon w/ Flaming Cutlass (or fire spells) -Search mouth of bust after you receive quest -4000 gold is reward ==========Gadjama's Bordril -After receiving Bordril, you can have the man near the green door inspect it and offer 12,000 for it, but says he doesn't have money -Talk to Gadjama, he offers to sell it for about 6000 gold, decline and have him pay you back in interest -If you sell it, the man offering 12,000 disappears (scam) and if you declined, he says he would have sold it to you for 12,000 -Can also show to Faelin The Court Musician for a song, and ring, further outcomes unknown ==========Ghost Monkeys -Must capture 4 ghost monkeys -By the pool to the god in the harbor district -Behind the vendor's stall in the area below where you get the quest, near green door. -Down by where you take the pod to the university district. -In Mas Raldo's house, located on far side of bed, entrance to far side difficult to see, search extensively -(See Wyrm Offerings of Teomura section for further details) ==========Giving Money To Halassar -Give to General Khosi, Dama Vas, Dama Elana, Provost Yakanat, Dama Chiru, and Grand Senschal -Give money to everyone as much as possible -Rewards are extremely beneficial ==========Petitioners -Answer all petitioners -Be lenient, but not too lenient -If money is needed, pay highest option -Rewards are extremely beneficial ==========Tangul/Palujl -Pay each 5000 -Talk to third person -Find Tangul/Palujl at Indanbul -Find Irabani Stone at Teomura under Ramibrus V Wyrmlord bust ==========Osoke the Guinea Pig Experimental Vial Locations -In on the counter of House Azure -In the Bibliopolis -From talking to Osoke by Mas Zalur -The ruins of Hopiris inside by the poison lab -On the top right counter in the Munari University lab CREDIT TO: Crimson Phantom ==========Mugolo's Shop -Pay Mugolo 3000 gold -Search Mas Urabi?s room for ledger -Read pillars after riding boat to end in Hopiris (To Grotto Shrine) ==========Laboratory Codes Note: Three of the five code sheet locations remain unknown, however it is known that they are located either from a guy in Munari city at the little side bar, possibly House of Soleil (Not House of Azure), from the box of cases in the Laboratory, or stolen from the locked case area in the professor?s home] -Gain access to Laboratory by picking lock in Mas Zalur's cabinet in his house and use Laboratory Key -The Stabilizer code is (Circle, Square, Triangle, X)-Bonus: Unknown -The Buoyancy code is (Triangle, Square, Circle, Square) -Bonus: Max AP+10 -The Condenser Code is (X, Circle, X, Triangle) -Bonus: Skill Points+1 [Obtained in the Bibliopolis] -The Study Code is (Square, Square, Circle, X) -Bonus: Max HP+10 -The Perpetua code is (Triangle, X, square, Triangle) -Bonus: Unknown [Obtained from getting all 5 experimental vials and giving to the "lab rat"] CREDIT TO: Crimson Phantom ==========Adytum of Unseen Gem -Take Rough Crystal up to crystal cutter for Blue Gem -Find Red Crystal at top of "Planetarium" -Find Green Crystal in one of doors in the "Cell Chamber" -Insert all into consoles in final room of Adytum of The Unseen Level 1 -Take golem to console and activate for Purple Gem -Use Purple Gem at console near "Circle of Light" ==========Seed Planting Locations -Receive at Hopiris Poison Mixing Room -Eleh Cave Beginning- Gramarye -Mirdian Pass Near Creature- Sinewgrass -Indanbul Bottom Floor- Rathmoss -Hopiris Beginning at Crow- Scarabee -Teomora Near Ship- Ubenna's Bolt ==========Fertilizer Locations 1) Sinewgrass + Heart of Arxes (Found in Imperial Sepulchre, open gate and check chest in back) 2) Scarabee + Dung Beetles (In a mine cart at bottom of Indanbul Prison) 3) Ubenna's Bolt + Nuntara's Spear (Pick lock for cabinet at Mas Zalur?s house, open lab, take Empty Canister, go to Teomura Lightning Trap, use canister when trap activates to get Lightning Shard, take to Munari City and sacrifice to Lightning God) 4) Gramarye + Aamur's Blue Dust (Pay 12000 gold to Areon outside of Arena for Blue Dust and +2 Ice Skill) 5) Rathmoss + Wardstone (Near path to White Lady Gong Puzzle, there is crack in the stone wall (not mountain wall), check that for Wardstone) CREDIT TO: Crimson Phantom ==========Paper Circles -Use at Hopiris Poison Room for new poison formulas -#1=Neru?s Palace -#2=Halassar palace library -#3=Poison mixing room in Hopiris -#4=Bibliopolis -#5-Mas Zalur's House (CREDIT TO: Gundam4fun) -#6-(Not Paper Circle) Kill Xaoset for Venom Formula ==========Poison Ingredient Locations -One formula per skill in Sangaril's Poison Menu -Only Venom Formula (Deadly Venom) can be created over and over and is limited (Deadly Venom only used when poison is made) -All others are made once and are unlimited (permanent effect) -Asphyxia: Aphasian Ray (Buy from vendor near Mas Raldo's house, 10 Gold) and Water From Ramuli's Shrine (Use empty vial from Poison Mixing Room on either God of Silence or God of Darkness shrine) -Deadly Venom: Spineglass (Buy from vendor near Mas Raldo's house, 10,000 Gold) and Voidstone (Kill creatures from Vandal's Ruins) -Nightshade: Lurksquid Ink (Talk to bartender at House of Azure) and Water From Sekkap's Shrine (Use empty vial from Poison Mixing Room on either God of Silence or God of Darkness shrine) -Lunaticia: Amok's Bane (Search Inner-Arena area during any Arena battle on wooden bridge near waterfall) and Green Eye (Kill a Tusk Wolf) -Snake Poison: Sea Wasp Venom (Find in Poison Mixing Room) and Lamia Coral (Also found in Poison Mixing Room) -Mind Fungus: Ataraxia (Buy from vendor near Mas Raldo's house, 10 gold) and Brainworm (Kill Tree Sentinels in Teomura) ==========Marlak's Arrowheads -Asks for Arrowheads -Enter Ruins of Hopiris, talk to bird, and take boat down once -Investigate pillars nearest to you to find arrowheads -Return to Marlak for Sangaril Bow Skill improvement ==========Gladiator Valareth -Seeks a disciple, improves Sword Skill for free -In Grotto of Hopir, find Siran, disciple searching for master, tell him of Valareth -Speak to Valareth ==========King of Talas -Needs an Atlas to get back home -Find Atlas at Bibliopolis -Give to Talas, receive Ohmedilosi(see Munari God Offerings section) ==========Spirit Vellium -Find at base of arena -Find by wearing mask at Temple of Archons -Find at Bibliopolis ==========White Lady Gong Puzzle -First Section: Red, Yellow, Blue -Second Section: Orange, Green, Yellow, Red -Third Section: Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green CREDIT TO: Crimson Phantom ==========Crown of Isaris -Get Tome of Isaris from Halassar Palace Library -Throw Crown of Isaris down endless pit in the beginning of the right path in Eleh Caverns ==========Vandal Mask -When at Temple of The Archons, talk with archons with green masks -Wear Vandal Mask for Mini Aquarium -Wear Vandal Mask for Dream Song ==========Pieces of Iari -Use Vandal?s Key on locked chest in Bibliopolis -Buy from Chrysopomp in Temple of Archons who sales other things for 160 gold -Talk to one of the Perduellion at The Wheel of Perduellion with Perduellion Mask -Talk to Justiciar at Tribunal with Tribunal Mask equipped -At the beginning of Temple of Archons, examine the two statues that 'Glimmer' or 'Shine' and then investigate the bust inbetween them. Refer the following ascii map. Note that you must be exactly as you are standing to have a good idea of what I am referring to; in other words go to some other area in the City of Masks and then go to the Temple of Archons but do not move, your TV screen is the following diagram: ___________________ |A 1 3 B|A, B, C, D=Busts |2 4|1, 2=Statues that Must be Investigated | |3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8=Statues to Ignore | | | | | | |8 5| |C_7____________6_D| Now investigate Statues 1 and 2 and a scene should occur with Bust A, investigate Bust A ==========Freeing Taurgis -Play the game of Vandal and Nepenthes and then defeat them -See Boss Section for battle