The first PS5 photos show just how big Sony’s next-gen console is

The first PS5 photos show just how big Sony’s next-gen console is


Sony’s upcoming PS5 hardware has appeared on Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC), giving us the first close-up of the next-generation console.

The NCC has published a variety of images (PDF), showing the standard PS5 laying horizontally, the included cables, and the removable base that holds the console in both vertical and horizontal positions.

The photos also show just how big the PS5 truly is. We learned earlier this week that the PS5 is the biggest game console in modern history, even topping the Xbox One VCR-like shape and Sony’s PS3. Sony released official dimensions during its PS5 event this week, but they don’t include the “largest projection” or the optional base measurements.

PS5 Size 1

It’s clear from these photos that it’s going to be a challenge to fit a PS5 into entertainment centers, just as it will be with the Xbox Series X. Both consoles appear to be designed to primarily stand vertically, looking rather unwieldy on their sides.

PS5 Size 2

Unfortunately, the photos don’t offer a close look at exactly how you access the NVMe slot on the PS5. Sony is allowing PS5 owners to expand storage space, but we still don’t have full details on exactly how this will work.

Sony is launching the PS5 in the US on November 12th, priced at $499.99. A second disc-less PS5 Digital Edition will also be available for $399.99.

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