TikTok Selects Oracle as ‘Trusted Tech Partner’ In US, Rejects Microsoft

TikTok Selects Oracle as ‘Trusted Tech Partner’ In US, Rejects Microsoft


TikTok, a Chinese video-sharing platform, has reportedly selected Oracle as a ‘trusted tech partner’ for its US operations. The deal comes just an hour after the Chinese company rejected a deal from Microsoft.

Executive orders from US President Trump gave ByteDance through September 15 to sell US TikTok operations to American companies, or to complete them from the country.

The TikTok Case

Trump TikTok

Following the order, TikTok has selected Oracle as a ‘trusted tech partner,’ rejecting Microsoft's offer to acquire a Chinese video sharing platform. Several American companies, including Microsoft, Twitter, and Oracle, are racing to acquire TikTok businesses in the US.

Microsoft aims to acquire TikTok operations not only in the US but also in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Supporting Scales?

The past few months have been difficult times for Chinese businesses, following the fall of the Chinese government with the rest of the world. Chinese apps, games, and products have faced bans in countries such as India, Pakistan, and the US. TikTok has been a platform that has come under heavy criticism. You can read our comprehensive coverage of TikTok for even better ideas.

Even when the Executive Order against ByteDance ordered the company to sell, it found a way out, partnering with Oracle. This is a smart move because Oracle is included in the US government's good book, which could help TikTok cut corners.

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Oracle is also a leading provider of defense and federal agencies across the US. Giant database software companies can provide security for the data of Americans the Executive Order is looking for. President Trump also agreed with Oracle as a 'great company' to take on TikTok last month.

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