Tony Hawks Underground 2 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Tony Hawks Underground 2 PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Unlock Cheats

Unlock All Levels: Enter d3struct
Unlock All Game Movies: Enter boxoffice
Unlock Perfect Manual: Enter 2wheels!
Unlock Always Special: Enter likepaulie
Unlock All Skaters Except Secret Skaters: Enter costars!
Unlock Natas Kaupas: Enter oldskool
Unlock Perfect Rail: Enter straightedge
Unlock All Cheats: Find ALL Gaps in ALL 15 Levels
Get To Other Side Of Barcelona: Go To The Peg Leg Boat And Grind The Rope
Let Bull Loose: Throw A Tomato At Cage In Barcelona
Unlock Underworld in New Orleans and Secret Zombie Guy: Grind ALL Crypts and knock over all skulls
Unlock Everything: Enter foreverything.

Unlock All Levels

Go to, Options, Cheat Codes and type d3struct

Unlock ALL Skaters (except For Secret Ones)

Enter: "costars!"

Unlock Everything

Go to he cheats menu and type "foreverything".

Phil Margera

To unlock Phil Margera, enter aprilsman in Options-Cheat Codes.

Secret Special

To do this special press Up, Down, Triangle.

Nigel Beaverhousen

To get Nigel go to the cheat menu and type in sellout.

Perfect Rail

Enter in the cheat codes menu "straightedge" for perfect rail balance.

Get Natas Kaupas!!!

To get Natas Kaupas (the guy who taught you how to spin on posts etc) enter "oldskool" at the cheat codes menu and voila.


We have no unlockables for Tony Hawk's Underground 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Find Bigfoot

To find bigfoot go to the school parking lot. Then got off your board and climb the tree. Then you'll get the chainsaw and complete the goal Locate The Chainsaw. Then Jesse James will give you the motor skateboard but bigfoot will jump off the house, take the board and skate away. Then go back up to the parking lot and spine trnsfer into the mine. When you land, get off your board. Then walk out of the mine and go left and you'll see bigfoot. Talk to him to unlock him (but not as a player in freeskate like space monkey 2) and you'll complete the goal The Legend Of Bigfoot.

Dont Feed Phil Trick (funny)

When you have the special trick "don't feed Phil" do the trick in mid air and keep doing it until he falls when he does food will be coming out of his mouth and it will stay like that until you go through a door or fall somewhere in a pool or you go out of bounds.

Behind The Scenes In Hollywood

If you unlocked Hollywood, go there. Then, Go on top of the brown building pretty close to the large highway. Try to jump onto the highway from the building. If you get on the highway jump onto a car. (There's a DC truck with an opening at the back, you can jump in there, but you don't have to) once your on a car/truck just stay on it. it will take you down the highway and turn really fast, that's your Q to jump off. When you do, just get off the end of the highway and walk "behind the scenes of Hollywood!" *Hint: Don't create an earthquake before doing this, it won't work, and this doesn't work in 2-Player.*

Go Inside Drop In

In create a park mode, look under hugeys and add the large drop in anywhere you want. Go to small stuff and get a medium size ladder. Put that against the back of the drop in. Test play the park and go to the ladder. Hold up on the left analog stick to go up the ladder. Keep holding up on the left analog until you fall off the ladder and hit the ground. Walk forward and you will be inside the drop in.

Train Accident In Berlin

In Berlin, if you go to the top rail where you find the graffiti tagger, keep going straight. There is a yellow and black rail. Grind on it and you will cause a train accident.

Unlock Call Of Duty Soldier

Beat story mode on sick to get Call of Duty soldier.

Play As Imp

Beat Classic mode on normal to get Imp.

Get Phil Magera

To get Phil Magera you have to beat the game on easy story mode. You also get Shrek, Alien, Space Monkey, and a geeky kid.

Easy Arcade Scores

Easily beat the arcade score goals. All you do is manual and press Circle, Triangle, Square. Just keep your balance and do different combinations of Circle, Triangle and Square.

Boston Cannons

This is just for fun. Get your board on fire and grind both cannon within a couple seconds. After you do it they will shoot off.


In Barcelova, across from the Dragon fountain is a place called "Plaza Paralela" go in there and you will find Steve-O!

Bull Fighter

In Barcelona, go to the construction site in the back of the level where the bull fighter and the bull are and throw a tomatoe at the cage (enjoy the scene of destruction by the bull after you`ve set him free).

Ben Franklin

In Boston, go to the big library with all the steps, go to the side where the quarter pipes are, go up the one closer to the building and spine transfer into the window he will be in there note: all you have to do is walk (or skate) over to him.

Tag The Big Billboard

To complete the objective "Tag the big billboard", go to the construction site. Run to the right and climb the big yellow ladder on the wall. Jump from window washer to window washer and spraypaint your heart out!

Find Jester

When you get to New Orleans there will be a car with a shark on it on top is the jester.

The Special Guest

In Boston, to find the special guest, go to the bar on the left of Tony Hawk, and if you talk to a man, he will ask you to get him a drink inside. Go down the ramp, and you will find the special guest, Jesse James.

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

In Austrailia, one of your goals will be to wake up sleeping beauty ( the sleeping man in the crane), and to do this, Natas Spin on the fire hydrant near the construction area. Water will leak out and he will open up a secret passage to the special guest. Grind on the side of the crane with the special guest to create more havoc.

Find Ryan Sheckler

In Skatopia, to find Ryan Sheckler, go over to Jesse James, and go up the ladder near him. When you are halfway up the ladder, jump to the passage, and Ryan Sheckler will be inside.

The Natas Spin

To do the Natas Spin, approach an object, such as a trash can, statue, or a pole, while standing on the board. Jump at it and press Triangle while holding R1.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Tony Hawk's Underground 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Flying Skateboard Glitch Cont.

OK, many of you may be thinking 'Hey, that flying skateboard glitch don't work! ' Well, actually I forgot to mention that it only works with SPACE MONKEY. I think you start with this character, so be him & try again. Neat, huh?.

Flying Skateboard Glitch

All right, here goes. To make your skateboard fly, when you fall over keep pressing L1 & R1. If it worked you should see a skateboard fly over your head. Neat, huh?.

Flaming Board Glitch (Story Mode)

Well I recently stumbled upon this in Story Mode, but this glitch will keep your board on fire for the remainder of the round (at least). Start off by catching your board on fire. Once the board's on fire, hurry and find a character that you haven't switched with yet (*note* I don't know if it works if you just switch, mine did it while I was switching to a character I hadn't switched to yet) and after that, your board should stay on fire.

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