Twisted Metal: Black PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Twisted Metal: Black PS2 - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg




While in game play, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press Right, Left, Down, Up. A message saying "Invulnerability On" will appear at the top of the screen. P.S This cheat also gives you infinite turbo.


Press Left(2), Down(2)

One Hit Kills

During the game, hold R1+R2+L1+L2 and press X, X, Up.

Unlimited Health And Turbos

Set the control to "Classic". Hold L1+R1+L2+R2 and quickly press Right, Left, Down, Up during game play. A message will appear and if the code is entered correctly.

God Mode

Any time during the game hold L1+R1+L2+R2+up,x,Left,circle.There will be a message on top of your screen if you did it right.

Mega Guns

Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press X, X, Triangle.


Hold L2+R1 and quickly type the following: Square, circle, Right(3), Left(2), Triangle, Triangle, X, X, X, L1, Square, Square, Down(2), Up (4), R2. This has to be done in play and makes all CPU cars float pretty high so yoh can see them. This code lasts about 3.5 minutes and disables all CPU cars from moving.

Special Freeze Attack

Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 then quickly press right, left, up.

Land Mine

Press Right, Left, Down

Temporary Shield

While playing a game press right, right, down. If it works you will see a blue shield surrounding your car.

Minion Special

Hold all top buttons durring the game and push right, left, up.

Mega Machine Guns

Set the control option "Classic". Hold L1+R1+L2+R2 and quickly press x(2), Triangle during game play. A message will confirm correct code entry.

Infinite Health

During gameplay: Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press up,down,left,right,right,left,down,up. You don't have to press the buttons really fast in order to activate the code.

Change Weapons To Health

Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press Triangle, X, Square, Circle. This will cause your weapons to disapear and your health to fill up.

Killer Weapons

During gameplay:  Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press X, X, Up.  This will allow you to shoot any enemy once, and just once, to kill them.  


See Skyscrapers

Go to the final level (where you fight Warhawk). Then drive towards the building that the Tanker comes off. You will see a black cube right in the air. Drive and run into it.

Unlock Elevator Level

On the Highway Loop Level, go to the bridge with a gap. Go to the side farthest from the tunnel, turn left and use a gas tank on the closest big ball structure to the bridge. It will roll off and make a hole in the tunnel. Get the black cube in the hole. Should be done in Story mode.

Unlock Prison Ship Level

Select your best vehicle and go into Endurance Mode. Select the Zorko Bros. Junkyard level. Proceed to destroy fifteen vehicles without dying once.


Get Yellow Jacket

To get a Yellow Jacket you must blow up the plane flying around, once you hit it go behind the big building with the big cliff and there will be a Tunnel. Go in it and there will be a panel in the core. Blow it up and you unlock Yellow Jacket.

Unlocking A New Level

When playing the Downtown Level, you should look for the Skyskraper that has an elevator. You can blow open a passage through the skyscraper to find this elevator. While on top of the building, there is a place where you fall of the building onto a sub-ledge. (You may have to find the right place to fall because there is a place where you have to jump in order to find the dark cube.) Once you carefully fall of the building, you should have to jump across a ledge. Blow up a large crate and inside should be the black cube that either unlocks Minion Stadium or some other level.

Kill The Inmates

Go to the prison ship level and head to the front of the ship where the door to the asylumis. Face the door and turn around. There should be three inmates sitting in electric chairs. Below them is a box. Destroy the box and the inmates will be killed.

Prison Ship

In the suburbs go to the ferris wheel and turn to the left. there is a gas keg at the top of the hill, if you keep going left there is a hill that points towards the big water tower, hit it and try to land on the building with the double deck roof just to the left of the building where you get warthog(?) go on the other side of it and drive up it to the next building and use the L1- R1 jump to get to the next and hit the brakes. turn to the right and jump with L1/R1 to the building towards the water. and then turn right again so the water is to your left. the next building is extremely easy to jump to so dont over do it, it may take a few tries but use the L1/R1 jump to get to it and youll find the prison ship level in one of the thingies on top of that building.


Warhawk is found in the junkyard, destroy the big boy lookin guy hanging from the crane. after he falls down there will be a ramp near the smashy thing, use the ramp to jump on the smashy thing and ride it to the top, blow up the building at the top and jump over to it, to the left if youre looking out over the junkyard will be the unlock for warhawk's rooftop.

