The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past GBA - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



We have no cheats or codes for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Easy Way To Get Invisability Cape

Go to dark world, go to where the stone/grave would be that you move, cut the bush go in use the mirror push the grave and go in (its easy when you do it).

Unlimited Money

In the light world, go to the strange man in the desert. Go directly south and you will see two big rocks. Lift them up to find a staircase going down. Go down to find a man surrounded by pots. pick up the pots to get 50 rupees. Then exit the room and return to find the pots there again with the rupees under them again. Take them and do this over and over again to fill your wallet.

When Chickens Attack

This isnt much of a cheat code. But its a funny easter egg that will make you laugh. In the game you may slash or run threw bushes and find some straw chickens. You might wonder "Why the heck is there a chicken there?" Well, go find a chicken. There is one in a little fence by the fortune teller's house near the village. Go by the chicken and slash it over and over again. Dont stop other wise this will not work! After maby 15 seconds maby even a half a minute a swarm of chickens will swoop in and start attacking you! If you try slashing then it will be useless. You CANNOT attack these poultry. But its funny to watch a swarm of chickens come in and kill you. That way you can be walking up to your friends saying "I got killed by chickens" Over and over. And its a great way to cheer you up when your stuck on a level of the game. (This cheat is enabled in so far any zelda game like OoT and the nes zelda game im not sure if there are chickens in the windwaker game).

Get The Red Bomb Earlier

You do not have to wait until beating Turtle's Rock to get the Red Bomb. You can get the Red Bomb right after beating Misery Mire.

Skilled Money

In the dark world, there is a shop with an arrow on it and a guy lets you shoot 5 arrows for 20 rubies. The first shot is worth 4 the second is 8 and son on until the 5th is 64. but if you miss a shot you start over at 4. Great place to get money and skill.

Skull Stones

If you move next to a skull stone(dark world) it will turn white for a second and come alive and start chasing you. They take one heart away. They take 2 hits with the hero's sword and 1 hit for the other swords. Some of them don't do that but most of them do.

Sweeping Lady

In the village, you can find an old lady sweeping in front of her house. Use the magic powder to turn her into a fairy. If you enter her house and come back out, the lady will be back. So you can turn her into a fairy over and over again.

Boss 5: Helmasaur King

You have to break the mask on the big boss by throwing bombs to it or hitting it with the magic hammer. Attack the green spot with your sword until he falls. When you kill the monstrosity you get a magic crystal with a captive maiden inside. (In the Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker the giant bird is the Helmasaur King.)

Boss 4: Agahnim

To beat Agahnim you have to hit the energy balls with the Master Sword back at him. But watch out! When Agahnim moves to the top of the room usually he is going to send thunder at you. Stand in any corner to avoid it. Also something that looks like an energy ball from Agahnim but is really a bunch of small blue fireballs that you can easily dodge. Right before you beat Agahnim he will flee and transport you into the Dark World.

Boss 3: Moldorm

To beat Moldorm hit it in the tail with the whirling blade attack six times. Sounds pretty easy, huh? Well watch out because Moldorm could knock you of the edges or in the middle. Kill Moldorm to get the Pendant of Wisdom.

Boss 2: Lanmalos

There are three Lanmalos underground. When they come up you can use the whirling blade attack,ice rod or the arrows in the head to kill them. Once you have killed them you will get the Pendant of Power.

The Golden Bee

Since you can't get the golden bee from the dude in a shop which I can't find and your going to need the pegesus shoes with the bug-catching net. Go to the ice rod place and go into the door that you didn't blast go inside. Go up into the next room and charge with the pegesus shoes into the fairy statue and a golden bee will appear. Catch it with the net. Golden bees never leave the screen unless you let it go in a bosses lair and it can't attack the boss. For faster results use the flute if you have it and go to area 8 and go up till you get where I said. Then do the same thing.

100 Rupees For A Bee

First get the golden bee. Then go to Kakariko village release the golden bee near the man who gave you the first bottle and he'll say he'll buy the bee for 100 rupees. Then shoot five red rupees out. Don't worry about the bee it reappears in the ice rod place.

Bug Net

Go to Kakariko village and find a small house with four chimneys on top. Go inside and there should be a boy in bed. He's sick. Go over and talk to him and he will give you the bug catching net.

Talking Trees

In the dark world bump into the single trees (the ones that have no other tree touching it) and some of the trees will move their face. Talk to them. Some of the trees will give you some hints and some will tell you to leave them alone and then they spit a bomb at you.

Logger's Riddle

When you have 10 medals from the Four Swords game vist the Logger Bro. house and talk to the man inside and he ask will you to complete a riddle when you do you will learn a new sword move.

Blue Shield

First have Ether. Go to one of those monsters that takes your shield with its tongue. While it has your shield halfway to its mouth, use Ether to freeze it, and kill it. Take your shield and it will be blue

The Palace Of The Four Swords!

After you complete Four Swords, return to A Link to the Past game to find that Link can now enter the Palace of the Four Swords. The entrance to the tower is at the pyramid of power. On the RIGHT side of the pyramid in the middle. Drop down to the cracked hole in the pyramid and wala your in, though you will have to pay a small fee of 20 rupees at the entrance. NOTE: Dont try this until you've finished A Link to the Past. You'll need all the iteams from the game and the skill and battle tastics you can learn.

