Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Double Or Triple Kickflip

When going off a ramp, press hold up and press square once to do a double kickflip and press it three times to do a triple kickflip.

Unlock All Levels

Go to the Cheats Menu and enter "roadtrip" (Case Sensitive) to unlock all the levels in the game.

All Cheats

Go to the Options Menu. Then go to Cheats and type in "Backdoor". Note: Code is case-sensitive.

Unlock All CAS

This code will unlock all CAS(Create-A-Skater). Go to the cheat entry screen and put in the following: WeEatDirt. Thats it!

Full Stats

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "PUMPMEUP" as a code. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected.

Unlock All Movies

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "Peepshow" (case-sensitive and exactly as shown with a capital "P") to unlock all Movies. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected.

Cheat Mode

Enter the options menu, then choose the "Cheats" selection. Enter "backdoor" (case-sensitive) to unlock all cheat options. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of money being collected. Pause the game in career mode to access the cheat menu. Press X to toggle the options. Note: This does not unlock the hidden characters and bonus levels.

Unlock All Characters

At the Cheats menu, enter "YOHOMIES" in all caps to unlock all playable characters.

Hidden Flatland Trickcombo List

Besure you're doing a special manual trick - ex. Truckstand:

Right,Left Triangle- Casper  Left,Right Triangle- Anti Casper  Right,Right Triangle- Truckstand Spin  Left,Left Triangle- Primo Stand  Right,Right Circle- Handstand  
Hit left, Sqaure to flip these tricks for more points

Play As Game Developers

Enter one of the following names at the create a skater screen and their stats will appear. Note: Some names are those of children of the development team.

Aaron Skillman (also by entering Aaron, Skillman, or ARS)   Alan Flores   Andrew Rausch (also by entering Jujy)   Andy Nelson   Brian Jennings (also by entering BDJ or Brian)   Captain Jennings (also by entering Cap'n Jennings or Capn Jennings)   Chad Findley (also by entering Stallion or Doofus)   Chris Glenn   Chris Rausch (also by entering Team Chicken, CJR, or Rausch)   Chris Ward   Connor Jewett   Darren Thorne (also by entering Darren or Thorne)   Dave Cowling   Dave Stohl   Edwin Fong (also by entering Maya's Daddy)   Gary Jesdanun (also by entering Garvin or Garvin Jesdanun)   Henry Ji   James Rausch (also by entering My Jamie)   Jason Uyeda   Jeremy Anderson   Joel Jewett   Johnny Ow   Junki Saita (also by entering Kage)   Kevin Mulhall (also by entering Guilt Ladle)   Lisa Davies   Mark Scott (also by entering Hi Ben)   Matthew Day   Mick West   Mike Ward   Nicole Willick   Noel Hines (also by entering Noel or Hines)   Nolan Nelson   Paul Robinson   Pete Day   Rachael Day   Ralph D'Amato   Ryan McMahon   Sandy Jewett   Scott Pease (or by entering Scott Pease, Spease, or Cheesy Peasey)   Steve Ganem   Steven Rausch (or by entering Wevenowski)   Trey Smith   William Pease (or by entering Wild Bill)   

Create-a-Skater Codes

Enter the following names as a created skater to get different skaters.

  062287  80's Mark  Aaron Skillman  Alan Flores  Andrew Rausch  Andy Nelson  Braineaters  Brian Jennings  Chad Findley  Chris Glenn  Chris Rausch  Chris Ward  Connor Jewett  Crashcart  DDT  Darren Thorne  Dave Cowling  Dave Stohl  Eastside  Edwin Fong  Frogham  Gary Jesdanun  GMIAB  Gorilla  Grass Patch  Henry Ji  Hi Ben  James Rausch  Jason Uyeda  Jeremy Anderson  Joel Jewett  Johnny Ow  Kage  Kevin Mulhall  Lisa Davies  Matthew Day  Mick West  Mike Ward  Mini Joel  Nicole Willick  Noel Hines  Nolan Nelson  Paul Robinson  Pete Day  Pimpin Frank  Rachael Day  Ralph D'Amato  Rastapopolous  Riley Hawk  Ryan McMahon  Sandy Jewett  Scott Pease  Skillzilla  Spencer Hawk  Stacey D  Steve Ganem  Steven Rausch  Trey Smith  William Pease   

Play As Neversoft Team

To play as members of the Neversoft, go to the Create Skater screen and enter one of these names:

   Joel Jewett  Sandy Jewett  Nicole Winnick  Mike Ward  Trey Smith   

Secret Combos

Double Kickflip: Left, Square, Left, Square "fast"  Double Heelflip: Right, Square, Right, Square "fast"  Kickflip Indy: Kickflip, Right, Circle "fast"  Double Pop-Shuvit: Down, Square, Down, Square "fast"  NOTE: You DONT have to have your special bar on to do these tricks.  

