Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Special World

Go to star world 5 with a cape and make a brick platform and fly until you see a rock cage and get into it go to the end put the key into the hole and tadaaaaaaaa you got the special world it really hard so bring 2 capes.



Feed Yoshi ten apples and he'll hatch a power-up (depending on what color he is). A green Yoshi hatches a mushroom, blue hatches a cape feather, red hatches a fire flower thing, and yellow hatches an invinsible star.

Sneak In Bowser's Back Door

Is the front door too hard for you? Well there's a secret exit to lead to his back door. On the 2nd level of the Valley of Bowser when you reach the half point of the level and go into the pipe, keep going and avoid the wings. Once the first moving floor moves up, jump up and move to the left across the screen. (you will be over the screen!) Eventully you'll make it to the key and keyhole. Then destory the Valley Fortress to get to the back door. There turn on the light to get past ninja kitties and lava to get to Bowser.

Donut Secret 1

In Donut Plains 1, if you already have the green power switch you should be able to find the Donut secret 1. Toward the very end of the Donut Plains 1, there is a tall green pipe. Jump over it. On the other side, there is a little red thing that will enable you to walk up the stack of green squares. At the end of the green squares, there are a bunch of pipes. Between those pipes, there are the key and keyhole that lead you to Donut Secret 1. Donut Secret 1 takes place in the water, so watch out for new water villains!!

Quick Lives In The

This is a very simple and early way to get lives: once you pass "Yoshi's Island 1 you can go up to the "Yellow Switch Palace". Once you're there enter the level. Hop on the "P" switch and collect all the coins you can. Then press start and select "save & quit" then load the same file and you can repeat this. I've gotten about 120 lives using this.

2 Ways To Get Easy Lives

1: go to donut plains 1 and go past the checkpoint thing and jump over the hole and go through the green tube on the ground then get the feather then run up the tubes and once you get to the top quickly press a and still holding b and just stay and collect coins. (every 100 coins you get one life). 2:go to donut ghost house with the cape and run towards the edge but turn around before you fall off and run back just after the box jump up but just so the cape trails behind you and get to the ledge. Run to the other end of the ledge and fall off go through the door and finish the level. Then you unlock the special level thingy go to the level then once your on yoshi go to either side and go back to the level select screen and go back to the same level and junp into the same one you dot yoshi from and an egg will appear and break open and a green mushroom will be there. (only works if you have yoshi).

Easy Way To Beat Donut Plains 2

When you get to donut plains 2 you go until the second green pipe on the top and jump into it (you can do the other thing that was posted)then you have this football throwing guy jump over him and keep going then there will be this case jump over that and go into the pipe then when you come out you'll be at the end. TADA!

Key 1- Ups

When you find a key in one of the game levels, use it to unlock the secret goal first. Then, go back and play the level again, but this time, carry the key through the main goal. The key will turn into a 1-up mushroom! Use this trick as many times as you like to get extra lives.

Up To 20 Free Lives

On star level 2, where you get the little yellow yoshi there is sort of a glitch. Whatever it is, it can give you up to 20 lives. First make yoshi big by feeding him the annoying red turtle thing the lakuta throws. Go to the end of the level where the finish gate is and cross it , but if you want the lives you need the red turtles following you and also the lakuta make sure they are all in the screen. Then just cross the gate as you normally do. Note: for up to 20 lives you need to do it right you might get 3 or 5 lives first, to know if you did it right there should be a banner that reads, "15 up".

Yellow Switch Palace

If you want to get to the Yellow Switch Palace, you'll have to complete Yoshi island #1. When you get there, there's a button that says "P". Press that and coins will float around. Try and collect a lot then go into the pipe. Just keep walking and jump on the yellow button with a ! mark on it. You will unlock the yellow boxes with a ! mark. Each one has a toad inside!

Many Points From The Bosses

If you need points, follow this tip. First you have to defeat any Koopa Boss (except Bowser), then press the up button, and instead of your time bonus by X50 it will be X200!

Easy Lives

Unlock the level Forest Of Illusions 4, go back to it and jump and get the extra life, push start, then click back.


If you get a power-up and you get another one, it'll stay in a frame on top of the screen. Once you get hit and turn into a kid, the power-up above will start to drop and you'll have another chance. Note: When it drops, get it or it'll go away. Make sure you don't get a lower power-up after you had a higher one, like have a cape feather as a back-up and exchange it for a mushroom.

Vanilla Dome Secret 1, 2, and 3

If you have the Red Palace complete go back to Vanilla Dome 1 go with the level until you come to the red stairs hit the block above at the top of the stairs and climb the plant get the key and put in the key hole and your way to Vanilla Dome Secret 1, 2, and 3

An Easier Way To Get To Bowser's Castle

Once you beat star road go to the bottom right hand coner of the star and a path should lead straght to Bowser's Castle!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Red Switch Palace

Go to FOREST OF ILLUSION 2 find the key and key- hole, when you put the key in the keyhole a path should open up and leads to the Red Switch Palace!!!

