Valorant Bugs & Glitches: Cypher Camera That Needs To Be Fixed

Valorant Bugs & Glitches: Cypher Camera That Needs To Be Fixed


Bugs and glitches are nothing new to Valorant players, and with each update, new bugs emerge. Most of the time, players find these bugs bearable until they start causing in-game interruptions. Interestingly, some of the glitches were revealed as soon as the new updates arrived, and some of them appeared at a later stage.

This article will discuss the bugs and glitches that give players an edge over their competitors. In particular, there is a Cypher camera bug in Valorant. We advise you not to exploit this bug and try to kill it, as doing so could get you banned. Next, let's quickly go over this bug.

Cypher’s camera bug in Valorant

In a video, popular Valorant streamer HowToNoodle displays a cypher camera bug on various maps and how he does it. Let's first understand how the Valorant bug works and the advantages it offers. This bug allows the cypher to place its camera anywhere, yes, literally anywhere on the map; scary, right? Apart from placing the camera anywhere, even in the air, it is difficult to find the camera because it is almost invisible.
HowToNoodle's Twitch streamer does this trick by throwing a cypher's cage in the air and then placing the camera in the cage as it flies down. All of this sounds complicated, right?

Apart from setting the camera in the air, the streamer pointed out another bug that allowed the cypher camera to be placed under the map. Apart from that, this Valorant bug also allows the camera to be placed on the ground. However, there are limited spots on certain maps, such as Ascent, which allow the camera to be positioned below the map.

Hopefully, Riot will fix this bug in an upcoming patch as this bug allows sentinels to make a strong play and outwit their opponents mid-match. We highly recommend that you avoid using this bug in games, and especially in Competitive mode.

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