details -Give Vandal Mask (Quest Item) to one of the Archons at top of Temple of Archons ==========Paludal's Foundary -Use molds with gems and mud to create weapons -Sword Mold Location: Defeat Paludal -Crossbow Mold Location: Wear Red Mask and speak to man in Red Mask in first room of the Temple of Archons -2-H Sword Location: See Paludal?s Lemurs -Axe Mold Location: Defeat Sharangir -Staff Mold Location: Defeat Imarbeth IX -Hammer Mold Location: See Paludal?s Lemurs -Gems created by Morbazan?s Soul Comsumption -100 souls max for each soul type on Morbazon -For every 10 souls, 1 higher level of gem can be created -White-Redemption -Green-Soul Search -Red-Vitalize -Yellow-Haste -Black-Soul Transfer -Orange-Infreno -Blue- Urath's Prayer -Purple-Beguile GEM/SOUL TYPE CREDIT TO: Majin Auron MOLD LOCATIONS CREDIT TO: Orion16 ==========Paludal's Lemurs -Use either Rocarina or Maremango -For Rocarina, don?t kill Rococros and release lemurs to be fed to Rococros, then play Rocarina for Rococros and get 2-HSword Mold -For Maremango, open gate and kill Rococros, then feed lemurs Maremango and then release them for Hammer Mold -Both get a mold, cannot get both ==========Dream of Eleh -There are 3 items which you should get -There is Summoner Band (+2 Summoning) behind the same fake wall where in castle you found Khanda, in a corner, you see door symbol -At the base of the Tree of Eleh there is a Stamina Talisman -In the little corner across from the one where you found the Summoner Band there is a chest containing a Speed Talisman ==========The 4 lvl 1 Summoning Stones -Teomura Island (Mandatory) -Imperial Sepulchre (Mandatory) -During Azraman Battle (Mandatory) -Adytum of The Unseens lvl 2 (Mandatory) ==========The 4 lvl 2 Summoning Stones -Tree of Eleh, Maia's portion (Mandatory) -Bibliopolis (Mandatory) -Paludal's Lair (Where you fight him, can be missed, don't overlook it behind a hidden wall) -Tower of The Ancient Ones (Mandatory ==========The 4 lvl 3 Summoning Stones -Obelisk in Munari City (Must have Obelisk item from Bibliopolis) -Adytum of The Unseen (Room where you might have fought the Blood lvl 1 Summon earlier in the game) -Tamirith Citadel (Mandatory) -Play Dream Song for Faelin (Solve the Wyrmlord?s Treasure Quests, get the Vandal Mask (From Teomura), and talk to an Archon with a green mask for the Dream Song. See details on these quests near the top of this section.) ==========13th Guardian -Labyrinth of Guardians -Speak to the Bust of Lahara in your palace for passage to the Labyrinth (After Dream of Eleh) -Complete all Four Sections -Cast Destroy Undead for Ghosts -Instant Death (Deadly Venom or % Cast Death), Iari's attack, or Paralyze/Backstab on Sangaril for Sentinels. -Instant Death (Deadly Venom or % Cast Death) or Paralze/Backstab on Sangaril for Living Armors -For 'Blood' Armors, equip fire resisting items to reduce their damage or absorb it (CREDIT TO: Bombed420) -Defeat 13th Guardian (Try to summon Blood lvl 3 and constantly use dart) ++++++++++ B) Tricks and Informational Tidbits ++++++++++ This is where I include all of the little glitches, tactical information, and other little tricks in the game. If you discover anything else that should be added here or something I have left out of one of these sections then please let me know, see the contact information section at the top for details on how to contact me; remember that all information submitted will be credited. =========="INVUL" Trick -INVUL (Invulnerable) used by Rock Critters (Eleh Caverns), Nhuvusar (Tome of The Nhuvasarim) and Energy Shields used by Sharangir (Warlord Boss of Tower of The Ancient Ones) and Imarbeth IX (Mad King Boss of Tamirith Citadel) -All shields/INVUL can be pierced with Whirlwind skill and many times Death or Instant Death (Deadly Venom); Kick sometimes works ==========Miridan's Pass Creature -First time going in through Miridan's Pass (Before Eleh), look around the garden area near the lake to find the creature -You can pet and play with creature to quickly make it happy, pick it up and move it to one of three different areas (fire, lake, grass), and examine him which leads to the conclusion that you need to find nuts for him -Bitter nuts seem to highly raise stats later on in game but the creature dislikes them -Sweet nuts seem to slightly raise stats later on in the game and the creature loves eating them -Regular nuts seem to fairly raise stats later on in the game and the creature is okay with eating them -If too many sweet nuts are fed, the creature may fall asleep, in which case you leave him in the grass until he wakes up -Putting him near fire until he is overheating raises fire resistance later on in the game -Putting him in lake until he is freezing raises cold resistance later on in the game -If he overheats/freezes put him in the opposite climate (overheats=lake, freezes=fire) -I recommend you put him through the fire/lake about 4-5 times total, feed him about 5 of each nut, and play/pet him each time you talk to him -When you are ready to leave, put him in the grass and go; if you return here before going to Eleh and you see the creature jumping up and down before you talk to him or even get near him, then he should assist you later on in the game -Later on in the game during the Battle of Miridan's Pass, if you speak with the creature prior to the battle then he will join you supposing you were kind to him earlier in the game as well as giving you a Strength Talisman (only one, +50 str) -If you were cruel to him like feeding him too many bitter nuts and leaving him in one climate or totally neglecting him, he opposes you during the Battle of Miridan's Pass and will not give you the Strength Talisman -During the battle if you want him empowered, hastened, and healed, you must have a computer controlled healer do it since you cannot select the creature; the creature appearently has the ability to die during the battle but has not happened to me thus far, and after the battle is over he will be in the back of his cave (behind the boulder) ==========Battle of Miridan's Pass Tactics -6 possible rewards, dependant on how many flags you kept; -Boost Band (Level 20), Stealth Mastery Ring (Always in Stealth), Regen Band (Regen Level 6), Absorb Ring (Energy Shield),Ice Shield Ring (Ice Shield), Fire Shield Ring (Fire Shield) -Battle: -Buy Hawkwood?s mercenaries in Munari City (Talk to Pava at Arena, Buy Mercenaries for 7000 gold) -If you treated the creature at the garden nicely, talk to him before battle for him to join you (Minor help) -Send all troops to Location>Galdyr Gate, then go Solo Mode and send 2 of your party members to Galdyr Gate and make one go to Khosi -At beginning of battle, switch to party member near Galdyr Gate to keep enemies concentrated there, then use Vizier?s Token on character near Khosi to transport to Galdyr Yellow or Galdyr Green flag, then join battle CREDIT TO: Ein Valentine ==========Magic Circles -Use at Nhauvasarihm at circle (Center of six thrones) -#1=Halassar Palace Library (Bonus: +2 Skill Points) -#2=Yago?s Home in Eleh Caverns (Bonus: Permanently Raise HP/AP) -#3=Temple of Archons (Bonus: Permanently Raises Magic Defense) -#4=Tome of Nhuvasarim (Bonus: Permanently Raise Concentration) -#5=Battle With King Imarbeth IX (Bonus: Party Gains 25,000 XP) (BONUSES CREDIT TO: Gundam4fun) ==========Magic Circle/Flaming Cutlass Easter Eggs -At the beginning of the game, save the Flaming Cutlass from the Pirate Captain Boss -Enter Tome of Nhuvasarim and fight until you reach the garden area -After clearing out the area, use a sword combo with the Flaming Cutlass on the meat tree that resembles Luminar (easter egg) -Use Magic Circle 2 at the Tidus statue (easter egg) -Use Magic Circle 1 at the Machival statue (easter egg) ==========Extreme Leveling -Until about level 18-20 fight in The Tome of The Nhuvasarim -After level 20, enter the Survival Mode of the Arena so as long as