Top 5 Secret Village Seeds In Minecraft

Top 5 Secret Village Seeds In Minecraft


Seeds in Minecraft are the best way for players to determine exactly what their world will be like. Villages are a great resource to start with.

A Minecraft seed is defined as a string of letters or numbers that determines what the world will produce. If two players in the same version of Minecraft put the same letter or number in their seed generator, they will both appear in the same world.

Seeds are the best way for players to know what their world will be like before they start the game. There are millions of different seeds, and finding the perfect seed can be very difficult.

The following is a list of the best collection of secret village seeds in Minecraft Java Edition version 1.16.

The best secret village seeds in Minecraft


22062009 secret village seeds in Minecraft

Facing west from the spawn, players will find an abandoned village just a few blocks away. Abandoned villages are not like ordinary villages. If the village is abandoned, it means that all the villagers have moved. Players can tell if a village is abandoned by seeing if there are many cobwebs throughout the building.

Even though the village is abandoned, players can still find chests, plants, and animals around the village. Players can even find some zombie villagers as well.


160 secret village seeds in Minecraft

This seed spawns the player directly on a secret island containing a large village. A ravine also runs straight through the village. This seed is a great start, as loot can be found all over the village, and valuable resources can be mined straight from the abyss. There is also a beautiful blue sea surrounding the island.

Wrecks can be seen in the ocean, and a small land bridge can take players to the other side of a larger island.


-2560296388160051934 secret village seeds in Minecraft

This secret village can be found hidden between the slopes of the mountains and trees. In this seed, players spawn directly inside the village, so no one will have to walk too far to find what they are looking for. Players may find chests scattered around the village, including blacksmiths, whose chests contain a nearly complete set of armor. These are great seeds for players to start with.


-2592242360827338447 secret village seeds in Minecraft

In this seed, players will spawn a few blocks away from an extensive village, nestled between a few different biomes. What makes this seed unique is all the biomes around the village. Every player is sure to find the biomes they are looking for easily with this seed. A ravine that held precious ore stretched through the village.


14960196 secret village seeds in Minecraft

This seed was probably one of the rarest a player could find. Not only is there a village island, but it is on a mushroom island - one of the rarest biomes.

Players will appear on a small island with the Sea Monument right in front. Only a small swim facing north, players will find this village island. Loot chests can be spotted throughout the village, and a deep cave full of iron ore is right nearby.

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