Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



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Go in the castle go in the room with the 8 on and go through the mario picture and defeat king goomba.



Go to the haunted mansion and go to the picture with luigi.

Secret Level

First you must go to the Jolly Rodger bay (not inside though!) Then turn to the right and you will see a black hole. Jump up and get in to the black hole. Then you will be in a secret level! You must collect all eight red coins and then a star will appear in the middle, then you must grab it. Then,you will have a secret star!

List Of Teleports

Here is a list of all the teleports I know about there are 4 1. Is in bob-omb battlefield the hole where the balls cvome out go in and you come out closer to the top 2. Is in Cool, cool mountian the edge of the broken bridge near the beginning go in and you come out at the other cabin and near Mama Pengiun 3. Shifting Sand land Where the big bird is go to the edge of the trees shadow (by the pond or whatever) and you come out by the wing cap box on the Killer box trail (im not sure what to call it) 4. Is in Lethal lava land At the beginning kill to Mr. I on the Cage-like thing and there is a hole go down it and stay you will come out at an island with the wing cap box. HOPE THIS HELPS.

Ever Lasting Flying Cap

Go onto the top of the casle after collecting 120 stars. Get the flying cap. Go in the cannon and stay ther you will have the same amount of time on your cap as before.

Breathe Underwater

Whenever in water, stick Mario's feet out. He will be able to breathe through his feet. This is pretty useless and it doesn't work if you are completely underwater.

Find Yet Another Secret Room

When you go upstairs you'll see a world with a water spider jump all the way to the top and the water will be high enough so you can jump over the cage there will be a hole go through to the secret world

1 More Teleport

Go to level 2,(the one with all the walking blocks) go up the ramp near the deadly plant, go past the little faces that stick out of the wall, past the ground that retracts and then go over to the far corner past the metal cap box. Stand there and you'll warp to a corner over by the huge pole with the free live at the top of it. Note: you must stand as close to the corner as possible.

Shorcut On The Shifting Sand Level

Go into the pyramid and go to a big block. While smashing the ground do a backflip to get on it. Then jump off you will be one level higher than before.

Secret Time Trial In Level 13 (The Mountain Level) On The 2nd Floor

Once you pass up the monkey up and jump across the gap by the waterfall their is a ditch on the wall on you left if you jump into it theyre is a raceway similar to the one on the first floor of the castle. This one is much harder than the first one.

Make Big Bomb Dog Fly!

In the the 1st course of the game, pick up the bom-omb near the big dog who looks like a bomb. Then run with it and throw it in the dogs mouth then he will fly up!

Sweet Free Star

Once you are in the castle, Go into the door that leads to the "Sunken Ship" level. When you are in that room, look around before going into the level. There is a sunken in box type thing in the wall with a star just sitting there. Go get it.

120 Stars Cheat

Alfter you Get all 120 Stars and you`ve beat the game. You can beat most any level so you wont need cheat codes!

Jumping Bowser

In the 30 star bowser when he jumps try to crawl to the opposite side, when the big hill is gone slide to bowser and grab his tail then throw him into the nearest spike to get your key.

Invisibility Hat

Run through the hall that is flooded and has an unmarked door. Enter the door and find the location where there are two pillars in the water. Super butt slam on both of them. After the water drains, follow the arrows that leads to another room. Go through the door, then find the square hole in the ground. Enter the hole and complete the rest of the level to find the hat.

Coins Under The Bridge

After you drain the water go out the door and to the right, under the bridge. Line your self up with the shadow of the bridge. Next, wall kick the wall your facing(you should get a coin). Do this on the other wall (you should get another coin). Now A life will appear!

Mirror Room

In the mirror room,the snowmans picture is the picture that is not reflected to the mirror.

2 Shortcuts in Bob-omb Battlefield

The first short cut is near the ramp. Jump in the into the flowers and it lead you to the cannon in front of the gate. The second shortcut is in mountain. Run up the mountain till you see a cave an go inside and it will lead you to the top of the cave.