your team can sustain itself for a long time and you have the 13th Guardian. -Around wave 250 enemies get too hard to kill, so rely on Destroy Undead (Necromancy) or the 13th Guardian's automatic chance to cast death when you attack (If you have Killing Blow, combine that with the chance to cast death for a high killing rate) -Around wave 500-800 you might get 500,000-1,000,000 XP+ and around wave 250-499 you may get about 30,000-100,000+ -You might level to 35 and past during extended fighting period using this method. -Other methods of killing include normally using the 13th Guardian's combo for death chances, summoning Sand lvl 3 and using a Leg Sweep/Backstab combo, or if you have Sangaril use a Paralyze/Backstab combo. Casting Death or Destroy Undead can also work. ==========All You Need to Know About Gems -In advance I would like to thank kiah heavily for this immense amount of information regarding gems. -In advance I do realize that some of this information is in the Paludal's Foundary section however since this includes everything imaginable about gems I figured I'd compile everything right here in one section. -Gems have two functions: Primary stat boosters for Iari, and weapon enhancers at the foundary. Soul consumption gives you 9 types of souls which can be turned into gems. It requires 10 souls per level to a maximum of 10 levels. 1) Redemption-----creates white gems 2) Soul Search----creates green gems 3) Vitalize-------creates red gems 4) Haste----------creates yellow gems 5) Soul Transfer--creates black gems 6) Inferno--------creates orange gems 7) Omen-----------creates cyan gems 8) Urath Prayer---creates blue gems 9) Beguile--------creates purple gems -Gems of various levels and types are dropped by some monsters, but the only reliable way to get the type and level you want is to forge them. Any gem you forge for Iari has three important levels; 1, 5, and 8. Level 1 tells you what the basic stat bonuses and penalties are (increase and decrease per level shown below). Level 5 adds a ward, and level 8 adds an effect. This effect will go to level 15 with the gem at level 10. Additionally, each gem level increases/decreases the bonus/penalty discovered at the first level. -WHITE: Strength -1/lvl, M Def -1/lvl, AP Regen (100% + 10%/lvl, Poison Ward at 5, and Ice Shield at 8 -GREEN: Strength -2/lvl, Defense -2/lvl, Stamina -2/lvl, Intelligence +5/lvl, Magic +10/lvl, Magic Defense +10/lvl, Sense Ward at 5, and Faith at 8 -RED: Intelligence -1/lvl, Magic Defense -2/lvl, Stamina +15/lvl!!, Defense +15/lvl, Strength Ward at 5, and Regeneration at 8 accompanied by a hit to AP Regeneration -YELLOW: Speed +30/lvl!!, Time Ward at 5, Hastened at 8 -BLACK: All Stats +3/lvl except Intelligence +2/lvl, Soul Ward at 5, Empowered at 8 -ORANGE: Strength +10/lvl, Magic +10/lvl, Death Ward at 5, Fire Shield at 8 -CYAN: Defense +10/lvl, Magic Defense +10/lvl, Magic Ward at 5, Protected at 8 -BLUE: Stamina +25/lvl!!!, Death Ward at 5, no level 8 effect -PURPLE: Stamina -3/lvl, Intelligence -2/lvl, Magic +10/lvl, Strength +10/lvl, Defense +10/lvl Magic Defense +10/lvl, Mind Ward at level 5, Energy Shield at 8 -None of the level 5 or 8 effects for Iari carry into the weapon process, but all the level 1 stat increases/decreases do. Additionally, since kiah was not able to get the 2-H sword Mold (he chose the Hammer Mold) no info on this is available right now. Each mold has a unique level and a maximum number of gems you can equip on it, regardless of how the levels add up. Also, it seems each weapon mold can only be used once, unless there's some trick to it not figured out yet. Weapon Mold Locations: -1) Crossbow Mold: Wear the Red Mask you get from Defeating the Tribunal and talk to the guy with a red mask near the teleporter as you enter the Temple of the Archons. -2) Sword Mold: Dropped by Paludal after you defeat him. -3) 2-H Sword Mold: If you help the Rococros by feeding them the Lemurs and then playing the Rocarina for them, they will leave you the mold. -4) Axe Mold: Dropped by Sharangir when you defeat him. -5) Hammer Mold: If you help the lemurs by killing all the Rococros, and then feeding them the Maremango you can find in the Friendly Mud Golem's house at the beginning of the level, go turn the power on in the next couple of buildings down the bridge, and return and open the cage. They will leave you the mold. -6) Staff Mold: Dropped by Imarbeth when you defeat him. There are 4 Muds: Burning Mud (gives Inferno effect), Crystalline Mud (gives Ice Coffin effect), Noxious Mud (gives Death effect), and Volatile Mud (gives Chain Lightning effect). Mud is 100% reusable (so no point in stocking up on Noxious Muds). Each mud's effect is 3.5%/(gem lvl) rounded, 3%, 7%, 10%, 14%, etc. Each weapon assigns different power levels (PL) to each gem's level (GL). There is also a level given to the weapon which is fairly meaningless as a number. All the gem's bonuses/penalties to stats follow exactly as listed above. Example: -Crossbow (has a level of 5--meaningless, I think, other than to say it stinks) ...Innate strength of +2 with no gems attached ...Maximum 1 gem ...Maximum power level of 10, maximum gem level of 4 GL1=PL3, GL2=PL6, GL3=PL8, GL4=PL10 (GL is gem level and PL is power level) In other words, equipping a level 1 gem (of any color) gives you a power level of 3 for the weapon. So the only way to maximize the power level of the weapon is to use a gem of level 4, and since it can only equip one gem, that's the end of the story. Let's say you used a GREEN gem of power level 4 and a noxious mud. Since the gem is level 4, it will automatically take us to the maximum power level which is 10. At level 10, GREEN gives a status penalty of -20 Strength (but Crossbow had innate strength of 2 for a total penalty of -18), a penalty of -20 to defense, -20 to stamina, +50 to Intelligence, +100 to Magic, and +100 to Magic Defense. The combined levels of the gems used in forging will determine what per-centage chance the mud's effect will have. This ranges from gem level 4 for a crossbow (4 x 3.5% = 14%) to combined gem level 14 for a staff (14 x 3.5% = 50%). Now to finish the list: -Sword ...Innate strength +10 ...Maximum 1 gem ...Maximum power level 10, maximum gem level 6 GL1=PL2, GL2=PL4, GL3=PL6, GL4=PL7, GL5=PL9, GL6=PL10 -Axe ...Innate strength +12, innate speed -20 ...Maximum 2 gems ...Maximum power level 10, maximum gem level 10 GL1=PL2, GL2=PL3 ,GL3=PL4 ,GL4=PL5 ,GL5=PL6 ,GL6=PL7 ,GL7=PL8 ,GL8=PL9 ,GL9=PL10, GL10=PL10 Note: Since you can equip 2 gems now, you can combine gems linearly to get the gem level. In other words, to get level 10 (which gives maximum power level), you can can equip one level 10 gem to make an axe or any two gems which combine to 10. By comparing the stats of the gems you can try for better effects. You can still only get 35% effect from the mud. -Hammer ...Innate Strength +12, innate speed -20 ...Maximum 2 gems ...Maximum power level 10, maximum gem level 12 GL1=PL1, GL2=PL2, GL3=PL3, GL4=PL4, GL5=PL5, GL6=PL6, GL7=PL6, GL8=PL7, GL9=PL8, GL10=PL9, GL11=PL10, GL12=PL10 Note: the only way to get gem levels above 10 is to combine two gems; now the maximum effect is 42% because combining gems takes us above the 10 level limit per gem -Staff ...Innate Strength +12, innate speed -20 ...Maximum 3 gems ...Maximum power level 10, maximum gem level 14 GL1=PL1, GL2=PL2, GL3=PL3, GL4=PL3, GL5=PL4, GL6=PL5, GL7=PL6, GL8=PL6, GL9=PL7, GL10=PL8, GL11=PL8, GL12=PL9, GL13=PL10, GL14=PL10 Note: This can take you to 50% effect with mud Let's say you want death weapons. -Crossbow has maximum of 14% death -Sword has max of 21% -Axe has max of 35% -Hammer has max of 42% -Staff has max of 50% OK, some of the percentages may be off a touch... Where do you get the souls for the best gems? Take Morbazan solo into the Tamarith Citadel (hopefully you have taken him into the arena long enough to be approaching