Translated Minion Codes

At the load screen for each level while playing as Minion, there are a bunch of numbers instead of words like with the other characters. These numbers can be translated into words. The formula used is 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc. Here are is what you get when you translate the numbers:
1. I do not think this is real. 2. I must speak in code or he will discover me. 3. We are trapped in his head. 4. This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life, it is not real. 5. All of us are trapped in his head. 6. I miss the old colorful world. 7. We will return to old world one day. 8. In the real world my name is

Turn Easier

Turn the left knob the direction you want to go in and push the right knob toward you.

Unlocking A Level Through Snowy Roads

Play Snowy Roads on Story Mode and go near the gas station at the end. Go down the ledge and go up the last mountain exposing a black box. Drive at the black box unlocking a level, you will lose a life though.

Unlock Manslaughter

On Story Mode, the 6th level, Prison Boat Passage unlocks Manslaughter. You enter the prison and go near the boat. Find some blue crates and shoot them with a missle(not anything else or it won't work) and a ramp will form. Go up the ramp and shoo the ship opening a door revealing Manslaughter.


Press L1 + R1

Surviving The Game

To survive and beat the game easier without loosing many lives do both of these   things:    1. Know your levels. I suggest playing each level a couple of times in Challenge   mode to find where healths are located, places you can hide, and secrets.    2. Never stop moving. If you stay in one place, it makes it easier for an opponent   to hit you with a special attack, or something else more damaging. This applies   especially to the last level, Warhawks Rooftop. In that level, there are two things   you can hide under. When you hide under these things most of Warhawks attacks   will miss you. He will get smarter and start to shoot in the openings, then, they   will hit you. When this happens, just move to the other one and try to get in a few   hits along the way. Also at Warhawks Rooftop, the easiest way to hit the tankers   is to use a zoomy or a reticle. When the tanker is disabled, a SAT can finish the   job and score points.   

Unlock Warthog

In the Suburbs head up to the Ferris wheel. (say you are facing the Ferris wheel head on from the front) drive off to the left, you'll run over trailers and see a hill in front of you and a gas can on the hill aim for this and launch off of that hill. Try to land on the first building in front of you. If you land just right you could break open the roof and fall in but if not you should be able to use the gas can to blow open the top right hand corner (that direction is based on you looking at the building while on route to it off the hill) it should blow a hole thru the roof....drop down in there and shoot the panel to lower Warthog (formerly called White Knight).

Shadow's 2nd Special

During gameplay go to shadow's special weapon and press up three times. After doing this the driver will pop up with a heavy duty machine gun and blow away your enemy's.

Minions Language

Minion has a strange way of speaking. His language is simply in numbers. To decipher the numbers you need to count the letters of the alphabet and match the numbers with the letters. Still confused? Well 1 is a and b is 2. I recommend you have at least three other people to help you with this since the numbers appear fast on loading screens.

Axel's Spiked Wheels

You all know about axels shock wave but have you seen his spiked wheel special. Here's what you do. Go to his special and when you see an enemy press up 3x and you will see his 2 wheel turn into one wide spiked wheel. The # of times you can use the special depends on how many you have.