More Seceret Combos

Triple Kickflip: Left, Square, Left, Square, Left, Square "fast"  Triple Heelflip: Right, Square, Right, Square, Right, Square "fast"  Double Impossable "only certain skaters": Up, Square, Up, Square "fast"  Triple Impossable: Up, Square, Up, Square, Up, Square "fast"  540 pop-shuvit: Some skater do pop-shuvits up, down, or both, so all you need to do is pop-shuvit 3 times "fast"  


We have no unlockables for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Play As Nollie Super Man The Best Player In THPS 3

To get Nollie Super Man go into skate Island and go to the Pirate ship. Fall off the ship 5 times and when the fifth skull andcross bones comes up Grind the pole at the front of the ship to get to the crows nest push down and he should stay on the crows nest turn around and just fall off (DON'T ollie) and hit the pirate and the bird.Once you hit the pirate and bird go to retry (YOU MUST HIT THE PIRATE AND BIRD). The pirate ship should be open but notice something different pirates are repairing the ship so run into the captain (the one with the skull and cross bones on the pirate hat)and you will automatically restart. Go to the character select screen and Nollie superman will be there.

No Comply

When Skating in a vert , at the lip hit the x button and up arrow to do a no comply, the more you spin the more points you get. To unlock all cheats go to options-cheats-then enter"backdoor". and then play the game and when playing press start to pause it and then go to cheat and turn on what you want (hint: use slomo to get more points and super stats to get higher and faster)

Have Croud Cheer For You In The Beginning Of A Competition.

Go to Skater Island ( I have not yet tryed the other competition levels) and get a medal ( you have to get a medal) when it says what medal you got hold X. the camera should face toward the people who are cheering for you. After that restart the competition and when you start the croud will cheer for you in the beginning of a competition.

Darth Maul's Special Moves

Darth Maul's Special Tricks are unique to the Sith Lord. They are: Force Grab, Sith Saber Spin, and Dark Jedi Grind. You can assign them to any button combo you'd like with the Edit Tricks function on the pause screen.

Visit 10 Countries

Press pause go to cheats turn on perfect rail. Go grind the rail after your finished go to the otherside grind the rail there should be no more flags left.

Secret Blimp In Tokyo

Go straight untill you see a ramp. Ollie of the ramp to find a blimp with red lights.

Secret Board In Suburbia

To get the secret board from suburbia is very simple. All you have to do is go to the construction sight. Then what you do is get to the top of the ramps on the building in construction. Then do a high ollie and you will get the board.

Secret Ship In Skater Island

Go to the vert ramp. Go up on the side next to the wall. Go upon the extension and there should be two flags. Ollie and grind on the left flag. The Gap is "Skull N Bones," and it will say "Ohoy, thar be more skatin' outside." Then go to the place with all the funboxes(the starting place) The door will be open.

Make A Man Go Overboard

Go to Cruiseship in freeskate, go to the museum and grind over two gray strings by the window.


You can't get these levels with any other cheat. Go to park editor. Then press start, (without doing anything else.) press save. where you get to name your park type: Tony Hawks Park The next time you free skate or single session play your level and it should have half pipes and other things. Now you can do the same but this time type School and it should look like a school and if you want do it again but type NeverSoft Park and it should be NeverSoft Park.

Man Acting Like A Girl.

This is very simple to do. Simply, teach a male skater the AH YEAAHHH manual. Then, use it. It makes him look kinda stupid, but it's fun to watch.

Trash The Bridge In Rio

In Rio there is a bridge with a sign on top that reads: Parque Publico do Skateboard. Under it, on one of pillars in the middle on the road's side, there is a ladder. Hit, or run into, it and it will fall down creating a jump up to it.

Secret Pool At Rio

First, from the starting point, go to your left towards the quarter pipe with the Quicksilver logo over it. Head to the right of that and, across the road, you should see a wooden fence. Break through it and there will be benches, dumpsters, and the pool. If you don't see it at first, travel around on the left side of the road until you find it.