Obtain all 120 stars and go outside the castle. Climb inside the cannon opening that is now located where the grating was near the Fish Pond. Aim to land Mario onto the roof, where he will meet Yoshi. Then, he will speak to Mario, award a 100 life bonus and a triple-jump move, and quickly leave.

Get Mario's Hat in the Castle

First go to a course were you can lose ur hat then lose it! Go back 2 the castle & reset the 64 & choose a new data (so make sure you have at least 1 new file before you do this)when you do play around a bit (BUT don't go in the castle). Then reset and go back 2 ur file and presto! You have got ur hat back. Leave your results in the comments.

How To Get The 2 Stars On Slide Level

To get the to stars in the slide level, you go on the slide and when you get to the hill (where you go down) turn left and jump. You will start to fall and when you see the slide you do a butt buster. Then when you get up, you will start sliding again but you are closer to the end. You will get an extra star, BUT you can only get one. I recommend you get the bonus star first.

How To Get Luigi Suit Plus 100 Lives

After you get all 120 stars, the cannon in the front garden will be useable. Use it to launch yourself to the roof of the casle and to talk to the yoshi on there. He will tell you a message from nintendo saying that theres a special prize to give you, then you will get an extra 100 lives, BUT. Thats not the special prize. Go back to the cannon and launch yourself that the left arrow is next to the cloud next the gray part of the top of the roof. After launched out of the cannon and getting past the roof, Mario wil lwear a Luigi suit (that's the special prize) but you will notice that the Luigi suit has a red M on the hat.

Cool Slide

To do this while you are running, hold z and quickly press b. Mario will do a sweet kick slide.

The Owl (A Hard Star To Get)

To get this star go to the level called (Chip Of Whomp's block) level. Then go climb the tree to the top of it. Next a owl will show up then catch it (you will fly and control it) then go by the cage and let go of the owl and aim correctly. Then you got THE STAR!

Climbing Up Hills

You Preform this cheat by pressing the Z button to crouch and then move forward up the hill while holding these buttons and bingo!

Invisible Forcefield

After getting 120 stars and beating the game, go outside and hop into the cannon and either before or after talking with Yoshi to receive a total of 100 lives, walk to the back side of the castle (the side that you can only reach because you are on top of the castle) now if you try to jump in the air to go past it you'll see Mario get knocked back by the invisible wall as if there is a big wall on that portion of the castle and that its painted the colors of the sky.

Wild Water Rides

There is 2 water rides on Super Mario64 One you can use if you haven't drained the moat: From where you start turn left and run towards the waterfall. After you're close to the fence that's by the waterfall junp over it into the waterfallthen when the pond swim forward two armstrokes. You should float to the other pond. Here is the second water ride: When you go to the the tall tall mountain level go to the top of the mountain on your way up you should pass the top of a waterfall jump into itafter to where the monkey and the shy guy are swim away from the waterfall. Then you'll fall down a few more waterfalls and end up where you started.

Can't Find All 120 Stars?

If you completed all levels with all objectives and still not have all 120 stars, you need to:

  -Find and complete all secret levels    -Collect all 8 red coins from the 3 Bowser levels    -Collect coins worth at least 100 coins from every level (I forgot if you have to do that with the Bowser levels, but try that)  
When you do all that, you should have all 120 stars

Defeat 30 Star Bowser Easily (2nd Bowser)

Okay. First you have to beat (get 1 star) that level in the 30 star door. {Its a blue square) The go in that hole thing in the floor. Get through the course and run in the pipe. When Bowser is done talking, run to the oppisite side of the course Bowser is on. When He jumps and the course tilts,run to Bowser. Swing Em, Throw Em in a bomb and kill Em. Now, Get your key.

100 Coins

On all of the coures collect 100 coins. It will give you a star.

In The Basement

The rabbit in the basement gives you a star. Catch the rabbit then he will talk to you. He only come out two (2) times.

Rematch With The Penguin

After you get 120 stars go back to the level and race the penguin again. If you thought he was big wait till you see him now.