Spectre And Shadow

Shadow  - Just like Roadkill and Yellow Jacket, you have average armor so you can go in   and out of up close and personal battles once in a while.     - Weapon barrages are an excellent part of Shadow's bag of tricks as well so be   sure to stack up those Power Missiles and Gas cans. Shadow has the speed   handling and armor to take a dip, kick some ass, then zip out of trouble in TMB.    - She has two specials, namely the Shadow and the Gunner. To execute the   second one, simply tap Up 3 times. What follows are some tactics for using her   specials effectively.     The Shadow     a) Gone are the days that Shadow's special dealt twice or thrice as much damage   when an hitting an unbalanced ( literally ) opponent or someone who's jumping or   on slanting ground. Her special is a lot faster and deals satisfactory damage in   TMB. Although I would advice Shadow players to save their special for the   second one, you could still put her first special to use on heavily damaged   opponents. It has a surprise element ( because of its speed and can take out   dying opponents who are in sight most of the time.     b) Remember to watch for the opponent indicator when using her special. When   the Triangle indicator flashes red, detonate the special for a sure fire hit.   c) Her special still crawls through uneven ground so have no fear ( if you decide   to use it )     Gunner    a) More powerful than her first one, the freeze it the gunner's best friend. Freeze   the opposition, and fire ( preferably at his/her side where he/she is open ).     b) Don't use the gunner special when attempting a hit and run attack ( especially   on the faster cars ). The bullets usually miss. Save it for a frozen or stuck foe   instead.     -----    Spectre    - A challenger's favorite in TM2 ( many people in our place used... err... him!!   heheh ), Spectre still remains as one of the lightest armored yet fastest cars in   the game.     - Hit and Run is Spectre's game! Be sure to load up lots of missiles for your drive   by killing spree! Also remember to keep an eye on that turbo meter of yours!!     - Daredevils, so to speak, prefer to mix Hit and Run with a merciless barrage. If   you want to go for this tactic, be sure to keep an eye on your health meter. Load   up powerful weapons like gas cans and power missiles and get up close and   personal while preparing to make a run for it after the barrage. It would also help if   you save your energy meter for a shield, it really helps, considering her armor.     - The Phantom burst, Spectre's special missile, has the same properties.. except   for its damage. Although it's the weakest special, I've noticed that it's more   powerful compared to its TM1 and 2 appearances. Be sure to lock on an opponent   before firing ( watch for the triangle indicator to turn red ). A Red cross figure will   fly towards the target ( as seen on radar ).     - Use your special to finish off dying opponents.  It is sometimes wise to save   them for these situations.   

Roadkill Tactics

- You've got an average amount of armor so don't be afraid to unleash upclose and personal barrages once in a while. If you have a good supply of gas cans and power missiles, you could really give the opponents a hard time. - One good tactic is to unleash a barrage of weapons directed to side of opponent cars. There is no side fire option in TM so far so opponents are open. If you have high health, try sticking to his or her side and tossing gas cans and other powerful weapons. - Your special has a good recharge rate so it don't be afraid to use it. Go for the max missile charge if possible ( count five blinks after all six missiles are lighted then release. a max missile charge phrase appears in the screen and the missiles turn red if done correctly ). Just be sure not to waste them on dying opponents since Roadkill's special is quite powerful and must be reserved for opponents with a big chunk of life left. - Besides the facts mentioned above ( about his special weapon ), there are a few details that could really help you become an efficient Roadkill player. Here are some more sample situations. a) although Roadkill's missiles home on an opponent, it does not have C curve or U curve homing capabilities when fired super close to the opponent. So if an opponent is heading towards and you have a charged special, remember to wait till he/she gets passed you ( or better yet, move towards him or her as well ) and backfire your missiles. Some opponents tend to power slide so that the front of their vehicle faces you and procede to fire some shots your way but think how suprised they are when they learn that you just hit them with a backfire special. b) if things get too chaotic that a possibility of wasting your special due to overcharging is eminent, don't fret! Simply shift to another weapon using your weapon select buttons ( L1 and R1 as default.) That way, you can save your special and simply re use it when the situation gives you a clearer shot. c) now here's another nifty trick you can use against the paranoid players! some people start executing shield when they see Roadkill charging his special in hopes of blocking the attack. In that case, just use tactic b) and re select and fire your special right after his/her shield wears out. He/she won't have enough energy to execute another one so let em have it!!!!!

Find Axel

Go to the freeway level (in story mode)and find the repair station. Farther in front of it will be two cranes, one with a tube and one with a box like object. On the crane with the box will be a yellow operation box. Shoot it and the box will lower. Shoot it until it is destdoyed. Inside it will be axel.

Unlock Minion

To unlock Minion you have to beat the game with everyone (that includes the secret players).

Unlock Mini-Suburbs (In Multiplayer)

In survival mode on the drive in level, get 10 kills.

Unlock Freeway (In Multiplayer)

In survival mode on the snowy roads level, get 10 kills.

Blow Up Buildings

You know those explosive balls in highway? They also in the downtown area. Scan the walls, and when you find them fire a gas can at one. It will roll into a building and destroy it.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Twisted Metal: Black yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Twisted Metal: Black yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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