Super Paper Mario Wii - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Super Paper Mario Wii - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Cheats In Fort Francis

These are the pass codes for fort Francis but first when you get to that weird cat security thingy. Answer true to all of the questions, and then type in these passwords, 2828, 2323.

Important Numbers In Merlee's Mansion

The Two Important numbers in Merlee's Mansion are 5963 (Members only generator room code) and 41262816 (code for the safe:get slim move past the barriers and then type the code)


Piccolo Pixl

To get the Piccolo Pixl, you first must be able to visit Flopside. Visit Merlee on the second floor of Flopside and talk to her on the opposite side of the crystal ball. Next, talk to Merluvee in Flipside. Talk to Bestovious in Lineland. Talk to Watchitt in Yold. Then, give what Watchitt gave you to Bestovious. Give what Bestovious gave you to Merluvee. Give what Merluvee gave you to Merlee to get a key. Finally, go to the first floor of Flipside and open the locked door near the card shop. Go inside the house and open the treasure chest to get the Piccolo Pixl. Piccolo puts enemies to sleep. There are also special walls with a drawing of him engraved on it; you can use him to make the walls disappear, revealing secret items.

Unlock Bowser

To unlocck Bowser go to chapter 3-1 and fight Bowser to get him


To unlock Peach you need to give her some spicy soup when she falls out of the sky.


To unlock flopside, you have to beat chapter four (the one in space). Then go to the first floor in flipside. At far right of the room their is a crack. blow it up go 3D and enter the room. Their is a window with a crack, use Fleep and a hole will appear. This leads to The hall of mirrors. Their are a bunch of blocks you have to make them all shine. A door will open this leads to the town Flopside.

Tiptron Pixl

To get Tiptron, you have to beat the game so that Tippi leaves. then go to Francis in Chapter 3-4 with 999 coins and you can purchase Tiptron from Francis. (Unfortunately, you still have to enter his room as Peach. Otherwise, you'll get the kitty lasers.)

How To Get 999 Coins Fast

To get 999 coins fast, first you need Dottie the Pixl, then go to World 5-1. Then at the first door don't go through the door, use Mario to turn 3-D and use Dottie's ability with the 1 button. Then go to the hole in the wall. Then you will see two pipes, go to the second one and you will see a Whacka-Mole. Jump on it, and a Whacka-Bump will pop out. Go to the Sweet Smiles (Flipside F1) and cook the Whacka-Bump. It will make a Roast Whacka-Bump. Then go to the store and sell the Whacka-Bumps for 200 coins each! But, you can only get 7 Whacka-Bumps, so I suggest to use the coins wisely.

Fourth Arcade Game

Go to the Milk Bar in Flopside, then switch to 3D and open up a chest there to unlock the fourth arcade game.

Stay In 3D

If you complete the Flopside (NOT Flipside) Pit of 100 Trials two times, you'll get 'Mario's Card'. Then you can stay in 3D without a time limit.

Dashell Pixel

After completing The Pit Of 100 Trials in Flipside, you will fight a dragon, Wrecktail. This is a new version of the first Boss, with the same attacks and same way to defeat it. Once you defeat Wrecktail, you will get a new Pixl, Dashell, who allows you to run at very high speeds.

Easy Rubies

In Chapter 2-3, you must get a lot of Rubies. The code for the first VIP room is "5693". While on the gerbil wheel, tape down the left or right movement button and allow the controller to idle for about ten minutes. You should get about 9,000 Rubies. Be careful and monitor it, as the Wii-mote will go to sleep. The code for the second VIP room past the electric fields is "41262816". This will give you the 1,000,000,000 Rubies needed.


The Easy Way To Defeat Super Dimentio

At the beginning, SD is invincible, but still jump on his head. The pure hearts will appear and refill your HP, giving you an advantage. It will also drain SD's power. Fight as Bowser with Slim, and jump on his head. To deal even more damage, use Thudley to deal a BUNCH of damage. Watch out for SD's guns. Repeat the noggin-stomping process to beat SD, and win the game!

Beating Wracktail

To beat Wracktail, change to Luigi on Wracktail's back. Grab a Wrackle (the enemies on Wracktail), and throw it at the antenna using Thoreau. When you start slipping, jump continuously as Luigi. Repeat the antenna attack 30 times to defeat Wracktail, receive Dashell, and move onto Flopside Pit of 100 trials.

The Rare Amazy Dayzee

There is a super-rare Amazy Dayzee in Chapter 5-2. It is at the place where the sign shows someone going underwater. (door all the way to the right in 2nd room) To see it, flip into 3D. You'll see it, as it's shimmering gold. I suggest being small, as it is VERY powerful and will flip and dash into the pit if it is attacked or spotted. If you capture it, it is worth A LOT of coins. If you defeat it, you may get a Gold Leaf. I think this may be the only Amazy Dayzee, but I'm not sure.

Creating The Dyllis Deluxe

You will need 3 ingredients to make the Dyllis Deluxe and you must be in Flopside. The ingredients you need are: Hamburger, Shroom Steak, and Power Steak. Ask the lady that cooks (on the 1st floor of Flopside) to mix together the Hamburger and the Power Steak. Once she's done, she will give you the Gorgeous Steak which was made from your ingredients. Then, ask her to cook again and mix the Gorgeous Steak with the Shroom Steak. When she cooks it the outcome will be a Dyllis Deluxe. The Dyllis Deluxe fills 90 HP and cures poison. So use it wisely.