Getting The Invisibilty Cape 2

TO get the invisability without the upgrade for the power-glove you need the the moon pearl, mirror, peaguses shoes,hookshot. Then you go to the the cemetary to the headstone at the right end at the top and you use the mirror and use the pegasus shoes and ram into the headstone and it opens so you can get the invisibilty cape.

Cheap Shop

In the Dark World, there is a shop with an Arrow on the front of it. If you go inside, a skeleton will tell you that you look like a sharp shooter and asks you if you want to play his game. The object is to hit as many targets as possible. He says you'll soon be rich, but you have to pay 20 rupees to play. Every target you hit only gets you four rupees, and you only get four arrows! (4x5=20). So, DON'T PLAY!!! It's just a boring way to lose all your money.

Bug The Enemies

Do you know those pesky annoying bees? Well you can catch them with a bug catching net and use it against enemies. After catching the bee in a bottle, release it near an enemy and it will attack him.

Getting The Invisibility Cape

To get this you need the Titan's Mitt. In the light world, go to the cemetary and lift up the two green-colored rocks toward the right side of the cemetary. Then, charge into the headstone that's there and it should open up. Go down the steps and walk until you see a treasure chest. Open it and you will get the Invisibility Cape. Note: The Invisibility Cape takes up your magic meter. Watch it carefully!!

Breaking Signs

To break signs either charge them with your Pegasis Shoes or go up to them on the side and press R to pick them up. Then, to throw them, press R again.

Getting The Book Of Hylian Language

To get the book, you need to first have the Pegasis Shoes. Then, go to the library and use the shoes to charge at the wall. The book should fall and now you can read the words on the Master Sword's Stone.

Mario Pictures

To see Mario pictures just go to the houses in town and go into each house. The Mario picture will be in at least two houses. If you want, you can look for Mario pictures in any house you go to. It's fun!!

A List Of Items That You Should Have Within The First Half Of The Game

Here are things that you will will get within the first half of the game:

Fire Rod  Ice Rod  Bottles  Net  Boomerang  Hookshot  Hammer  Book Of Hylian Language  Mirror  Flippers  Master Sword  Moon Pearl  Power Gloves  Pegasis Shoes  Green Tunic  

Item Upgrades

Sword Upgrade #1 - The Master Sword in the Lost Woods after collecting the Three endants and the Book of Mudora.    Sword Upgrade #2 - Tempered Master Sword - Free the animal trapped behind heavy dark rocks in the dark world south of Kakiriko and warp to the light world then bring him to his house. He is one of the smithies.    Sword Upgrade #3 - Golden Sword - Ultimate Sword found when you get a Red bomb at the bomb shop in the dark world where your house is. You can only get the Red Bomb after beating Turtle Rock. Bring it to the cracked wall in the Pyramid of Power.    Shield Upgrade #1 - Go to the Wishing Waterfall in Zora's Falls and throw in your shield and tell the Fairy it is yours and she will upgrade it into a red shield.    Shield Upgrade #2 - Mirror Shield found in Turtle Rock. The Big Key is in the tunnel maze in the center of the lava tunnels.    Boomerang Upgrade - Bring it to Wishing Waterfalls and throw it in the water.    Bomb & Arrow Upgrade(s) Go to the center of Lake Hylia and throw in rupees in the cave with water in the end over and over until you see a fairy she will upgrade your bombs and arrows 5 so you can carry 5 more every time you summon her. You can carry 50 Bombs and 70 Arrows.    Power Glove Upgrade - Titan's Mitt found in thieves town. The big key is hidden in the   begginning maze room.    Arrows Upgrade - Throw in your bow where you bombed the wall with the red bomb to get the Silver Arrows. You absolutely need these to beat Ganon!    Defense Upgrade #1 Blue Mail/Shirt in the Ice palace. the Big key is In the room with the eye statue and the red moles that you pound down. Pull the statue's tongue.    Defense Upgrade #2 Red Mail/Shirt found in Gaon's Tower. the Big key is in the room north of the Armos Knights on Ice.  

All Four Bottle Locations

Bottle #1 - In the back of the Blue Hotel in Kakiriko Village.  Bottle #2 - Buy it from the salesman who has brown bottles on his left for 100 rupees  Bottle #3 - Under the bridge south of all the large rocks between Hyrule Castle and the Eastern Palace in the light world.  Bottle #4 - Go to the smithys' house in the dark world and grab the chest. Use the magic mirror and bring the chest to the strange fellow in the Western Desert standing next to the sign saying Leave me alone I'm an average guy. Well, he's not. He's actually a lock picking thief that will open the chest for you for free.  

Health Capacity

What you should have -

Eastern Palace - 5 Hearts  Desert Palace - 6 Hearts  Tower of Hera - 8 Hearts  Catle Tower- 9 Hearts  Dark Palace - 10 Hearts  Swamp Palace - 12 Hearts  Skull Woods - 13 Hearts  Thieves' Town - 14 Hearts  Ice Palce - 16 Hearts  Misery Mire - 17 Hearts  Turtle Rock - 18 Hearts  Ganon's Tower - 20 Hearts  

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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