Secret Keyhole/Key

In Donut plains the rock level there is a key hole and a key to get to the red switch palace. When you get to the pipes on that level go in a yellow one and get the blue shell. On the last and the highest of the yellow blocks throw the blue shell benith it and it should sprout a vine. Climb up the vine and tada! you see the key and the keyhole pick the key up and put it in. Good luck!

All Switch Palaces

Yellow switch - Wen you start the game go left beat Yoshi Island 1 then go up and you will be there.Green switch - At Donut Plains 2 you will get to 2 yellow tubes,2 green tubes and lots of sand.Go up the second green tube get the ? box.Get past the football player you will see 4 boxes .Go right get the shell go get on the 3rd box let the shell go you will hit the 4th box a vine will come out of the box climb the vine get the key put it in the keyhole.Red switch - Go to Vanilla Dome 2.Go to the 3rd body of water.You will see three boxes go a little father then you will see a box jump on it then get to the top of the left hill you will see a p switch pick it up and go get the coins in front of you you sould still be holding on to the switch press it but not on the blocks go left jump over the first ditch fall in the next hole go left get the key then go right and you will see the keyhole.Blue switch - I don't know were it is but I think it is in Forest of lllusion 2.

Uphill Slide

While riding Yoshi stop on a hill going up and press down and left or right (depends where you are going) and you will slide up.

Easy Points And Lives

First beat Yoshi`s island 2,then go to the begining of Yoshi`s island 2 and dash. When holding the red shell, jump, and when your in the air, throw it. You will get lots of points and 1 life. Press start and do the "Back" option. Then keep repeting the process.

Green Switch Palace

In Donut Plains 2 keep going until you find the 2nd Green Pipe Go Up it and you will find a Blue Shell and a stair step of blocks hit the one at the top with a shell and it will make a vine climb up it put the key in the hole and you are there!

Moon In The Ghost House

In the ghost house in the forest there is a moon just try to find the blue door after you've enterd it go left to the regular exit but don't go in insted keep going left until you find a yoshi coin continue going left unil you see a big boo try to lure him to the right you'll see a door behide him go in there a exit with a moon if you do it over and over you'll have a lot of lives.

A New Dinosaur Land

Once you beat every level and secret level (includes the Top Secret Area) The shells on the turtles would be a shape of Mario's head on the parana plants would be Jack O' Lanterns!

Lots Of Extra Lives

Find the Chocolate Secret in Chocolate world. Go and hit the Midway Tape and then go through the pipe. Hold down to hit all the enemies as you go down. Then die on purpose so you can come back and do it again!

Best Free Lives

To get infinite lives, you must be the Vannila Dome stage. Next, find the secret stage that leads to the left part. Complete the stage halfway of the green pipe. After that, go up the green pipe and into the Vannila Secret 2. Complete the stage. Make sure you touch the SMALL blue and white pole. Go back to the stage and go left until you see those spikey things. On top of that is a row of boxes. The second box on the left. There should be a grey switch. Take that switch and go between the two flowers that jump up. Press the button and take the coin on the first flower. You must hurry or else you'll have less lives!! Jump on the other platform on the left and a whole bunch of coins will be there instead of the turtles. Collect them in a hurry to get more lives. You can do this as much as you want.The highest lives you can get is 51, 54, or 57.

Fast Lives

On "Forest of Illusion 1" go to the half way point. find the box of spinning items. Wait until the feather, hit the box and get the star. Run forward and try to het as many enemies as possible. Wait until the star fades away, a sign will go acrossed the screen saying how many lives you got. (usually 15-18 lives)If you continue doing this you'll get more that 500 lives!

Star Road

Get in the Forest of Illusion. Comlpete Forest of Illusion 4 until you get to the Forest Secret Area. After completing the Secret Area, Beat the castle that comes next. If you beat that a star will apear. Go on the star and push the A botton. Then you'll come acrossed a place of warps and levels.

Soda Lake

To get to Soda Lake you go to cheese bridge area with a yoshi and a cape. When you get to the end jump and float under the land. Press R to jump from yoshi. Walk and jump until you get to and other pole. Hit the white bar and you got to a soda lake stage.

Blue Switch Palace

To get the Blue Switch Palace, Go to forest of Illusion #2. Go up to the half way point in that level and then go past those spiky guys going in squares. You will come up to 3 spiky guys going up and down. Go past all of them and then go down. Keep going down all the way to the floor. You will find a yellow box. Hit it and grab the feather/mushroom inside. Then swim into the tunnel on the left and swim over the fishes head. (If you have the feather spin and kill it and then go past.) Then quickly swim (if you have the mushroom.) and grab the key and put it into the keyhole before the fish gets you.