Special Jump

When you get 120 stars, go to yoshi on top of the castle, talk to him and he gives you 100 lives and a special jump power. Do your triple jump and you'll notice that it is sparkling and is longer.

Behind The Castle Walls

This is a very strange and interesting bug. First of all get all the 120 stars. Then, go to the castle courtyard and enter the cannon. Now go where Yoshi is and get Mario's red cap. Then you start flying and enter in the cannon again then shoot yourself towards the castle very high. See the tower? There's two windows a small one in the top and a big one on the bottom. Halfway between the bigger one and the smaller one jump in the wall. Keep jumping until you pass through the wall!!! Visit this really strange place of the castle!

Quick Way Up The Stairs

First eter the the castle then go stright up the stairs and go through the door, and go th the left by the wall about two squares from the piller. Then jump through the sealing and you will be up the stairs

Secret Transport In Shifting Sand Land

To transport yourself from the pyramids top floor (where the star is) stand under the tree closest to the end of the maze on quicksand. If you stand under there for a few seconds you should dissapear and reappear on the pyramid.

Attempt The Impossible!

For years Many have believed that there was no escape from the Black Room of Death! But there is! All you have to do is to go in it. Now go through the door. Now you're on the inside of the castle, but still trapped! Now go through the wall! Presto! you're free!

Enhanced Features...

After collecting 120 stars, go to Yoshi. When yoshi gives you the one-hundred lives, thats not the only thing you get. Whenever you do a triple jump from then on, you will shine like a star! Try it! Not only that, When you do a long jump-Its the same? NO! It'll only be the same when tou do a long jump on a ground thats straight. Go to the last bowser level. In the part where you have to run up the wall, do a long jump AS you start going up. Mario will run up faster than when he gets burned!

Cant Find Last Coins???

If you are looking for the last red coin in the final bowser level, just before you get to bowser, go up the stairs and jump to your left or right on to a small platform under the stairs, there will be the last coin.

The Invisible World

Go to the mirror room there will be a level in the far left wall.


There are two levels (that I know of) were you can of them is in the first leval of the game. When you are going up to the big bomb boss, go in the cave thing were the big metal balls come out. Go in the upper right hand corner and WAIT for a few seconds. You will see Mario going away and there will be nothing but air the screen will be white and all of a sudden Mario will be closer to the big bomb boss. The second teleport spot is at the the second level which is the one with the baby penguin. When you first get on the level instead of going forward go backwards. You will see a brocken bridge. Stand at the edge of the brocken brige you will do the same thing as in the first level. You will arive at the bottom of the level were the mama penguin is. When you want to go back to the beginning of the level, run away from the pond to the right keep running. You will see another brocken brige stand on the brocken part and you will go to the begining of the level.

Chomp Hint

Go to stage 1. Go up the bridge. Go to almost the end of the fence. When ''jumps'' at you, press UP-C 2 times, you will see his large teeth!

Butterfly Attack

To get a butterfly to attack, go to the world where you can be giant and tiny. Then be tiny and go to the butterflies at the beginning of the stage. Some of them will turn into bombs and float over to you and then blow up on you!

Coins From A Wooden Pillar??

Go to stage 1 and then go up the bridge or elevator and then pass by the chomp chomp and then to the tilting bridge. Then find 4 wooden pillars sticking out from the ground and you can run around it and coins will come out of it!

Cheat In The Race With The Penguin

Start a race with the penguin in level 4 and race until you get to these coins that lead into the wall. Follow those coins and you will go into the wall and end up in a tunnel. The tunnel leads to the finish line and you can beat the penguin that way but it wont give you a star because you cheated.

Wierd Room

Go outside of the castle and go on top of the castle. NOTE: you have to have all 120 stars. After you are on top of the castle get the wing cap out of the red block and go back off the castle and launch out of the cannon again aiming at the top tower of the castle. You will fly and try to land on the slanted part of the roof on the tower. When you land there walk to the wall and you will go through it and you will fall down and you will be behind the door and if you go through the door it will take you in the castle. If you go through the door again it will take you outside but you will be stuck. This is very funny to do.

