Summoner PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Summoner PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Reduce AP Cost of Long Chains

Get a "Chain 4" or higher attack, then quickly press R2, L2 (or L2, R2) to switch to another character and then back to the original character. If done correctly, your chain number will reset to 1 without slowing your attack.

Hidden FMV sequence

Select the "Credits" option from the main menu, then press X while the credits are being displayed.


We have no unlockables for Summoner yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


How To Get The Spirit Of Laharah

First you have to get all the torn pages then there will be a man in the forest with the last page that will cost 500,000 gold pieces. Then he will ask you if you are sure you want to acquire the spirit. When you say yes he will open a book and you will be sucked into it and it will change to the place where you fought that old guy. The four riders will be there and attack you literally. You have to beat them all. Its really hard. I havent gotten any further than that but I think thats when you get the Spirit of Laharah.

Extra Movie

Select the Credits after they scroll through a bonus movie will start. You can push X to make the credits go faster and make the movie come sooner.

Easy Bosses

An easy way to win against the bosses is to equip everyone with (except Roseland) powerful one- handed weapons and sheilds. But when it comes to Roseland equip her with the strongest staff you have. Then just attack the enemy and the enemy will never have the advantage again.

Finding Joseph

When Joseph is captured and you have to go to the tower to rescue him make sure Fleece can use a two-handed sword. Just simply equip her with the sword that has the effect of ice coffin. Then just use her special ability (Sneak) and sneak up behind the enemy and use blind on the soldier and start fighting him. As soon as he's in the ice coffin move on cause he can't harm you unless you keep fighting him.

More Powerful Summons

Every ring (all 8), except the ring of darkness has a more powerful summon hidden within it. All you have to do is wear the ring untill the ring's power reaches 60,000. this power raises as you defeat your enemies and gain exp. you must be wearing the ring for it to gain power. The four dragon rings give you powerful spells to cast instead of another summon (that really stinks by the way). The more powerful summons are as listed: Ring of light - Wraith, good spell caster uses energy spells. Ring of fire - Blood elemental, physical attacker, when he gets hit it casts a weak form of vitalize on everyone in your party. Ring of Stone - Blade of Urath, Physical attacker VERY STRONG, bad defense. Ring of Darkness - Spirit of Larahah, must collect 8 torn out pages of the tome you get from killing Sonrehan, I never did it so I dont have any info. THE 4 DRAGON RINGS: water, 4 winds, forest, jade. These are the first summons on the 4 dragon rings that can be found in Orenia after you find the first 4 in Medeva. Water - Blue imp - Spell caster, can heal and cat Ice spells. 4 Winds - Celestial Samurai - Physical attacker pretty strong (my favorite help). Forest - Poison elemental - Physical attacker causes poison staus on enemies, not that great of a summon if you ask me. Jade - Jade Golem - Slow as a rock, but a very powerful physical attacker, good for bosses that don't move around much. his attack is blunt damage which is the only thing that hurts some stone enemies, also has spell Jade beam that causes good amounts of damage.

Easy Way To Find Yago

When trying to sneak in to the palace the first time as Flece, when you go up the first flight of stairs, go right not left. If you've gone the right way, you will come into the room with the palace chefs. If you talk to the head chef, he will give you servant clothes. Put them on, and you can walk around with them and the guards won't care.

The First 2 Rings

1. Go to the palace for the FIRST time. Get past the gaurds and talk to Yago. He tells you a story. Say farewell and you have the ring of darkness. 2. Go to Iona and find Brother Ovvard. He gives you the key of the catacombs. Go to the library(not the great library).Go to the last bookcase on the left, open it. Beat all the bone knights etc. Beat the boss and on his wife is the ring of light!

Easy EXP.

After you get through the palace for the FIRST time, go outside of Lenele City. Then, explore the entire world map. Afterwards, you will see a volcano on the screen. Walk up the part where the volcano is curved inwards. There, you will fight "Red Oni"s. They are pretty easy, but can prove themselves worthy of fighting you. They give over 5000 EXP. each time. I found this very useful later on in the game. By the way, I know this works because I already have all 8, that's right, 8, of the rings. Good Luck!

Spell Time Saver

When you need to cast a spell, such as healing and you are in a battle, Cast the spell, go into your inventory while it's casting and then come back out. The spell has already been cast and you don't loose any time by casting it!

Quick Spell

Cast a spell, press Triangle to display the pause menu, then select the "Inventory" option. Exit the screen to resume the game with your spell being cast without a delay.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Summoner yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Summoner yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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