invincible), and he can get all the best souls on his trek through. Haste is most easily done by running in circles soul consuming the zombies in Miridan's Pass. More lists such as the gems that can be stolen from monsters and the soul types you can take from monsters will sometime be added in, but for now this should be well more than enough. CREDIT TO: kiah ==========Double Soul Consume -Can take in two souls for one kill -Must have Soul Hammer (Labyrinth of Guardians) and Soul Consume (Triangle, Twilight Combat lvl 2) -With Soul Hammer equipped, kill an enemy with Soul Consume -Will recieve two souls -Seems to be random, sometimes it absorbs one soul, sometimes four souls ==========Arena Money Glitch -A helpful bug at last. It turns out if two of your characters die while one is in Ice Coffin, and you were controlling one of the dead ones, then as long as you never switch to the frozen one the enemies will never attack it. I only watched this for 70 rounds but I see no reason it won't hold beyond that. What this means is that you can leave the game on overnight and, when you are ready to play, activate the remaining character, die, and collect a wad of cash. CREDIT TO: FitzGames ==========Getting Through the Tower of Ancient Ones -The seemingly endless waves can be overwhelming, so follow the following guidelines -Weaknesses: -(Color)Purple-(Element/Spell)Energy-(Enemy's Effect)Unknown if any -(Color)Green-(Element/Spell)Dart-(Enemy's Effect)Death -(Color)Blue-(Element/Spell)Cold-(Enemy's Effect)Ice Coffin -(Color)Red-(Element/Spell)Fire-(Enemy's Effect)Inferno -Tree lvl 2 is very helpful; can ressurect fallen allies if skill is high enough with its plethora of AP and can cast all Pain Spells if skill is high enough. -Tree lvl 2 takes care of Pain Spells along with Morbazon with Pain and Ice Spells, Maia takes care of Fire Spells. ==========Free Money! -In Mas Ora's district of the Munari City go to the House of Soleil (It's the first building on your left after entering Mas Ora's district.) There will be a human standing straight in front of you asking to loan 1000 gold.Give him the loan and he gives you a bodril. Hang onto the bodril and later on he will offer to pay you back. Instead tell him you want to buy the bodril for 5000 gold. After this he will ask if you actually want to buy it, say no. You will gain a little bit of exp. and 1200 gold. DON'T LEAVE. Continue talking to him, he will keep asking you if you want to buy his bodril, keep saying no and he will give you 1200 Gold everytime. Do this repeatedly for about 10 minutes and you can get around 200,000 Gold easily. Once you leave the area though, he is gone and you can't do it again. CREDIT TO: CromeMag68 ==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS ==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS ==========M. Iari's Skills -M. Iari has a 'combat' list like the other characters do: +R1+Square = Power Shield = Seems to create a temporary shield but never seems to take any effect +R1+Triangle = Energy Disrupt= Some kind of spell disruption attack possibly, effects unknown +Triangle = Energy Attack = Like its name implies, Energy Attack deals some energy damage but not enough to be effective. +Charge Square= Power Blow = As are all other Power Blows, this quadrouples damage inflicted however seems to be less effective than the normal four pronged combo. -It usually seems that none of these are ever more effective than the above strategy and should be used for eye candy under the condition you are sure you have enough health elixers to survive the free hits you are giving the tempest. ==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS ==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS ==========Monster List ->(Munari) Pirate Drop: Teomuran Shield / Icicle Minor Scroll Steal: Action Potion Soul: Redemption ->(Sudani) Pirate Drop: Pirate Insignia Ring / Teomuran Mace Steal: Protect Minor Scroll Soul: Soul Search ->Island Ghost (Blue) Drop: Cure Potion Steal: Cure Scroll Soul: Redemption ->Island Ghost (Purple) Drop: Health Potion Steal: Revive Scroll Soul: Soul Search ->Island Ghost (Red) Drop: Fire Minor Steal: Slashing Chain(Resist Slashing+10) Soul: Vitalize ->Tree Sentinel Drop: Revive / Brain Worm(Formula Item) Steal: Mastery Chain(Int+3) Soul: Redemption ->Indubal Fiend ->Miridan Fiend Drop: Dart Minor Scroll Steal: Galdyr Boots Soul: Haste ->Grotto Tree ->Miridan Tree Drop: Nut / Bitter Nut / Sweet Nut / Health Potion Steal: Sweet Nut (Quest Item) Soul: Vitalize ->Indubal Terror Drop: Strength Chain(Str+5) / Cure Potion Steal: Galdyr Gloves Soul: Redemption ->Indubal Horror Drop: Health Potion / Energy Major Scroll Steal: Galdyr Leggings Soul: Soul Search ->Galdyran (Soldier) Drop: Short Sword / Protect Minor Scroll / Galdyran Shield Steal: Galdyr Cuirass Soul: Soul Transfer ->Galdyran (Mage) Drop: Dispel Scroll / Energy Minor Scroll Steal: Galdyr Leggings Soul: Inferno ->Hopiris Wolf Drop: Energy Minor Scroll Steal: Munari Leggings Soul: Haste ->(Neophyte) Assassin Drop: Munari Katana Steal: Ice Ring(Resist Cold+10) Soul: Soul Search ->Assassin Drop: Cure / Spiked Collar(Resist Piercing+10) Steal: Ice Ring(Resist Cold+10) Soul: Soul Search ->Unseen Guard Drop: Energy Major / 50gp Steal: Eye Covered Band(Magic Defence+10) Soul: None ->Unseen Beast Drop: Unseen Shield(resist energy+20) ->Tusk Wolf Drop: Green Wolf Eye (Quest Item) / Enchant Cold Steal: Munari Boots Soul: Soul Search ->Rock Spider Drop: Energy Major Scroll / Icicle Major Scroll Steal: Defence Amulet(Def+20) Soul: Redemption ->Alpha Wolf Drop: 300gp / Tusk Wolf Pelt (Quest Item) Steal: Bow Ring(Bow+2) Soul: None ->Eleh Parasite1 Steal:Drain Scroll Soul: Unknown ->Eleh Paracite2 Drop: Fire Protect Scroll / Action Potion Steal: C:Fire Ring(Fire+2) Soul: Unknown ->Eleh Parasite3 Drop: Health Potion / Cold Protect Scroll Steal: C:Cold Ring(Cold+2) Soul: Unknown ->(Blue) Ezuran Guard Steal: Fire Band(Resist Fire+50) ->(Red) Ezuran Guard Steal: Ice Band(Resist Ice+50) ->Deceiver Drop: Voidstone (Quest Item) / Sleep Scroll / Health Tonic ->Grub Drop: Iari Purple Gem L5 / Twilight Mace ->Grub2 Drop: Iari Blue Gem L5 / Poison Scroll ->(Orange) Sentry Drop: Fire Arm(Iari) / Health Tonic / Action Tonic Soul: Soul Search ->(Blue) Sentry Drop: Ice Arm(Iari) Soul: Soul Search ->(Purple) Sentry Drop: Focus Ring(Concen+2) / Iari Cyan Gem L5 Soul: Haste ->(Green) Sentry Drop: Iari Yellow Gem L5 Soul: Vitalize ->Kharg Warrior Drop: Sword Ring(Sword+2) Steal: Fire Guantlets(Enchant Fire) Soul: Redemption / Soul Search x2 ->Kharg Mage Drop: Rune Amulet(Magic Defence+10) Steal: Ice Guantlets(Enchant Ice) Soul: Haste ->Kharg Ranger Drop: Piercing Pendant(Resist Piercing+50) Steal: Energy Guantlets(Enchant Energy) Soul: Urath's Prayer / Beguile ->Ghoul Drop: Vitalize Steal: Willpower Ring(Willpower+2) Soul: Soul Search / Inferno ->Tamirath Tree Drop: Cure Potion Steal: Munari Gloves Soul: Vitalize ->(Orange) Living Armor Drop: ??? Steal: Parry Ring Soul: ??? ->(Blue) Living Armor Drop: Icicle Supreme Scroll Steal: Speed Ward(Necklace) Soul: Urath's Prayer ->(Purple) Living Armor Drop: ??? Steal: ??? Soul: Vitalize / Omen ->Fury Drop: Action Elixer / Explosion Scroll Steal: C:Pain Ring(Pain+2) Soul: Omen ->Nhuvasar Drop: Dart Major Scroll / Death Scroll Steal: Slashing Amulet(Resist Slashing+50) Soul: Soul Transfer / Beguile ->Spawn Drop: Health Elixer / Resurrect Scroll Steal: Poison Ring(Poison+2) Soul: Soul Search / Inferno ->Surdama Minion Drop: Health Elixer / Action Elixer / Resurrect Scroll Steal: Complete Heal Scroll Soul: Omen ->Tempest Demon Drop: Curse Major Scroll Steal: Complete Heal Scroll Soul: Redemption CREDIT TO: Upright8Infinity ++++++++++ C) Bosses ++++++++++ This is the section where I briefly outline the key points to winning on most bosses. I tried to include every primary boss I could think of off the top of my head so I probably missed some things. If