Make Moma Penguin Mad

On level 3 you can make the moma penguin mad by taking the baby (the right baby) to the mother and she will give you a star but befor taking the star take the baby and run around the edge of the pond.

Look Through Walls

Walk up to a wall at a certain angle in first person view to see past it.

Steel Cap

Go to the caves level in the other part of the castle. First, make a left then super jump to the other side and open the door. Turn right and follow the path. Super jump to where the huge boulders are located. Reach the top of where the boulders are dropping from. Go through the door and step on the elevator. When the elevator stops, follow the path to the underground sea. Find the sea dragon and get on his back. Execute a super butt stomp on his back, then get on his head. Lead him to the part of land that contains the red outlined blocks and jump on them. Then, go through the door and run to the other stream. Try not to fall in the water. Jump from land to land until reaching the green switch. Stomp on the switch to get the steel cap.

Red Switch

Enter the castle and go and stand at the picture of the sun in the middle of the castle. Then look up by pressing up (in the "c" buttons.) Look up at the sun. Then you will enter a stage called "Tower Of The Wing Cap"and you will find the "RED SWITCH" there.

Green Switch

Go to the "Hazy Maze Cave" stage. You can find this stage somewhere in the basement. When you go in it, there wil be two paths go to the path on the left and you will see a big hole and a door. Make a long jump to pass the big hole and then open the door. You will see big stones falling in a big hole. If you look left, you will see a heart that restores your health, go right and carry on. You will see a door don't enter it, just carry on. Then you will go to the place where the stones are falling but don't let the stones hit you. Pass the stones and you will see a arrow sign telling you to go right, go right and you will see a door open the door. You will see an elevator and a yellow box (the box has a 1UP MUSHROOM). Go down by standing on the elevator. When you go down, you will see the green block. Ignore it and go down. When you go down, there would be water. There will also be a dinasour that is like "lapras". Climb on his back and press "A"then"Z" to make a pound on his back. Then the dinasour should lower his head. Stand on his head and he should. Then you could control him. You should find a metal door. Open the door and go inside. Carry on and you should find a stage. Enter the stage, and in that stage would be the "GREEN SWITCH".

How To Survive A Big Fall

When you get close to the ground push Z to do a butt buster on the ground and no life will be taken away.

Watch The Hands

In course 14 (Tick Tock Clock) if you jump in the clock when the hour hand is on ANY hour exactly, all of the moving parts inside will stop. If you jump in with the minute hand on the 6 every moving part will be extremly fast, and if you jump in the clock with the minute hand on the 6 it will be random.

Secret Flying Level

To go to a secret flying level, go to the middle of the sun on the palace floor, the floor you go to when you first walk in. Zoom into Mario by pressing the yellow up button and make him look up by pushing your joystick down. The screen will turn white and you will be in a secret flying level. NOTE: This level is very hard, and SHORT. See for yourself.

How To Fly With The Wing Cap In Your Hand

To fly with the wing cap in your hand, go to Shifting Sand Land and run to the area where the gaint eagle is. Then stand still so the eagle can take Mario's cap. Then run up to the top of the piller and kick the eagle so he will drop the cap, but don't pick it up or this code won't work. Go under the tree then you will warp. Then jump or move backwards so you could warp again. When you warp more than twice, a cap will fall from the sky. Now go and get a wing cap. Fly to the area where your caps are and pick them up. Now you will see Mario holding his wing cap.

Wooden Post Cheat

Rrun around any wooden post 5 times and several coins will pop out of the top.

Refill Your Power

If you have taken damaged and the level you are in has lake, pond etc. Dive in and swim back to the surface and your power bar should begin refilling.

