There is a Night Mode in Call Of Duty Mobile?

There is a Night Mode in Call Of Duty Mobile?


Since its launch, Call of Duty Mobile has taken the mobile gaming community by storm. The developer introduces a lot of interesting new content in the game with each update, which has been great for players so far. That's the reason why Call of Duty Mobile has made it past PUBG Mobile in terms of the player base in the world.

However, there is one thing that is lacking in Call of Duty Mobile, namely 'Night Mode' for Battle Royale.

Last year at Halloween, Call of Duty Mobile released a nightly version of the Standoff map. The dark environment, along with the Halloween decorations, is simply awesome.

Standoff Night Halloween Call of Duty Mobile Map

Unfortunately, it was a limited-time event and the night version of the Standoff map disappeared after a few days.

Since then, Call of Duty Mobile fanatics has asked the Call of Duty Mobile team to develop another Night Multiplayer map. Apart from that, some players would like to check out 'Night Mode' for Battle Royale as well.

What Does Night Mode Look Like in Call of Duty Mobile?

There are several ways Call of Duty Mobile can feature tonight's mode. For example, there are Night Maps in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, where two teams of five players face each other in a pitch-black environment.

To see in the dark, players must wear night-vision goggles, and they can take them off whenever they want. Also, in Night Mode, players must be careful when using the Aim Down Sight (ADS). That was because when they aimed, the laser sight on the gun gave their location to the enemy.

So, Call of Duty Mobile can include a similar type of mode, which can be a game-changer. And given the fact that COD Mobile has always taken elements from other Call of Duty titles, the developer could consider MW19's 'Night Mode' as well.

Call of Duty Mobile can make it easier for players by entering bright lights in buildings. That way, the surroundings won't be pitch black, like they do on the Halloween standoff map.

Is Call of Duty Mobile's Night Mode Useful?

For now, Call of Duty Mobile is still mum about Night Mode. So it is not certain whether they are considering such a game mode or not. However, in the May 14 Community Update, the COD Mobile team confirmed that they are interested in trying out some of the night maps. So, it looks like they are listening to the fan community.

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Even so, we are not sure whether COD Mobile will release 'Night Mode' soon. However, if the community keeps asking for Night Maps as I do now, maybe the COD Mobile team will work on it soon.

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