TikTok Reveals the Algorithm

TikTok Reveals the Algorithm


It seems that TikTok aims not to leave behind the business needs that are left behind to save its presence in the global market. In a blog post, TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer said it would allow experts to see “the actual code that drives our (TikTok’s) algorithm.” He also said TikTok would let experts examine “the moderation policies in real-time.”

TikTok's idea to unlock the algorithm might be enough to bring the platform out of the danger zone. As part of the process, Mayer said it would launch a “Transparency and Accountability Center for moderation and data practices.”

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In the same blog post, Mayer also called on all other technology giants to follow suit and “disclose their algorithms, moderation policies, and data flows to regulators.”

The posting time could not have been more appropriate, because the blog post arrived just hours before the anti-trust hearing presented testimony from CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Apple. However, the regulator does not seem to be influenced by the steps of TikTok.

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Whatever it is, it is evident that Tiktok wants other technology giants, especially Facebook, to receive the same surveillance as received from the world, thanks to a Chinese origin.

In the post, Tiktok also called Facebook to launch Reels, which he considered a “copycat product.” He also said Facebook should focus its energy on providing “fair and open competition in the service of our consumers” rather than trying to end TikTok's presence in the US. At an anti-trust hearing, Facebook confirmed that it had “adapted” the features of the others. company. Therefore, it seems Tiktok is not far from the truth.

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