you find a tip that could be very helpful on a boss fight or an entire boss fight I missed, then see the contact information section at the top on how to get in touch with me. If you would like to remind me of a certain boss fight, then you might want to send information on that boss too; remember that all information submitted will be credited. ==========Defeating Pirate Captain -Carefully read tutorials at beginning of game for info on blocking, locking on enemies, and attacking, etc. -When needed cast heal while running from Captain -Shouldn't need to use potions -Use constant Square, Square, Square combo and block when able ==========Defeating Krobelus (First Time) -Summon Blood lvl 1 and let allies take care of enemies as decoys, both will probably die eventually -Using Blood, run and attack the first two orbs five times each, then attack third orb four times leaving one hit left for its destruction -Now level down the enemies if possible and whenever a chance comes up, attempt to revive and heal fallen allies -Get as much of your party together, if all three then overcome the remaining monsters and destroy final orb -Now assault Krobelus until defeated ==========Defeating Azraman -Depending on what skills, equipment, potions, and scrolls you have this could be easy or hard -At beginning continuously combo Azraman and use health potions when required -When shield comes up do one of two things -Either way, hit him with elemental magic scrolls when his shield is down until you are out of them -A) Keep locked on Azraman until he charges past you, and then move out of the way and try to attack him, repeat -B) Run up to him while shield is up and wait about three full seconds (varies) and begin attacking, if successful right when his shield goes down you will hit him and he will reenter his shield again, after hitting once, run back and dodge him then repeat ==========Defeating Xaoset -Usually if you fight him after return from the Twilight Realm, the battle is far too easy, just hack and slash until his death -Usually if you fight him once you get the quest, things will be very difficult -One perfect way of defeating him is stocking up on energy and ice scrolls of any level and use about 5 of them on him for death -(CREDIT TO: Bombed420) Bombed420 seemingly was simply able to block, attack, block, attack, and repeat until he was defeated -Turn your back to him and guard. When he gets close (just before attack) dodge. This should place you behind him for an easy and strategic kill CREDIT FOR LAST STRATEGY TO: Upright8Infinity ==========Defeating Ezuran -Begin attacking his minions until the core is able to be damaged -Once core is able to take damage, continue attacking the core repeatedly -If more minions come, ignore them unless the core becomes invincible again ==========Defeating Vandal and Nepenthes -Attack whichever one you choose first, Vandal is the offender primarily and Nepenthes is the healer primarily -If over or around level fifteen, this battle should be easy and you should take little damage ==========Defeating Ushandul -Defeat the Logosarchs first for an easier battle, simply slash and cast at Logosarchs until they die -Assault Ushandul until he dies, this battle should be easy and you should take little damage ==========Defeating Paludal -Do not use Neru or Taurgis while fighting Paludal -5 forms: Paludal Golem, Mud Clone 1, Mud Clone 2, Mud Clone 3, Paludal Golem -In all forms attack Paludal with the weakness you gave him a few rooms back (if you forgot this, then load game and set weakness to you most powerful offense) -Paludal Golem form inflicts Nightmare on attacked targets, defeat this one quickly for best results -For all Mud Clones, attack with given weakness and set up defenses if available in accordance to Clone's attacks -If you use Neru, Neru will constantly fully heal over and over again making it nearly impossible to win; if you use Taurgis, Taurgis will also constantly fully heal over and over again making it nearly impossible to win ==========Defeating Sharangir -At beginning make Morbazan "Healer" in A.I. Script, have Maia run and close eye while other two are distracting Sharangir -Quickly summon Blood lvl 2 and close eye once again (eye opens by the time you come out of summoning) -If no other party members alive, restart, must have at least 1 alive -Use all scrolls that apply: haste, empower, protect (any level) -While eye is closed, assault Sharangir, if health drops below 400-500 move back and wait to attack eye again for hp -When attacking eye as blood, make yourself on opposite side of eye; Sharangir /?????????? | | | EYE | \__________/ Blood lvl 2 -Continue process, if Blood runs out of time, continue process as before, with Maia until can resummon or kill Sharangir -This strategy may or may not work depending on the ability of your allies to be decoys ==========Defeating Kargathalon -Follow this ASCII diagram F=Face B=Barrier B3 F B4F-------FB2 F B1 -If barriers 1 and 3 move down to reveal a clean shot to the face while remaining covered, then go through two cycles until revealing it again, then barriers 2 and 4 are the barriers that never clearly reveal the face while remaining covered -You can use barriers 1 and 3 as cover while you deal at least 100 damage to each face, however this won?t work on 2 and 4 -Forget barriers 2 and 4 and hide behind the extreme side of 1 and 3 to hit the very edge of 2 and 4?s face while keeping covered -Must deal at least 100 damage per face -Usually can stay out in the open and easily survive, however if not follow the above instructions ==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS ==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS==========SPOILERS ==========Defeating Imarbeth IX -Simply pound on him on first two forms over and over, see "INVUL" Trick section for details on how to deal with shield -On second 2 forms, if you have it, use explosion for probable instant death twice, otherwise... cast spells on him and slash him down -On second 2 forms on Maia if you have a good level of D:Fire then cast any fire spells for quick defeats ==========Defeating Krobelus (Final Time) -Assault with Neru, set Morbazan to Healer/Caster -If Neru has high holy, use all holy skills before battle, specifically Fire Protect -Use potions and scrolls as needed ==========Defeating Sudama Kir -Prepare for a long fight, get snacks and a stress ball -If at a low level, fight as many minions as you can, if at a high level, collect 4-5 health elixirs after losing all potions and run to her final area (Breaking apart of Earth) -As you chase her, quickly target her first, this prevents more minions from spawning and damages her faster -When she uses the blue line force shield, use crossbow with Sangaril; if a character dies here and Sudama Kir creates the invulnerable Tempest Demons, then restart -Continue chasing her until final area, use all health elixirs and resurrections but save 3-4 health elixirs ==========Defeating Rosalind -Summon your strongest let everything out -Make sure to hold 3-4 health elixirs -Continuously kill minions until stops resummoning minions ==========Defeating Tempest -Beginning of fight, fight until Maia/Iari event occurs -With Metamorphasized Iari (M. Iari) continuously combo Tempest after using Empower, when he blocks and uses his shield, cast heal on yourself once or maybe twice -When M. Iari's health falls below 400-300 and tempest may not cast shield for some time, use health elixir -Continue process until defeated -M. Iari has a 'combat' list like the other characters do: +R1+Square = Power Shield = Seems to create a temporary shield but never seems to take any effect +R1+Triangle = Energy Disrupt= Some kind of spell disruption attack possibly, effects unknown +Triangle = Energy Attack = Like its name implies, Energy Attack deals some energy damage but not enough to be effective. +Charge Square= Power Blow = As are all other Power Blows, this quadrouples damage inflicted however seems to be less effective than the normal four pronged combo. -It usually seems that none of these are ever more effective than the above strategy and should be used for eye candy under the condition you are sure you have enough health elixers to survive the free hits you are giving the tempest. ==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS ==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS==========END SPOILERS ++++++++++ D) Frequently Asked Questions ++++++++++ This section of course consists of Frequently Asked Questions, mainly the ones I see on the message boards, the ones submitted to me by means of e-mail or AIM or the message board itself, or ones I encountered myself. Feel free to submit something you think several other people will have trouble with and I will evaluate it. Please note that I am noticing that many of these are somewhere in my FAQ already but I think they should also be mentioned all in one section. Q: I am fighting Paludal and cannot beat him; my party is Maia and (one or both of Neru and Taurgis) and the mud form of (Neru and/or Tidus) never stops healing himself and barely ever takes damage, what do I do? A: The famous Neru and Taurgis Paludal Mud Forms. I see the question roughly ever 5 messages posted on the message board. The solution is simple: do not use either of these characters in your line-up. Even if your other character choices are very weak, it is better to have a chance at a battle rather than not being able to win at all; without chance. Q: I am at the end of the game when Sudama Kir puts up her Force Shield and I cannot do anything. Then once she kills one of my characters, these invulnerable Tempest Demons pop up and slaughter me, what do I do? A: I had the same problem for quite some time but the solution is simple even if your characters are under leveled. Have Taurgis go up front to her to trigger the Force Shield and hopefully will take the damage (he usually has the most health therefore able to take more hits) then equip Sangaril with your most powerful crossbow (Ilgred's Crossbow is at the beginning of the Eye of The Storm) and hit away. Once she runs again though be prepared for more waves of Tempest Demons and more fighting. ++++++++++ E) Bugs ++++++++++ As we all know Summoner 1 had a plethora of bugs, ranging from constant crashing of the game, to not receiving the Tome of The Nhuvasarim after defeating Murod, thus disabling that quest. In Summoner 2 most people expected just as much but fortunately not too many immensely big ones, save a few of the ones listed here. If you find out bugs please send me an e-mail of the description of it and some way of giving credit to you, that is of course if you'd like me to post it in this FAQ. --=Neru's Tiger Stance: Many people reported this bug while going Tiger Stance with Neru in the Tome of Nhuvasarim (though it may occur in other places) in which they activated Tiger Stance but died while in Tiger Stance. Neru, once revived, will be stuck in Tiger Stance indefinitely and can only move by kicking. A solution may be reached but be careful with this until then. Another note directly from charlatan is that appearently the direct cause of this glitch is leaving a zone while Neru is in Tiger Stance, however he comments that the above cause regarding death and revival while in Tiger Stance may also be a cause. CREDIT TO: charlatan and BBasucov2 --=Constant Crashing Of Game: Many people on the message boards have reported at some point in the game, usually early on, their game continuously crashes in the same area and wouldn't work under any conditions. If this happens and the PS2 works with other games, and Summoner 2 won't work on a different console, then take the game back and swap them. No apparent cause other than a bad game seems likely, so do take the game back and swap them. CREDIT TO: All those unfortunate ones who reported crashing games --=Healers Bug: Healers have a bug in that if they are Silenced and they need to heal somebody, they will sit in one place doing nothing until they come out of silence or that character is healed. No further info is known CREDIT TO: Upright8infinitY --=Arena Cash Bug: A helpful bug at last. It turns out if two of your characters die while in the arena and one is in Ice Coffin, and you were controlling one of the dead ones, then as long as you never switch to the frozen one the enemies will never attack it. I only watched this for 70 rounds but I see no reason it won't hold beyond that. What this means is that you can leave the game on overnight and, when you are ready to play, activate the remaining character, die, and collect a wad of cash. CREDIT TO: FitzGames --=Summoning Color Glitch: A really, really cool glitch that doesn't really have any negative effects especially considering it's temporary. In the Arena, if you are in the Arena in Survival Mode for an exceedingly large amount of time, you will notice things getting black and heavily pixelated (i.e. the Death Spell). If you try and summong during this time period chances are your summons will come out to some degree of black. I though this was particularly cool when used with the 13th Summon. I mean come on a 13th Summon with black nicely curved pixels coming out of its little vent things who has a black shield and a black hand-sword and everything is black minus its red eye, or how about the Sand Summong coming out with black wings and a black head. On a funnier note if the Blood Summon comes with a black torso and legs but the fleshy mace, shield, and head, the Blood Summon looks particularly femenine, though not to be sexist... you will see what I'm saying if you get this effect. Also when exiting the arena, right after a fight, you will see Maia can summon and everybody can attack and cast spells. Isn't it funny when a gigantic Blood monstrosity wielding a mace and a shield comes sprinting in haste around the bottom circles of the arena talking to the gladiators and locals. --=Bordril Glitch: Free Money! In Mas Ora's district of The Munari City go to the House of Soleil (It's the first building on your left after entering Mas Ora's district.) There will be a human standing straight in front of you asking to loan 1000 gold. Give him the loan and he gives you a bordril. Hang onto the bordril and later on he will offer to pay you back. Instead tell him you want to buy the bordril for 5000 gold. After this he will ask if you actually want to buy it, say no. You will gain a little bit of exp. and 1200 gold. DON'T LEAVE. Continue talking to him, he will keep asking you if you want to buy his bordril, keep saying no and he will give you 1200 Gold everytime. Do this repeatedly for about 10 minutes and you can get around 200,000 Gold easily. Once you leave the area though, he is gone and you can't do it again. CREDIT TO: CromeMag68 --=Imarbeth Glitch Bad, bad bug. mjlgaard reports that he killed Imarbeth IX twice in his human form, then once in his demonic form and then Imarbeth IX dematerialized and the battle ended, but instead of Imarbeth IX ressurecting for one final time and the cutscene occuring, nothing happens. He has tried this over 7 times and nothing has worked so we are concluding it is a bug without cure, if this is happening to you, you may want to consider restarting the game. CREDIT TO: [email protected] ++++++++++ F) Words of Advice for Playing ++++++++++ This portion Primarily consists of tips on how to effectively play the game to the best of its effects, both in how to win battles, and how to get the most out of the game. Fighting: -Make the most of your abilities; not just skills but blocking, attacking from the back so the enemies cannot block, locking on, and using the correct combo at the right time. Yes, it usually seems that sometimes the best thing to do is to only execute a two instead of four hit