Twitter Limits Trump’s Other Tweets: We Found 5 More to Tag

Twitter Limits Trump’s Other Tweets: We Found 5 More to Tag


The US Presidential election is underway, and Twitter has restricted one of Trump’s other tweets, labeling it ‘disputed.’ The platform has limited users’ ability to interact with the tweet, deeming it “misleading about an election or other civic process.” Gizmodo reported.

Social media has paid particular attention to this year’s US elections, preferring to block all features to avoid future manipulation errors. This new vigilantism also requires censorship for President Trump’s office. Donald Trump’s Twitter relationship took a turn for the worse when the platform fact-checked his tweets. Now, just hours before the election, one of his tweets is tagged by the platform.

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“Disputed” and “Misleading”

Trump'snow censored Tweet on Supreme court decision. Screenshot frome Gizmodo

Trump’s now censored Tweet on Supreme Court’s decision. Screenshot from Gizmodo

In a tweet made yesterday, Trump posted about the Supreme Court’s decision to extend the deadline for the reception of election ballots. Trump said the “decision on voting in Pennsylvania is a VERY dangerous one.” He went further and claimed the decision would help in “rampant and unchecked cheating,” which is an unsubstantiated claim.

If this were not enough, Trump even claimed that the move would “induce violence in the streets.” Twitter acted and limited the reach of the tweet, posting a link to an article describing how voting by mail is safe and secure. A similar move like Facebook.

No Alarms And No Surprises

There are several of President Trump’s tweets that he made despite fact-checks proving them wrong. So I take it that the U.S. President is aware of his claims but still doesn’ think it’s important to add context or correct them. Here’s what I found on the U.S. President’s Twitter handle.

The words that Trump say Biden are not Biden's words

Why should flagged: Biden never uses the term. The Statesman did a fact-check on the tweet and found the claim baseless, again.

Screenshot of Pres. Trump's claim that Biden would abolish American oil

Another red flag coming up for this posted on election day, this tweet went unchecked at the time of writing this article. Inquirer has done a piece on how Trump’s stance on Biden’s oil strategy is oversimplified.

Another one of Trump's claim on a 700% increase is an oversimplification at best, and complete hoax at worst

The 700% increase that Trump refers to here is because the current government brought down the immigrant numbers. Otherwise, the numbers are in line with U.S. history, says a fact-check on the claim by Kare 11.

A lack of context makes this tweet misguiding

That is another Tweet that must be flagged before the election process is complete. It’s misleading because Biden’s policy doesn’t raise taxes for the middle-class and the masses. It raises corporate taxes from 21-28%, reversing Trump’s tax waiver given to corporates. A fact-check on this one done by The Washington Post.

Trump blames testing for COVID

And we have a winner! The final nail in the coffin! This one is a contextual blunder of sorts. Not sure if Trump is trying to brag that the US testing for COVID-19 or he is blaming the tests for the spread of COVID. Nonetheless, a study by Cornell found that Trump was “likely the largest driver of COVID-19 misinformation.”

These are just the top 5 tweets of Donald Trump that we found misguiding. If the fact-check on these and other tweets goes unchecked, who knows what misinformation might influence the votes.

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