Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return PS1 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Infinite Life

Go to the option menu then press and hold L1+R2 and quickly press Circle+Square+X.


We have no unlockables for Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Gold Fish Hook

Release the bait at the Waterfall Heavens that's on the roof. Then the Fisher Man lost his Gold Fish Hook. In order to find the Gold Fish Hook, you must make all the barrel sea saw red on top. Then the water on the little place drain and the Gold Fish Hook will be there. Give it to the Fisher Man and he will give you something in return.

Golden Crab

Find Golden Crab's throughout the beginning of the game. Give them to Win and he will help you get to Coal Mining Town.

Banana For Charles

To find the Banana, go to the Pipe Area and you will find it by the chain at the very end of the Pipe Area. Then go to the Coal Mining Town and go in the Green House. But first you must bake the Banana for Charles the monkey to eat it.

White Key

To get the White Key you must go to the Circus and go in the very top door. For helping the Elder Pig, he will give you the White Key for opening White Treasure Chests.

Blue Key

To find the Blue Key you must go to the Donglin Forest and go to the Artist that is looking for some blue. Then go and find a blue fruit and bring it to him. Then he will give you the Blue Key.

Red Key

To get the Red Key, you must give Win the Golden Crabs and when he shows you the short cut to the Coal Mining. The old man Kainen will come and give you the Red Key for opening Red treasure Chests.


In order to get the Hammer, you must wash the lump of mud. Then, a guy will come and tell you that he lost his Hammer. Then you will find it at the Trolley Area. Then later, you get to keep the Hammer after you rescue Gran.

Fire Hammer

If you want to get the Fire Hammer, you must find Santa's bag hidden in the pole area. Then, take it to the chimney and he will give you the Fire Hammer in exchange for the bag.

Golden Tower

You need to get the Gold Star and the Gold Moon. Also, you need to get all the pig nose pieces. The location of the Golden Tower is in the Sea Temple. When you go inside talk to the pig but have the pig suit on otherwise the pig wont understand you. He will give you infinity health.

Tower Of Courage

At the Pipe Area,get down the first pipe and go to the right end of the wall. Jump at the wall and you will land on the edge connected to the wall. The edge has stone images and stand at the right end of the edge. Then sing the Spell Of Courage and the door will open. You need all two pieces of the spell to make it work.

Magic Feather

Magic Feathers are feathers that teleport you to another area you've been to before. There are many places where you can find Magic Feathers. Here's a way to get many Magic Feathers. Give water to flowers that you find throughout the game. You need a water bucket to get water.

Pig Nose

If you get enough ice cream, the guy at the circus will give you a Pig Nose weapon in exchange for the ice cream.

Tower Of Wisdsom

To get into the Tower of Wisdom first make sure you have the spell completly memorized. Then go into the deep forest. Go to where you got the rock animal, or to put it easier,go to where the adventure chest was or is. When you get to spot face the wall, and then play the whole spell. The door will show if you only have half of the spell.Once you get into the tower you will have to use your grapple to get on top of the stones. You will get a new weapon called a doka pin. A doka pin is the grapple connected with the weapon you first start out with in the game. Hope this helped!!

Light Cutting Box

To get the light cutting box you must be invisisble. You have to go to where the guy has the fireflies covered up. Keep walking across the plank and go into the ghost door. You should have aquired the box.Going up onto the plank invisible might be hard. This is what I suggest. Go all the way up with your squirell suit. But the thing is you have to be in Taboo state. Once you get to the top there souild be a plank that you us to get to where the guy is at. Stand at the plank and let the ghost turn you invisible. Use the grappling hook to get to the donglin. Then swing from the donglin onto to the plank where the guy is at with the fireflies. Then get the box as I said before. Hope this helps!!

Tower Of Strength

Go up past all the houses until you see a wooden pole that you can swing on. Swing onto all the poles. Then jump on the seesaws. You will see a wooden plank. Jump on it. Walk across the plank until you you hit the wall. Play the strength spell.

Unlimited Supply Of Big Peice Of Meat

When your in coalmining town go to the cafeteria andget the two peices of meat. Go out of the cafeteria exit coalmining town through the main entrance. Go back through the main entrance to coalmining town go back to the cafeteria there will be to more peices of meat. You can do this repeatedly until you have all the meat you want.

Earth Pig Location

Go to Kujara Ranch ARea and go to the location where you first fought a Frozen ice pig. There's a swing and you need to swing to the top. There you can see Two red birds and Two seesaws if you have the Earth Evil pig bag, the door will appear before your eyes.

Get Grappiling Hook

To get the grappling hook you will have to get the blue key. To get the blue key get the blue and give it to the artist in the forrest intrens and he will give you the blue key. The n go to the lafing-crying and hit to of the pegs. Then eat a sad fruit and go to the higher crying dooor and go in.then go through the back door and hit the peg with the hammer. Then a big rock will fall at the very back of the level and there will be a blue chest and inside is the graplling hook.

How To Beat The Last Evil Pig

To beat the last evil pig you must get him in the bag at least four or five times. You have to break all the evil pig plates first.

Beat Forest Boss

When you enter the forest, you will have to beat three gosts. Then go to the end of the forest and a gost pig will appear, let him turn you invisible. Go to the very end, where the boss is. You will need your hammer, when the bosses tung that looks like a snake comes out, you have to hit it with the hammer 3 times. This way you cannot get hurt, then you can pass through.

The Last Evil Pig

Climb down the right chain under the drawbridge in the Pipe Area (going towards the hot water area), it is opposite of the chain that has the Mudball on it.

Evil Water Pig Location

Climb onto the first red roof in the Waterfall of the Heavens area. It should be located on the right side of it.

Evil Ice Pig Location

In the same room as the "Other Side of the Waterfall", complete the room in the Water Temple. It should be floating in the air.

Evil Ghost Pig Location

In the Pipe Area, climb the chains just before the entrance of the Trolly Entrance. Use the Flying Squirrel Suit and fly off to the right side, under the long steam pipe.

Evil Flame Pig Location

Drop down into the water in the Forest Entrance and swim (need Swimming Pig suit) left into a tunnel under where the blue ghost guardian was before.

Evil Earth Pig Location

This one is way up high in the Kujara Ranch area. Use the poles left of the ladders to swing your way up to the seesaws. It should be between them in the air, near the red birds.

Unlimited Magic

When you go to fight the evil last pig, you will see Kainen by the door. Talk to him and he will give you unlimited magic for the pig robes. This is very helpful when getting the ice candy for the man in circus town.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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