combo. Lets say you are fighting a Galdyr Ghoul and you know you will soon execute the combo, so you begin, however once you begin another one comes from behind so if you were to use all four hits, A) The Galdyr Ghoul might block, and B) When you finished there is a higher chance both Galdyr Ghouls would hit you. Now lets say you only executed two hits, got hit by one Galdyr Ghoul during recovery, and ran off to strategize perhaps a block, or the use of an "all-around" skill (like whirlwind, or nightmare) so that you will decrease damage and considering Galdyr Ghouls and Living Armors among others have a chance to cast death on hit, there will be serious effects over a period of time. -Skills, these are essential to the well being of your party and the outcome of a battle. Lets say for instance you have maxed out Assassination on Sangaril and are in a bind against enemies with gigantic amounts of health compared to your minimal damage, you can use the famous Paralyze+Backstab combo. In normal combat if an enemy is actively attacking another party member and has no ice coffin or paralyze, then if you Backstab it then the effects of it will be minimized to say 200 late in the game. However, if a castor can freeze or ice coffin it, or if you use Sangaril's Paralyze skill (Charge Square) with a positive outcome, then you can creep up behind it and Backstab it for optimal damage, in almost every case this means instant death, though I am not sure it will work 100% of the time. Other possibilities are using Maia's Nightmare (Halassar Combat lvl 10) to attempt to force an enemy into sleep, blindness, and other status effects, and then follow up by say surrounding the sleeping enemy with as many castors you can come up with, and using lets say Inferno on Maia, Ice Coffin on Yago/Morbazon, and any other spell on a remaining castor if there is one. Mixing spells over and over again can have rapidly fatal effects on enemies. -Status effects: These can work heavily against you once used upon you, or they can benefit you immensely if you can learn to use the right status effect on the right enemy. This hold's specifically true for characters like Sangaril and her Poisons, Maia and Nightmare, and your castors with the negative effect Ice Spells. +Poison is possibly the worse effect you can imagine to be used against you, especially true if you don't have someone with the Heal skill tree in your party and are short on cure potions. This has been one of the only things to truly kill me constantly throughout my run-throughs of the game, some poisons will take less damage than others and will damage less frequently, whereas once you progress through the game poisons tend to become more potent in damage and increasing in frequency. If you are busy with your melee characters and must rely on a castor to cast Cure on you, then you better control them yourself because one thing I have noticed about the Healer and Healer/Castor A.I. scripts is that when you set a computer controlled Spellcastor to that script, they overconstantly cast Heal on a character, which only cures 200 health or less, while by the time they are finished healing and the poison takes further effect with enemy influence, then you will be at even lower health. If you are at around 3/4 health or less and are poisoned, do not expect your Spellcastor to cast cure until you're near full health, which probably isn't happening any time soon unless they decide to use Vitalize. Moral of the story: Control Spellcastors when you are poisoned. Now when it is your turn to deal the Poison out, with Sangaril's Snake Poison ability, you basically can use this on most all basic monsters and expect positive outcomes. Sometimes it will seem like the effect is not very high, but believe me, the effect will help you in the end. Simply said, use poison when you can and then switch to another poison to increase the status effect number to further disable them. +Blindness usually doesn't do anything like it would in the previous game, since all that happens is much of the screen is blurry and darkened. However it is not enough to disable you however don't leave a room until you have been cured of blindness because it usually makes items invisible. To be honest just don't worry about blindness since most of the time it won't impair your ability to lock-on, block, strike accurately, etc. If you decide to inflict blindness on an enemy, there never seems to be any effect at all which is probably why it's the first and cheapest poison. The enemies still attack however it seems like they attack slightly, and I mean slightly less frequently, so just to say everything it seems that there isn't enough of an effect to make this worthwhile. +Sleep is evil, however it is a double edged sword when used against you. Once inflicted upon you, enemies cease attacking you physically and apparently magically too, though you are disabled during this time. As you wake up or are cured then the enemy assault on your will continue so you may want to use this as an opportunity if conditions are right to heal a sleeping person who may be occupying enemies before curing him/her. If you decide to inflict this on an enemy, then your computer controlled allies will cease attack the enemy, as enemies would to you a sleeping ally. This can be an opportunity to take care of other enemies or have a chance to attack a boss or if you decide to, surround the enemy to unleash a three pronged attack or Backstab it with Sangaril. This isn't the best status to inflict in the world, but it can have it's strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation it is used for. +Ice Coffin/Paralyze are both for the most part sleep, with a few alternations which usually make this more favorable to use against enemies, but not on you. Whether or not it is used on you or against you follow the guidelines for sleep, however be aware that these last much longer than sleep, enemies or allies will attack the affected target, and the target will not be cured once a physical attack is induced, although it seems magic attacks speed up the thawing process of only Ice Coffin. -A.I. Scripts: A.I. Scripts are scripts you can apply to any character by going into the status screen and pressing 'X' which will allow you to choose an A.I. Script. +Melee: Characters set to Melee will only use melee weapons as long as they are available, and will attack any enemies that are not currently attacking the character set to Melee. Generally this means Melee characters will make it so every enemy in the battle will be engaged in, or as many enemies as possible. Melee characters should only be used if you will either be controlling someone who can heal all the time, or can heal on the Melee character him/herself. It seems from information gathered that it is not the best idea to put someone on Melee if they don't have much HP or Defense, because the Healers generally do not like to heal the Melee attackers because if there is a Support character in your party, then that Support character will be healed along with the healer him/herself. Generally Taurgis and Neru seem to be the best characters for this A.I. script since these are the two who usually can survive a lot of hits, and block often. +Support: Support characters will only used ranged weapons is available however will use Melee if that is what they have on (i.e. Sangaril on Support, equipping two Katanas). These characters will attack the enemies that are also being attacked by another character, which usually means a quicker and more efficient killing rate; rather than taking a lot of enemies' HP down slowly, you can pick off one by one. These characters have the best relationship with Healers because the Healer and the Support characters are attacking the same enemy, thus the Healer will heal the Support character whenever necessary. Generally this is used (as default) on Sangaril and Iari though