Bathrooms In Airport

Go to the bathrooms in the airport. Grind on the toilits and they will flush. Grind on the sinks they will turn on. (You can hardly here the sinks) Ollie by the handryers they will turn on. (You might need to jump 2 or 3 times before they turn on)

Knock Guy Off House

In Canada, there is a guy on a house down by the half-pipe that raises. Do a stall right next to him, and he'll fall off.

The Casper Flips Will Never End!

Get the cheats menu and put on perfect balance. In edit tricks go to special. You find Casper and edit it the way you want. Do the casper and hold down on square. Still hold square and keep on pressing left. You will continuesly do Casper flips. You can also do this with truckstands and handstands.

Become Stuck In The Air At Skaters Island

In order to get stuck you must type in "backdoor" at the option menu. Next pick somebody whose air stat is big. Now go to Skaters Island. Go to cheats and turn on moon phyiscs and giant mode. Then go to the two bowls that are combined. Get speed and go up the wall of the bowl, try to get big air and do any trick. You will hit the roof and soon you will be stuck in the air. Now you can preform big time spins. When you want to get down all you have to do press and hold down.(note: I prefer to go to the more straight bowl)

Soak The Foreman

To soak the foreman on the foundry, you go up by the pool of water and grind where the hooks at and it will knock him in the water.

Light Grill On Fire

When you start the level Suburbia go to the place where the bully is cooking with his dad and jump as close as you can to the top of the grill. If this doesn't work keep trying it. [If you have moon physics on I would turn it off]

Impress Skaters

An easy way to impress skaters in Canada go right in front of the skaters and do a lip trick for about five seconds. You dont need to fill up the special meter to do this.

Invert Manuals

When Doing a manual or Nose Manual hit R2.

Neversoft Bails Video

The Neversoft Bails Video is not the regular Bails1, or 2 video. To get it, you must beat the game with a skater like Darth Maul or Wolverine. Not the skaters that you get at the beginning like, Mullen, or Margera. You must get 54 goals, and 3 gold medals.

Freestyle Flatland Trick Combo

First of all, do a Special Trick on flatground, like the "Casper", then just hit the Square button and it'll do a flip trick. Do that same trick again, Do Not Hit the X button! and hit left,right Triangle and it'll do and "Anti-Casper". Try different combos with these. I've been able to do "Handstands,Reemo Slides" and all sorts of other Kool flatground tricks!!

Extra Points On Tricks

In Tokyo, on the opposite side of starting point, in between the two loops ramp over the vert, your trick's points will be multiplyed.

Get Up Faster From A Bail

To get up faster from a bail press (UP) rapidly.

Secreat Tape In Suburba

To get the secret tape in Suburbia, first help the thin man by giving him the ax. Then Go through his house and in the secreat bowl back there. There is a point in the bowl that is flat going up and ride up there. You should break the window and see bats come flying through. There is also a man getting scared by the coffen. Next Break the window on the other side you came in and grind up that rail and jump to get the secreat tape.

Extra Special Slots

When you 100% the level (complete all goals) you will be rewarded an extra slot for special tricks but this does not include the Comps.

Cake In Cruise Ship Level

If you find the cake somewhere on the Cruise Ship, hit it and watch a different cake appear from the bottom. There are three cakes in total.

Unlock New Special Trick Slot

Complete all the goals on the foundary level. This slot will be the 5th slot and be unassigned.

More Specials

Complete all objectives in a stage.

Hidden Combo Grinds

to any level and go to a rail. Do a 50/50, then while you are in the same grind press Triangle, Up; or Triangle, Down; or Down(2) or; Up(2). The possible hidden combo grinds are:

  5050 to 5-0   5050 to Nose Grind   5050 to Crooked Grind   5050 to Nose Bluntslide   5050 to Bluntslide   Nose Grind to Nose Bluntslide   5-0 to Bluntslide   Nose Slide to Nose Bluntslide   Tail Slide to Bluntslide     
It may be possible to do more. All you need to do is grind then press the button combination to go into one of the grinds listed above. Note: You do not need to Ollie to do the combo grind.

Impress The Skater's Very Easily

In Career Mode, on the Canada level, one of the "missions" is to 'Impress The Skaters'. An easy way to do this is to get your special meter up, and go up the ramp right in front of the skater you are impressing. Do a special move that gets you a medium amount of points, such as The Jackass. Then, when you come down, just land in a Revert, and quickly do a Manual or a Nose Manual. This should all be linked up. So by doing this, you save the effort of jumping around trying to balance Manual's and thinking about what flip trick to do next. Just do this process right in front of each skater, and you will finish this "mission" with ease. (Don't blame me if this doesn't work, because you are probably not doing a special trick that is worth enough points, or you aren't linking the tricks together correctly.)

