The new test allows people to view Instagram stories directly via Facebook

The new test allows people to view Instagram stories directly via Facebook


Some Facebook users have recently realized that they can now watch their Instagram stories directly from within the major social networking applications. Facebook has long allowed (and encouraged) cross-posting of Instagram stories to Facebook to help build momentum for its own version of the format — but a new test brings Instagram stories straight to Facebook for live viewing.

You will know whether you are viewing a Facebook or Instagram story by what color the profile photo circles; Facebook Stories have a blue circle, and Instagram has the same pink / orange color as the app icon.

Instagram stories directly via Facebook

Facebook makes it very clear that nothing has changed about who can see your stories; only your Instagram followers who have linked their Facebook account — and who can already view your story — will see the new options on Facebook. And even then, they have to choose the suit. “People on Facebook who don’t follow you on Instagram can’t see your story,” says the screenshot of the feature.

Matt Navarra confirmed with a Facebook spokesman that this is a “limited test,” and the company will listen to feedback. The spokesperson noted that the feature “respects all existing privacy settings” and said Instagram users have the option to hide their stories from Facebook altogether if they wish.

This step is another step in Facebook's efforts to bring its platform closer. Last month, Facebook started combining Facebook Messenger and Instagram chat; WhatsApp will eventually also be part of this unified chat experience.

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