This glowing planet is the world’s first floating Apple Store

This glowing planet is the world’s first floating Apple Store


Apple's retail network around the world may be struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn't stopped the company from indulging in its penchant for expensive, quirky, and outlandish exterior designs. The iPhone maker's newest retail location, located in Singapore on the waterfront of the city-state and known officially as Apple Marina Bay Sands, can claim the world's first title: it is the only Apple retail store on the planet that floats on water.

Its location, part of the luxury hotel and resort of the same name, is Singapore's third Apple Store after Orchard Road, which opened as a first in Singapore in 2017, and Apple Jewel Changi Airport, located in the well-known retail sector in Singapore's transportation hub. Which also features the world's tallest indoor waterfall. (Singapore seems cool, huh?)

During the day, Marina Bay Sands' new shop looks like a strange spaceship or maybe some kind of futuristic theater.

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But at night, when Singapore's iconic skyline shines with all its splendor in the background, the shop comes to life and you can tell that the company designs it as a night outfit best seen in the dark. (Although, I got the real Rehoboam vibe, creepy looking artificial intelligence from the third season of Westworld.)

We don't have many details about the location, such as how exactly the interior structure should be. We know the store is Apple's 512th retail store globally, and it's opening soon. MacRumors got a neat little teaser video that Apple put up to promote the store opening, which shows a special graphic meant to mimic the look of a thin, thin line spreading across the ball at night.

9to5Mac has published what appears to be a marketing picture and a short blurb promoting the new shop, which the shop calls “the lantern on the bay.”

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“During the day, the store’s glass panels reflect the towering skyline of the Downtown Core and motion of the rippling water. At night, the sphere glows with a gentle warmth, evoking the design of traditional lanterns carried during Singapore’s Mid-Autumn Festival,” one slide sounded.“The pavilion dome narrows to an oculus, allowing unobstructed light to flood in. A birds-eye view of the store resembles a glass iris peering into the sky.”

According to marketing materials, the store will “include the same measures found at Singapore’s other Apple Stores” regarding ongoing COVID-19 health and safety efforts, which include restricted occupancy, wearing masks, and other sanitary requirements.

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