Unreal Championship Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg

Unreal Championship Xbox - Cheats, Hints, Easter Egg



Wild Fire

In any level, any mode, hold R or L and wait until you shoot five shots. On the sixth shot, kill someone. When you release the button, it should be shooting automatically. Press R or L again to return to normal. Hold the L or R with a weapon and press White. Release L or R and press White again and you should shoot freely.

Chrome: Unlimited Adrenaline

When playing on Chrome (Xbox Live), get your adrenaline at maximum and press Right(2), Left(2) for invincibility. Go to your base and stand on where the adrenaline pills appear. If you can get all of them before you run out of invincibility, your adrenaline should get stuck between 20 and 50 and stop moving, thus giving you unlimited invincibility.

Adrenaline Powers

When you reach 100 adrenaline you can turn on the following powers, by using these codes on the d-pad.

Invisibility - right, right, left, left  Regenration - down, down, down, down  Agility - down, down, up, up  Beserk - up, up, up, up  


We have no unlockables for Unreal Championship yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Get Under The Maul Map In Capture The Flag Mode

Go to the Blue Base side of the map. There will be a large rock on the right side (facing towards the base). On the side of the rock facing the base is a patch of grass. In the grass is a "a blue hole" glitch, where you can go under the map. Get your Translocated gun out. Shoot your Translocator gun through the glitch then transport yourself through the hole (if you are standing at the correct angle). While down there, you can shoot people and not be shot at. To get out, just shoot your transporter towards the surface and warp yourself back up.
Use the following trick to bring the flag underground. Go to the rock were you shoot your Translocator down to go underground, but do not teleport. Get the enemy's flag and go to your base. Then, get to where you can reach the flag from underground, just outside your base. Then, teleport. The flag will drop and you will be underground. Next, look for where you dropped your flag. Jump up there and try to get it. Do this quickly, because the flag automatically returns if no one is holding it.

Smote: Walk In Air

In multi-player Smote, you can walk on air, get on top of the castles, and get inside all windows. Start on the Red team and go to the double damage. Back up to the edge of the double damage and transport up to top of the gate. Then, teleport to your right onto the mountainside. Next, face away from the playing field and have someone shoot the top of the gate with a Tag Rifle. When the explosion is about to hit, jump and push forward. If done correctly, you will be on the far right of the mountain. Next, look towards the tip of the mountain to see a black ledge about ten feet up. Transport up to it.. You might go behind the mountain, but that is good. Transport very fast to the front and walk out onto the level. You will be floating in air. You cannot get of the invisible "platform" until someone kills you. This is a great tagging location; people will not know where you are and will not have enough time to kill you.
Go to Grim Smote. On the Red Team's side, find the place where the double damage is located. Note: You might need a robot for this. To the right of the double damage, you should see a cure in the mountain. Jump on that and get your translocater and shoot it right of the mountain, or jump right of the mountain. Keep going right until you get on top of the mountain that has lava on it. Jump off, and you should be walking on the sky. You can shoot people, but some weapons will not work. if you want to get down, kill yourself.

Teleporter On Your Head

Go to a corner, shoot your teleporter up in the corner, and try to make it go on your head. You have to be in a corner. If you try it somewhere else, it will fall off. Once you have it on your head, scratch it on something (jump up and make the teleporter hit something). It will then be following you.

Invisible Flag

In any level in capture the flag mode, have another player on your team score a point. Then, stand on the enemies flag post before your team scores. Stay there, and once your team scores, the game will say that red (or blue) flag taken without stating who scored. The flag will still appear at the enemies base, but you will still have it. To them you are just a normal player, without the flag, when in fact you really do have it.

Be On One Team, But On The Other Team's Channel

When you first join a game, there is a spectator camera that you are in. You can move anywhere desired, but when you are in the spectator camera, do not do anything. Switch teams, but do not adjust the channels. Once you have switched teams, you will be on any available channel on your enemies side.

Hidden Cow

In the level that is full of snow (Ice Chasms or something similar), there is a hidden cow. Inside the level is a house that resembles a garage. There is a blue tinted square on the back wall. Go out of the garage and turn right to the first upper level door. Above the door are two gray circles. They do not stand out. Take out a rocket launcher, quickly shoot them, then go to the garage. You will hear a cow moo and see one frozen in an ice block. If you do not get there in time, you can have a friend stay in the garage.