The 100th Fight In Sammer's Kingdom

The end boss (round 100) is a large enemy. He had a point on his head so you can't jump on him, and he has a bat-looking thing with spike's all over it. He tries to hit you with that bat. He also can curl into a ball and roll over you. I suggest using the pixl Barry to defeat him. When you do manage to defeat him, you will go into the next door. When you start to go over the bridge, the king will give you your reward. The reward is a bunch of rare cards. The cards have the characters from 'Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door' on them. They are: Goombella Card, Koops Card, Madame Flurrie Card, Yoshi Card, Vivian Card, Admiral Bobbery Card, and Ms. Mowz Card.

How To Get To Shadoo

This will be a long and difficult task. You first need to beat Wracktail in Flipside's Pit of 100 Trials. After you do that, there will be a Pit of 100 Trials in Flopside. The Pit of 100 Trials in Flopside is harder than Flipside because all of the enemies in there are "Dark. " For example: Dark Goomba, Dark Koopa Troopa, etc. Once you successfully get to the 100th room, a voice will tell you to do it all over again, and then he will show his face once you've made it to the 100th floor once more. Once you finish the Pit of 100 Trials a second time, He will finally appear to fight you. He introduces himself as "Shadoo" and he is a "Dark" enemy.

How To Get Dashell

In Flipside, When you get to the 100th room on the Pit of 100 Trials, you will end up outside in a setting that is almost exactly like the setting when you battle Fracktail (boss). Move forward a little and Wracktail will appear. Wracktail is extremely difficult to beat. Make sure you have a lot of health before you battle him. Once you defeat him, he will turn into bones and fall apart. You'll fall down to the ground and a big black box will appear. Open the box, and Dashell will talk to you and pretty much demand to be on your team. His ability makes you run faster.

Battling Shadoo

Once you've made it to the 100th floor in the Pit of 100 Trials in Flopside, Shadoo tells you that he's finally done cloning your four heroes (Bowser, Mario, Luigi, and Peach). He will first show himself as a Dark Luigi. The Dark Luigi will follow you all the time and constantly jump up and down, making it difficult for you to hit him and making it easier for him to damage you. Once you manage to defeat Dark Luigi, a Dark Bowser appears right away. The Dark Bowser will breathe fire at you and try to jump on you. Avoid him when he's breathing fir, but when he tries to jump on you, attack him. When Dark Bowser is defeated, a Dark Peach will then appear. The Dark Peach will try to jump on you and she can use her umbrella to float, giving her a longer time to do some damage to you. Don't try hitting her if she is using her umbrella. Hitting her while she's jumping is much easier. After Dark Peach, the last is Dark Mario. Dark Mario will also try to jump on you, and when he get's close he will try to use his hammer. Once you defeat Dark Mario, Shadoo will be fully defeated. Once he disappears, 8 black boxes come up from the ground. In these boxes are the cards of all the Dark versions of the heroes and cards of all the regular heroes as well. Once you open all of the chests, the warp pipe will appear to bring you back to Flopside.

Piccolo Pixl Abilities

When used, the sound effects will become 'classic Mario' sounds. Also, when used in certain areas Piccolo will open blocks to reveal chests. Try it on 3rd floor, outside the gates in both Flipside and Flopside.


After Beating Chapter Four go back to the first level and talk to the person in the bush again. (The one that told you the instructions for reaching Francis's castle) That person turns out to be a Pixl named Barry that joins your party after you talk to him. Barry can reflect flying objects thrown by enemies.

Run On Water!

If you get dottie to shrink you you can run on water (provided you don't stop).

Tippi 2.0

When you beat the game and Tippi Flys away. If you go see Francis He will give you Tippi 2.0, For a price (Of Course) 999 Coins. The Easiest way to make coins is to cook a Wacka Bump and sell it.

Use Thoreau To Throw Boomer

When you have Boomer out, set him and as soon as he is set press plus, dont use the quick menu buttons (1+2) or you might blow him up. Switch to Thoreau very quickly and you can pick up and throw Boomer in a short amount of time to reach whatever you may need blowing up.

Wii In Frances' Room

When you enter Frances' room (with the password "2828") turn 3D and look at the far wall and the TV look to the left, and you will see a Wii system with a few games. It even has the sensor bar at the top of the TV.

Easy Rubies

In chapter 2-3, you will need a lot of rubies. Even in the VIP room, it will take forever for you to even get 10000. Another cheat tells you how to get the rubies past the electric fields, but the cheat didn't tell you that you need the pixel Slim. Slim allows you to fit through tight spaces, and be invisible while motionless. To find slim, go to the base of the chapter. Jump onto the first level, then switch to Peach to float from that side to the other. Switch back to mario and flip, and you should see an arrow on the ground. Follow that arrow until you are past the barrier, then flip back. You will see a treasure chest which will hold Slim. Then go back and up to the top level, where the same thing will happen. There will be an arrow and you need to flip. Beyond the barrier, hit the block to create a ladder. Climb up that ladder to reach the electric fields.


After jumping on a foe, shake the Wii remote to do tricks and get extra points.

Mario Series Reference

Enter Room 2828 in the Castle Of Francis to find action figures and posters from other Mario games.

Tippi Pixl Ability

Use your Wii-mote sensor to scan objects to learn about them and reveal hidden things.

Thudley Pixl Ability

Shake the ground.

Thoreau Pixl Ability

Pick up objects then toss them.

Slim Pixl Ability

Turn sideways and squeeze through very narrow spaces.

Fleep Pixl Ability

Flip objects that are stuck in the wrong dimension.

Dottie Pixl Ability

Shrink yourself.

Cudge Pixl Ability

Use a hammer.

Carrie Pixl Ability

Platform that can get you across dangerous areas.

Boomer Pixl Ability

Blow up Objects

Barry Pixl Abilities

Shield yourself from enemy attacks and also counterattack.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Super Paper Mario yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Squished Bowser Glitch

Tip: You must have Bowser for this. Go to a space that Mario can fit in then switch to Bowser and he looks like hes been squished.

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