Ubisoft Racing Game

Ubisoft Racing Game "Trackmania" is Free to Play on PC


RakitAplikasi.com/en - Trackmania is a series of racing games developed by Ubisoft Nadeo for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Recently, Ubisoft launched the remake of 2006’s fan-favorite Trackmania Nations. The remake is out for PC and is simply called Trackmania.

What’s amazing about this game is that you can download Trackmania for free on Epic Games Store and Ubisoft store. There are three subscription models in the game to grant you some additional content. However, the free version of the game has enough content for you to enjoy for a long time.

In Trackmania, you can race Solo to beat your old time record, or you can go against other online players. There are about 25 official tracks in the game and the impressive part is that the tracks will be updated every 3 months. So, there is a lot to explore in Trackmania.

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with the existing tracks, then you can customize your tracks using Trackmania’s block-based editor. In short, Trackmania is one of those racing games where you can go all crazy to create a track out of your imagination. After that, see your vehicle roaring on a track designed by you.

To download Trackmania for free, you can download Epic Games Launcher or visit the Ubisoft Store. On both platforms, search the game by its name and hit the Download button. You can straight away go for the Standard Access of Trackmania by paying $7.29/year or the Club Access for $20.82/year.

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