Get Shot Into The Air

If you are on an elevator going up, jump at the top. You will get shot into the air. On a certain capture the flag level, you can get to a secret area by doing this. Play in instant action mode with any Automaton and select Capture The Flag. Go into Mutators and select Low Gravity. Start the Eye Of Jahan level, get out of your base, then go to one of the two pyramids. Double jump forward into the middle of the front of the pyramid. If done correctly, you will keep going up and eventually to the back of the pyramid. Once your character is falling in back of the pyramid, he will be shot extremely high into the air.

Using The Translocator As A Weapon

If a player walks over a Translocator Pod that has been placed somewhere by an opposing team member or another player, depending on the game type, upon teleporting to the pod beneath the player they will be killed instantly if timed correctly. The victim has to be directly above the pod. The pods can be left in smaller tunnels and places where you anticipate the victim to walk. It is effective when you place a pod somewhere, hide, and view the area via the pod itself. This allows for more accurate results. The translocator can be most effective in Capture The Flag games. By placing the pod directly onto the center of the flag stand, you will be able to kill a player instantly as they take your flag. Even if you do not manage to kill them, you will be just behind them, ready to take your flag back.

Easy Bombing Run Win

Select a Gen Mok'ia, then choose to play Bombing Run. When the game starts, switch to the Translocator. When playing the board Anubis, use that to get the ball much quicker than anyone else. Take the side tunnels and you will get the ball before the other team is out of their base area. Also, when going down ramps, press Up(2) to jet forward and fly down the ramp.
In the Eye of Jahan Bombing Run level, walk to the edge of the level until you are thrown into the air by the dust devil. Float your way around the level until you are behind the blue flag near the building where the ball spawns. Do this by holding the Analog-stick in the direction of the wall, with slight forward pressure; too much and you will fall and bleed. Once you are in position, you should fall a short distance and land on an invisible ledge about 50 feet in the air. This is a great place to use homing rockets.

Alternate Rocket Launcher Firing

When using the rocket launcher, hold Alternate Fire. Once you load two rockets, hold Primary Fire until all three are launched. This will make the three rockets launch in a tighter formation and will cause them to fire in a circular motion instead of going straight.

Avoiding Rocket Attacks

When you get locked on by another player with 3 rockets, dodge to the left or right and keep circling the Analog-stick used to move your character. They will not hit you, but will keep circling around. After you see the rockets passing by, move towards a wall and run the rockets into it.

Destroying Translocator Pods

If you are finding a lot of Translocator pods laying about the level and mainly near your flag, simply destroy them. Using one rocket or just a hit or two from most other weapons is all that is needed. You will notice that the pod has been destroyed when it starts to spark. When the player who put the pod down tries to warp back to its location, they will be killed instantly.

Easy Sidestep And Flip

Configure you controls as follows: A (back pedal), B (sidestep right), Y (move forward), X (sidestep left), Up (give orders), Left (switch weapons left), and Right (switch weapons right). Tap X(2), or B(2) during game play to sidestep. Tap A(2), or Y(2) to flip. These techniques make you much harder to hit and faster.

Unlimited Tag Rifle Ammunition

Get a Tag Rifle. Hold R and do not activate the rifle until you completely cycle through your weapons and get back to the Tag Rifle. You now have unlimited Tag Rifle ammunition. If you switch weapons or die you will lose the unlimited ammunition.


In order not to get hurt(from the fall or an enemy" on the citadel level "Capture the Flag" drop the teleporter device into the hole over the enemy flag and use the fight trigger to activate the camera look for anyone in there if there is no one drop in and even if there is, take a chance at least you know where they are.

Unlimited T.A.G. Rifle:

Are those lousy clan members keeping this from you? Well, here it is! Pick up the T.A.G. rifle and hold fire while keeping still on your target. The moment the laser turns red, hold your previous weapon and next weapon buttons at the same time until the laser turns an even brighter red, then fires. As soon as the weapon hits, you may then let go of both weapon selection buttons, then let go of your fire button. Your ammo may show 0, but it's unlimited unless you select another weapon or die. Warning: Using this on Xbox Live! might get you banned!

Adrenaline Hints

While playing any game on Unreal Championship with the One-Shot killing shock rifle, do not use the adrenaline powers Berserk or Regneration. Since it is one hit kills, Regeneration would make no difference, and neither would Berserk. It would just be a waste of Adrenaline.

Double Jump

To double jump, press the jump button, then press the jump button again to jump twice as high.

Easy Flag Win

When you get the other team's flag use your shell gun and make your team defend your team's flag. Run for your base. If there are people from the other team shooting you. The shell gun should give you time to get to your base if you have full life. Do this repeatedly and you will be winner of the flag championship.

Wall Jump

If there is a wall is to your right, jump up and to the right, then jump off the wall to your left.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Unreal Championship yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Unreal Championship yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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