Invisivble Wall

After you drain the water in the beginning, go through the door that was under water. Keep walking until you get to the place where you have to do a double jump to get on the little platform. Go to the steps and through the door. you will have to go through the little glass thing. Once you have done that, you can't go back through the door. Walk to the door. (Not the one with a star.) Get to the picture of the fireball. Facing it, make a left. You will then turn left again when you get to the end. If it looks like a dead end, then you are there. Jump throught the wall like you would any other picture. Once you get there it will be like a pyramid thing. Go on the little maze thing and climb up the pillars to get coins. Go to the sinking sand stuff. Sometimes it will pop out a tornado and you can get to the star on the pyramid faster.

Sleepy Mario

First, leave Mario alone for two minutes. He will start to yawn and stretch. Not long after he wil sit down and snore. If you wake him up, he'll look kinda sleepy.

Two Stars In One Room.

Enter the castle and go up the stairs and turn right, go into the room and you'll find three pictures of the princess. Jump into the right window and you'll have to slide down to the bottom to get a star. Complete it under 20.9 seconds to get another star.

Extra Star

To get this star go to peaches secret slide. Go down the slide until it opens up. When it does jump off to your left. You'll land on the track below you and then you have to beat it in 20 seconds. If you do you will get another star. Or you can get the same star by beating the track in 22 seconds.

Extra Cap Trick

Go to level 10:snowman's land. Allow yourself to be blown off of Giant Snowman Montain. You will lose your cap. Find it and pick it up (you will have two caps.)

Secret On Wet And Dry World

Before jumping in pick what level water you want. To do this jump in at the height you want the water to be. For example, jump in at the top and the water will be at the heighest point.

Get 100 Lives From Yoshi

Get 120 stars to open the locked up cannon outside Peach's castle and aim at the top of the castle and shoot when you get to the top of the castle you will meet Yoshi talk to Yoshi and he will give you 100 lives!

Change Mario's Appearance

Wait until mario's head appears on the opening screen. Press A and use the hand that appears to grab and stretch various parts of his face. Press B to make mario's head smaller. To keep a previously stretched piece in that position, hold R and select another piece to change.

Control Ending Sequence Camera

After beating the game, use the Analog-stick on controller two to control the camera in the scene featuring Mario and the Princess. The camera is also controllable on the Credits screen.

Very Big Penguin

Obtain all 120 stars and return to Course 4 (Cool, Cool Mountain). Before entering, select the Big Penguin Race. Then begin the game and jump into the chimney of the house at the beginning of the level. Now the penguin will be even larger than before.

Alternate Bowser Message

Obtain all 120 stars and return to the final fight with Bowser to see a different message.

One-ups In Third Bowser Battle

Walk behind the top left pillar to collect a 1-Up if you lose a life during the battle.

One-up Butterflies

Butterflies may appear on courses 2, 12, and 13. Punch the butterflies to turn them into round black bombs that will chase Mario. Then, the bombs will explode or turn into one-up mushrooms.

Infinite Lives (Japanese Version)

During the first fight with Bowser, continuously avoid him and collect all the coins that appear. Continue to do this until 1000 coins have been collected. Then, a green "M" will appear next to the number of lives remaining. From this point on, when a life is lost, the number of lives increases. While gaining lives will actually lower the number of lives remaining. The cheat will end if the number of lives reaches zero, such as when Yoshi gives Mario 100 lives after obtaining 120 stars. This trick cannot be done on the North American version as it only allows 999 coins to be collected. Note: Once the game is ended you will no longer have infinite lives.

Unlimited Lives

Go outside the castle, near the waterfall. Climb the third tree from the waterfall. Do a handstand on top of the tree to get a one-up. Then, enter the castle's first floor. Now return outside and climb the same tree. Do another handstand for another one-up. Repeat this trick to collect an unlimited amount of lives.

Wierd Secret Room!!

Get 120 stars and launch yourself up on the roof and get the flying cap. Fly to the tallest tower and then fly to the highest ledge on the tallest tower and then run up the wall and eventually you should fall down!!:)

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Super Mario 64 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Super Mario 64 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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