Red Switch Palace

To get to the red switch palace go to Vanilla Dome 2 and as you swim in the 3rd body of water (including the one you fall into in the begining.) You will find 3 "?" boxes and above them are a line of coins. Go a little bit more past that and you will find another "?" box sticking out of the water. Go up out of there ( watch out for the turtle guy that falls down on you.) and jump to the left. There will be a power switch. Grab it (

Revised Switch Palace

If you hear that you need to go into a yellow pipe in the 2nd Donut plains level, and get the key to go to the red switch palace, its wrong. You need to go into the 2nd green pipe hanging from the celing in donut plains 2 to get to the other part, and it leads you to the green switch palace.

Transform Dinosaur Coins

Once you collect every last dinosaur coin, they all turn into peach coins so you can collect them all over again.

Easy Points

With luigi and a cape feather, you can fly across levels low enough to fly through the goal gate to get points. If you fly to high and go past it, land and run left.

Star World 2

To get the secret exit, instead of going in the pipe at the end, swim under it and go left.

Red Block Switch

To get to the red block switch enter Vanilla Dome 2, go to the area where there is 2 fishes and a mystery block containing a flower on the left side of a narrow wall. Jump from the block to the right side and then over to the left. Walk left until you find a P-button. Carry it to the left most wall, press it, and go through the wall of coins, jump over the small area, fall down the floor of coins, and around the block to the key and

Blue Yoshi

Find Blue Yoshi in star road 2 and hatch him into and adult.

Yellow Yoshi

To unlock yellow yoshi as a playable yoshi, hatch him and grow him into an adult in star road 2.

Fly Across Every Level

To fly across every level make sure you have a cape. Fly into the air and continue holding A and B. when Mario/Luigi grabs his cape, keep hitting left. To bomb the ground, grab your cape and hold right.

Red Yoshi

To unlock the red yoshi find him in star road 1 and raise him to an adult. Then he will become playable.

Easy Was To Get To Bowser

On the last level in Bowser's castle you will 4 doors to choose from. Go into door number 2. After you get through that stage there will be 4 more doors to choose from. Go into door number 8 then. Hope you have a cape to kill the enemy's. When you have beaten that stage you will go directly into another stage. Once you beat that stage you will have fight Bowser.

Get Secret World

Secret world is a special map beyond Star Road. When you can get to star road beat all of the levels until you can get to the level underneath the little hill at the bottom of the screen. Normally you would have to get a key to pass the level and go to the next but here you just have to get to the goal. The key however gets you the secret map. When you find the key and get it to its key hole a road leads up from the level onto the hill and another star appears. Enter it and it will lead you to Special World where the levels names are words you probly never hear in the 1990's or 2000's such as Gnarly and Tubular.

Quick, Cheesy, And Easy Way To Beat The Game

Once you have found a star on the world map that leads you to star road this hint is possible. Once you can get to star road beat all of the star levels by getting the hiddden keys and once you get to the star on the bottom right of the screen go to it and it leads you right next to bowsers castle and you can beat the game!

Get Secret Ghost House

The first ghost house that you see in donut land doesn't have path leading to it. In order to get to it you have to go activate the green blocks. After that, go to the first level in donut land and go close to the end. Then you will see a wall of green blocks. Run up that, then you will see a key on the top. Grab the key and put it into the key hole. After that you will be transported to a water level in the donut land lake. Beat that level then you will make it to the Ghost House.

Quick Warp

After you have beaten and found all 96 exits go to the map screen press select to go to the result screen. You'll now have an arrow you can move to pick a level. Pick a level you want to jump to and press "A" This makes it real easy to jump to level to collect the dragon coins.

Top Secret Area

First you need a cape then go to the donut plains ghost house (not the secret one).When you walk in look up and you wil see a platfom. Run back and forth til you have anuff speed and fly to the left. run till you get to the end. Fall down get the 4 lives (optional) and go through the door. If your wondering what the top secret area is it has a yoshi two Mushrooms (feathers if your Big) and two fire flowers.

3-Up Moon

Once you pick up a Cape Feather in the 1st Dounut Plains level return to Yoshi's Island 1. Go through the level until you reach the point where you have to throw the shell up to get the 1- Up green mushroom. Fly up to the cloud walkway and go to the right end of the walkway. Then run to the other end and take off. While you are going up you will see a small platform made of clouds with a moon on it. Pick up the moon to get 3 extra lives. By finishing the level and going back to it this can be repeated many times.

Easter eggs

Hatching A 1-up Egg

When you're already on Yoshi and you hit a "?" box on when you get a Yoshi, you'll get a life.


We have no glitches for Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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