if you find your characters on Melee like Taurgis and Neru dying overconstantly because they are never healed, you may want to put them on Support and see if that works. +Healer: A character set on Healer will attempt to heal characters as their HP falls and status effects pile up. If no healing is required anywhere within the party, then the character set on Healer will rely on all melee or ranged weapons that they possess. For the most part this A.I. script is preferable if you need a section of your party if not all of it to be decoys; this works out in that the decoy section of the party will be healing itself to increase longetivity. An instance of this might be in the Sharangir battle when you (according to my strategy) need Morbazon and Taurgis to be decoys while Maia goes and closes the eye. You would put Morbazon on Healer so he won't stupidly cast spells on Sharangir when he is invincible and will keep the two alive longer. As stated in the above two sections, Healers work with Melee and Support characters differently, so if you need to have further info on healing and its effects on Melee and Support, then see those sections. +Castor: Castors will simply cast their offensive spells and possibly supportive spells (like empower and haste) until their AP has been drained; they then resort to melee or ranged weapons to attack until they regen AP. For the most part any spell that is not under the Necromancy or Heal skill menu will be used by Castors non-stop seemingly at random. In one case however I have noticed that the Castors will actually attack according to weakness, and this was on the Paludal fight when I set his weakness to fire, or ice, Yago would accordingly use either Fire Arrow or Icicle repeatedly until he was out of AP. Generally use this A.I. script if you believe your team is so strong there would be no reason to have a Healer, that you would probably regen the tiny amounts of damage done to you. +Healer/Castor: The characters who are set to Healer/Castor will cast healing spells when necessary as their first priority, then as their second priority will cast offensive and supportive spells repeatedly until their AP has run out, and within that time the Healer/Castor will heal characters when required. Once all AP is drained they will resort to melee and ranged attacks. A large note on seemingly Healers, Castors, and Healer/Castors is that if they are engaged by an enemy in the melee zone, then the character with Healer, Castor, or Healer/Castor will also fight melee. There is a way to take them out of this state however, and that is to have another character run up to the enemy and attack the enemy causing the Healer, Castor, or Healer/Castor to run away and continue casting. Also note that Healer/Castors will use absolutely every single spell available to them and will use supportive spells until everybody has the supportive spells on them, although I've had problems in which Yago never casted his Supportive spells on Iari and she was not Immune to them nor already in them. CREDIT FOR A.I. SCRIPT DETAILS TO: Upright8infinitY, empressshiua, and the Summoner 2 Game Manual Getting The Most Out of The Game -For the most part, there are a lot of factors that will influence your enjoyability factor in this game. For instance, with most people if you rush through the game and ignore cinemas or even if you don't take time to read a little bit of the lore or think about what is actually going on in the game and if it applies to you, relate this to your experience in Summoner and integrate the storylines, then you will not get much anything out of the game. Or you can take your time trying to do the sidequests that you can, saving the unknown ones for the next go-through of the game, do as much as you can taking your time, look at the cinemas and piece together the storyline and again if it applies to you, and get the most out of the game and save what you haven't done for the next time around. Just to say it all take your time and don't ignore storyline, though I am not saying to be a storyline freak, just pay attention and chances are you will get more out of the game and your money. ++++++++++ G) Weird Statistics ++++++++++ -At end of game with all sidequests completed, there are 106 sidequests in completed section, 2 sidequest in Optional section (Faelin the Court Musician, and Paludal's Foundary) and three in the Main section (Krobelus, Prophecy of Halassar, Rosalind of Iona) -Subject To Change -Pages: 47 -Lines: 2110 -Words: 12377 -Paragraphs: 1210 -Characters: 60003 -Characters Including Spaces: 73028 -Times Summoner 2 has crashed: 19 -Times frame skipping has occurred: 5 -Times Armors from Labyrinth of Guardians owned me: About 25 -Current game time on current run-through of game: 6:26 -Current primary team: Maia, Neru, Morbazon -Current run-through on the game: 4 ++++++++++ H) Thanks ++++++++++ Many thanks to my family, CJayC, the message board people, Crimson Phantom especially for always popping up on my boards to lend a helping hand, all the guys over there at Volition, THQ, and SCEA, and another thanks for everyone on the message boards for so much help, this FAQ wouldn't be an FAQ without you all!


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The White Lady Statue

After you beat the Sepulchre, you can enter a place called Miridian's Pass. Once inside the area, follow the right wall. You will find a trail that leads up into the mountains to a statue called "The White Lady". Equip Sangaril with a crossbow and enter first person view. Aim at the colored gongs in a specific order to raise the bridge up to the statue. Once you get there, you will get 15000 experience points. Shoot the gongs in the following order. First bridge: Red, Yellow, Blue Second bridge: Orange, Green, Yellow, Red Third bridge: Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow, and Green

Arrow Heads

In an optional quest, you have to find arrow heads in Hopiris. As soon as you get off the talking boat, turn to your right. They are at the foot of the first pillar.

Hidden Items

In Miridan's Pass, you may encounter some "pirates" that shout "Run away!". Follow them and they will lead you to a cave just behind the cute creature where some nice items are located.

Easy Gold

In Mas Ora's district of The Munari City, go to the House of Soleil. It is the first building on your left after entering Mas Ora's district. There will be a human standing directly in front of you, asking for a loan of 1000 gold. Give him the loan and he will give you a Bodril. Keep it and later in the game he will offer to pay you back. Instead, tell him that you want to buy the Bodril for 5,000 gold. After this he will ask if you actually want to buy it. Answer "No". You will gain a little bit of experience and 1200 gold. Do not leave. Continue talking to him. He will keep asking if you want to buy his Bodril. Keep answering "No" and he will give you 1200 gold each time. Repeat these steps to get as much gold as needed. However, once you leave the area, he disappears and you cannot do it again. To increase your skill and get money at the same time, go to the arena in Munari city and play "Survival". You have to pay 1,000 gold, but you can get 5,000 back, depending on how far you get. You also get experience points for killing the monsters.

13th Summon

When you are done with the Dream of Elea talk to the mask of Laharra she will send you the Labrinth of Gardians. You must defeat the twelve trials and summons. They're though make sure that you have a strong team at least level 20. Once you beat the trials you will fight the 13th summon. When you beat it you can transform into. Hint: it can paralyze you.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Summoner 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Summoner 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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