Tokyo Secret Area

When you start, look on the top, left and there should be a huge, round object. You must grind on the edge under it where the metal wires connect; you only have to hit one wire with the grind unlike the Cruise Ship with the propeller.

Airport Secret Area

When you begin, immediately go right and go into the baggage conveyer belt. There will be a helicopter that when you gind on the propeller it will fly away.

Wreck The Museum

On the Cruise Ship, grind on the bar that has the two metal wires connecting to the propeller.

Cruise Pool

To drain the pool on the Cruise Ship grind the small white pipe with the knob on top, which is on the right of the pillar when you start and go straight.

Ahoy There Matey

Grind the Pirate Flag in Skater's Island to open a door to outside where there is a pirate ship.

Extra Points

Go to any level that has long rails. Start a grind, Ollie, do a flip trick, then grind again with a different grind than the one done before. Keep repeating the process for up to 300,000 points.

Hidden Combos

There are hidden combos in the game that cannot be selected as a move. For example, for the double kickflip, press Left + Square twice quickly. For a triple kickflip, press Left + Square quickly three times. You can also do this with impossibles, heelflips, and kickflips.

Knock People Down

You knock people down by simply skating into them. This can help in Canada, with the task, "Get Chuck Unstuck".

Tiny Mode

Beat game 18 times.

Super Stats

Beat game 14 times.

Super Stats

Beat game 14 times.

Slowmo Mode

Beat game 16 times.

Perfect Rail Balance

Beat game 13 times.

Moon Phyics

Beat game 19 times.

Giant Mode

Beat game 15 times.

First Person Mode

Beat game 21 times.

Expert Mode

Beat game 20 times.

Always Special

Beat game 12 times.

Perfect Manual Balance

Beat game 17 times.

Unlock Demoness

Beat the game 10 times.

Pro Bails 2

Get 3 gold medals with a created skater.

Highlight Tapes

Get 3 gold medals in career mode.

Pro Bails 2

Get 3 gold medals with a created skater.

THPS Levels In THPS3

-Beat the game 3 times and you get the warehouse  -Beat the game 6 times and you get Burnside  -Beat the game 9 times and you get Roswell    *you can use any character  

Pro Bails Tape

Get three gold medals with anybody.

Hidden Tape

Get 3 gold medals with a hidden character.

Snowboard Mode!

Beat the game 11 times to get this!

Private Carrera

Beat the game 5 times.

Ollie the Magic Bum Guy

Beat the game 7 times.

Private Carrera

Beat the game 5 times.

Wolverine (X-men)

Beat the game 2 times.

Kelly Slater (surfer)

Beat the game 8 times.

Officer Dick

Beat the game 4 times

Be Darth Maul

Beat all 54 goals and 3 first places with any skater.

Cause Earthquake And Stop Car Chase In L.A.

The building directly in front where you start grind four rails. One in the middle, one on each side. After the earthquake grind to the the top of that building, then jump across to the damaged freeway down to the car hanging off. Carplant the car and it will fall in front of the carchase.

Play As Darth Maul

Successfully complete the game (by completing all level goals) with Bam Margera to unlock Darth Maul.

Help The Thin Man

In suburbia, you can help the thin man get the ax located in the constuction site on the 2x4 grind rail. Skate back to the thin man and he will take the ax, chop down the door go though the door. There is a hidden bowl in there!

Bury The Bully

In order to bury the bully in Canada, just jump off and over the ramp and onto the top of the tree located over the bully. This will cause all the snow to fall off of the tree and thus covering the bully. The ramp can be easily accessed by turning around to the left, just after going down the starting ramp (called the blade), the ramp should be located right in front of you.

Unstick Chuck From The Flagpole

If you want to unstick Chuck's tounge from the flagpole, all you need to do is ram him on with skateboard.

Raise Halfpipe

If you want to raise the halfpipe in the Canada skatepark level, look for the switch. Run into it and the halfpipe will be raised higher.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Glitch: Stuck Inside A Trailer

In Park Editor, build a trailer/skate park then you go no top of the trailers. make some of the trailers close and one space away from each other then start jumping from one trailer to the next and then jump right between a red and blue trailer. You will be stuck. Your score will show: Wallride + Wallie. Another Hint: You could rotate many times and then you could go thousands more times than a 1080!! But you can't save it.

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