The Sims 2 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

The Sims 2 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Give Money 9,999

Unlock Gnome first then enter the following codes. R1, L1, R2, Right, Left.

Unlock Gnome (Enter First)

To unlock the gnome enter L1R1UpXR2

Unlock All Lots

Circle, L2, Left, Circle, Up, Circle.

Set Skill For Any Sim

First, change to that sim. Then enter Triangle, Circle, Square, R2, Left.

9,999 Simoleons

Enable the Cheat Gnome code, then press R1, L1, R2, Right, Left during game play. Select the Cheat Gnome, then Interaction/Location: Give Simoleons.

All Motives Filled

You will need to unlock the gnome first. Enter Up, Circle, Up, Right, L2.

Unlock All Clothing

Square, R2, Down, Right, Square.

Unlock Owl Sound

R1 L1 R1 square triangle.

Make A Two Story House

R1, X, L2, CIRCLE, UP, L3, DOWN, R1.

All Fashions

Enable the "Cheat Trophy" code, then press Square, R2, Down, Right, Square while playing the game.

Horn Audio

Enable the "Cheat Trophy" code, then press R1, L1, R1, L1, Triangle while playing the game.

Team Photo

At the title screen, press Right, Down, Right, Down, Right.

Unlock All Objects

L2, Circle, Down, Left, Up.

Unlock All Recipes

R2, Square, Up, Down, Right, X.

Cheat Gnome

Press L1, R1, Up, X, R2 during game play. The Cheat Gnome (Plumb Bob Trophy) will now appear on the lots and the following codes may now be enabled

Team Photo

Okay people, you don't type in the cheat for the team photo in the title screen and you don't need the cheat gnome! Just go to credits in the title screen and hit Right Down Right Down Right Down, and the photo of the developers for The Sims 2 will slowly scroll across the screen!

Rent A Car

Press R1, L1, L2, R2, left, down, right, up. But first you have to get a gnome.

Go To The City

While game play enter Up, X, Triangle.

Rent A Moter Bike

While game play enter L2, R3, R2, L3.

Unlock GNN


Advance Clock 6 Hours

Circle, Square, L1, Up, Down.

Development Team Photo

Press Right, Down, Right, Down, Right at the title screen. Note: The cheat gnome is not required for this code. A Sim voice will confirm correct code entry. Alternately, press Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, Right, Down at the title screen. A Sim voice will confirm correct code entry.


Secret Room

Follow these basic steps to make a room where a Sim can just hang out. First, make your house simple with a bedroom with beds one square apart against the wall that has the outside on the other side. Then, put a simple closet door between the two beds. Make that door go into a room that is 4x4 squares apart. On the opposite side of the closet door, put another door, and cover it up with a tall bureau on one side and a bureau one square in front. Then, make a spooky hallway that leads to a fun, secret room. Finally, put a deck floor for the hallway, rug for the closet, and rug for the hallway. Also, do not put lights in the closet or scary lights in the hallway. Note: Do not over stuff the secret room or there will be a fire.



You can make your own prison. Just make a small building in. Then make a couple of prisoner rooms. You can add a tolet & shower. (If you hate them you can lock them in their rooms without food, tolets, showers, etc. Then Make a The Wardean office. Have one sim be a guard. Make sure to have brick walls.

Trampilione Trick

Buy a trampilione, then put it in a room. Make a sim jump on it, then switch to another sim. It looks like the sim is jumping through the roof of the room.

How To Light On Fire

To light you'r sim on fire, Just get a cheap fireplace and place it in a small room. Then get a cheap rug and place it under the fireplace. Then light the fireplace and stand there for a while (3-10 minutes) and your sim will light on fire and probably die.

Carpool Never Leaves

D- uring gameplay enter L1, R1, UP, X, R2 that's the trophy cheat then enter CIRCLE, SQUARE, L1, UP, DOWN that's the advance 6 hours cheat then when the carpool drives up walk up to the trophy and select it then select advance 6 hours and the carpool will stay there until you get in so your never late for work again and if you are sleeping or doing something that you don't have enough time to do it then turn into another sim close to it and then do it.

Making A Graveyard

Make a family with 4 people, put 3 of your least favorite in a small (not too small) room with a door, fireplace, and rug. Take the door away. Make sure the room has plenty of windows. Change into a person inside the room then light the fireplace and wait. Eventually you will have jars of ash. Put them in a fenced in area outside and wallah you have a graveyard AND a haunted house.

Easy Food

An easy way to get free food will cost you at first simple by the fish tank ($500), food tree ($150), and garden hutch($650), all found in the miscellaneous. They all provide a good amount of food and after a while they save you money.

Know When Neighbors Pass

To know when there is going to be a neighbor passing your house, look in the street to the far right. When a neighbor is going to appear, you will see the shadow of a person with its arms and legs out on the right of the street.

Live By Yourself

Get a job for everybody that lives with you. Then, enable the "Advance time by 6 hours" code and send them to work. Before they come back, enable the "Advance time by 6 hours" code again. Do this every day before the people come back. Note: You cannot do this when you are a ghost.

Christmas Tree

Delete some walls so the game thinks it is outside. Get a pine tree and put it inside.

Forced Friends

If you need friends, get a Hot Rock Hot Tub, or move to Tranquility Falls where they already have one. Invite over who you want to be your friends and get them in the hot tub. Then, put objects around it so they cannot get out. Leave them in there long enough and they will become your friends. Note: Get out before your hunger goes all the way down or else they will die.

Getting Married

Get your Friendship level up to 80 or 90. If the background is very red and blurry, select "Be on" the socialize menu and go to a bed. Select "Relax", then choose the bed again. Select "Woo whoo" once, then press Circle to get out of the bed. Select "Socialize" and if you are in love, select "Propose" and hope that the other Sim says yes.


If you want a promotion you should have at least 1 level of skill in each skill, and a good mood. If you do than you can get to level 6 and get a limo and level 9 to get a helicopter.

Free Repairs For Life

If you are tired of the repairman charging $50 an hour, buy a Bubu Tubu tv, turn it on and call the repairman. Once he is finished with any repairs, he will sit down to watch the tv, and will stay there forever. The only way to make him start repairing stuff again is to turn the tv off, but he will stay at your house forever unless you delete the tv while he is on his rounds.

Look Into The Telescope

When you look into the elescope for a long time, your sim will look up and get aducted by aliens. But in a few days your sim will come back and it will meet a new alien.

Business Career Bonuses

When you get to level 6 in a job you can ride in a limo. When you get around level 9 you will get to fly in a helicopter.

Easter eggs

Chicken Checkers & The Golden Egg

There is a chicken checkers board located in skill. When you beat the chicken he will give you a golden egg. Make sure you have at least 6 logic skill when you play the chicken. The chicken can also be your alarm.


We have no glitches for The Sims 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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